Bath Time with Mommy

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“Mom I’m home!” – I scream closing the door behind me. My name is Sophie and I’m 18 years old, i just got out of class so im feeling very hot as I get into the kitchen wearing my school’s uniform.

“Hi honey, I hope you had a good day at school”- my mom says smiling at me. Her name is Amber and she’s a gorgeous woman, young and curvy in all the right places. -“I have an idea, why don’t you go upstairs and take your clothes off, I’ll prepare I nice bath for the both of us so we can relax”

I run upstairs taking my white shirt off, my short red skirt and my underwear. I needed a bath so badly.

Ten minutes later I found my mom already inside the bath, naked, leaving space for me to enter. We use to do this since I was little, we weren’t ashamed of our bodies and it felt good to be close to her.

As I sit on the bath, she smiles at me and starts rubbing some body soap on my shoulders. “My baby girl is so beautiful” – she says with her hands massaging my tits, as I feel my nipples hardening.

“Mom you’re the beautiful one here” – I say as she grabs my chin with her soapy hands and kisses my lips tenderly. Another thing that we always did, we were always casino siteleri very loving with each other.

We kissed for a few seconds, she lowering one of her hands to my tits again, fondling and kissing me a little more. We never kissed this long. Her lips felt so soft against mine and I could feel her playing with my nipples. A moan left my lips and she touched my lower lip with her tongue, I opened my mouth letting her enter and start caressing my tongue with hers, dancing sensually, massaging and feeling wet. I could feel myself also getting more wet between my legs. This was new.

I grabbed her waist pulling her closer to me as I kissed her more passionately.

“Mmm baby we should stop”- she said in between kisses, not looking like she wanted to stop.

“But mommy it feels really good”- I say in a pleading voice as I kept rubbing our tongues together not letting her talk any more. I put one of my legs around her waist, our wet bodies against each other, tits pressed together, as we moaned into each other’s mouths.

“This is wrong baby girl. So very wrong, I’m your mommy” -she says against my lips and her needy voice makes me even wetter, slot oyna we were both so turned on.

“I know you’re my mommy and this is wrong, but I don’t wanna stop, you’re making your little girl so horny” -I say hugging her and as I do that I feel her pussy coming in contact with mine, I could feel her hard clit against mine and that felt so good I started moving against it, making us moan louder.

“Fuck baby, we shouldn’t be doing this… mmmm”- she was moaning so loud as I picked up my pace and I rubbed my clit against hers, making them go up and down, the friction feeling so good, our wet pussies grinding together.

“Lets grind our pussies together mommy” -I could feel her giving in as she started moving with me, grinding faster together, the water of the bath splashing with our fucking.

“Oh god yes mmm you’re making mommy feel so good baby girl” -she moaned as she arched her back in pleasure.

“Faster mommy, faster and harder” – I pleaded caressing her breasts with my lips, taking one nipple inside my mouth and sucking.

“Mmm you want mommy to grind harder against your pussy?” -she says grabbing my waist and pulling me against her grinding canlı casino siteleri our pussies together really hard.

Feeling her pussy against mine, making love to each other, clits rubbing hard, our slits massaging together, slippery from the water and the juices we were making together. I couldn’t get enough.

“Fuck mommy fuck mmm yes please don’t stop, don’t ever stop”- we kiss moaning into each other’s mouth, moving and grinding as fast and hard as we could, i could even feel her clit going inside my pussy as we move up and down.

“I’ll never stop baby, I’ll fuck my little girls pussy everyday from now on” – she was grinding me so hard I was screaming in pleasure.

“Oh fuck mommy I’m gonna cum, make me cum” -I cry out moving as fast as I could against her.

“Cum with mommy baby girl”- she screams as we both go faster and harder till we explode in the biggest orgasm I’ve ever had, whimpering in pleasure, kissing and moving till our pussies stop cumming.

“Mmm that was so delicious”- she says kissing me more tenderly, still moving against my pussy but slower, enjoying the last few seconds.

“This isn’t gonna be the last time right mom?”

“This is just the beginning baby girl”.


Not a writer, just a horny girl wanting to get this fantasy out of my head. Let me know if you liked it in the comments or send me a message!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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