Becoming Submissive Chapters 1-6

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A few people had asked what is with Brent being so into dildo use and not fucking me, simply put he is small and he used dildos to compensate for it. This is chapters 1-5 and now 6. I have started writing again because Brent and I are kind of talking again despite me currently being 1000 miles away and as I write this im back to having 2 toys in my pussy and 1 in my ass for the last week. He knows about the stories and wants me to continue and start soon with what he is now making me do. So let me know if I should keep going.

I met Brent right after I moved. A brand new city, brand new job and brand new friends. We talked online before I had moved and were merely friends. He was 23 and I was 26, polar opposites in almost everyway. He stood 5’4 about 245 pounds and strawberry blonde hair. He was very cocky and conceited and a total red neck. I, however, stand 5’11 about 220 pounds with 40DD breasts, a nice firm ass, long burgundy colored hair and a total city girl. I was never thought of him sexually or had been attracted to him. But leaving my home town and not knowing anyone who I trusted enough to fuck I slowly started considering the possibility of that happening.

The first time it came up was online. He had asked if I had met anyone since I moved, I hadn’t and he knew it and I knew he had a girlfriend. Much to my surprise he sent me a picture message to my phone, his rock hard cock. I was shocked that he would be so bold but wasn’t going to complain. The next message was just as shocking “ Do you have any toys?” Unsure what to say but not being one to lie I simply said “yeah, a couple” That simple reply is all he needed, from that point on my pussy and ass slowly became his property for almost 2 years.

Brent worked over nights cleaning parking lots so we planned to meet one night when he was close to my house. We planned to meet at 1am about a mile from my house in a grocery store parking lot. He asked me to wear my dildo in my pussy for him from the time I went to bed till I got home from seeing him. I reluctantly complied with the request. At about 10pm I slide the 7” long dildo into my tight smooth pussy. I slide my red satin thong panties up then my shorts. As I went to sit on my bed the dildo was forced deep into my pussy and I almost jumped back up but thought “no I said I would and I don’t break my word that easy” Brent messaged me a few minutes later asking if I had put it in yet. “Of course I have, I told you I would” I replied. “Good! Now I want a picture as proof” Brent ordered. I got up and turned on a light slide my shorts down then my panties. I laid back on my bed, holding my phone between my legs and took a picture and sent it to him. “Good girl” was his reply. I couldn’t help by smile to myself as I slid my panties and shorts back on. About an hour later he messaged me again asking if it was still in and asking for a picture as proof. This went on until I left the house to meet up with him.

It was a warm May night. I had a low cut tank top and shorts on with my dildo deep in me. Every bump in the road I hit was torture forcing it deeper and deeper. As I pulled into the lot I saw his truck, he pulled over to me and hopped out. He was short, very short compared to me, but still kinda cute. He gave me a tight hug and grabbed my ass and squeezed. As he pulled back he smiled “How ya feelin?” he asked. “Im ok, kinda embarrassed and uncomfortable tho.” I replied. “Good, that’s the point” Brent informed me as he reached between my legs and forced the dildo deep in me. “Follow me” he said as he got in his truck. We pulled around the back of the store, out of site of any possible passers by. As I got out of the car he walked towards me with this sly grin on his face, what was he thinking? Before I could say anything he grabbed my throat and slammed me against the truck. Oddly, I wasn’t scared, I got wet as hell. With the other hand he reached up my shorts and started sliding the dildo in and out. “What is this?” he smirked “The slut is wet?” He chuckled and squeezed harder as he pumped me harder. How could this be happening, I was turned on my being fucked in public with my dildo while being chocked?

As I got close to cumming Brent undid my shorts and yanked them down. “Suck my cock you fucking slut!” I looked at him in shock *SLAP* “NOW!” I dropped to my knees and to his cock in my mouth. Slowly at first, then deeper and faster. He grabbed my hair and pulled hard and forced every inch of his dick into my mouth gagging me. The next thing I felt was him using my hair to pull me up and slammed me down on the hood of the truck. He reached down and made sure the dildo was still in me “don’t let it come out bitch!” he ordered, I nodded. He let go of my hair and used both hands to grab my hips. “OH god no, he isn’t going to, he wouldn’t!?!?!” I was wrong! With one hard thrust he shoved his cock up my ass “OH GOD!!!!!! That hurts! Stop please!!” I begged. Brent laughed as he pounded me harder “shut up you fucking slut! You’re mine now!” As he grabbed my hair again I began to cum, harder than I had ever cum before in my life. “Don’t drop that dildo slut!” he shouted. “I wont, I wont, I promise” I moaned. A few more hard thrust and his hot load was pumping into my ass.

As we cleaned up he lightly kissed me and smiled. He reached between my legs and acted like he was going to take out the dildo, I sighed in relief. Before it was all the was out he laughed and slammed it back in making me gasp in shock. “That isn’t coming out tonight” he informed me “Tonight?” I asked. “Yep, I want you to keep it in until morning” Brent replied with a smile. “Do I have to? Seriously?” I begged. “If you ever want to get fucked again then yes and you will send me pics when I ask for them. If you don’t send them fast enough you will find out what happens” explained Brent. “OK OK OK” I mumbled.

That night I had to send 5 more sets of pictures to him as proof that the dildo was still in. Sleeping was hard to do, every move sent the dildo deep in me. Finally about 6am I passed out, I wish I wouldn’t have. About 6:30am he asked for another picture, I didn’t hear the text till I woke up around 8am. As soon as I got it I took a new picture and sent it to him. Shortly after I got a message back “you are late!” “Im sorry, I fell asleep and didn’t hear my phone” I replied. “to bad! You sleep with it in again tonight” Brent informed me. “please no!! I barely slept last night” I pleaded “to bad, you were warned. Take it out for now and suck it clean and send me a picture” he ordered. “OMG no way!!!!” I refused. “do it or I show all my buddies ur pics and tell them where u work!” was his cold reply. “ok fine I will!”

I went into my bathroom and slide the dildo that had been in me for 10 hours now out of my pussy. It was covered in my cream and juices, I almost gagged as I thought about what I had to do. “What had I gotten myself into?” I closed my eyes and slide the dildo between my lips and took it as far as I could. I grabbed my phone and took a pic and sent it to Brent. “You’re such a good slut” was his reply. I smiled as I put my dildo away, knowing that in just a few mere hours it would be back in me again. Little did I know this was only the beginning of the controlling and nothing compared to what he was going to do in the near future.

As I prepared for my day, I couldn’t help but think about the night before. Had I actually been turned on by the forceful pounding my ass took and the chocking? Did I actually keep the dildo in all night? Did I actually suck it clean? Yeah, I had done all of it and had the sore ass and pussy to prove it. Not to mention all the pictures. I took my shower, which seemed to help relax me some and woke me up as I had not had much sleep that night. As I got dressed for work I wondered if I would hear from Brent later or if this was going to just be a one time thing.

My day was pretty uneventful since Brent slept all day due to working over nights but I kept thinking about the night before. Every time I thought about that dildo being in me for 10 hours my cunt would start to get a little wet. When I thought about being choked and slammed against the truck I got even wetter. The thought of the risk I took, the possibility of being caught by anyone at any time will he fucked me, was enough to drive me insane. By the end of work I was as wet as the night before and was hoping Brent would text me when he woke up.

About an hour after I got home my phone buzzed. I rushed to grab it, YES it was Brent! “How’s my slut doing?” was his message. “Good I guess” I replied. I was wet and hornier than hell but wasn’t going to tell him that. “How was work? Did you think about last night at all?” Brent questioned. “work was good, really hard to concentrate at time tho when I was thinking about last night” I said. “good, now put it back in NOW” he demanded. “but its only 7pm? This early?” I questioned. “yes now! And it will be in till morning again. that’s if you are good!” Brent ordered. If I was good? What did he mean by that?

I went into my room and grabbed my dildo. It was longer than his cock but just as thick. I was thankful he didn’t want it in my ass, that would have hurt way to much. As I slide it into my tight pussy I moaned, it felt good, really good. As I slide my panties and shorts back on I couldn’t help but wonder if I could last 13 hours this time. And I still wondered what he meant by “if I was good” oh well. I better get used to this thick dildo be in me I guess. About 8pm Brent messaged me “I want a pic NOW!” he demanded. “ok give me a minute to finish the dishes” I told him. “NO NOW!!!!” he commanded “ok ok im going!” I snapped back. “well that just got another hour added to your time slut, now get me that pic, you have 3 minutes or I will add more time” he told me. Fuck, so now instead of the dildo coming out at 8am it would be 9am and I have to leave for work at 9:15, “I better not screw up again” I thought. But what would be screwing up? I had no idea what he expected so I figured it best to just do what I was told as soon as I was told.

I rushed to the bathroom, almost running past my mom. “Are you ok?” she questioned as I bolted past her. “Yep!” was all I replied. As I got to my room I dropped my shorts and panties. I laid back on my bed and lifted my legs above my head and positioned my phone to take the picture. With the picture taken and sent to Brent , I went back to dishes. “everything ok?” my mom asked. She had moved into my house after losing her job a year before and still thought of me as a 12 year old that she had to question. “Yeah im fine mom” I said as I washed the last of the dishes. As I finished my phone buzzed again, Brent. “good slut! Now I want you to take it out and suck it and send me pics” he requested. Damn really? “ok Brent” I replied. I slipped back into my bathroom and slid the dildo out of my dripping wet pussy. “oh god what am I doing? Why don’t I just say no?” I thought to myself as I put the dildo in my mouth. I took the picture and quickly sent it to Brent but stood there with the dildo in my mouth, I had an idea he was going to want something else.

I was right! “Shove it up your ass and send another pic!” he instructed. Oh crap this will hurt I thought. I laid on my bed and slowly started working the dildo in my ass. Inch by inch I got it in till I couldn’t take anymore. I got on my knees and set the timer on my phone to take the picture. “I’m such a slut, he is right” I thought as I sent the picture. As I sat on the edge of the bed the dildo worked further up my ass to the point only the grip was out. I waited for his reply trying not to move to much, finally a message. “Good! Now put it in your pussy and send another pic to show me then u can get dressed again for now” As I laid back to take out the dildo there was a knock on my door “Are you ok?” my mom questioned as she started to open my door! “YEAH MOM be out in a minute!” I shouted. God that was close, to close! I got the dildo from my ass and into my pussy and sent the picture as I had been told.

By this time it was 9pm and I was already tired, I hadn’t had much sleep the night before. “im going to crash, im exhausted” I text Brent. “Before you do, take out the dildo and line the 3 you have up and take a pic with your hand next to them so I know what I have to use on you” he instructed. As I slid the dildo out he added “suck the dildo clean and send a pic of that first.” “OMG gross!!!! Its been in my ass and pussy!!!” I protested. “exactly! And now you will be punished again for questioning me” Brent smirked. I took the dildo out and shoved it in my mouth, trying not to gag the whole time. I took both pictures casino siteleri as told and sent them. I didn’t dare take the dildo from my mouth yet but I was dying to, the thought of where it had been was unbearable. I was wondering what he thought of the other toys I had. The dildo was about 8” long made of flexible rubber and shaped just like a cock, I had a hard plastic vibrator about 6” long but not to thick and a small black egg about 4” long and 3” wide. About 10 minutes later I got the text I was dreading, my punishment. “about time! Now I want you to shove that dildo back in your pussy and the thin vibe in your ass the rest of the night.” he informed me. I slide the dildo into my pussy and then took the vibrator and worked it into my ass. It was much thinner and not texture so it slid in much easier than the dildo had. I took a picture and sent it then slid my panties on and climbed into bed. This was going to be hard to sleep with both holes full, but not as hard as what was to come over the next week

This was the second night in a row that Brent had made me wear a dildo in my pussy. But tonight in addition to the dildo I had a long thin vibrator shoved in my ass, which made it near impossible to sleep. To make matters worse, throughout the night he would text me and want pictures as proof that both the dildo and vibrator were still inserted deep in me. By 8am when I got up to get ready for work my ass was aching so bad I could barely stand it and I still had another hour with these toys in my pussy and ass. At 8:50am Brent text me “Sleep well slut? LOL” he asked. “Not really and my ass is killing me” I pouted. “take out the dildo, shove the vibrator in your pussy, suck the dildo clean then the vibrator. Pictures as proof of course” Brent instructed. I cringed at what I was about to do and kept thinking why am I doing this, I don’t have to, I could just say fuck you. But I found myself doing exactly as he had ordered. I slid the 8” long dildo from my pussy and into my mouth. It dangled from my mouth as I laid back and slide the vibrator out of my ass and into my pussy. I took the picture of the vibrator in my pussy first then the one of me suck the dildo. As I took the vibrator from my pussy I slid it into my mouth with the dildo and took the picture. “this should make him happy” I thought.

After I sent the pictures I got ready to leave for work. As I pulled off the street, feeling happy that I made it through the night, Brent text “WTF was that?!?!” “What?” I asked in shock. “that pic u fucking slut!!! that’s not what I wanted” he was pissed. “ I told you one at a time” Brent demanded! “ I thought you would like the 2 at once” I replied. “you don’t fucking think, you do as told!” he scolded. I felt horrible, what was he going to do, I knew he would do something. “tonight you have all 3 in you from the time you get home till you leave for work” Brent demanded. “but I have to go to the store after work!” I protested. “to fucking bad! You will go home first, put them all in then go to the store!” I couldn’t believe it, this is going to suck majority!

At work all day I kept thinking about the task I had in front of me. 3 dildos in me from 6 pm to 8am? Plus shopping at Walmart to do after work. Oh god this is going to be hard, concentrating at work was impossible but by the end of the day I was dripping wet to the point my panties were wet. I rushed home and ran to my room to change, working at a theme park meant some pretty horrible looking outfits plus I needed clean panties. As I changed I slid the toys in, first the dildo into my pussy which I was slowly growing used to. Then I slid the long thin vibrator into my ass, that hurt a lot even though it wasn’t to thick. Finally I took the short thick egg and worked it into my pussy with the dildo. I seriously thought I would cry, I was being stretched so much and I felt like I was being ripped in two. I took a photo and sent it knowing he would expect it as soon as he woke up. I slid my panties on and then my shorts and went to grab a drink before I left. Just as I was grabbing my keys Brent texted me “good slut! Now u are to wear a skirt and no panties while you are out” he instructed. If you knew me, you would know this is something I never do, I never wear dresses or skirts. I own 2 skirts but haven’t worn them since I was 18 or so, low cut tops and tight jeans fine but skirts?

I almost protested but knew I better not so I went back to my room and changed. as I went to leave my mom turned and looked at me as if I had three heads “you? In a skirt? Did hell freeze over” she joked. “nah just felt like it I guess” I replied as I walked out the door to go to the store. As I sat in the car I cringed at the pain of all three being shoved deeper in my pussy and ass. When I got to Walmat I got a text “I want a pic now!” Brent demanded. I rushed to the bath room pulled up the skirt and took a quick picture. “there” was all that I typed. “There? that’s all you have to say? Who do u think you are?” Brent was not in a good mood tonight and I was going to suffer I could tell. “sorry, just trying to get this shopping done so I can go home, I’m so embarrassed being here like this” I apologized. “to bad lol you already fucked up! Now instead of being full till u get up u r keeping them all in till u leave for work and wearing the dildo at work!” he demanded. I almost began to cry.

I walked around walmart for almost 90 minutes grocery shopping and checking out. The whole time the toys poking out of my hole. I was so scared that someone would see, I’m pretty sure a few people did when I had to get things of low shelves. When I stooped down I felt the one in my ass slip and I had to tighten my ass to pull it back in me. With all the walking it felt like I was being fucked nonstop, the toys kept shifting, moving and sliding, causing me to get wetter and wetter with each passing minute. “oh god, if im this wet from just this time how bad will it be tomorrow at work with a dildo in me all day?” I thought. Again I wanted to cry but knew I couldn’t. I headed for the car to go home, I wanted to cum so bad so I asked if I could. “no you fucking bitch u only cum when im with you!” Brent replied “but I will make you a deal, tonight is my short night, I will be home by 7am” he informed me. “be at my place with all three in you and whit the skirt and no panties on when I get there and I will make you cum” he continued . “ok I will be there but what about your girlfriend?” I replied. “don’t worry about her she wont be here” he told me.

I got home and started unloading the car. My mom came out to help as I was bent over the edge of the trunk grabbing a few bags. “Have fun?” she chuckled. I had forgotten I had a skirt and no panties on! Had she seen what was in me? If she had she didn’t say anything to me directly. As I finished Brent messaged me “pic now!” I knew I only had a couple minutes or he would get mad. “can I take off the skirt?” I asked as I took the picture. “you fucking dumb bitch I told u to just do as told and if u would have kept your mouth shut till I got the pic I was going to tell u to put shorts on but now you stay in the skirt all night!” was his reply. I sent the pic and begged him to let me put shorts on because my mom was home and knew I never wore skirts. “lol to bad, tell her your new boyfriend wants you to get used to them.” he laughed.

That was one of the longest evenings ever. I sat the best I could on the couch, mere feet from my own mother with three toys filling me, “god im such a slut” is all I could think. Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse Brent messaged me “Still watching tv in the front room?” he asked. “yeah, sitting on the couch” I replied. “Good, where is your mom?” he questioned. “sitting at the opposite end of the couch” I said feeling dread. “start rocking back and for lightly till I say stop” Brent instructed “but?!?!?!” was all I could type. “DO IT NOW!” Brent screamed. I began rocking just a little, working all 3 toys in and out of my pussy and ass. My mom would glance at me then back at the tv then back at me. “you ok?” she asked “yeah im fine” I said trying not to show emotion. About 10 minutes later Brent text me “stop.” Thank god! “thank you, that was humiliating” I messaged back. “that’s nothing compared to what u are about to do! Lol” he told me. “ walk in front of her, drop your phone and bend over at the waist showing her your full ass and pussy when you pick it up!” he demanded. “what?! Please no! she cant know what im doing!” I begged. “DO IT NOW AND I WANT HER CELL NUMBER YOU SLUT!” I had pissed him off again. I sent him her number and then prepared to do as told.

I stood up and began to walk past my mom as if I were headed for my room. I dropped my phone on the floor and bent over to get it exposing all 3 toys hanging from my ass and pussy. “nice show” she chuckled “that’s got to be hard” She had no idea! I walked to my room for a moment and wanted to cry. Just then I heard her phone go off, who was texting her, she never got text messages, oh shit BRENT! “KC your boyfriend said to get your ass back out here and not to change” my mom shouted. I was so humiliated! I slowly walked back into the room as she stared and grinned. “next time you give my number to someone tell me first” she said. “what did he say?” I asked “that’s between me and him” she laughed. A couple minutes later my phone buzzed “she liked the show and told me she thinks its funny that u r my bitch” Brent remarked. “go sit in the chair across the room with your legs open! If you close them she will tell me and you will be punished!” I got up and as I walked to the chair my mom smacked me ass and said “good girl!” As I sat there I wanted to cry, in 3 days I went from being a very independent woman to this. 3 toys in my pussy and ass, my mom watching me be full and reporting back to Brent and tomorrow wearing a dildo to work? What had I gotten into?

As I headed to bed I had no idea what to expect in the next few days. Brent had started out by just having me wear a single dildo in my pussy over night and in the matter of 3 days I was wearing 3 toys at night and in the morning a dildo to work. To make matter worse he had made me wear the 3 toys out to Walmart with a skirt and no panties then when I got home he made me bend over and show my own mother my stuffed pussy and ass. And the ultimate embarrassment, he told my mom I was his bitch and told her to let him know if I was not doing as told. I was fucked, I had no way out, no way of cheating, no way of lying.

I climbed into bed after taking the mandatory pictures for Brent of my holes being full. I tried to get comfortable with all 3 toys deep in me. As I would move my legs the vibrator in my ass would move in deep and then slip out. The two toys in my pussy rub against each other and fucked me to the point of tears. About 2 am my mom came in without knocking and ripped the covers from me.

“mom what the hell!” I screamed

“wanted to make sure you still had them in” she smirked

“I do ok!” I replied

“nope not ok I want to make sure” she said as she reached between my legs and shoved them in me hard “you got yourself into this you are going to keep going”

I began to cry, I was being fucked with dildos by my mom! She just sat there laughing, not chuckling, full out laughing. She would pull them out just a little then take the palm of her hand and slam them back in. I laid there crying begging her to stop but the more I begged the harder he shoved them in me. this went on for about 15 minutes, I felt like such a slut and she knew it. The final shove was the deepest and hardest. Then she stood up and laughed then left without a word. A few minutes later Brent messaged me.

“enjoy your fucking?” he asked

“no! im still crying, did you tell her to do that?” I told him

“nope lol I just asked her to make sure they were in you. She told me she fucked you with them after the fact lol said you loved it” he laughed

“fuck no I didn’t love it! That was my fucking mother!” I protested

“to fucking bad slut, get used to it!” he replied “now get some sleep you have a hard day in the morning lol”

I knew it was going to be a hard day, no doubt about it. I spent the next few hours tossing and turning, getting slowly fucked the whole time. I knew when I got up I knew I would be walking out the door with all 3 toys still in me and going to see Brent then going to work with the dildo shoved up in my pussy. How was I supposed to sleep knowing all this, knowing that my mom could walk in and fuck me at any moment and I couldn’t say or do shit about it.

I finally got up and got ready to take slot oyna a shower. I slide my panties down and spread my legs, I was aching so much, I took a picture and sent it to Brent showing him I still had all 3 toys deep inside my hole. I slowly removed my tank top exposing my large firm 40DD tits, my long burgundy hair fell softly across my breast. I could just barely notice the dildo and egg poking out of my smooth bare pussy as I looked in the mirror. However, the vibrator in my ass was much more noticeable. I stepped into my shower and turned it on as hot as I could stand it, I wanted to play with my pussy but knew I couldn’t. Soon, I told myself, Brent will fuck me and I will cum soon. I got out of the shower and slide on a pair of g-string panties, black satin. I grabbed a matching bra and a tank top and my jean skirt. I knew I had to have no panties on when Brent saw me, the g-string would be easy enough to slide off in the car and back on as I left. I grabbed my uniform for work and shoved it in my bag. I had to leave soon so I could be at Brent’s before he got there. I headed for the door and heard “ Have fun” from my mom’s room. “WHATEVER!” I shouted back. I would regret that shortly.

The drive to Brent’s was long and bumpy, I was shaking by the time I pulled in the parking lot of the apartments. I sat there waiting for a few minutes for him to get home. As I slid the panties off, I was nervous and scared and excited all in one. I didn’t know what he had planned but really didn’t care if I came as hard as I did the first time he fucked me. I do anything to cum that hard again, anything!

Brent pulled in and I got out of the car. As I shut the car door he walked over and kissed me and shoved his hand up my skirt. I gasped at the sudden hand rubbing my pussy and working the toys in and out, I had almost forgot we were outside and people would soon be coming out to go to work. Suddenly he grabbed my nipple and pulled me to the apartment door, unlocked it and pulled me inside.

“Wait here u fucking slut” he ordered

“OK” I shyly said

A couple of moments later Brent came back and introduced me to his other roommates. Oh god is he going to make me fuck them? I just glanced at him uneasily and he laughed “No not this time, maybe some other time” the guys just chuckled. Brent grabbed my nipple and pulled me to his room, I wondered if his roommates knew what he was doing to me. As we entered his room he shut the door and grabbed me by the throat and slammed me against the wall. He began bitting my neck and fucking my pussy with the dildos. I was moaning and arching my back, I wanted to cum so badly but he wouldn’t let me. Every time I got close he stopped everything but choking me and wait for me to calm down then would start fucking me again. About the third or fourth time he stopped he shoved me to the bed driving his knee between my legs and forcing the toys in deeper than ever.

“enjoying this slut?” he whispered in my ear

“I wanna cum” I stuttered

“not yet, if at all” he chuckled

“what? You said you would make me cum if I came over today” I replied

“that was before you got an attitude this morning with your mom and yelled whatever at her” he informed me as he pushed harder on the toys with his knee.

“im sorry, I really am!” I was trying not to cry

“oh you will be in just a minute you fucking slut!” he grinned.

As he choked me he reached down and slid out the dildo and egg. He laid the egg next to me then put the dildo to my lips and forced it in. it was to keep me from screaming he told me. He put his hand between my legs and put 3 fingers in my pussy and starting pumping me slowly, spreading his fingers apart slowly. Oh my god that feels amazing I thought. Then he slid a fourth finger into my tight hole. He began fucking me faster and harder. Even though I had 2 toys in me for 13 hours I was still really tight and his fingers stretched me. I squirmed and moaned, I wanted him to go back to 3 fingers but knew he wasn’t going to. Just then he pulled all the fingers from me and told me “ you better not drop that dildo from your mouth or vibrator from your ass! Get ready to scream bitch!” With that Brent took his whole fist and shoved it into my pussy! I screamed into the dildo, tears running down my face. He fucked my pussy hard and fast showing no mercy.

“you’re a fucking slut you know that?!”
“shut up you fucking bitch you know you love it”
“you’re mine now! I own you”

I tried not to fight him but I had never been taken so hard and I couldn’t help it. The harder I fought the deeper he fisted me, he was at his wrist by now. As he fucked my pussy he began squeezing my throat tighter. As I was close to passing out from the pain and the lack of air I came. My juices squirted around his hand and down his arm. I thought the other night had been the best I’d ever had, I was wrong!

“see I told you that you were a slut! You loved that” he smiled

All I could do was nod my head. Brent grabbed his camera and took several pics of the dildo in my mouth, his hand wrist deep in me and the vibrator in my ass. He then slid out his hand and then the vibrator. He removed the dildo from my mouth and slid it into my pussy, I groaned, I was sore. He laid down next to me for a moment and started whispering in my ear.

“im only with this chick cause I don’t have my own place” he commented “she is boring in bed. I want you to tell your mom im moving in next week, understand?

“ok but she wont be happy.” I told him

“she wont say anything, she knows you don’t have a choice and since you pay all the bills she has no room to talk” he told me.

“ok Brent” I agreed “but can I ask something”

“I guess” he said as he got up.

“can I take the dildo out when I get home?” I quietly asked

“nope, it stays in and at bed you put the other 2 back in. Understand?” Brent asked in reply

“I understand” I sadly said

I got up and started getting read for work. Before I could get dressed Brent grabbed the dildo and started fucking me again with it. He only did it long enough to get me dripping wet. Then shoved it deep in and told me to have a good day at work. I got dressed and as I got ready to leave he told me that I had to take a new pic every hour while I was at work and send it to him and they better all be there when he work up that afternoon. I nodded and walked to my car. I couldn’t believe I was about to wear a dildo to work at one of the biggest theme parks in the world!

As I got to work I realized my panties were already soaked from my pussy juices. Walking was hard with the dildo in me especially after being violently fisted just a little while ago. I walked to my work location, I was working cash today so at least I was standing in one place and not walking around. I had thought that standing there would be easier, but it wasn’t. I kept shifting and squirming. Could anyone tell I had the dildo in my pussy? What if someone saw or knew? I was so scared but the fear made me that much more wet and caused my pussy to squeeze tight around the dildo. By the end of the day I had waited on over 350 guest with a dildo in me. I didn’t know if I was embarrassed or proud of myself that I made it through.

I headed to my car and headed home, dildo still firmly inside my soaking wet pussy. The whole way home I was thinking about how to tell my mom and what her reaction would be to Brent moving in. I mean he had a point, it was my house and I can let whoever I want live there. But that also meant that he could use me and tell her more or she could walk in on anything. Oh well, I have to do it. I knew it was going to be a long night. Having to talk to her straight faced with a dildo in me, knowing she knew and knowing what she had done to me the night before. How was she going to react and what had Brent told her already? I guess I was about to find out.

I arrived home, the dildo was still shoved deep into my pussy and I was beyond wet. I was scared to death to go inside because I knew that my mom was going to say something about my situation. I took a deep breathe and walked into the house.

“how was work?” my mom smirked

“ok I guess” I meekly replied

“I bet it was a HARD day, huh?” she chuckled

“yeah pretty much, not that you would understand” I snapped

I walked into my room and shut the door. I needed a few minutes to collect my thoughts on how to tell her that in a week Brent was moving in. Before I had a chance to come back out she walked in and looked at me waiting for me to say something.

“have something to tell me?” she questioned

“kinda, I guess” I said as I glared at her

“well what is it?” she asked with the smile on her face like she already knew.

“in a week Brent is moving in” I stated

“oh really? So he can make you keep that cunt full easier?” she laughed

“he wants out of where he lives now so he is coming here, that’s it” I replied

He had already told her and I was beyond embarrassed that she knew everything. What the hell was I going to do now?! My mom left my room but left the door wide open. I didn’t care right now I just wanted to lay back and rest. I went into my bathroom and slid my uniform off. I looked in the mirror at my aching pussy. It had taken such a beating lately. Dildos and eggs every day and night and then being fisted this morning, I was so sore! I realized though, the more I thought about what was being done to me the wetter I got. OH MY GOD, Brent is right I am a slut aren’t I? maybe I deserve this. I had always been a tease as a teenager, id flirt with any guy I thought was cute and took great pleasure in making them as hard as possible, all without touching them, then just walking away. It wasn’t hard to do, I mean I was well built even as a teenager. I was 5’9” by the time I was 14 and had a 36C chest by the time I was 16. I always had a perfect smile and soft skin. I had known I was a flirt then but realized how much of a tease I really was as I hit my early 20s.

I put on clean, dry panties and a long t-shirt and laid on my bed. I wanted to reach down and take out the dildo but knew I couldn’t especially since my mom knew what was going on now. it’s a good thing I left it in cause as I began to doze off I felt someone sit on my bed. It was my mom fuck! What the hell does she want now? Before I could say anything I felt my vibrator being shoved up my ass. I gasped at the intrustion and tried to pull away but she harshly shoved it the rest of the way in then pulled me onto my back. She took my third toy and shoved it in my pussy with the dildo as she laughed.

“he asked me if u had told me as soon as you got home about him moving in and when I told him you hadn’t he said he was going to make you put all 3 in, so I told him id do it for you and take the pic” my mother informed me still laughing.

She grabbed my phone and toke a picture of me spreading my legs and then used her phone and took a picture too. “your dad should enjoy this” she laughed at me.

I rolled over and began to cry. I was so humiliated, not only was a man I barely know controlling my pussy and ass but my mom knew and she was going to tell my dad now too! To make the humiliation worse I was getting wetter and she knew it. She knew I was becoming a total slut and I couldn’t stop it!

I didn’t leave my room that night, I was so sore I couldn’t sit, especially with 3 toys now shoved in my holes. Each time I started to fall asleep my mom would come in, almost as if she was waiting to wake me up and remind me I was full. She would work the toys in and out of me slowly, just enough to bother me then tell me to send a picture to Brent. This is how it went the whole night, slowly getting fucked by my mother then sending pictures to Brent. That is how he made sure I was doing what he wanted since he didn’t live there yet and our schedules for work were opposites and he couldn’t fuck me daily himself. Plus he loved making me suffer, the toys were a form of torture, knowing I was getting fucked in front of everyone and being powerless to stop it is a greater torture than a whipping any day!

For the next week things were about the same. I had at least the dildo in my pussy and usually it was all three toys filling both holes. If I went to work or to the store I had to have all 3 in me, fucking me in front of hundreds of people everyday. When I got home my mom would make sure they were in me before I went to my room to change so I couldn’t slide them in and take the picture. At least once a night my mom would come into my room and slowly fuck me. She would canlı casino siteleri slide them out almost completely then shove them as deep as they could go as hard as possible. I hated every moment of it but my pussy would still become dripping wet every time.

By the time Brent started moving his stuff in I was relieved that he would be checking me and not my mom. I was in for a hell of a shock though. The day we moved his stuff I had all 3 in me as usual but he required me to wear a skirt and no panties. As I drove he would fuck my pussy with the dildo from the time we got into the car to till we got out, only stopping when I was ready to cum until it had passed then he would start again. I wasn’t allowed to cum without him in me, EVER! I had to learn to fight it and control it. We got everything moved on Tuesday and Wednesday we were going to relax at the house. I had taken 4 days off work to help him move. Tuesday night he took me to dinner, I had on a short black skirt that came down just below my ass and a low cut red shirt. Brent had taken rubber bands and wrapped them around my nipples before I put my bra on sand made me stuff the sides of my bra causing my 40DD breast to overflow the bra. As I walked I had a feeling you could see the vibrator in my ass and maybe even the dildo in my pussy as I had on no panties and no pantyhose. If you could see them, no one said a word to me.

At the restaurant Brent requested a table and not a booth and sat next to me. He would reach down and start rubbing my clit or sliding the toys in and out making me squirm in my seat. He would tell me what a good slut I was being and that I would be rewarded tonight. A few time our waiter got quiet the show im sure, this young couple sitting there and the guy openly fucking the girl with a dildo under the table. Before we left the waiter turned and smiled at us and said no tip was necessary that we had already tipped him enough. Brent smiled and grabbed my ass shoving the vibrator deep and saying “you should make your girl do it sometime”

Brent fucked me all the way home with the dildo, he loved watching my squirm and knowing I couldn’t stop it. When we got back to the house he grabbed my hair and pulled me in the house, past my mom and shoved me to the bed leaving the door wide open. As he climbed on top of me holding my throat as tightly as he could he tugged at may skirt with the other hand then worked on my shirt. I could feel his dick growing harder through his pants, rubbing against the slit of my wet pussy. As he got my shirt of she smacked me full force across the face and told me not to move.

“Hey Chris come here a sec would ya?” Brent hollered

“sure no problem” my mom replied “whats up?” she looked over at me and began laughing

“watch the fucking slut while I find something to tie her down with, will ya” he chuckled

“no problem, I got hand cuffs if you want them. Her dad was a cop and gave me a set when I showed him what a slut she has become” she told him
“GREAT! Grab them really quick would ya” he asked

As my mom left the room Brent turned and gave me this evil smile. I knew whatever he was up to was going to hurt like hell and humiliate me but I would also cum so fucking hard. My mom returned with the handcuffs and Brent quickly slapped them around my wrist.

“if she moves even an inch just fuck her with her toys till I get back” he instructed her with a smile

“no problem” she grinned
“look at the fucking slut” she said to me as Brent left the room “handcuffed, stuffed and about to be tied up.”

I rolled my head from her which I shouldn’t have done because as soon as I had she grabbed the toys and brutally started fucking both of my holes. As she shove the dildo in my pussy she pulled the vibrator from my ass then plunged it back in as she yanked the dildo almost all the way out. When Brent walked back in he started laughing hystarically.

“stupid slut turned her head from me when I was talking to her” my mom informed him

*SMACK* “FUCKING SLUT! I told you not to move!” Brent scolded as he smacked my face again.

“hold her arms above her head would ya Chris?” Brent asked my mom. She happily complied as he tied a rope between the handcuffs to the frame of the bed.
“now hold this leg down” as he tied on leg to the corner of my king beds frame and then the other leg to the opposite side.
“thanks for your help. I’ll let ya know if I need you” he smiled and winked

My mom left the room but left the door open. I knew I was about to get used as a fuck toy and as much as I hated it I loved it too. I knew I deserved it for all the teasing I had done before. Brent took the small egg from my pussy, looked at it and just smiled. He grabbed my throat and forced the cum covered egg into my mouth. He then undressed himself, showing his fully hard cock. I almost laughed but didn’t dare, I suddenly understood why he made me were the toys and preferred anal and fisting over fucking. He was pretty small. Barely 4” and maybe a thick as my middle finger. As he climbed between my legs he began working the dildo in and out, I thought for sure he would take it out to fuck me but I was wrong, the next thing I felt was his dick sliding into my pussy with the dildo. I tried to scream but between him choking me and the egg in my mouth I couldn’t make a sound.

He started slowly, working my pussy till it was insanely wet. Then he began thrusting harder and deeper. His balls smacked the vibrator forcing it in with each thrust. I moaned and tried to scream, it hurt so much being stretched that bad but I couldn’t stop him, I couldn’t push him away. I wasn’t long before I felt him begin to shoot his load into my pussy. With one last hard thrust he emptied everything into me and pulled out. I hadn’t came yet and wanted to so badly it hurt.

Without a word Brent got up and walked to the bathroom, leaving me tied to the bed with the door wide open. He went in and took a long hot shower, then got dressed. I couldn’t move or say anything because I was still tied down with the egg in my mouth as well as the dildo in my pussy and vibrator in my ass. He walked into the living room and I could hear him and my mom talking and laughing but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. They were probably laughing at me and the fact I was just laying there naked and stuffed. It was well over an hour later before he came back in.

“hope you’re comfortable slut cause you aint getting up anytime soon” he laughed.

As he walked away, I knew he wasn’t joking. He left me there for a couple hours while he watched a movie. Every 30 minutes or so he would come in and fuck the hell out of both of my holes till I was on the edge of cumming then he would stop, leaving all 3 toys in place. My mom came in twice. She would brutally fuck me, laughing as I cried the whole time. Before I was untied for the night both Brent and my mom came in and discussed my day tomorrow. I was supposed to work a 10 hour shift at work and in my skirt uniform not the pants because of the location I was supposed to be at.

“She is in her skirt tomorrow ya know?” my mom asked Brent
“Oh really? Time to see how good her muscles are in that pussy and ass” Brent smirked
“What ya thinking of making the slut do?” my mom inquired

Brent turned to me and said “Tomorrow you will where the vibrator in your ass and the egg and dildo in your pussy” I slowly nodded in response. “Oh I’m not done bitch! You wont have any panties on and only thigh highs on under the skirt!” My eyes grew wide and I began to protest, with that my mom started ramming my holes again. I started nodding in acceptance and she stopped, Brent just laughed. “you know the rules, every hour I want pics sent” I sadly nodded know I had no choice. Brent untied me as I agreed to my day tomorrow and told me that I was to stay full over night while he was at work.

I had to take pictures 3 times that night as proof that I was still full. By the time I got up for work I wanted to come so bad but knew I couldn’t. I put on my uniform and slowly got ready. Brent got home shortly before I got ready to leave. He shoved his hand up my skirt and grabbed the toys and smiled.

“good slut! Now bend over” he ordered

I bent over and felt him start working the vibrator in and out slowly. My ass was so sore from being full so long that it was torture. I begged him to stop because it hurt. I should have kept my mouth shut though because he rammed it hard and deep and told me to stay right there till he came back. So I stood there, bent over the arm of the couch with my skirt up and toys hanging out. I watched Brent walk to my mom’s room and they both came out a few minutes later. Brent was carrying my mom’s 12” long double headed dildo and my mom was carrying a camera.

“So your ass hurts you fuckin slut?” Brent asked
“yes” I replied
“well now its going to really hurt!” with that Brent pulled out the vibrator and shoved my mom’s dildo up my ass. As I screamed out in pain I realized my mom had been taking pictures of my ass being violated. Brent spent the next 10 minutes fucking my ass. In and out as hard as he could, shoving the dildo deeper each time. By the time he was done only about 4 inches were hanging out of my ass like a small tail. Brent grabbed my hair with the last thrust and whispered in my ear that now I had to keep this in my ass instead for my 12 hour day at work. He pulled down my skirt and smacked my ass as I walked to the door to leave. I was going to be a long day.

While I was at work the dildos started sliding out and when I asked Brent if I could adjust them on my break he text me back that I couldn’t that I had to let them hang there. I spent the rest of the day keeping the muscles as tight as possible to stop them from sliding. As I took the pics Brent could see how much they had came out and I knew if I pushed them in that I would be punished when I got home. By the time I got off work only the head of my mom’s dildo was still in my ass and my dildo and the egg were on the verge of falling out, I was so relieved to sit down for the drive home. But my relief was short lived, when I got home I was met by Brent at the door. It was still day light enough that you could see a few people out on their patios and walking around the block. As I tried to enter the house Brent pushed me back. He grabbed my hair and force me over the trunk of the car. He grabbed the end of the skirt and pulled it up over my ass showing the neighbors my stuffed holes.

“You fucking slut I fucking told you to keep these dildos deep in you all day at work!” he yelled as loud as possible making sure anyone outside could hear. He slammed the dildos in me as the neighbors looked. He yanked me up by my hair and shoved me to the ground. I tried to get up and he shoved me down again. “you are crawling in you fucking slut!!!” Brent first grabbed the skirt and pulled it up again and then grabbed my hair and slowly lead me inside. By the time I got inside several neighbors had gotten cameras out and were openly taking pictures and enjoying my humiliation. When I got inside I tried to stand again and was yet again shoved to the ground where Brent took off his thick leather belt and began whipping my ass and back as hard as he could. It was only after he was done I realized my mom had videoed the entire thing.

I crawled to the shower and washed up with both dildos and the egg still in me. When I got out of the shower I was forced to the ground again and Brent put his belt around my neck as a leash and lead me naked to the living room, crawling the whole way. He sat on the couch and flipped on the tv as I kneeled in front of him with the dildos hanging out of my holes. I heard the sound of what had just happened outside come on the tv, he was watching what he had done to me. He pulled the belt tight and forced my head into his lap and his dick into my mouth and down my throat. As I sucked him I felt the dildos begin to fuck me, slowly at first but then harder and faster. I was on the edge of cumming when Brent threw me off his dick and to the ground. He jerked his dick a few times and blew his load all over me.

“damn I cant wait to watch that video!” Brent shouted “you are keep everything in you again until you learn to keep them all the way in deep and every night you will be showing me outside how deep they are”

I began to cry at the thought which only made Brent mad. “Since you want to cry I will give you a reason to. Now I will offer to let anyone fuck you with the dildos that wants to as you show me” with that I began to cry harder. As I crawled to the bedroom I dreaded the next few days, I knew I had to train myself to hold the dildos in me deep no matter what or I was going to end up being fucked by most of the neighborhood.

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