Bedtime Blow Ch. 05

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[Recap: Siblings Nidhi (26) and Raj (23) are stuck at home in Covid lockdown. Nidhi’s wedding is delayed, making her long for carnal satisfaction with her usually subservient brother. Gradually, they come together and lose their virginity to each other]

(Please refer the previous Chapter “Bedtime Blow Ch. 04″ by Gunvor”)

Part 1:

It was another one of those cold nights; yet the occupants of the bedroom were sweaty and the sound of the clock’s ticking, for once, was the only sound that couldn’t be heard in the room that night. There was the sound of the bed creaking, a schilck sound every alternate second which was coupled with the thumping sound caused by bouncing up and down and a female voice, lost in pleasure, begging for more of what she was having.

Laying on the bed, Raj remembered how, weeks earlier, his sleep was disturbed by a warm hand stroking his bare manhood in the middle of another such cold night. Apprehensive at first, he had confronted the person who was getting him off that night, his older sister. It didn’t take much time that night for his cock to travel from the caring hands of his sister to the hot insides of her mouth while happily stuffing it with his ejaculation. Things escalated quickly in the following days with his fingers finding their way inside her womanhood. A small disruption caused them to lose their way, but it was handled swiftly by a now confident Raj. As a result, a few weeks back, his sister’s hole was again being filled up by his cum. Though unlike the previous time, his raw dick was cumming deep inside his sister’s vagina this time.

After that night, the incestuous relations between the siblings showed no signs of stopping. Night after night of Nidhi’s moaning had no effect on their parents, fast asleep in the other room. This alleviated the siblings’ confidence and before long they began engaging in intercourse in broad daylight as their parents slept.

“AAaahh, Raj! That’s it! MMMmm!” Nidhi’s moans brought back Raj to the present. He saw two large tits bouncing over him while Nidhi’s hands rested on his chest for support. Her body moved up and down on his dick as she rode him while Raj held her hips. She took his hands and put it on her ample breasts. Raj massaged them and pinched her nipples, pulling them. His dick going in and out of her slick pussy, Nidhi said, “I’m there little brother…cum with me.”

Raj wasn’t in any hurry, but Nidhi knew how to get him off. “Cum with me sister-fucker,” taunted Nidhi. She knew speaking dirty always got him more aroused. No surprise, Raj brought his hands to her back and pulled her close, as he went deeper inside her. His thrusts increased, leaving Nidhi moaning like crazy.

Raj felt his crotch drench as Nidhi squirted while riding her. Unable to hold back, Raj finished inside her. Panting, Nidhi raised herself a little and her brother’s dick plopped out. Nidhi looked down at her pussy with a flustered expression on her face. She brought down her fingers to it and took her brother’s dripping jizz in them. Raj saw his bossy bring brought her fingers to her lips and lick off the incestuous cum with pleasure.

They laid down beside each other and didn’t bother to get dressed. Raj kissed Nidhi on her forehead, as he still cared for her like a loving younger brother. Nidhi looked up at him and said, “Don’t care for me so much. Own me. I am yours.”

“Yes, you are, slut,” replied Raj, still in a trance.

“I, what!” a surprised Nidhi blurted out. As Raj came to his senses, he tried to apologise, “Sorry, I didn’t mean what I…”

“Say that again,” interjected Nidhi.

“You want me to what?!” a confused Raj uttered.

Nidhi knew what she said, “You heard me the first time.”

“You are…my slut,” Raj said with caution.

“Say it like you mean it Raj. I want to be owned. Owned by my little sister-fucker,” Nidhi was adamant.

“You are MY SLUT! No more Didi (older sister) when in bed. You are mine and it will stay that way.”

Hearing this, Nidhi kissed her little brother. She never expected her brother will be her sexual liberator. She was enjoying every moment of it. As they put on their clothes, Nidhi received a message. From the corner of his illegal bahis eye, Raj saw her open an image. It was a dick pic. A hand holding a hardened cock. Raj knew who had messaged his sister such a provocative image at night. It was Karan, her fiancé. What surprised and, in some way, delighted Raj, was that Nidhi saw the snap and tossed aside her phone the next instant, ignoring it. She looked at him and gave a wide smile, which he returned. Nidhi went to bed thinking about the two cocks in her life. Her brother’s and her fiancé’s. It was unique though. A heart-shaped dark mole was always visible at Karan’s crotch. Nidhi found that interesting.


Part 2:

As a couple of months passed by, the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions were lifted and people were allowed to move with precautions and safeguards. On the other hand, Raj and Nidhi became bolder and bolder, taking more risks and less precautions. Raj’s gamble with fate, when he fooled around with his sister in the kitchen with their parents wide awake, had seemed to spur them on. They started fooling around more while their parents were awake and busy somewhere else. The adrenaline rush from the fear of getting caught in the kitchen, made them want to have a go there itself. With the lockdown lifted, they got the chance to do just that.

The parents needed to step out of the house to meet some relatives. This left the siblings excited as they would be having the house for themselves for the whole day. At daybreak, the house was already bustling with activities, as the family made preparations for the safe travel of the parents. While Raj assisted his parents, Nidhi kept herself busy with other household work. The Uber arrived and Raj accompanied his parents to the cab. He saw the car leave and with that, blood rushed towards his dick. He hurried to the apartment and sanitized himself.

Nidhi saw their parents depart and Raj hurrying to the house. She knew her little brother would already be hard as a rock by the time he enters the apartment. She thought of greeting him at the door itself but it struck to her that she could do something better than that. She was proven right when she heard the door open and close, and felt Raj’s hands on her.

Raj entered the kitchen to find a naked Nidhi, bending a little and cleaning the platform. Raj knew that his sister also harboured the yearning to do it there. He pulled down his pants and grabbed Nidhi’s breasts. He kneaded them as Nidhi’s hands reached his cock and started stroking it. Raj nudged her to bend more and made her spread her legs. Wasting no time, Raj felt his cock covered in Nidhi’s warm vaginal fluids as he heard her moan.

“Your pussy is so good, Didi!” moaned Raj as their bodies swayed together.

“I’m not your…AAAHHH…your sister,” Nidhi whimpered.

Raj raised Nidhi’s leg and put it on the platform, as he went deeper, “Yes, you are my slut. A slut who likes getting fucked by his own little brother.”

Nidhi moaned louder as her snatch was pounded and her muscles stretched. She got a breather as her brother pulled out and turned her around, facing him. She embraced and kissed him as he grabbed her thighs and lifted her to have her seated on the platform. She was pulled towards the edge by her brother and she crossed her legs behind his back.

Raj held Nidhi by her hips and continued their incestuous fuck. “YESSS RAJ…OHHHH…fuck me, fuck your slut,” Nidhi kept shouting.

As Raj’s boner went in and out of Nidhi’s womanhood, he held her close, looking into her eyes. Momentarily, his eyes darted behind her and looked across the window. He squinted his eyes as he saw a figure looking at them from the building across the road. He pulled Nidhi closer to him and noticed a woman observing them with a set of binoculars. Knowing the flat pretty well, he realized the woman was none other than their childhood teacher, to whom he and Nidhi went in their teenage years for private tuitions.

Raj was shocked initially; but that feeling was instantly replaced with excitement. He felt a strange enjoyment that their filthy sex had an audience. He whispered what he just saw to Nidhi and she gave a startled look back. illegal bahis siteleri They paused for an instant, thinking what to do next, as their teacher still didn’t know who the girl was that had Raj’s dick inside her. Nefarious that she always was, Nidhi turned her head and looked across the window at their tutor. Raj saw Nidhi wave at her and asked him to do the same. The siblings smiled as they saw the woman put down her binoculars and placed a hand on her mouth in a state of shock.

Their tutor grasped what was happening. Her students, who were brother and sister, were going out at it in their kitchen. She was appalled and yet strangely aroused on witnessing an incestuous act of her two young pupils. She looked through the binoculars and waved them back. Her hand reached her womanhood, unable to control her urges, seeing what happened in front of her eyes.

The siblings smiled and gave her an incestuous show that she would never forget. Their bodies moved back and fro as Nidhi’s vaginal muscles clenched tightly on Raj’s cock. Their moans grew louder, thrilled on being watched by someone, thrilled to show that yes, they were brother and sister and yes, they were having hot sex with each other. As Raj was about to climax, Nidhi asked him to cum on her tits. With a load groan, Raj squirted loads of cum on his sister’s breasts. Nidhi got down from the platform and looked across the window. She wiped the cum from her chest and licked it sensually, delighted to show the woman watching them, that she liked consuming her brother’s cum. Raj hugged her from behind and they smiled and waved at their tutor, receiving a wave back from her wet fingers.


Part 3:

Water splashed over his shirt as Raj washed the last of the spoons. It was his turn to do the dishes and though he usually completed the work quickly, that time it took him a while as he was being stroked by Nidhi, who was hugging her from behind.

“Come on Raj, finish it. We shouldn’t keep ma’am waiting. She expects a show,” Nidhi whispered to Raj while kissing his neck.

Raj looked out the window and saw the woman all set with her binoculars. She had camped at her window virtually all day since morning, waiting for more action. The siblings had no complaints giving in to what she wanted. She had been their teacher once, and this was one good way of showing their appreciation.

Raj dried his hands and placed them on Nidhi’s, asking her to stop stroking. He looked out the window and pointed towards their bedroom, signalling their tutor where their next performance would be. She gave a thumbs up as she changed rooms to sit across the window opposite their bedroom. Raj turned around and picked up his sister, taking her to the bedroom.

Aware of being watched, they kissed and undressed each other on the bed. Suddenly, Nidhi stopped Raj and said, “What if we could get more?”

Raj gave her a confused look to which she responded, “We can…’expand’ our audience. Have someone else watch us too. And, we can watch someone back.”

“How?” Raj quizzed her.

“Don’t act like you don’t know. I know that you have been to random video chats’ websites and jerked yourself watching someone.” Raj was left red in the face by the fact that his sister knew this.

“Don’t be embarrassed. I’m not judging you. Who am I to judge anyway. I am constantly sucking on my brother’s dick, aren’t I?” Nidhi laughed.

She asked Raj to bring over the laptop while she looked out the window and sucked on her nipples, to the delight of her teacher.

Raj returned to quite a sight watching Nidhi busy with her breasts and pussy. He placed the laptop on the bed and opened up its camera. They tried different angles so as not to reveal their faces. Once, satisfied, they opened the adult section of the website and entered “Couples” as their interest. Sitting in from of the cam with only sheets to cover them and only the region below their necks visible, Raj hit enter. Nidhi sat a little off camera and as expected, the first person they came across was a single guy with a dick in his hand. Nidhi was surprised but Raj reminded her that this wasn’t unusual. Every 5 seconds they ended a chat canlı bahis siteleri and started a new one as they came across hordes of single men with their dicks out. Nidhi was horny and was starting to get bored of this routine, but she was the one who suggested it and hence kept mum.

Nidhi paused the chat and added another word to the interest’s textbox: Incest. As if suddenly understanding them, the new chat popped up with a couple, an Indian one. It was a young guy and what seemed to be a mature woman sitting beside her. They were seated the same way Raj and Nidhi were, with their sheets. Both the couples looked at each other for a while and the pause was broken by a text on Raj’s chat area, “Hi”

“Hi”, replied Raj, not knowing what to say, he added “Couple here.”

“Same here,” the words appeared on Raj’s screen followed by, “Incest couple*. She is my mom btw.”

Off camera, Raj and Nidhi looked at each other, shocked yet inquisitive. Nidhi typed the reply, “Incest here too. Sister and brother. Ready for some fun??”

With that text, the siblings saw the mature woman lower her sheet and mounted her partner, facing him. Taking it as a cue, Nidhi got on her knees, looked once through the window and then turned around directing Raj to take her from behind.

Raj started pounding his sister’s pussy in doggy-style while watching the mature woman’s ass jiggle as she rode her partner’s cock. Meanwhile, their teacher in the opposite apartment, started fingering herself. Moans from both side of the chat started to resound in the room along with the thumping of Raj’s crotch on Nidhi’s ass. Watching another couple fuck live in front of them increased the siblings’ arousal as they kept going at it.

Nidhi wasn’t able to witness what was happening on the screen. She tapped on Raj’s hands, asking him to stop. As Raj pulled out, Nidhi pushed him so that he lay on his back. Nidhi faced the webcam and lowered herself Raj’s erection. Now she could see the young stud pumping in, what he claimed to be his mother, while her own brother’s hard-on was inside her womanhood.

Watching Nidhi face the camera, the woman on the opposite end raised herself to mirror Nidhi’s position. Though with a slight variation. The siblings watched in awe as the woman lowered her butt-hole over her partner’s raging boner and slowly took it all, inside her ass. Raj had a sight to behold. He was witnessing anal sex right in front of him. He had also never seen a naked mature lady before. She had a nice set of rack; a little saggy, given her age but big enough nonetheless. With their webcam showing themselves as well, he saw both sets of tits bouncing to the rhythm of the thrusting. Seeing all this, Raj’s arousal reached his peak. He held Nidhi tight and started thrusting his cock fervently inside his sister’s pussy.

“AAHHH…YESSS! Fuck me, BROTHER! Fuck your sister’s pussy hard”, moaned Nidhi. The woman was in her throes too, as she yelled in pleasure, “YES Beta (son)! Ravish your mother’s tiny butthole. Fuck me faster, son!”

“Take this, you slut!” the men said in unison as they edged closer to orgasm.

Both the women felt their holes filled with hot cum as their partners’ cock, buried deep inside them, began to squirt. “AAAHHH!” moaned all three gals: Nidhi, her teacher in the next building and the woman on the video chat (VC). Smiling in ecstasy, Nidhi raised herself to let out Raj’s cum-covered cock from inside of her. She saw the same action happening on the other end of the VC.

As her mind grew clear of lust, she noticed something on the man in the VC. Initially, she thought she was imagining things, but as she looked closely and realized that it wasn’t a delusion. It sharply stood out. There was no mistaking it.

On the man’s crotch, she saw a heart-shaped dark mole. Nidhi was flabbergasted as it dawned upon her who might be the man on the other end!

Nidhi, thinking she was saying it in her mind, instead blurted out loudly, “KARAN?!”.

There was no noise in the room, except that of the clock’s ticking. Time appeared to stand still. With petrified expressions, Nidhi and Raj saw the man’s face slowly emerge in the camera, saying, “NIDHI?!…”

(With this chapter, “Bedtime Blow” comes to an end. Further escapades of Raj, Nidhi, her fiancé Karan, his mother and others to follow soon. I really appreciate the readers’ comments and will incorporate the suggestions in my subsequent submissions. Hope you enjoyed a good read. Thank you)

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