Bi-male Party Night

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This is based on a true story but names and places have been changed. Everyone in the story is over the age of 21. Thanks I hope you like it. Please feel free to PM me or email me. –Motmanri.

First a little information, Dean and Jennifer are a married couple who have a great sex life. They always experiment and hold nothing back. They are open with their fantasies and are secure enough in the relationship to try anything. Discussing everything including Dean’s bisexual fantasies.

Dean was five foot eleven with an athletic build. He had an average six-inch cock that was five inches in girth. Jennifer was five foot nine with an athletic build. Her chest was 36c and she had a nice tight ass that topped off two sexy muscular legs. She had long black hair that rested on her shoulders.

They had bought a small dildo that Jen used to stimulate Dean’s ass. She would also place it in her lap and have him blow her. She loved to watch him suck it and wanted to see him do it with a real cock.

They had gone to a few swing parties and swapped with other couples. The action had always been just a full swap between the couples. Jen of course went with the woman as well each time, but Dean only went with the woman.

The closest he came in real life was one time in a pile he reached over to finger Jen’s pussy and accidentally touched the others guys cock that was inside her. His hand grabbed the shaft of the guys cock between thrusts. Dean held it there for a minute, feeling the heat coming from it, then let go. It was only a second but it seemed like an hour to him. He wanted more but didn’t want to risk causing a scene. Most guys there were there for pussy.

Then one day Dean hoped it would change, he received an email from the swingers group saying they were going to try a bisexual male night. Only couples and gay/bisexual men would be allowed to attend. He got hard just thinking about it. This would be his chance.

That night over dinner, they talked about how their days went, the usual small talk. When they finished and were having a glass of wine, Dean told her about the email. Jen was excited and said they would absolutely go to the party.

She went with him to the computer and they sent their response that they would be there. The party was 2 weeks away. Both of them were excited. Jen kissed Dean and then told him he was going to practice on the dildo tonight. She grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom.

When they got to the room Jen gave Dean a deep kiss. She pulled him tight to her, feeling his hard cock pressing her leg. She pulled back his head by his hair and licked up his neck to his chin. She did this a few times until she got to his ear. Jen flicked her tongue in his ear then sucked on the lobe.

“Get ready to suck my cock,” she whispered in a husky voice in his ear. She then pushed him down to his knees.

“Stay there while I get my dick.” She told him.

He was kneeling about 3 feet from the bed.

Jennifer went to the nightstand and pulled out the dildo. She turned around and showed Dean. He was still kneeling there, his cock straining against his jeans.

Jen took the dildo and lick the length, curling her tongue around the side. She reached down and slid the six-inch dildo down her panties. When she took her hand away, her crotch matched Deans. Both had bulges.

She showed Dean her hard on. Circling him as he waited kneeling there on the floor.

Jen got in front of him. Her bulge from the rubber cock inches from his face.

Dean was breathing heavy. He wanted it in his mouth.

Jen knew it and was going to make him wait for it. Her pussy was wet. Their routine always excited her but she knew soon she would see him sucking the real thing.

Jen grabbed the back of his head and brought it to her crotch. She rubbed his face over the bulge in her pants.

Dean was breathing heavy and loud. He was just as excited knowing soon he would get the real thing.

His dick was so hard it was throbbing in his pants.

She asked, “You want to suck this dick?”

Dean moaned.

” I can’t hear you.”

“Yes please, sir,” he said.

Jen backed towards the bed, holding Dean’s head tight to her crotch, forcing him to crawl toward the bed with her.

She sat at the edge of the bed and pressed his head hard against her fake dick.

Dean winched, but loved the feeling.

She let go of his head and unzipped her pants. Holding her dick with her thumb and forefinger she offered it to him.

Dean leaned in and let the head touch his nose. Then lifted his head so the dildo slid down his nose and across his lips. It slid down his chin before Jen lifted it and brushed it across his lips again.

“Take it”, she said.

Dean licked his lips and the licked the head of the dildo.

Jen unbuttoned her blouse with her free hand and started rubbing her tits. She squeezed the nipples as she watched her husband suck her off.

Dean had taken the head in his mouth and was working it in and out. Each time taking more and more in his mouth.

One hand was holding the ankara moldovyalı escortlar fake cock and the other was unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans.

He somehow worked them down enough so he could stroke his cock as he blew his wife.

Dean had worked up to half the length of the dildo. His head was bobbing up and down on the shaft. He was jerking his cock furiously.

Jen was soaked and wanted to be fucked. She grabbed Dean by the hair and pulled him up.

The cock made a popping sound as it left his mouth. It fell to the floor as Jen kissed him deeply.

They took off their clothes and Jen turned and leaned over the edge of the bed.

Dean spit down on his cock head and then eased it into Jens pussy from behind.

She was soaked. He thrust halfway in and pulled out. Then went all the way in on the next thrust.

Jen threw back her head, moaning with pleasure.

“Fuck me” she yelled.

Dean started to really pound her cunt.

He grabbed her at the waist and started to pull her back as he thrust forward.

She screamed at each thrust to do it harder.

As he slammed her harder she reached out and grabbed the comforter bringing it to her face and screamed loudly.

Dean was ready to blow his load. He held back and thrusted as hard as he could. After about ten more pumps he had to let it go and exploded into Jen.

Dean twitched as he shot about five streams of cum into her. Keeping is cock deep inside her.

Jen pushed her ass back against him.

“I want you to clean it out,” she told him.

He pulled out as Jen quickly turned herself over on the bed and spread her legs wide.

His cum was already coming out of her as he knelt down and started to suck and lick it up.

He took the first mouthful for himself. Swallowing it down and savoring the taste of his seaman. The next mouthful he brought up to Jen lips.

She could see it on his lips and chin as her mouth met his.

They shared it in a deep kiss. She swallowed all he gave her and lick his lips and chin clean.

They kissed for another minute before Dean went back to finish his job. Only he didn’t share the rest, he kept it for himself.

Jen laid back on the bed as he finished.

Dean got up and grabbed the dildo off from the floor. He kissed the head and gave it back to Jen.

Jen sucked the head of it then put it into her pussy. She fucked herself as she looked at Dean.

He stood there watching her as he jerked his softening cock.

It only took her a minute to cum.

She got up and led him to the bathroom so they could shower. They cleaned each other off in the shower without a word. They toweled off and then went to bed. Cuddling close together as they feel asleep.

Dean woke up to the smell of coffee the next morning. He showered and got dressed before going downstairs.

Jen had already left for work but left a note saying how much she had enjoyed last night’s activities.

The next two weeks seem to drag by until it was finally the Saturday of the party. All day the two could not wait.

About 3 hours before the party Jen wanted to pick out the clothes they would wear. She picked a black miniskirt for herself with thigh highs, black thong, matching bra and a white button down shirt. She completed the look with a pair of black pumps.

Dean picked out a white button down shirt, Dockers, trunk underwear and a pair of shoes.

Two hours to go before they left they showered together making sure to get each other totally clean.

At the one-hour mark they started to dress. Taking their time to make sure they looked good.

The parties were at a huge private house. The host, Matthew, was a wealthy businessman. He had a large home that had 5 bedrooms and a full finished basement with couches spread around. The living room also had some extra couches on party nights.

Usually at these parties there were about 15-20 couples and a few single men and women.

The couples all arrived between 930 and 1030. Then everyone would mingle and hook up.

Tonight when Jen and Dean arrived at 10 there were about 5 singles guys there and 3 couples. Matt met them at the door with his wife Jessie. The hosts each gave Jen a French kiss. Jess kissed Dean and grabbed his ass.

When Dean went to shake Matt’s hand, he was surprised when Matt leaned in and kissed him on the mouth. Even more so when Matt’s tongue parted Deans lips and explored his mouth. He also grabbed Dean’s ass before telling them to go fix themselves drinks.

“I don’t know about this now,” Dean said to Jen as they walked to the bar.

“That was fucking not what I was expecting,” he added.

Dean had seen Matt naked before during their previous visits but to have him kiss him was freaking him out a little.

“Let’s have a drink, we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to,” Jen said. She squeezed his hand and pulled him towards the bar.

There was a bar set up in the living room staffed by a blonde guy in his 20’s it looked like. He was in very good shape and had long hair. ankara ukraynalı escortlar He was only wearing a thong but Dean thought he looked pretty good.

Jen saw they way Dean was staring and didn’t lose hope the night would be a flop. She knew after a few beers he would be fine.

“Let’s check out the meat,” she joked and took his hand to walk around.

There was a mix of single guys, young and old. Everyone was nice and friendly and they made their way around to greet everyone.

“Anything stirring your pants?” Jen asked.

“A tingle here and there, but nothing making me want to drop to me knees.”

They talked to the couples there, small talk to pass the time while they drank and tried to feel them out.

They walked by a couch where one guy was blowing another. Both watching as one guy was deep throating an 8-inch cock. Dean could feel his cock growing. Jen was getting horny watching.

She grabbed Dean’s pants and felt him growing.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” she joked.

They watched for a few ore minutes before moving on to where the bedrooms were located.

“Let’s see if there is anything going on in here,” Jen said.

Four of the rooms were empty still, but in the master bedroom something was going on.

Matt and Jess were kneeling in front of a naked guest. They were on either side of his cock, both licking from the balls along the shaft to the head. They would kiss and lick the head before going back to the balls.

The guy was standing there with a hand on each of there heads. He looked up at the pair and smiled. Jen nodded to him and Dean just kept watching.

Jennifer led them back to the main room where people were drinking and talking. Most of them were naked at least a little by now.

The two guys were still on the same couch only they had switched to a 69 position by now. Another gentleman was sitting on the couch jerking his cock and rubbing the top man’s asshole.

Dean wanted to suck a cock too but he wasn’t attracted to anyone there.

Now that he actually had the chance to live his fantasy he was getting picky. He blamed it on his nerves.

He thought to himself, “Let me just pick out someone and do it.”

“I don’t have to look at his face, right?” ” Just a nice hard cock,” he kept saying in his head.

They went back to the bar to get new drinks. That was the first time they saw Jack and Gina.

They were a young couple. Jack was six feet tall and built. He had short black hair and had on a shirt, tie and pants. Gina was about five nine and had an incredible body. She had long black hair and was wearing a tight strapless dress. It showed every curve of her body.

Jen and Dean looked at each other and then made their way over to the couple.

Jen walked up to them and introduced herself and Dean.

“I’m Jack and this is Gina,” Jack said.

He shook Jen’s hand and turned to shake Dean’s. He stared into his eyes and smile.

“Nice to meet you Dean.” Jack said.

“Same here,” Dean replied.

Gina spoke, “Let’s take our drinks to a more quiet area to talk.”

Jen quickly agreed.

They walked by the three on the couch and Jack looked at Dean and smiled.

“Looks like a good time,” he said.

Dean laughed and was trying to figure how much time would go by before he had Jack in his mouth.

They walked to a couple of couches in the back that were empty.

Jen asked, “So have you guys been here before?”

“Once about six months ago,” Gina replied, “We saw the bi male night email and decided we had to come back.”

“I’ve always thought about blowing another guy,” Jack added.

“So has Dean, he does a great job on the dildo we have at home,” Jen said.

Dean felt his face turn beet red as the other three chuckled.

“Don’t feel bad hun,” Gina said touching Dean’s knee. “Jack likes ours in his ass.”

They talked some more and Dean noticed they needed some more drinks. He offered to get them. And Jack told him he would help carry them back.

“So you haven’t had a live cock yet?” Jack asked while they walked.

“No, you?” Dean said.

“Not until tonight hopefully. What are you looking for oral, hand, anal?”

Dean swallowed hard before he answered. “Hand and oral at the least. Don’t think I would want to receive anal.”

“That’s cool.” Jack replied. “I’ll take what I can get tonight. I’m open to anything after another beer.”

They both laughed and got the drinks.

When they got back to the couches, Jen and Gina were making out. Jen had her shirt open and Gina was topless.

Dean looked at Gina’s tits and smiled. They were at least 38C’s.

Jack put down his drinks and walked over to Dean. He grabbed the drinks from him and placed them on the table.

Dean’s heart was pounding. His dick was hard and throbbing to the beat of his heart. He felt flush. His palms were sweaty and his mouth dry.

Jack turned back to him and grabbed his shoulders. He stared into his eyes. They were a beautiful blue Dean noticed before Jack closed ankara minyon tipli escortlar them. His mouth was heading for Dean’s.

Dean was scared shitless. Here was his chance he was psyched. Dean actually thought Jack was cute. He closed his eyes and this time accepted the kiss of another man with excitement.

Jack kissed him lightly, darting his tongue in and out of Dean’s mouth. Jack moved his hands to Dean’s face and held it as he kissed him.

Dean was lightheaded. He pulled away.

“Sorry.” Jack said. “I thought…”

Dean kissed him before he could finish his sentence. This was not a light kiss though; Dean was burying his tongue in Jack’s mouth.

Jack was taking it and giving it right back. This is a lust filled kiss. Neither of the men held back.

When they finally pulled away from each other, the guys noticed Jen and Gina watching. The ladies were all smiles.

“Shall we find a room,” Gina asked.

Dean grabbed Jack’s hand and led the way.

By this time the rooms were full.

They walked by and in the rooms people were in various groups.

One room was 3 guys. Another was a girl and 2 guys, a single couple in the third and a mini orgy in the fourth. The door to the master bedroom was closed so they knew that was full too.

Dean started to panic. “No,” he thought to himself, “don’t do this to me.”

They stopped outside the master bedroom. Jack squeezed Dean’s hand.

“To the basement,” Jack said.

The basement only had a threesome going on in one corner. The far end with the huge sectional was empty.

Gina walked over and slipped out of her dress. She didn’t have on any underwear. She had a toned and tanned body. “I claim this section,” she joked as she threw her dress over its side.

Jen walked over and kissed her. She worked her way down her neck to her breasts, licking each one and sucking in the nipple, giving each a little bite. Her hand slid down to Gina’s bare pussy and worked its way in.

Jack took off his tie and shirt. He had a muscular chest. It was smooth no hair at all. He took off his pants standing there in his boxers.

Dean just stared at his body. Looking down his chest to his shorts. Thinking he was watching someone else as he reached over and touched the front of them. He felt Jack’s cock under them. This was no dildo. This felt fucking wonderful. He was breathing fast and heavy.

“This is a dream right. I’m going wake up right….now,” he thought to himself.

Those thoughts disappeared when he felt Jack unbuttoning his shirt. He slid it off Deans shoulders. He felt himself being pulled to Jack by the waist of his pants. Felt Jacks big hand unbuckling his belt, and then unzipping his pants.

There he was in his underwear with another man. One he though was cute and sexy. Jen was right here with him enjoying this moment too. He decided to make the most of it.

“I’ll only regret it if I do nothing,” he thought to himself. “I doubt I’ll hate myself in the morning.”

Dean grabbed Jack by the waist. Pulled him to him and kissed him again. He liked the feel of Jack’s rough lips on his, what a contrast from Jen’s soft lips. What a feeling to feel a hard muscular body instead of Jen’s soft skin.

He hugged Jack as he kissed him, pulling him closer. Deeper kisses and pulling him in closer.

“Oh my God,” he thought as he felt Jack’s cock on his leg.

He gave in, totally and freely. Dean put his index fingers in the band of Jack’s underwear just above his hard tight ass. He worked them to the sides and started to pull them down. He stopped kissing his mouth and worked his way down as he lower his shorts. Kissing Jack’s pec, muscle which was big. Licking Jack’s nipple then biting it. Kissing lower he discovered a six-pack stomach. He licked the muscles.

Then there he was. This was it. When Dean was kneeling in front of this man he just met. Looking at his 8-inch cock as it bobbed in front of his face. This is what he came for and he was going to seize the moment.

Dean and Jack hadn’t notice that Jen and Gina were both stark naked sitting on the couch. Watching as the stroked each other and snuggled. They would kiss each other and watch the show. Watch as their husbands touched and kissed each other. They loved it.
Dean grabbed Jack’s huge rod and pressed it against Jack’s stomach. He licked Jack’s shaved balls. He was glad Jack didn’t have any pubic hair, he was shaved like Dean.

Dean licked between Jack’s balls. Then licked each ball separate. Taking each lightly in his mouth, sucking it and then releasing. He ran his tongue back and forth across his sack. It smelled musky and it was hot. Dean was in heaven.

He faced Jack so his cock was in front of his face. Touching his lips nose, and forehead. It was huge and it was his to devour. He licked up from the sack along the length.

He had dreamed of this moment and now it was happening and he didn’t want it to end. He kept licking up and made his way to the fat head of Jack’s cock. He grabbed it by the base with one hand and grabbed jacks balls with the other.

He looked at this massive tool in front of his face. Dean looked up at Jack who was watching, smiled and then kissed the head before pressing it to his lips. He moved his closed lips over the head. Rubbing it over his lips, he licked the head quick before going back down the shaft to jack’s balls.

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