Becoming Just Another Family Ch. 08

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Curious as to the reason for the knock on the door, I looked through the peephole and saw my sister, Renee. It was a very unexpected visit. “Hey.”

“Hi,” she responded as she pulled me into a hug. “How are you?”

“Good.” I pulled away and directed her to the living room. “Not that I’m not happy to see you, but what are you doing here?”

“I can’t just come see my sister?”

“You can. It’s just that we haven’t talked much since I left home.”

Renee sighed as she approached the playpen where RJ was taking a nap. “I know. I’m sorry. It just hit me the other day that I have a nephew I haven’t really met. I saw him in the hospital but not since. Wow, he’s big but so small.”

“I know.” I couldn’t help smiling down at my beautiful baby boy. “He weighs a ton but at the same time he’s so fragile.”

“So how’s motherhood? Really?”

It was my turn to sigh. “Hard. Even now when he’s asleep there’s stuff to do. But at the same time it’s amazing. While I wouldn’t have chosen to have things happen the way they did, I’m so glad to have him.”

“Nice. And what does Ryan think about being a father?”

“He loves -” I looked at my sister with wide eyes. Her face expressed nothing beyond understanding. “How did you know?”

Without any hesitation and a little sadness, Renee said, “I saw him sneaking in and out of your room a lot before you moved out when Mom and Dad didn’t even know he was there. And more than once, I came home and saw the two of you in bed together doing things.”

“Oh.” That was pretty damning evidence.

“I’m not going to say I’m okay with it but I’m also not going to judge you two. I’ve thought about it a lot and it actually kinda makes sense.”


Renee took a breath and looked at me seriously. “Since you were born, you two have had a very different relationship than what he and I have. Don’t get me wrong, he’s been a great big brother to me and I couldn’t ask for better. Sure, we have our issues, but it’s nothing that other siblings don’t experience. With you, he’s always been protective, almost like you were his responsibility but not like a big brother. It was almost possessive but not in a bad way. I don’t know if he’s told you this, but he’s hated every boyfriend you’ve ever had. And whenever I told him he sounded jealous, he always brushed it aside and changed the subject. I could tell that you felt something different for him as well. You always got so wide-eyed around him. So the first time I saw you two in bed together, I wasn’t surprised. How long has it been?”

“Since my birthday,” I answered.

“That’s what I thought.” Renee put an arm around me. “After he left the house, I saw him drive down the street and park while I was closing my window. I figured the reason why you never told Mom and Dad who was in your room that night was because it had been him.”

“Did you tell them?”

Without hesitating and sounding offended, she replied, “No. And I’m not going to. It’s not my place.”

I wrapped my arms around my sister. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” After a brief paused, Renee said, “Can I ask you a question?”


“I don’t want too much detail, but wasn’t it weird being with him your first time? The first time I had sex -“

“You’ve had sex?” I couldn’t hide my surprise. Renee had always been the good girl. She lived at home because she worked at our church and didn’t yet make enough to live on her own. Admittedly, next to me and Ryan, she was a saint. Still, even though she had had a few boyfriends, I didn’t think she had gone all the way with them.

Renee smiled understanding the reason for my question. “I have. And I guess we can talk about that and other things later, but I want to know how awkward it was having Ryan as your first.”

I thought about it for a moment before I said, “It was honestly perfect. The only thing I would change is not getting caught.”

“So you’ll never believe who stopped by,” I said as I followed Ryan into our room while holding RJ, who was babbling calling out for his father.



In the middle of pulling off his pants, he stopped and gave me a look that expressed the number of questions running through his head. After a moment he settled on, “Why?”

“To see RJ. And to tell me she knows but isn’t going to tell Mom and Dad anything.”

“She knows what?” he asked slowly.

“About us.” I held up a hand as he opened his mouth. “She came home a few times when we were alone and saw us. And apparently you weren’t as sneaky as you thought because she saw you in the house a few times when you snuck in.”

“Well, shit. So what now?”

As Ryan resumed changing clothes, I said, “Nothing. Really. She’s not going to say anything. She’s a little disturbed by it, which is understandable. But she just asks that we not shut her out. She kinda feels like it’s us against our parents and she’s caught in the middle.”

Ryan nodded slowly. “Okay. I can see how that might make her feel.”

“And she’s offered to babysit sometime. I think she just wants to play with RJ.”

Ryan canlı bahis came over and took our child from me and blew a raspberry on each of his cheeks. “Who wouldn’t want to play with you? You’re the cutest baby in the world.”

I couldn’t help the smile that lifted my lips. The older brother that I had known for so many years was now much different yet somehow more of who he had been. For as scattered and unfocused as he had been while spending his time and energy bouncing between different jobs and girlfriends, he now used that energy to work in order to provide for me and our son. Having gotten the promotion, he made more money and was now home more often but still worked extra occasionally as he wanted to save up some money for our future. Additionally, he had let the shorter hair on the sides of his head grow out long enough so he could style it into something that was more appropriate for the office he worked in. And the long nails that he had once cultivated were now completely gone. Since I had moved in with him, I had seen his attitude mellow as my pregnancy progressed, but with RJ’s arrival he had become a doting father. Even Gary couldn’t believe how much Ryan had changed over the same time period. Ryan loved being a father and was very good at it. And while we didn’t know what term to use to describe our relationship, he was a great partner and provider.

“Morning,” Ryan said after turning off his alarm.

“Good morning,” I responded quietly as I rolled over and pulled the covers snug around me. I felt Ryan spoon against me, pressing his morning erection against my backside, and I intentionally ignored him.

Seeing that I was not moving to service him as I had each morning for over a month, he asked with a genuinely worried tone, “Are you mad at me or something?”

“No,” I said with exaggerated sleepiness.

“Then why aren’t you sucking my dick like you usually do?”

Hiding the smile on my face I said, “I was thinking that if you could skip a blow job this morning and tomorrow morning, I could make it up to you tomorrow night.”

“What? How?”

“Sorry. I thought I told you,” I said knowing that I hadn’t told him anything of my plans. “The doctor said I’m healed. So Gary’s going to be out tomorrow night and Renee said she’d take RJ for a few hours to give us some time alone.”

Ryan grabbed my shoulder and rolled me onto my back before straddling me. His erection was sticking out of the fly of his boxers but the smile on his face indicated that he had no intention of using it. “Seriously?”

“Yeah.” I reached out and stroked him knowing it was a bad idea. “I can’t wait to feel this inside me again and want to make sure you have no problem performing.”

Ryan leaned down and kissed me deeply. As he did, he moved his hips slowly, thrusting his cock through my fist. It wasn’t a motion necessarily intent on getting off or even enhancing his arousal, it was merely an involuntary response to the pressure wrapped around him. After breaking the kiss, he said, “First of all, I never have trouble performing. Secondly, I could go into work late this morning.”

“I’m not turning you down, but I am saying no. You can wait.”

He leaned down to nibble and lightly kiss my neck. “But it’s been months since we fucked.”

His thrusting became insistent and intentional so I released my hold on his cock. “And you can wait two more days.”

“Come on, babe,” he said. He raised his torso while using his knees to spread my legs open then began to hump his erection against my covered crotch. “Please? I’m so fucking hard now just thinking about it.”

With his weight no longer holding me in place, I slid out from under him and off the bed. “No. Tomorrow.”

He rose to his knees facing me and began to stroke his erection slowly. “If you don’t let me fuck you, I’ll jerk off.”

The sight of my brother with his messy hair working his hardness was very arousing and in any other circumstance, I would have succumbed to it. This morning with the plan made, I crossed my arms and gave him my best look of disapproval. “And if you do, I won’t let you fuck me for another month.”

“You don’t mean that.”

“Try me.”

After a brief staring contest that he had no idea how close he was to winning, he released his dick with a grunt of frustration and climbed off the bed. “Fucking bitch.”

“Shouldn’t you be nicer to the woman who gave birth to your child? The woman who you not ten seconds ago were begging to fuck?”

“Yeah. Maybe,” Ryan said as he went to our bathroom. “But right now, you’re nothing but my annoying little sister.”

I couldn’t help laughing when he stuck his tongue out at me just before closing the door.

As Rachel took a seat on the sofa, she asked, “You guys doing anything special tonight?”

“We’re just gonna stay in,” Ryan responded as he took a seat on the other end from her and pulled me to sit across his lap.

“Aw. Cooking a nice dinner? Renting a movie?”

“No,” Ryan said with a sly smile.

“What are you doing then?”

“You probably don’t bahis siteleri want to know the answer to that,” Gary said with a laugh as he walked by as he finished getting ready for his date.

“Oh.” Our sister blushed as it finally hit her. “Well, that’s just awkward.”

“Not as awkward as it’ll be if I stand up,” Ryan said.

“Ryan!” Though I smacked him, I had been surreptitiously grinding against him as I felt his dick hardening against my ass.

“Please, she knows what’s up,” Ryan said. “No sense pretending that I’m not going to fuck you as soon as they’re gone.”

“You know,” Renee said as she stood and moved to grab RJ and the bag of baby items she was taking, “just because I know what’s going on doesn’t mean I really want to ‘know.’ Somethings can be left a blissful mystery.”

“Sorry,” I said.

“I’m not,” Ryan said with a shrug. “Renee, I’m going to fuck the shit out of our baby sister after you leave.”

“You’re a disgusting pig.” Understanding that he was the man I loved, Renee quickly said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. I get what you two are doing but he’s still our brother. I just meant—”

“It’s okay,” I interrupted her as I smacked Ryan again. “He is disgusting. But I love him anyway.”

“I’ll see you guys around 8:30,” Renee said. Upon seeing me move to try to stand, she added, “No. Please don’t get up. ‘Please.'”

At that point Gary came out of his room. “I’m leaving, too. I’ll get the door. You kids have fun,” he added suggestively.

“Why do you antagonize her?” I asked Ryan once they had left. “She’s trying to be helpful and supportive.”

“I know. It’s just that she’s so easy.” He hooked an arm under my legs and the other around my torso before standing to carry me to our room. “But we can talk about her later. Right now there’s something more pressing we need to take care of.”

“Somehow, I don’t think ‘we’ll’ be taking care of anything. I think ‘you’ll’ be taking care of something.”

“If by that you mean fucking the shit out of you, then you’re right.”

“So romantic,” I said as I rolled my eyes.

“Not that I’m complaining, but after two months without getting some pussy, and no head for two days,” he added pointedly, “romance can wait.”

Once inside our room, he tossed me on our bed then unceremoniously removed his clothes.

I squealed playfully as he jumped onto the bed then removed my clothes with the same zeal. He pushed me onto my back then positioned himself above me and between my legs and I held my breath preparing to be breached as his hard cock came to rest along my slit.

A small growl left him as he lowered his head to mine in a deep, possessive kiss and began to hump against me. His thrusting was insistent and made me worry about how hard he was going to use me. However, after a few minutes, he pulled back almost violently and moved so that his face was between my legs. More gently than I expected, his fingers began to glide over my folds, as if exploring them. I leaned up slightly to watch and saw a look of reverence on his face.

“So amazing,” he whispered almost to himself. “I never saw a pussy as more than a great way to have fun. I mean, sticking my dick inside one to fuck is the best thing in the world. Hell, yours is the best in the world. But I don’t think I could ever think about just fucking like it’s nothing ever again. Not with you. This thing creates life. Fucking life. We have a kid, Rach. And you made him.”

“We made him,” I corrected gently.

Ryan shook his head adamantly as he continued to explore between my legs. “I just dropped a load in there because I wanted to bust a nut. But you”—he took a deep, emotional breath—”‘you’ chose to grow a child, to let him take over your body for nine months. You did that. And no matter how many times I may choose to put my dick in you with the intention of making another kid, you are the one that actually makes it. I have a few minutes of fun, but you do the work. I can never match that. But I can and will respect that. And I will try to show you every minute of every day how much I love you for it.”

I let out a deep breath as he pressed his lips to my opening and gave it a kiss. He lingered with his lips against me and I felt his tongue enter me and move around as if we were sharing a meaningful kiss to my mouth. A deeper moan escaped me when he gently slid a pair of fingers into me as he continued to kiss and lick my outer folds.

Ryan took his time eating me out. Unlike any previous time he’d done it, there was no urgency to the act. He wasn’t doing it to get me wet and ready to take his dick. His only reason for doing it was to do it. And he did it well.

I’d always enjoyed his mouth on me. Admittedly, he’d been the only one to ever do it, but he knew how to play my body. His lips and tongue teased and tickled my folds between licking and sucking at my clit while his fingers thrust, pushed and pulled within me. He tapped and rubbed on that special spot within me that always made my toes curl. Never too much and frequently not enough, he kept me on edge, steadily building my need. bahis şirketleri Whenever the pressure got too great, he adjusted his work to allow me to breathe and calm somehow without reducing my arousal.

I implored for more, pleaded for my brother’s fingers to go deeper and to work me harder, begged for Ryan’s cock but he never wavered. He was in his own world as he paid homage to my womb. It was his only focus. Whenever I looked up, his cock remained neglected, hard and leaking on the mattress. Every part of his being was consumed with my pussy, with providing me pleasure. It was a pleasure that had nothing to do with sex, per se. Even though I knew he wanted and needed sexual relief, as I rode increasingly larger waves of arousal, it was obvious he would not be availing himself of me during the time we had alone. Indeed, after finally allowing me to climax—a spectacular event that has become my gold standard for orgasms—he continued to lick, kiss, massage, and soothe me beyond the point my pussy had calmed.

Satisfied with what he’d done, he sat back on his haunches and smiled. His face was wet with a mix of spit and vaginal fluid, and his cock rose hard out of his crotch. It was red with need and throbbed visibly while pushing out a nearly continuous stream of precum. Still, he did not reach for it or even acknowledge it when he spoke. “I’m going to get a drink. Want anything?”

Though my afterglow had mostly worn off, it took me a moment to find the breath and will to answer. “No. I’m good.”

“No, I’m good,” he said smugly. “You’re satisfied.”

I couldn’t argue even if I had the energy.

I stared up at the ceiling in content bliss as I heard him rooting around in the kitchen. Left with nothing but my thoughts for the first time in months, I realized that this was now my life. Ryan and I had a child that we were raising together. I had a good, maybe even great, relationship with him that was only getting better by the day, even though we couldn’t define it or acknowledge it to anyone beyond Gary and Renee. It was much different than what I initially had thought was happening between us.

In the early days when we had just started having sex, he had taken every moment he could to get inside me—or any girl, for that matter, to the point where I assumed he just wanted to add me to his list. Whether it was sucking him off in his car when he picked me up from school, hurried fucks in the basement or backyard when no one was looking, or sneaking into my window to drop a load then sneaking back out, every moment of privacy was an opportunity to get me on his dick. I knew now that it wasn’t just about the sex with me that drove him. He had been just as worried that I would suddenly stop him as I had been that he’d drop me that he had wanted to do it as much as possible. When he saw that I wasn’t showing signs that I was going to reject him is when he decided to go all in and break up with his then-girlfriend and drop the others that he hooked up with. He had wanted me as much as I had wanted him and had been just as afraid as I was to admit it.

When Ryan returned with his cock still hard and arcing up out of his crotch, he placed a glass of water on his nightstand then laid on the bed with his head on my abdomen. While we talked quietly about life, the universe and nothing, one of his hands found its way back between my legs. His fingers traced lazily over my folds with no intent other than being there. Stretching out of his crotch, his cock remained hard and jerked repeatedly like a puppy jumping at its owner’s legs begging for attention. Yet, he still ignored it.

It was another moment in a growing list that showed me more than his words not only how much he loved me but how much different he was compared to even a few months ago. As we continued to lay there, I began to realize that maybe it wasn’t so much that he’d changed as my perception of him and our situation had changed. While his personality had softened and he’d grown into his role as partner and father, he was really still the same person, still the same big brother I’d always know. He still loved sex and had a wild streak to him, but I now saw that his previous insatiability was a function of his love for me. He couldn’t say it with words before so he had to use his body to do it. He’d been wanting to love me as a man and not a brother and, when given the opportunity, sex was how that love manifested itself. Now that we could openly admit our love for each other, the sex was secondary. He still enjoyed it and would not turn it down, but his need, his desire just to be with me was now enough.

As much as I wanted him inside me, we spent our remaining time alone that evening simply lying next to each other and enjoying the other’s company. Through it all, he stroked my nether lips contentedly.

A few days later, we were sitting on the couch in the living room watching TV. Ryan had the day off but Gary was at work. RJ was napping and my brother and I were cuddling: he was slouched down with his feet on the coffee table and my head rested on his belly with one of his arms draped lazily on my shoulder. We both wore a pair of his boxers and I had a loose t-shirt on while he was topless. The fly of his shorts gaped open and from where I lay I could see a portion of his dick resting lazily within.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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