Birthday Surprise Ch. 04

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Part 4: THE END

Lee Carter spent a week painting his mother in law’s house, by himself, with only a promise from his wife Rachel that she would “make it up to him” keeping him motivated. Now its Saturday and its Lee’s birthday. Rachel already got the ball rolling in part 1. Part 2 featured some mobile action. Part 3 featured an interesting dinner followed by action at home. This is the end, and its gonna heat up. with a stranger at the door. All previous parts featured wild, one on one sex. This adds a third party to the mix and by far features the most sex of the series.

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A little recap from Part 3

The couple began yelling at the same time as their waves hit. Rachel grabbed onto Lee’s ass and Lee shouted uncontrollably into her ear. Rachel’s orgasm crashed through her, making her whole body shake. She could feel it in her toes and her fingertips as they went numb. Seconds after hers hit, Lee’s crested as well. Still lightly holding onto his balls she felt them convulse, felt his cock swell inside her and then ropes of hot sperm were coating her walls as Lee grinded into her as hard as he could. Rachel tried to catch her breath as her orgasm subsided. Lee plunged his dick in and out of her two more times and a fresh jet of hot semen shot into her. The extra strokes he added sent another, much smaller, orgasm careening through her body as she cried out one more time and grabbed ahold of Lee’s shoulders.

Slowly, Lee stood up and gazed at his wife, she smiled with a big grin, still reveling in how good that felt. Both of their bodies glistened from their exertions. Lee sat down on the bed next and sighed.

Rachel sat up and put her hand on his dick, “You gonna be ready again soon?”

Lee looked at her with a questioning look on herself. Neither of them were slouches in bed, they both enjoyed sex a lot, but this had already been a big day for them. “I’m not sure if I’m gonna be able to honey.”

Rachel looked into his eyes in an interesting way, in a way she may have never looked at him before, “I NEED you to be ready again.” Lee looked forward and considered for a minute what she meant by that, and then the doorbell rang. Lee looked at the clock on the wall. It was after midnight. He had just enough time to wonder who it could be before the doorbell rang again, and then again. Whoever was at the door is determined.

Now beginning, part 4…

Lee looked at Rachel again. Her body still glistened from the love they had just made. She looked happy, but determined. Determined about what? The doorbell rang again, for the third time. “What’s going on?”

Rachel took a deep breath and stood up. She grabbed a robe out of the closet and put it on. “you’d better go answer the door.” Still confused, Lee pulled his pants up and buttoned them, smoothing his white undershirt down as best he could. Lee flipped on a few lights as he made his way to the front door, looking through the peephole he saw his lifelong friend Carolyn, still dressed in the same low cut dress she was wearing at the restaurant. Before opening the door Lee stopped and looked at Rachel, now sitting on the couch in her robe. “Go ahead. Answer it.”

Why was Carolyn here? He hadn’t done anything wrong. He’d even admitted to Rachel that she thought she looked nice at the restaurant when she’d asked. Lee had admitted to Rachel the feelings he had for Carolyn in the past, but that was years ago. Long before he met Rachel and strictly the types of physical fantasies that every teenage guy had. What was going on? His heart racing, fear coursing through him that his marriage might be over for unknown reasons, he opened the door and stepped back. Without saying hello, Carolyn stepped into the house and walked into the center of the room.

As he closed the door Rachel said, “What took you so long to get here?”

“I almost chickened out. Drove half-way home having decided not to come over.” Carolyn took a deep breath as if having to make the decision again, and sat down on the couch on the opposite side from Rachel.

“Does someone want to explain to me what’s happening? Because I’m kinda freaking out right now.” Lee stood in the center of the room, staring in Rachel’s eyes with his hands in his pockets.

“I know, I’m sorry. I know you’re stressed. It wasn’t supposed to happen like this, but maybe its for the best.” Rachel glanced at Carolyn and then back to Lee. “Some of this might sound crazy, but its for the best, for all of us. I think. We’ve talked about trying to get pregnant, but decided we were just going to stop taking birth control and see what happens right? Well, I didn’t want to put any pressure on you, but the truth is, I really wanted it. I’ve been doing little things for myself to make it more likely that it happens. On the days when its most likely to happen I make sure that we have sex. Really we should have been trying ankara bayan escortlar several times on those days, but I didn’t want to put a lot of pressure on you and make you nervous. So my main goal has been to make sure I’m as healthy as possible and make sure we have sex on the days where I’m likely to get pregnant. And if we ended up having sex more than once on that day, that was a bonus, but I didn’t push it.”

Lee started to calm down as he realized that whatever is going on, he wasn’t in trouble.

“Obviously, my plan hasn’t been working. Carolyn and I got to talking a few months ago at one of the parties we all went to. I think I had a little too much to drink and I explained to her that I was worried if I made too big a deal out of it that you would get anxious and that even if we had more sex it wouldn’t work because yours and my mental game might be messed up. So Carolyn suggested that I find an event, something I could make a big deal about on one of the days where it was more likely I could get pregnant and just really focus on us having a lot of sex that day. I was worried that a big event would lead to the both of us being tired and it would backfire in terms of trying to have a lot of sex.”

Carolyn took a deep breath and spoke for the first time in a few minutes, “So I suggested I could help… in terms of keeping you energized and uh… well, ready. Look, we talked for a long time. We both got a little emotional. Rachel had a little too much to drink and I had a little too much to drink. I started by telling Rachel she might have to employ some alternative methods to keep you aroused. Her doctor said as much sex as possible on these more fertile days would definitely boost her chances. So … I said maybe she could use some pornography to help you on the rebound of getting aroused after having sex several times in one day.”

Lee thought that at least would be somewhat believable compared to whatever it was Rachel and Carolyn had cooked up.

Now Rachel started speaking again, “So, we talked some more and I got worried that what if the pornagphy just didn’t work after we’d already had sex a couple times? What if you just kinda brushed it off, or it got late and we went to sleep? I set a goal of you coming inside me 6 times. Which would be definitely the most since we first started dating. So I talked about maybe hiring a stripper or a hooker or something. A real woman who could be there that might excite you and give you a little something extra.”

Carolyn coughed… “So that’s when I first suggested I could help. By this time I was ready for her to think I was nuts, but we had already gone so far. I told Rachel how bad I always wanted you when we were growing up together. How I always wanted to get your clothes off and always regretted we never had sex. Rachel was understandably concerned, explaining that you felt the same way about me. Always having fantasized about me when we were growing up and even now fascinated by my body.”

Now, Lee was incredulous. Frankly he was starting to get excited. His body responded appropriately as blood started to flow back into his penis.

Rachel again, “We didn’t develop this plan entirely that night. At first I told her no. But as you know, Carolyn is moving away to North Carolina. Ours, and your, chances of seeing her are going to be severely limited. So I began to think that the biggest danger, the two of you having a relationship, was basically not going to happen. So… eventually this is the plan we came up with.”

Looking from Rachel to Carolyn and feeling his heartbeat skyrocket, Lee said, “So… just so we’re clear… what’s happening?”

Carolyn stepped up off the couch and moved closer to him, kissing him lightly on the cheek. “I’m here to help you with some extra stimulation. And I can tell its already working.” Carolyn looked down at his crotch and put her hand over it. Lost in the moment, Lee closed his eyes and took a deep breath as Carolyn unzipped his pants and they hit the floor again. She stepped back and unzipped her dress as Rachel took her robe off and exposed her beautiful body again.

“Wait a minute, what’s in it for you Carolyn? I mean, I know you and Rachel are friends and your helping us with something pretty special… but really… what’s in it for you?” Lee was worried he was about to fuck this whole thing up. But he needed to know before they could continue so he felt like he understood.

“Well…. part of that is up to you. But Rachel told me what she needed. She wanted a real woman here, someone who could really get you worked up after she’s already had her way with you a few times. Someone she thought she could trust. I told her how badly I’d wanted you over the years. So… what I want is you. If you’re willing. When Rachel has her way with you, I want you. Just one time. And it might not be tonight. It might have to be later…. in a session supervised by Rachel.”


Rachel ankara seksi escortlar smiled, “Of course. I mean if I get all out of you that I can take, then you are free to have sex with Carolyn if you want and are able. She wants it, and I know you do too. And she’s going to be doing plenty to you tonight, so you might as well have sex. But if you’re not able tonight because I over work you, then maybe sometime next week or something. But I’ll be there. Just to make sure we’re all on the same page. Thats what we agreed to. Ideally it would happen tonight, but I plan on… well, I plan on getting all of your seed out that you have available right now.”

“All right, c’mon. Its getting late. And your wife needs your cum.” Carolyn smiled as she felt the lingering effects of the alcohol moving through her. She desperately wanted to see Lee’s dick, and couldn’t stand staring at it anymore through his boxers. She pulled them down and gasped as it sprang up towards her face. She liked it, alot. Even more than she thought she would.

“Oh god Lee. I’ve wanted to see your cock forever. I feel like I’ve thought about it my whole life.” Rachel positioned herself on the couch. Carolyn looked at Rachel and asked, “How big is it?” Carolyn didn’t know why right then, but she liked the feeling of having Lee’s dick right in front of her, in her hands, but asking his wife Rachel how big it was. Rachel smiled and said it was 8 inches long. Rachel kneeled down on the couch, facing the wall, resting her arms on the back and pushing her butt out towards Lee. Her pussy was almost perfectly lined up for Lee to fuck her standing up.

Carolyn grabbed his penis and started stroking it, pulling on it and rubbing the tip. She licked her fingers and fondled the head. She kissed his lips, then pulled back and said, “You like staring at my tits?”

Lee’s dick throbbed as he buried his face in Carolyn’s huge, bra covered chest and she continued to stroke his dick fast. “You ready to fuck your wife’s brains out again?” She stroked him quickly a few more times and then brought him over to Rachel’s wide open and waiting legs.

Rachel put on her most lilting, sexy voice and begged for Lee to get in her, “C’mon baby. Its never enough, I need you to pour your cum into me. Make me feel it.” Her hole was gaping as she spread her legs wider. Carolyn continued to stroke his dick as she guided him inside her. His again throbbing cock entered Rachel’s body again and he began to rock back and forth, his feet firmly on the ground. After a few strokes he was pushing into her with all of his weight, burying his cock all the way into her pussy.

“Good boy, make her feel it,” Carolyn said as she took her bra off and revealed her glorious, huge breasts. Carolyn pressed her body into his side, standing next to him and leaning her legs, hips, stomach, chest and hands all over him. Her boobs seemed to pour over him, and god damn it, they felt so good against him. His eyes went wide and he began thrusting a little faster after Carolyn placed one of his hands on her huge breasts. “Thats it baby. You like the way they feel? You like the way your big dick feels inside your wife?”

Rachel was moaning loudly already as his dick pushed into her deeply over and over again. Lee said, “I love the way they feel. I love the way everything feels. My body feels like its on fire.”

Lee had never felt anything like this, his whole body was tingling. His dick felt incredible. Each thrust in and out of Rachel felt almost like an orgasm; her body so willing and ready for his powerful thrusts he never felt like he should hold back. His body rippled with pleasure as Carolyn pressed her naked flesh against him and rubbed all over his body with her hands. When Carolyn gave him a spank on the ass he increased his pace of pounding Rachel even more.

Rachel’s cries got louder and louder, reaching a crescendo as Carolyn reached one arm between her legs and rubbed her opening, forcing her to cum much faster than Rachel had planned. She yelled and gritted her teeth through the orgasm and then begged Lee, “Stop stop! God! I need a break!”

Lee obliged and pulled out of his wife, Carolyn immediately latched onto his dick and began stroking it again. Carolyn got down on her knees in front of Lee and began stroking it in front of her face with one hand, and using her other to push her chest up towards him so he could get a better view.

Breathing heavily and trying to catch her breath, Rachel said, “Put him in your mouth, he’ll love it and it will make him finish quicker. I need a break for a minute. Just don’t let him cum in your mouth. I need it all.”

Lee started as his wife as she said this, and then back down at Rachel and her beautiful, large chest. Now his eyes shifted to her open mouth as she greedily took his dick passed her lips. Carolyn smiled as she gorged on his cock, moaning on his dick as she took a few inches in and out and rolled her tongue bayan ankara escort over him. Carolyn’s hot mouth gave the thick head of his penis extra attention, rolling her tongue all over it and kissing it with her lips. Now Lee began to moan and grunt as he felt the very beginnings of another orgasm coming. He felt a tingling in his balls that meant they’d be gushing soon.

Carolyn took him out of his mouth and smiled, “You want to fuck my mouth? C’mon baby give it to me like you gave it to her,” Not needing to be asked twice, Lee thrust his dick deep into Carolyn’s mouth and began pumping into her. Not as hard as he had been Rachel, but he forced his dick to the back of Carolyn’s mouth and continued to do so. In and out. Her mouth was warm and inviting. Every time the head of his dick passed over her generous lips felt amazing. She nodded approval as she could feel his dick throbbing.

“Ok… I think I’m gonna cum soon,” Lee said as he backed away from Carolyn’s mouth. Without another word he moved over to Rachel who was now lying face up on the couch and pushed his dick inside her. She gasped as it filled her quickly and grabbed onto his shoulders as he began immediately thrusting quickly in and out of her.

Carolyn came up next to him, put her huge boobs right in his face and then reached down and began massaging his balls. Lee’s whole body was shaking now. He felt like he was going to explode. Carolyn said “Yea, did you like being in my mouth? Did I make you want to cum?”

“Yes! I need to cum right now!” Lee yelled, thrusting faster into his wife while staring at Carolyn’s tits. “I’m gonna cum real big.”

“OH GOD YES BABY, cum real big! I need it all, don’t take it out till you put it all in me.” Rachel shouted at him. Her knees were bent and her legs spread wide. Lee was pushing his weight on her uplifted legs, pushing her knees towards her chest. Under normal circumstances she wouldn’t say this is the most comfortable position, but right now she loved feeling dominated, loved feeling that her husband felt like he HAD to fill her with cum. She loved the way needing his cum made her feel. She wanted his seed to wash over her.

Carolyn kissed his lips and then gave his balls one more stroke, and then it happened. Lee came roaring like a freight train, shouting and shouting as he spasmed into Rachel and buried his dick deep in her. The thick, hot ropes of cum again coated Rachel’s inner walls and she came again too, the force of his orgasm and the intensity of the whole situation getting the better of her body as she slammed her right fist down on the couch, yelling as her small orgasm shot through her system.

Lee stayed buried deep inside Rachel until he was sure he was done. Then he stood up, helped Rachel sit down in a more normal position on the couch, and then collapsed next to her. Carolyn sat across from them. She wanted to run up and started touching his dick again, seeing it and having it in her mouth had driven her nuts and made her yearn for me. But she knew Lee would probably need a few minutes to recover before they tried to do it again.

If Carolyn was honest with herself, she’d have to admit that right now, in this moment, she loved Lee. Maybe the moment would fade in the morning. But right now she loved him deeply and wanted nothing more than to fulfill her love by giving her whole body to him, and have him do the same. When he was in her mouth she loved every second of it and was seriously disappointed when he pulled his dick out of her throat and blew his load into Rachel. She wanted his cum in her mouth, down her throat, inside her… all over her. But for now, she knew, she’d have to be patient. She’d get more chances with that dick tonight, and maybe later depending on how it went, so she needed to control her need a little longer and focus on what she promised Rachel.

Carolyn watched a clock and let 5 minutes pass, then she moved over to Lee and took his dick in her hands and began to lightly play with it. Looking at it, moving it around with her hands, trying to coax some blood back into it. Stroking it lightly she began to wonder if Lee was going to be able to continue, but after she licked it one time and felt it stir, she knew it would be ok. Just then Rachel spoke, “Carolyn… I’m gonna need you to do most of the work this time. I feel sore and I don’t think I’ll be able to take more pounding like Lee’s been giving me.”

Carolyn smiled as she thought she realized what that meant. She briefly took Lee’s penis into her mouth and swirled it around her tongue as a little more life returned to it. “What do you mean you need me to do most of the work?”

“I need you to do whatever it takes I guess, blow him, fuck him, whatever you want. Whatever he needs. Just don’t let him cum. I just can’t take any more fucking right now. My body needs some time to recover. But I still want him to cum inside me again. This won’t count as you guys having sex ok, I just need you to do this right now.”

Carolyn smiled and said ok. Rachel got up off the couch and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Her chest was bright red and sweat poured down her face. Carolyn lay down on the couch. “C’mon Lee, I know you want them, so come and get them.”

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