Birthday Getaway

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“So what’s this big surprise you have?” she asked from the bathroom, while getting dressed.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll like it,” I replied back, sitting up in bed watching some horrible movie on TV. “Besides, I don’t understand what’s taking you so long in there.”

We had just gotten back from dinner to celebrate both of our birthdays, and to get time away from everything. We rarely get to do that anymore, so escaping from reality once in awhile is something we both enjoy.

I sat there for a few more minutes, bored of whatever movie that was and started flipping through the channels. Nothing is on TV on a Friday night, I realized, but I kept going through the channels in hopes of something to get my attention.

Shortly after, the bathroom door finally opened and she slowly walked out. From first glance, I suddenly forgot she was in there for over half an hour. She looked amazing, wearing a schoolgirl outfit I never knew she had. She stood 5’9″ tall, thin, and had curves in all the right spots. She wore a ponytail; something I haven’t seen in a long time, with the shirt tied right below her breasts and the skirt just below her firm ass.

Her legs had a soft glow, no doubt from being shaved a few minutes earlier. She might be 29 years old now, but she didn’t look a day over 22.

“Well, how do you like it?” she asked, as she walked over to my side of the bed.

I grabbed her left hand and placed it on my crotch, to show her how hard I was from her little walk out of the bathroom to the bed. She smiled, and then grabbed my hand to show me her little surprise — that she had no panties on under the skirt.

That did it for me. My heart was racing as if it was our first time together, and I could tell hers was too.

There was a knock at the door, and in the back of my mind I knew there was no turning back after this.

I got off the bed to answer the door, and she climbed into bed, lying on her back to get comfortable.

“I’ll be right back, don’t fall asleep on me now!” I said, jokingly, trying to get her to relax while I answered the door.

I answered the door in my boxers. I figured whoever it was wouldn’t care since this was a hotel after all. I could have thrown on a shirt but why bother?

“Do you realize how many doors I had to knock on to find your skinny ass?”

It was my buddy John, who I invited a few weeks earlier. I don’t know how he didn’t remember the room number. There aren’t too many

69s in one building, and it’s also an unforgettable number, in my opinion anyway.

“Well come on in, we were just getting started,” I replied.

John was a pretty tall guy like me; 6’2″ and built. Guess that’s what happens when you’re in ankara duşta veren escortlar the military. Myself, I’m 6’0″, tall and thin, but I have some meat to me at least.

We walked back to the bed where she was laying. She looked up and was surprised at first, but didn’t really move from the bed like I thought she would.

“Who is this?” she asked, not too sure what to think about another guy being there.

“John. We went to high school together but fell out of touch once he left for boot camp and I went to college.”

“Oh ok, I remember a little about you from stories I’ve heard,” she replied.

“Well, I hope it’s all good because your man likes to stretch the stories once in awhile!” He answered, trying to get a smile from her.

It worked, and she got a little more comfortable on the bed. She motioned for me to sit on the bed next to her, and so I did. John excused himself to the bathroom for a minute, and she turned the TV down a little more than it was already.

It didn’t take her too long to forget everything going on around her.

She rolled over a little, to get closer to me. She gently touched my stomach with her fingers and started to kiss right below the belly button. Her other hand reached into my boxers to pull my dick out, slowly stroking it, getting me hard again.

She moved from my stomach and rolled her tongue over the head of my dick. I moaned a little bit and tried to get a little more comfortable. Her hand was still stroking it while her mouth was taking in more and more of my 8″ dick. I laid back some more, placing my hand on her head and running my fingers through her hair.

It was amazing. She used her tongue every chance she could; licking the dick up and down and rolling it over the head a lot. Her hand by now had moved to cupping the balls and rolling them between her fingers. I moaned again, as I was really enjoying her attention.

The bathroom door had opened and John walked out, wearing just his boxers also. She must not have heard him, as she continued her attention to me. I felt a little jump from her, and noticed by now that her skirt was was raised up a little and his hand was on her waist, slowly working her lower body.

She was moaning by now also, as she was getting fingered and her clit was getting massaged. A few times she would stop what she was doing to me to enjoy her own pleasure, but I didn’t mind. This night was about her and I wasn’t going to stop it.

Her head started moving up and down, faster on my dick. I could feel her tongue moving around on it, and my dick certainly wasn’t dry from her mouth. I could feel the pressure building up and I laid back to take a deep breath, trying to control ankara fetiş yapan escortlar my actions.

“Baby, I’m going to cum”, I stated, letting her know so that she could decide what she wanted to do next.

She pulled off my dick, and smiled at me. It didn’t take long though; she arched up her legs on the bed and told John to use his tongue on her.

Her eyes closed and her hands started to move down towards John. She started to rub her clit while he was eating her, and I untied her shirt to start playing with her breasts. Her body started to shake, and she grabbed his head and pushed it closer to her. Her legs moved up closer to her breasts and she grabbed my dick again and started to stroke it.

“Oh God! Don’t stop…I’m almost…..FUCK!” She cried out loudly. She paused, catching her breath and trying to stop her body from shaking.

She looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back, and bent down to kiss her. She whispered in my ears, “Baby, I want you inside NOW.”

John and I got up to move. She got on her knees, wearing only the skirt by now with her pony tail still in. John got in the bed next to her, smiling at her and trying to ease her mind about this, if there was any fear left in her.

I reached my hand to her pussy, amazed at how wet it still was. I rubbed her clit a little and started to finger her.

“Just shove your dick in me, baby. I’m already wet enough and I know I’m a little loose now thanks to that orgasm.”

Damn. I love when she’s forceful like that.

Not one to upset my woman, I grabbed her amazing hips and started to insert my hard dick inside slowly.

“Mmmmm, could you go any slower? I want you in me NOW.” She yelled.

One big thrust and I was deep inside her. She let out a loud moan, and I knew I was doing her well. She looked up at John, to see his 10″ dick in her face.

“I can barely get all of him in my mouth, and you’re even bigger”, she said to John.

Before he could answer, her mouth started to take in his dick slowly. Before I knew it, her head was bobbing up and down on it, moaning every time she took a breath.

I was behind her, skirt lifted to her back, hands on her hips and thrusting fast and hard. I would thrust it all inside, take all but the head out, and thrust again. I did this several times to her, each time she would moan in excitement.

John had his hands in her hair, pulling her ponytail in motion with her movements. He was moaning as well, just not as loud as we were.

“Damn baby girl, I’m ready to blow”, he said, trying to get the words out without stuttering.

She slowly backed off his dick, licking the head and stroking it. She looked back at me all of a sudden, ankara iranlı escort smiling and moaning.

“Where do you think he should cum, baby?” she asked.

I didn’t care. I was deep inside ready to cum also, but I wasn’t there just yet.

“Wherever you want him to, dear. This is your night.” I answered.

“Are you ready?” she asked me.

“Getting there, but don’t worry about me yet.”

She turned back around, taking his dick back in her mouth. Moaning slowly, she sucked on the head for a second and worked her way down again.

All of a sudden, the bed jumped and John exclaimed, “Damn. Damn, that’s fine.”

Her head never moved from his dick until he was finished. She slowly pulled him, licking her lips and smiling, laughing a little at his expression.

That did it for me. I told her I was ready to cum also, thrusting harder and faster inside. She pulled herself away from me, leaving me hanging. Not trying to get upset, I was wondering what she had in mind.

“Baby, I want that dick between my breasts. They aren’t big just for looks, you know.”

I straddled myself on top of her, legs on either side of her body.

“John, give me another orgasm with your tongue while I get my man off.”

I thought to myself, “this is new. But I like it.”

She squeezed her breasts together around my dick, while I was moving it up and down. Her mouth was just at the right spot, to get the head in each time I moved it up, and nothing more. I was more interested at the look of her 38C’s wrapped around my hard dick.

Her moaning was soft, but noticeable. John was giving her another workout, I could tell. Her legs were twitching and her breath was getting deeper.

“I want us to cum together, baby. Please, I always wanted to do this.” She said to me.

How could I say no to that? She’s had ideas I’ve never even thought about.

“Just let me know where, baby,” I said to her.

“I want it all over me. Lips, neck, breasts. Hell, my face too. I just want your cum covering me.”

I was holding in as best as I could. Precum was escaping my dick, getting her breasts wet.

“Baby, get ready because I’m going to climax,” she said.

I grabbed my dick, stroking it while her mouth was wrapped around the head still.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck…FUCK.,” she cried again, smiling and breathing heavily.

“Oh God,” I said. Oh baby, I’m…going…to….”

And with that, my body tensed up and I let loose. Cum was shooting out of my dick forever, it seemed. Her face had white streams on it, covering her lips and forehead. I moved my dick down, making sure not to make it too messy on her face. Her neck was dripping with it also, and I finally made my way to her breasts. The last remaining shots landed on her perfect breasts, and I was spent.

Her fingers quickly moved to her breasts, spreading the cum around, and then licking them clean. She pulled me down to kiss her quickly, getting me to taste her lips and what I had done to them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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