Bi Bi Baby

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John couldn’t wait until Nora left for her Saturday meditation group meeting as he was horny as hell and couldn’t wait to strip and stroke while surfing the net and hopefully receiving some sexy emails from some of his cyber friends around the world.

Nora had gradually cut him down to having sex every other week or so for the past year and he had taken to masturbating at the computer while writing and receiving sexy messages. Nora always had the libido of a sick frog but, at least for the first ten years of their marriage, she put up with sex a few times a week since he had the libido of a dozen rabbits. Lately though, she came up with excuses and their sex life started to wilt on the vine. John had found himself drawn to male sites for quite some time now and had been masturbating to photos of beautiful cocks and fantasizing about having a strictly sexual relationship with a guy in the neighborhood for a long time. His sexual experience with males was limited to a once a month mutual jerkoff session with his cousin Bob when he was 14 and they used to sleep over each other’s houses but more and more lately he had been fantasizing about sucking cock and was getting eager to try it.

As soon as she walked out the door, he went to his mailbox and found an answer to a personal ad he placed at a bisexual site a few weeks ago. It was a married guy in somewhat the same situation he was in who wanted to meet and discuss their mutual interests. He lived in the area and had enclosed a photo of his organ in full erection and John had fallen in love with it immediately. He rationalized that, if George didn’t have a hunchback and two heads, he was going to suck that cock of his come hell or high water. He stripped off his clothes, since he most enjoyed writing and surfing while naked and playing with his constant erection, and sat down to answer George’s message. He read the email again and checked out the photo and was fully erect by the time he started to reply. He suggested that they meet Monday at a coffee shop that was mutually convenient and asked him to reply immediately so that he could block out the time. He told George that he was very interested in meeting his friend, whose photo he had enclosed, and not to forget to bring him along.

After sending off the message, he started surfing the net and visiting bi sites so that he could look at cock photos as he slowly stroked and worked up to a nice long high. His favorite fantasy always cropped up when he was at the computer writing or surfing. He loved the idea of having a guy suck his cock while he was writing sexy emails to friends. He would tell them exactly what was going on as it was happening and felt that his creative writing juices would be at their zenith because of it. That is, if he would be able to function normally at all while having his cock sucked. He was holding his thick and throbbing shaft in his hand and it felt so good, he didn’t want to let it go but decided to write an email to one of his cyber lovers and let him know what was going on since they both were looking for a married guy in their respective areas. Ed lived in California and they had cybersex a few times a week and he always enclosed a few new photos of his cock which he had just taken because he knew that John loved it and masturbated while looking at them.

After sending off the email to Ed, he got a signal that he had a message in his box and when he opened it, there was an answer from George who made Monday definite for noon at the specified coffee shop. He described himself and said he would meet him out in front of the shop. He also told him that one of the major reasons he had answered John’s ad was because he too had fallen in love with John’s cock from the picture in the ad so he was looking forward to a good meeting. John got off a quick reply and confirmed everything and told him he’d see him Monday and then went back to surfing and stroking while fantasizing about the possibility that he might live out some of his fantasies very soon now. He was at a very hot MMF site that had some great pics of bisexuals at play and he found himself substituting George’s penis for the ones on the screen and his mouth in place of theirs and it wasn’t long before he shot his load all over his chest and stomach.

The rest of the weekend passed so slowly it was killing him but finally it was Monday and he was on his way to meet George. Since he worked out of his home and Nora worked quite a distance away, he had figured on bringing George back to his apartment, if he looked decent, where they could have complete privacy instead of a public coffee shop where they probably would be restricted and couldn’t talk about certain things. As he approached the shop, he saw a tall, very good looking and athletically built guy standing on the sidewalk in front of the entrance who matched his description. He walked up to him and stuck out his hand as he greeted him and the moment their hands clasped, he felt the vibes and knew that this was going to be good. From the warm look in George’s eyes, he ankara bayan escortlar assumed that he felt the same and before he could say a word,

George suggested that they go back to his place, which was only a few blocks, because his wife was out of town and he had the place to himself. John immediately agreed as it was a hell of a lot safer than using his apartment even though the possibility of Nora coming home was remote. George led the way and they talked about their mutual marriages and the sexual problems involved. His wife had developed some kind of female problem with her vagina and had cut off sex over a year ago and he has been crawling the walls since. He told him that he was always bi curious and decided to try man sex for a change with another married guy so it would be strictly sex and no relationship problems would arise.

Then they arrived at his building and went up to the 40th floor where he showed John into a large, beautifully decorated apartment with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the park and a large terrace. They sat down in the living room and, as he prepared some cold drinks, he told John that his wife, Mary, was a motion picture director and was off somewhere in Africa for the next few months working on a picture. He told him that her leaving was the impetus for his answering the ad as he wanted to make good use of the apartment while she was away. John looked at him and asked if he would like to start making good use of it right now and George smiled and told him that that was exactly what he was thinking. John started peeling off his clothes and George followed suit. When they were totally naked, they turned to face each other and John felt a rush the moment he looked at the magnificent specimen of manhood before him. They were both about the same height and weight with broad shoulders, small waists and great thighs and their sexual equipment was also very similar.

Both had thick shafts although George was a little thicker than John and smooth, sloped crowns with deep ridges around it. They both had large balls which were full and very tight and looked beautiful. Their eyes fastened on each other’s organs and they slowly gravitated towards each other as George told him that his cock was even more beautiful than the photo and John reached out and grasped the thick pole in his hand as he told him that he has never seen a more beautiful penis in all his life. George put his hand on his shoulder and led him to the bedroom where he pulled back the blanket and asked him to lie down and get comfortable.

John told him that he wanted to get to know George, Jr. also so they lay down on their sides and rested their heads on each other’s thighs as they gazed in admiration at the gorgeous cocks in front of them. John couldn’t believe he was finally going to suck a beautiful penis like this. He had masturbated countless times while thinking about this very thing and now here it was right in front of his eyes. He reached out and ran his fingers from the base up to the crown and then couldn’t resist cupping his balls in his hands and feeling their fullness. It was a wonderful feeling having those balls and that cock in his hands but he couldn’t wait to find out what it feels like to have it in his mouth so he leaned forward and covered the crown with his lips as he sucked on the head. It was delicious and he couldn’t wait to get more in his mouth so he remembered to relax his throat muscles and started slowly taking more and more of the thick penis down his throat.

As he swallowed more and more, he went off into another world and totally lost himself in sucking the sweet meat down his throat. George was deep throating him at the same time and the two of them took off on a beautiful high. When John’s throat took as much cock as possible, he started swallowing around the thick shaft which milked it each time and George was groaning with each swallow until he too was doing the same to him. John felt a feeling of peace and contentment wash over him as he held George’s delicious cock deep down his throat. He wanted to suck the cum out of him and just knew it was going to be delicious even though he had never tasted cum before. It just seemed the natural thing to do and he looked forward to it more and more as he lovingly sucked the gorgeous cock. The two of them took each other up on one high after another and always managed to bring each other down before going back up again. Every once in a while they would lift their heads to tell each other how delicious their organs were and then go right back to sucking again.

Then John backed off a bit and drew deeply on the crown while gently tugging on his balls and was rewarded when George’s penis suddenly swelled and jerked in his mouth as it shot the first load of cum onto his tongue. It was delicious! John fastened his mouth around the jerking organ and savored every drop of cum that was fed to him. As he swallowed each load, his penis erupted and started pumping cum into George’s mouth also so the two of them were gulping down ankara seksi escortlar each other’s cum at the same time and it was fabulous.

After their heartbeats returned to normal, they swung around and lay back against the pillowed headboard. John told him that he had never, in his wildest dreams, imagined that sucking a cock could be so good and George agreed telling him that he was surprised when he tasted cum for the first time because it was so delicious that he couldn’t seem to get enough. They agreed that this was a very special relationship and looked forward to nurturing it in the future. George asked him how he felt about fucking and told him that he was a little reticent about getting fucked although he fantasizes about it all the time and John told him he feels the same way but wants to try it and see what it feels like anyway. George agreed and, since they both had some business to attend to before the day was out, decided to do it the next time they get together.

As they were dressing, John found out that he was a private dealer in art and worked out of his apartment also so was usually home all day except when he had appointments. John told him about a fantasy he’s had for months now which he would love to act out sometime. He told him that he would be typing a very sexy email while totally naked at the computer while stroking his erection and taking himself up on beautiful highs when suddenly a guy walks into his apartment and sees him stroking. He doesn’t say a word but immediately starts stripping and when naked, approaches him and slaps him in the face with his erection until finally he feeds him the head to suck. After some time, he pulls his cock from John’s mouth and drops to his knees in front of him and tells him to continue typing his email while he sucks his organs.

He has John move to the edge of the desk chair so that he can suck his balls also and, as he starts typing, he feels a warm mouth cover his balls and is inspired to even greater literary heights by the sensations it is providing. When the mouth covers his cock and begins moving up and down on it while pulling on his balls and stroking the shaft, he cums and the guy swallows every drop and squeezes the shaft from the base up to get more. Then he apologizes for cumming on the floor, gets dressed and leaves.

George told him that he would be willing to help him live out that fantasy if he wishes. John asked if he was available around 11 am tomorrow and George told him he’d be free so he asked him if he could come over at that hour and he would have the doorman give him an envelope with his door key so he could walk right into the apartment. They grasped each other by the crotch and had to exert tremendous will power to let go but finally said goodbye. John was ecstatic all the way home when he thought of the cock he’s going to be sucking from now on and the guy who owned it. He thought about having that thickness inside his ass and got a tingle of apprehension which he put out of his mind as soon as he thought about George’s cock. He really loved sucking that beauty and was sure that as soon as he got horny enough he’d let him fuck him.

From the moment he got home, he couldn’t stop thinking about the morning and decided that, when George walks in tomorrow morning, he would be writing a sexy email to Angelina and Rick telling them both what was going to happen and a blow by blow of what was actually happening. He had been having cybersex with them for about 2 years and they had tried to make plans to get together on either coast unsuccessfully thus far. They had gone as far as trading photos of each other naked and aroused and had been sharing their fantasies with each other for a long time. Angie was a vocalist who worked the lounges of the major hotels on the strip in Vegas as well as major hotels all over the country and her husband, Rick, became a stock broker after leaving the NFL. With a telephone and his laptop, he could do business anywhere in the world and usually accompanied his wife on her bookings.

Then he watched a ballgame and went to sleep early hoping that would make the time pass faster. Eventually, it was time and he was at the computer naked and stroking as he wrote Angie and Rick all about what was happening. Then the door opened and George walked into the apartment and turned as he closed the door behind him and stood there with a big smile on his face as he remarked how sexy John looked with that gorgeous cock of his so nice and big and ready for sucking. Then he quickly stripped off his clothes and approached John with his thick erection cleaving the air in front of him. When got alongside the chair, he guided his cock to John’s face and started slapping him with it as John tried to capture the head in his mouth. Finally he fed the tip of the crown to John’s hungry lips and allowed him to suckle it for a short while before pulling it away and dropping to his knees under the desk and having John scrunch forward a bit so he could get at his entire crotch and then telling him to continue bayan ankara escort typing his email as he was going to busy himself with something very important under the desk.

As John started typing again, he felt George’s mouth cover his balls and suck each one as he ran his tongue all over them and he described what was happening to Angie and Rick. When he felt George’s mouth cover his organ, he had to stop typing a moment as the rush he got was fantastic. As George nursed on his cock, he told them every feeling, every sensation he was getting and wished that they could be there to join in as they would both love George.

Then George started to work his mouth up and down his thick pole and John knew that his orgasm wasn’t too far away because of the way he was being sucked. George lifted his mouth from the throbbing penis and told him that he was becoming addicted to John’s cock and then went right back to sucking deeply on the crown while licking off all the precum freely flowing out of the slit. John could no longer type and was holding George’s head in his hands as he gave himself up to the hungry mouth doing such fantastic things to him which were sending shudders throughout his body. Finally his penis started jerking as it shot stream after stream of cum into the greedy mouth until his balls were empty and his last spasm ended. Then George pulled his mouth from the slowly receding organ and got up and started to dress as per the fantasy. John told him that he didn’t apologize for cumming on the carpet and that’s when George told him that he didn’t cum yet.

John asked him if he would like to continue their session over at his place so that John could drink from his fountain also and he would feel more relaxed there. George told him that he was going to be free until later in the afternoon so they quickly dressed and headed over to George’s pad. On the way over, John was telling him exactly what he planned to do to him to make him feed him every drop of cum in his balls and all George did was groan and say that he can’t wait as he was still horny as hell.

As soon as they got into George’s place, they stripped and headed for the bed. George lay down on his stomach and John ran his hands over his full, tight ass cheeks and squeezed them as he told him how much he’d like to put his cock inside it. George told him to get the KY on the dresser and use it liberally as he didn’t want to get hurt. John got the tube and when he came back he lay down underneath George, who was on all fours, and began licking his balls and thick shaft and then suckling the head of his sweet penis. When George started moaning and fucking his mouth, he got up and smeared some KY on the puckered asshole and some on the head of his cock and then pushed the head inside as George groaned and told him that it felt good but to go easy as his cock was so thick.

John waited until his organ was sliding smoothly in and out of the tight hole and then he started feeding it in inch by inch as George gasped and told him that he loved having John’s cock inside him as he started moving his ass around to capture more of the beautiful organ. He became a wild man and asked John to fuck him hard and deep as he wanted all of him inside his ass. He told John that from now on he would be his cunt to fuck whenever he felt like it and John answered by probing the hungry ass even deeper. He reached around and grasped George’s huge erection in his hand and stroked him as he thrust his hips back and forth and lost himself in fucking that beautiful hole. His pubic hairs mashed against the sexy ass cheeks as he dug deeper in the wonderful hole and then had his shaft massaged by the clinging anus walls as he moved his cock in and out.

He played with the beautiful hole and took himself up on a series of highs as he fucked away and listened to George telling him how good his penis felt probing his insides. He was stroking George’s thick pole and had been getting lots of precum flowing out which he used to lubricate the shaft. Then he reached his zenith and shoved his cock deep inside George’s ass as it started spurting hot cum into the greedy hole which kept milking his cock long after his last spasm ended. Then he felt George’s cock jerk in his hand and felt his hot cum pouring over his fingers and onto the bed. He slowly withdrew from the comfortable hole and they lay back to rest as George told him how much he enjoyed being fucked and John told him that he wanted to feel what’s it like also and, as soon as he gets hard again, he wants it.

As they relaxed and sipped cold drinks that George provided, they talked about various sex scenarios including tv’s, groups of men, bi couples, etc. and found that they seemed to like the same things regarding sex. George told him that he always fantasizes about making it with a bi couple and John told him that was his favorite also. By this time, John noticed that George’s organ was slowly rising and asked him to lay back so that he could properly prepare him for the coming task. He got between his spread thighs and dipped his head down and started licking George’s crotch from his puckered asshole to the head of his gorgeous penis. He took the thick crown into his mouth and nursed on it while George lifted his hips off the bed to feed him as much cock as possible.

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