Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 44

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 40). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 44 – New Partiers. KC Threatened


I held Kim’s limp naked body in my arms as she lay in her comatose state following my administering of The Experience to her. I had lapped my hand clean of her beautiful and tasty emissions, and then continued to kiss her and stroke her body as she purred. I could almost feel her consciousness returning even though she hadn’t stirred or opened her eyes. I wanted her to feel safe and loved when full consciousness returned. Kim was one beautiful woman who I had connected with on many levels in the short time we’d talked and then made love.

When her eyes flickered open, she looked up at me and gave me a wan smile. “Mark, I love you. You are the most wonderful man in the world. I can’t believe you brought me that much pleasure … and all at once in such a wonderful setting as this huge bed. I love you. I really love you. You are so kind and caring.”

“I love you, Kim. You are so special and trusting to let me do that to you … for you. I know you were worried and nervous. I …”

Kim interrupted, “I will never be worried with you again. I trust you more than anybody. I love you.” The sincerity in her words almost overpowered me. The look in her eyes telegraphed deep love to me on many levels.

I worried about her becoming fixated and doing something to harm her marriage. I commented, “Greg loves you. Don’t forget about Greg. He’s your loving husband, and he’s very devoted to you.”

“I know. I love him too. He’s off fucking someone named Melanie … or he was the last I knew. We haven’t made love yet, have we?” There was no animosity or sarcasm in her voice. Her comment about Greg fucking Mel was simply stating a fact, and came without animus or worry.

“No, I wanted you to be alert and cogent. I’m not one to take advantage in that way. I happen to like my partners to be full participants in whatever we do when we make love.”

“Please, make love to me. Give me all you have. Fill me. Cum in me. I want every inch of your cock as deep inside me as you can get it. I want you to use me in any way you want to. I am yours. I give you my body completely and without reservation. I’m on birth control, but if you wanted, I would have your children.”

Since I was still hard from our foreplay, I merged with Kim and in seconds we were humping into each other in various positions to celebrate our new relationship. Kim was exceptionally responsive and passionate in her love for me. She was responsive and even took the initiative in some of the positions we tried. She obviously wanted to please me, and I worked hard to bring her every degree of pleasure that I could think of short of a repeat performance of The Experience.

After our mutually glorious orgasms, I cuddled Kim to me and talked to her about our open relationships and sexuality. She’d heard it from Elsa a week or so earlier, plus a further interpretation from Sean and Pam, but she got another dose of the words said differently from me. She acknowledged that she wanted to do things to improve her life, her marriage and relationship with Greg, and she was discovering that sex played the major role in making the right things happen.

I knew from conversations with Elsa and talking to Greg and Kim that they had adopted this lifestyle in a well-thought-out approach to rejuvenate and cure the malaise that their marriage had fallen into. Kim told me that the early analyses they’d each made indicated a huge success. Kim assured me she was more in love with her husband now than every before.

Kim also stated how committed she now was to maintaining this new lifestyle where sex and love were welcomed with others, even in initial meetings and interactions. She described how she found this situation exhilarating and something she’d been missing all her life. She also confirmed that Greg had responded to this new environment with enthusiasm, lust, and love, and that they’d continued to love and support each other in ways they hadn’t previously envisioned.

Later, I brought Ryan into our midst. The two of us were very attentive to Kim, and I think the warm feelings she had for me carried over to him. At one point she thought we were both going to try to make love her at the same time. She admitted that she’d watched some porn with Greg that had a DP in it, but she wasn’t sure she was up for that just yet. She’d never done anal sex, and was getting her head around the topic at that point. We escort ankara assured her that we would not take advantage of her or force anything on her.

Kim was the one that reminded me that she’d never been fisted before, but when I slowly brought her along into The Experience, she was ecstatic with pleasure, joy, and love. Ryan smiled and told her we’d save her introduction to anal sex for another night, but that she could feel the same way if the person introducing her took their time and care with her.

We both made out with Kim for a while. She really got off with two handsome men making out with her. While one was kissing her, the other would apply himself to her breasts or pussy. We got her increasingly excited sexually, until she was begging us to do something to her at the same time.

Honoring her concern about anal, Ryan penetrated Kim and after they were positively dripping in her juices, I gradually slid my cock into her pussy next to Ryan’s long prong. Neither of us had done something like this before, but neither of us seemed concerned except to deliver pleasure to Kim and take a little for ourselves. Kim’s eyes got as large as saucers as I also entered her body, widening her vagina even further but not as much as The Experience had given her.

As Kim pulsed her body into us and moaned her desire, lust, and love for us, we started to fill her sweet pussy with two generous loads of cum that left her overflowing as we extracted. As fast as she could, Kim scooped up our fluids and brought them to her mouth to savor. We went back to holding and romancing her after the heat of our lovemaking cooled.

Eventually, I suggested that the two of them make love alone, and Kim seemed very comfortable with that idea. Ryan looked exceptionally pleased to be left with the hot wife of Elsa’s boss. When I left them to return to the living room, they were again making love and Kim seemed very happy.

On one of the family room sofas, Greg – Kim’s husband – was making out with Margo – Andy’s hot wife, as a porn video played on the television with the soundtrack hard to separate from what was actually happening in the room. Margo straddled Greg with his proud cock obviously embedded deep and satisfyingly in her pussy as she rose and fell on him. She gestured me over. When I neared, Margo reached up and took hold of my tumescent cock and pulled me to her mouth. She sucked on me with her unique brand of energy and technique as Greg’s eyes turned the size of saucers as he watched the hot babe he had on his cock sucking another man only a foot or two from his eyes. He even commented about how her pussy was clenching around him in sync with her strokes on my cock.

I glanced around and did a rough headcount. We had about twenty people spread around the family room, living room, and master bedroom. I thought, ‘What a party!’ A year or so earlier if someone had suggested that I’d attend, let alone host, a party where sex was the featured attraction, I would have accused them of ingesting some bad drugs. I chuckled to myself; Elsa and Cindy had been my undoing on that count, except I didn’t think it was anything bad, only unconventional.

A warm female body pressed against my back. I made a humming sound. “Hmmmmm, let me guess. From the feel of those magnificent breasts and the strength in those arms, I have the honor of being hugged by Marcia, a woman I love, respect, and care for a great deal.”

I turned into Marcia’s arms and we kissed. She pulled away, “Care to do me?” she teased with a girlish grin. She was naked, and actually seemed uncharacteristically comfortable in the group setting, unlike our time together in Puerto Vallarta where she was shy and hesitant about the public sex.

“Hmmm. Do you? As in what do I do to do you the way you want to be done?” I teased back as I kissed her neck, ears, and forehead between each of my words. I stroked down her body with one finger, encircling both breasts right to each nipple, and then running the finger down her toned body to her slit and clit. Marcia’s eyes closed as she savored the experience. She seemed to be exuding her female juices plus some other cum from an earlier experience just moments earlier.

Marcia reached and took hold of my cock. She said, “To do me, you take this yummy shaft that I’m going to suck on until it’s rock hard, and then you put it in the pleasure opening between my legs, and then we move around a lot – especially back and forth so we generate a lot of friction and heat, and then you inject me with some of your white glossy man fluid until I say thank you, and then Elsa or someone comes, sucks you clean, and then cleans me up so I’m ready to fuck someone else. That’s what ‘do me’ means.” She laughed.

I teased, “Then I guess we should get on with my doing you because that sounds like a whole lot of fun.”

We kissed and fondled each other some more. I asked Marcia, “Here or balcony or bedroom?”

Marcia blushed and whispered, “Here, please. Lucas and I want to stay in sight of the elevator door and the stairway door. We have security out there, ankara escortlar but we wanted triple or greater coverage.”

“You’re OK with having sex in public now?”

“I’ve gotten used to the idea. I also talked to Elsa and she put me at ease about public fucking. I discovered I like to watch others having sex, so she told me I should offer them the same experience with my own sex show. I just did that with Sean. We had fun. It was hot.”

We settled onto one of the sofas that gave Marcia the viewpoint she wanted. She went down on me, and then we followed her script about ‘doing each other’ to the letter, ending a half-hour later with Cindy (not Elsa) with her face buried in Marcia’s dripping little cum bucket cleaning up the mess I’d made as a result of our lovemaking. Sean had been in Marcia’s pussy before, but I hadn’t been aware of getting sloppy seconds.

“If I may ask, are you enjoying the open sex with others? Me? Sean? I don’t want you feeling you have to violate any internal moral code to work with us or whatever.”

Marcia smiled, “Don’t worry. I’m not doing anything I don’t want to be doing in a big way. Is this different from how I was raised and lived most of my previous adult life? Absolutely. Am I unhappy about it? Absolutely not. I love it. As for Sean, he was very nice and gentle. He told me he’s learning to be a better lover. In my book he was excellent. I loved our time together. I love having multiple partners of either sex too.

“Sean’s wife Pam got fucked by Lucas right next to us. She’s cute and still very innocent. That appealed to Lucas, no doubt. I think Sean and Pam got a huge charge out of making love with new people right next to each other on the same sofa. I certainly enjoyed the experience.

At one point I asked Marcia where her Glock was. She pointed to her pile of clothing near the end of the sofa, and then pointed to a pair of slacks balled up under the end table at the other end of the sofa. She said, “Glock 30s and ammo in both places.”

Marcia seemed to want to focus on only me, and I didn’t want to become her obsession. I encouraged her to have sex with someone else. Ultimately, after we were through, I persuaded her to connect with Carter, the young man Melanie had been dating when we first met. I saw Marcia later, and she looked very happy with her coupling. Still later, I saw her have sex with Don, Edie’s husband. She’d gotten into the spirit of the party.

I glanced over in time to see Lucas come inside Amber, our friend I described as the little firecracker because of how she popped off and exploded when she orgasmed. Amber detonated at an obvious orgasmic peak for Lucas making some obscene remarks about how fabulous he’d just been and how she wanted more, more, more from him. I could tell by his expression that he was pleased with her physical and verbal responses to their many minutes of lovemaking. I also noted two balls of men’s clothing near where they’d been fucking. I guessed that each one contained some serious firepower just the way Marcia had piled up some protection equipment.

Pam became my third partner of the night after we both discovered we were free in the kitchen as we got drinks of cold water. We hugged and kissed in greeting, and I said a few words to her. She looked ecstatic when I proffered myself to her for a little recreational sex and lovemaking. “Oh, yes,” she said and clapped her hands together in glee. We put our arms around each other’s nude bodies and strolled back towards the master bedroom.

Pam and I went back to my large bed. Jon and Sheila were getting it on in an energetic way on the acre of mattress, and we moved beside them and started to make love. Pam was primed for action.

At Sheila’s suggestion and laughter by all of us the men switched partners several times before we got real romantic and serious about our partners and their orgasms. I pushed Pam up the temperature scale for sexual hotness until she was about to burst forth like the sun. We crested together, and burst we did. Despite having cum twice, I filled Pam’s snug love box with what seemed like a gallon of love potion number nine, straight out of my prostate and gonads.

At Sheila’s suggestion, she and Pam got into a sixty-nine and did a mutual vacuum and clean job on each other. Pam expressed her bliss at the sapphic interchange along with the heterosexual fuck.

Sheila and I started to head back to the living room area. Pam had moved across the bed and had started to fellate Jon, so I assumed that she was planning on a further assignation with our playmate. I got hard again just watching her pretty little ass waving around as she knelt in front of him.


I sat at my desk with a huge spreadsheet in front of me on my computer screen when my phone went off with a text. I glanced at the smart phone’s screen and got a shot of adrenalin at Marcia’s message: ‘KC threatened. She’s OK but rattled. Stalker. Have him on film. Come to gallery immediately. Marcia.’ The message had gone to Mark and all my sisters.

I yelled at Sean that I had to go, and grabbed ankara kaliteli escortlar Geck, who was back on protective duty, and my two other bodyguards, and we raced to the waiting limousine and war wagon outside. We were at KC’s gallery in five minutes.

KC was sitting sobbing into Marcia’s shoulder. Marcia’s Glock was unholstered and sitting on the nearby desk where she could grab it. I instantly joined the pair, saying comforting words to KC who nodded that she was listening.

Elsewhere in the gallery the other bodyguards stood with three ‘civilians’ who seemed puzzled by what was going on.

KC finally sobbed out, “He told me he was going to rape me. He had a knife and poked me with the blade right in my gut. I thought he was going to stab me. It was the guy that did you.”

I asked, “How’d he get in here?”

Marcia responded as KC dissolved in tears again, “He was in a disguise. Goatee and mustache, plus padded clothing. He came in with three other people and we thought he was with them since they were talking together. We were watching them very closely in any case. The woman talked to KC and asked a few questions about some of the art. KC was talking with them about the artists on display. When he went over to KC we assumed it was with similar intent. He flashed the knife only at her and made the threat.

“When KC reacted we knew something was wrong. I started to move in and he bolted through the emergency door right next to KC. He set off the exit alarm. I followed but he was fast and had a good lead. I got two shots off at him, but I’m not sure I hit him. I want to go look. He dodged behind some cars and then between some houses and disappeared.”

“Go. Go,” I urged. My bodyguards were in the mix and had taken up positions guarding the doors. The gallery had been declared officially closed. After showing IDs, the three other people left wondering what all the commotion was about. A police car pulled up outside, and then the two war wagons and our limousine. Two uniformed officers came in followed by Mark, Melanie, Sheila, and Cindy. A crowd gathered on the sidewalk looking into the gallery.

Marcia came back from her scan outside the building. She announced, “I believe I hit him. I found a couple of drops of blood near that spot.”

The police officers were uncertain how to proceed beyond collecting everyone’s name and writing down what people told them. Marcia stepped up to them. “I am Marcia Brownlee, assigned as a licensed bodyguard to this woman – KC Mayer, a close friend and live-in girlfriend of Mark Worthington, who just arrived behind you. We have been working with Detective Sam Gunthrie because we have had some serious stalking threats, and this was another one that threatened rape and stabbing. I briefly pursued the suspect since he was armed with a knife, and I fired two shots at him. I believe one of those found its mark about a hundred or two feet down the side street. He was running like the wind. I didn’t want to leave my ward, so I returned after only a few seconds away. There is a video surveillance of the gallery that recorded the interior incident. I’m not sure about sound quality, but the picture should be pretty good.”

About that time our friendly detective who’d been associated with a couple of our previous stalker events arrived at the scene. Marcia repeated her crisp summary of the events as the detective and one officer walked to where she’d found the drops of blood. They were marked, photographed, and a sample taken in a sterile tube for DNA analysis.

The detective said, “I’ll alert the hospitals and clinics to notify us if they get a gunshot victim in. If you only winged him though, he may do his own first aid. You did show him you mean business.” After a pause he said, “Could someone show me the security video?”

I led him to a small backroom and pointed at the equipment. He seemed to know the audiovisual set up, and immediately started to create a DVD of the past couple of hours on a blank disk from a supply beside the equipment.

We took KC home and went through the same calming process I’d been through only a few days prior. As we did I thought about our stalker and how we might catch him. Eventually, I went to Lucas.

“Lucas, we need a clone of Cindy. That’s where our stalker is going to strike next. We need to catch him while he’s going after her.”

“How do you figure that?” he asked in a polite tone.

“Well, Mark, Melanie, and Sheila are behind strong security when they’re at work, plus they get in and out of the limousine in the basement of the office building. They’re heavily protected too, especially when they get out and come into the Tower to come home. They’re hard to get to and hard to threaten the way he did with KC and me.

“The general threats have been more public or in a business place where he could get near to one of us, even with some security around. In every case, he has had an open exit corridor he could run through. Cindy’s investment house is like that. The investment firm is not the only business in the building; there are multiple interconnecting stairways; workmen are always coming and going as they fix-up various offices or move furniture; and anybody could wander in off the street to do business there. There are multiple ways out of the building on all four sides.

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