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Jennifer Sizemore was a nymphomaniac in training; a size queen that craved big dick. It wasn’t always that way.

Jenny was an all-American girl in high school. A petite 5’2″ and barely 100 pounds dripping wet, she was a district winning gymnast and cheerleader at Highland Park High School in Dallas. She had dated the football team’s starting QB and was one of the most popular kids in school.

Raised in a devoutly religious family, Jenny was a “good girl” in school. She remained a virgin until her senior prom when she finally gave in and let her boyfriend make love to her. Of course they had fooled around, she had even sucked his penis, although the thought of him cumming in her mouth was repulsive. To finish the job, she jerked him off into a towel. The stud QB had a bit of a quick trigger, and his six inches did little to satisfy Jenny on prom night.

She attended Oklahoma University, only too glad to say sayonara to her boyfriend who accepted a Division III scholarship to Podunk U in East South Central Nowhere. She gave up gymnastics in college when the coach tried to feel her up during tryouts; seems Jenny’s lithe gymnast body had matured nicely, her perky breasts just too much for the coach to ignore.

Jenny didn’t mind, between her school work and joining a prestigious sorority, her social calendar stayed busy. During sorority pledge week, the pledge master had forced the girls to watch an all night marathon of XXX films. Jenny had never seen porn and the non-stop sexual action had her feeling things she had never before experienced. She was mesmerized by the big dicks each of the male actors sported. The women seemed to have non-stop orgasms, a thrill Jenny had never enjoyed.

She blossomed into an extremely attractive young woman and men were somewhat intimidated by the diminutive fireplug. She dated little, her few sexual encounters always leaving her unsatisfied. During a fraternity rush party her junior year, Jenny had a few too many glasses of party punch and ended up upstairs with a boy from another school. The boy was very aggressive and had Jenny’s shirt off and her bra undone before Jenny could blink an eye.

“Stop it,” Jenny screamed, as the frat boy worked his horny hands up under her short skirt.

“Come on babe, I know you want some of this,” the drunken coed slurred as he unzipped his jeans and freed his rapidly hardening member.

“No I don’t…” Jenny froze as the frat boy’s cock came into view. His dick was very large, instantly reminding Jenny of the porn movies she had seen during sorority pledge week. The big boner dwarfed her high school boyfriend’s wee wienie and Jenny suddenly felt the urge to grab the boy’s tool.

“Yea, that’s it baby,” the boy cooed as Jenny wrapped her petite hands around his massive girth, “Chicks can’t resist my Johnson.”

Jenny attacked the boys cock with insatiable passion, licking and sucking his dick like a woman possessed until he exploded in her mouth.

“Damn, babe, I’ve never seen a girl go to town like that,” the frat boy exclaimed, collapsing back onto the clothes strewn bed, his slowly deflating member still glistening from her oral assault.

Even as she enjoyed the salty taste of her first cum, Jenny was instantly embarrassed. What had come over her? She quickly gathered her shirt and bra, hurriedly leaving the filthy room. When she got back to her dorm room, she stripped naked, jumped in bed, and fingered her pussy furiously, thinking of the boy’s big dick as she had her first ever orgasm.

Jenny kept her new infatuation a secret. She ordered a large red vibrating dildo off the internet, and when she craved a big dick, she practiced deepthroating “Big Red”. In time, she learned to take the massive dildo’s full length in her tight pussy, several minutes of deep penetration sure to coax a mind blowing orgasm. She dated several guys throughout her college years; unfortunately she never met anyone to measure up to the anonymous frat boy or to Big Red.

After graduation, Jenny landed a great job in Chicago working for a prestigious advertising firm. She became engaged to a young lawyer named Brad, became involved in several charities, and slowly lost her attachment to Big Red. Brad had a rather average dick but Jenny convinced herself that average was OK. Brad was conservative, stable, had a good job, and her family liked him; everything a woman could or rather should want.

Periodically she would see a guy’s bulge in a tight pair of jeans or bike shorts and she would fantasize about the guy’s big dick, her pussy tingling and wet. Big Red was nice, but she had never enjoyed a real man’s steely flesh buried ball deep in her horny twat. Dreams of big dicked studs punctuated her nights, awaking drenched in sweat, her panties a wet and sticky mess. On these occasions, she found solace in her secret shoe box buried in the back of her closet; Big Red was always ready to stuff her horny twat and relieve her sexual tensions. And Big Red was low maintenance; spare batteries ankara sınırsız escortlar and a bottle of lube had him ready to rock her world till the wee morning hours.

One of Jenny’s favorite charities was Habitat for Humanity. She loved working with her hands, building houses for the underprivileged. Brad thought the idea a bit stupid; working under the blazing summer sun to build a house for a lazy welfare case. Jenny enjoyed working on her tan and admiring the hard bodied shirtless construction workers, muscles bulging as they hammered and sawed. She also loved the admiring looks and whistles the carpenters directed her way, dressed in a pair of tight cutoffs and clinging belly shirt as she sweated alongside the blue collar men.

Jenny made fast friends with a pretty blonde named Samantha on one of the Habitat projects. Samantha was everything Jenny was not; tall, well endowed, and very self assured. It wasn’t unusual for Samantha to show up on site in a pair of high heeled fuck me pumps, a dangerously short mini-skirt and a tube top two sizes too small. She didn’t do much work, but she was a real motivational mascot for the hard working men.

Jenny and Samantha would take breaks together and gossip quietly about the talent on the project, rating the men and giggling about their perceived pros and cons. One Friday evening, a new construction foreman arrived on site and Jenny was instantly smitten. He was tall, dark, and handsome, with a killer six pack and strong, muscular legs.

On their first break, Jenny approached Samantha, “What do you think of the new foreman? He’s just dreamy, isn’t he?”

“And hung like a horse,” Samantha laughed, seeing the look of surprise on Jenny’s face.

“Excuse me,” Jenny started, one of the few times she could remember being shocked at Samantha’s always outrageous behavior.

“Don’t worry honey, I haven’t fucked him or anything. He’s my twin brother. We shared a bathroom as kids and that boy never learned to lock the door. I can’t tell you how many times I walked in on him feeding the ducks, choking the chicken, beating his meat, or whatever silly euphemism the boys are using today for good old masturbation.”

“He’s your twin brother? Now that you mention it, I can sorta see the resemblance,” Jenny replied, her mind racing to process the news of the foreman’s oversized endowment.

“Based on that wild look in your eyes and your drooling mouth, I think it’s the news of his forbidden fruit that has your interest peaked. You like your boys big, do you Jenny?”

“Well, I, ummm, never really thought about,” Jenny lied. “It’s not the size, it’s what a man does with it, right?”

“Spoken like a woman that’s never enjoyed a pussy full of extra large man meat,” Samantha giggled. “Do yourself a favor sweetie, before you marry that prim and proper lawyer boy, try a real man on for size.”

As the break ended, Jenny found herself drawn to Samantha’s brother. She watched him closely and tried to imagine what lie buried inside his faded blue Levis. As the work bell sounded ending the work day, Jenny headed home to safe and secure Brad, fighting off visions of the foreman jerking his big cock as Samantha peeked through the cracked bathroom door enjoying the nightly show.

Checking her voice mails, Jenny sadly learned Brad had to fly out of town for work, ruining her weekend plans. After several glasses of white wine, curiosity got the better of her and she dialed the Habitat for Humanity work line, volunteering to work on Saturday. Lying in bed, it took all her restraint to keep her fingers off her wet pussy, her mind flipping between visions of her first big cock in college, her best friend Big Red, and the mystery of the foreman’s secret package.

She awoke early on Saturday, dressed in a pair of lycra bike shorts and a skin tight halter top and headed to the construction site. She checked the posting board to find her responsibilities for the day and was shocked to see she was paired with the new site foreman, helping to install drywall in the upstairs bedroom. Was it blind luck or did Samantha have something to do with today’s pairings? Regardless, Jenny was looking forward to some quality one-on-one time with Samantha’s twin brother.

She made her way upstairs and found the foreman on a ladder, taping seams, a pair of cut-off denim shorts and a tool belt his only clothes in the already sweltering summer heat. “Hi, I’m Jenny. I guess we are working together today.”

“Glad to meet you, Jenny. I’m Scott, Scott Peterman. This ladder is a little rickety, would you mind holding it steady while I finish up here.”

Only too glad to get the awkward moment of introductions out of the way, Jenny took firm hold of the ladder and forced herself to look every direction but up. Scott’s shorts were very revealing, and Jenny wasn’t sure she was ready for visually confirmation of Scott’s rumored endowment. As Scott completed his task and made his way down the ladder, he brushed up against Jenny. ankara suriyeli escortlar Her heart skipped a beat as she felt Scott’s big bulge rub against her buttocks. Was that really him or something hanging off his tool belt, like a giant Maglite flashlight, she wondered?

“Sorry,” Scott remarked. “It gets kinda tight on these job sites.”

The rest of the day was uneventful. Scott turned out to be a really nice guy and the two chatted comfortably as they worked. Jenny had numerous opportunities to admire Scott’s amazing body and took furtive glances at his crotch, imagining she could make out the outline of his magnificent tool as it swayed beneath his sweaty denim shorts.

As the day reached an end, Scott asked innocently about Jenny’s Sunday plans.

“No plans really,” Jenny replied. “My, uhh friend was unexpectedly called out of town. We were planning to go the beach, so maybe I’ll go work on my tan.”

“The beach huh,” Scott responded. “One of my buddies owns a ski boat and we are planning to go out on the lake tomorrow. You want to tag along?”

Jenny’s pulse raced. The thought of Scott in a wet pair of swim trunks, his big swinging dick barely concealed under the thin nylon made her pussy instantly wet.

“Sure, that sounds like fun.” She couldn’t believe she agreed to a “date” with Scott. Brad would totally freak-out. Oh hell, she thought, what Brad doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

They made plans to meet at the boat ramp on Sunday morning and Scott hugged Jenny goodbye, his concealed weapon leaving a lasting impression as it was squeezed tightly against Jenny’s exposed belly. On the drive home, Jenny couldn’t resist and fingered her dripping snatch as she tried to picture the big dick that only recently had been a thin swatch of denim away from rubbing against her horny body.

That night, Big Red came out of hiding and Jenny fucked herself senseless, the old cravings rekindled. A forgotten passion burned deep inside and she ordered the XXX channel on cable, watching well endowed porn stars fuck eager little starlets for the first time since her sorority initiation. Maybe Samantha was right; before she married Brad, she should try some big dicked adventure. Jenny fell asleep, a satisfied smile on her face, Big Red slowly humming, buried deep in her insatiable pussy.

Scott met his two buddies at the boat ramp early the next morning. “Hey guys, we may have some fresh tuna to initiate today. My sister Sam has been doing some recruiting and she scouted a little hottie with a thing for well endowed men. Jenny is a petite brunette, an ex-gymnast with a smoking hot body and the cutest little smile. She’s in her mid twenties but I swear she doesn’t look a day over 18.”

“Where did you meet her?” Marcus enquired, a slim, attractive black man with a striking resemblance to Denzell Washington.

“She’s volunteering on that Habitat for Humanity project I’m working on.”

“A charitable little slut infatuated with your big tool, huh?” Richie joked, a cross between Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High and an NFL offensive lineman.

“Oh I gave her a pretty good show yesterday on the construction site. She may be a little shy, but she never backed down. I’ll bet that girl frigged herself good last night after the tease I put her through. It must have been 95 degrees, but she was smuggling the cutest little raisins under her skimpy top. We may have to take it kinda slow with her, but mark my word, she’ll be begging for it before the days over. Just follow my lead boys.”

“A little bait and switch?” Marcus joked.

“You mean bait and snatch,” Richie interjected.

“Easy there boys,” Scott continued. “We’ll do a little skiing then you drop us off at Paradise Island. I’ll prime the pump then you two show up and join the party. I’ll have her ready to fuck the entire Chicago Bears after 30 minutes alone with me.”

Jenny arrived and the boys exchanged appreciative glances with Scott. Sam may have been the biggest tease in the Midwest, but she sure could scout talent.

“Hey Jenny,” Scott announced, “I want you to meet my buddies. This is Marcus, but everybody calls him Boomerang.”

“Boomerang? Are you from Australia?” Jenny asked, immediately put at ease by Marcus striking good looks and athletic body.

“Something like that,” Scott joked. “This is Richie but we all call him Beercan.”

“Beercan, huh?” Jenny smirked, “I guess you enjoy your brews.”

“Actually no,” Richie replied, “I don’t drink.”

Jenny was puzzled by his response, but seeing the three strapping young men in their baggy swim trunks had her libido working overtime and she was in no mood for intellectual riddles. As the boys loaded the boat, Jenny took off her t-shirt and shorts, revealing her tight little body and pert b-cup tits in a tiny yellow string bikini.

“Whooeee,” Beercan whistled. “That’s a hot little suit. You may have a tough time keeping that on.”

Never a big flirt, Jenny’s wild side was taking ankara türbanlı escortlar over, “Who said I was planning on keeping it on?” she giggled, instantly embarrassment.

“I mean when you’re skiing,” Beercan replied, trying to diffuse the awkward situation while reaching down to adjust his already stiffening dick.

“Oh, of course,” Jenny replied, turning a bright red. “I’m not much of a skier. I’ll probably just lounge around and soak up some rays.”

Trying to change the subject quickly, Jenny noticed the name painted on the ski boat and asked, “So why did you call the boat BDC?”

The boys all chuckled and Boomerang answered, “It’s kinda a secret club. We could tell you, but we would have to kill you.”

“For the uninitiated, let’s just call it the Boating and Diving Club,” Scott responded, giving his pals a stern look.

“Diving? So you guys are divers too?” Jenny asked.

“You could say that,” Richie smirked, turning to his buddies and whispering “Muff divers, that is.”

As the boat was heading out to open waters, Jenny turned to Scott, “It seems like everybody has a nickname. What do the guys call you?”

“Northpole,” Scott replied.

“Why Northpole?” Jenny asked.

“I’ll show you later,” Scott remarked. Covering his tracks, he added, “You know, I’m very giving, kinda like Santa Claus.”

Jenny lathered on the sunscreen and kicked back on the tail of the boat to sunbathe. The boys took turns skiing. Each of them was very talented and impressed Jenny with their athletic skills. As much as she enjoyed watching them ski, her favorite moment came as each of them climbed out of the water, soaking wet, the thin nylon of their baggie trunks doing little to conceal the fat outlines of their big dicks. Had she hit the jackpot or what? Each of the boys seemed overly well endowed, certainly larger than any of the men she had ever been with and she had yet to see any of them hard.

After several runs, Scott mentioned he was getting hungry. Jenny had packed a picnic basket and Scott recommended they hit a secluded little beach he knew to enjoy their lunch. Richie and Marcus dropped the two near the shore and headed back out for a few more runs.

As Scott and Jenny splashed ashore, Marcus waved goodbye and shouted, “Save some for us,” as he grabbed his crotch with a knowing squeeze.

As they sped off, Richie turned to Marcus, “I think that little slut has plenty to go around. If its big dick she wants, she came to the right place. Did you see the way she was oogling our crotches? I thought she was gonna cum just lying there.”

Scott cracked open a cold beer and offered one to Jenny. “Do you want me to put some lotion on your back? It’s looking a little red.”

As Scott’s strong, practiced hands spread the suntan lotion on Jenny’s back, she began to melt. All the sexual excitement building since yesterday was bubbling to the surface.

“You know,” Scott began, ready to make his move, “This island is completly secluded. If you want to sunbath nude, nobody is going to see.”

Before she could respond, he stood up and announced, “Personally, I hate tan lines,” as he whipped off his wet trunks and slowly jogged toward the water.

Jenny sat up, mesmerized by Scott’s big, fleshy cock, swaying back and forth as he ran into the surf. It was beautiful. Even soft, it was much bigger than Brad’s hardest boner. His ball sack hung low and two enormous nuts bounced freely as he dove into the water.

As Scott resurfaced, he shouted, “Come on in, the water is fantastic.”

Jenny hesitated briefly, but as the thought of Scott’s big, beautiful package faded from view, she decided what the fuck, stood up, removed her bikini top and joined Scott in the water.

As she swam out near Scott, he remarked, “You have a fantastic body, Jenny. You must have men beating down your door.”

The only beating Jenny could picture was Scott beating his big dick as he jerked off in front of his sister Sam. “Not really,” Jenny replied, “I’ve had a pretty conservative sex life.”

Scott swam up close and hugged her, his rapidly hardening cock poking Jenny between the legs, “Well it’s about time for that to change.”

Jenny didn’t even try to resist, she reached down and grasped Scott’s pulsating cock, her hand barely reaching around his quickly expanding circumference. With her free hand, she grabbed Scott’s head and pulled his mouth against hers, her tongue exploring his as their bodies entwined.

“I want to fuck your big cock,” Jenny exhaled, unable to believe the filth her normally conservative mouth was spewing.

“Oh you will, baby, you will,” Scott replied, as he took her hand and swam back to shore. He picked Jenny’s small frame up and carried her to the waiting beach towel, fully aware the boys would be parked offshore watching the action through binoculars. Laying her down, he kissed his way down her wet body, pulled off her bikini bottoms, and buried his talented tongue between her horny pussy lips. Within minutes Jenny was squirming uncontrollably, Scott’s tongue taking her where only Big Red had previously ventured; the edge of orgasm.

“Oh my god,” she exclaimed, “You’re driving me insane. Come here, I have to get my lips wrapped around that fantastic cock of yours.”

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