Bob, Barbara, Bart

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I’m in my early 60s but still think like a 25 year old. I’ve kept myself in pretty good shape, considering my loose living and carousing, heavy drinking and smoking, in my younger years. I could still hold my own with the younger crowd today. I was into self-defense, combat training, boxing, and when I served in the military I was in a Special Forces Unit. I learned discipline and protocol at a young age, and how to survive in today’s world, and tomorrow’s world by being more reflective than persuasive.

Divorced twice, and finally realizing I was meant to be a loner, I quit my job of 25 years and started looking for a more simpler, philosophical life. However, I loved being with a woman day in and day out. I love the scent of a woman, the way they take care of things, keep an order to things in a home, not like a man living alone, a woman has a way with a home a man just can’t duplicate, no matter how hard he might try.

I missed that daily routine including hugs and kisses, being naked with a woman, and of course the sex. Maybe that last part was my downfall. I love being loved on. It doesn’t have to be hard sex daily. Sometimes, just soft cuddling and doing things together is good sex too. My needs were far greater than the two women I had been married to, of course separately married to, and they had their own agenda when it came to sex. It would be done their way or no way. It was as if I was not to have any say-so in lovemaking.

I need a variety of challenges in sex play. I want to satisfy a woman using various toys, and different methods and positions. Both of my wife’s ideal sex was: I would be on top; they would be on the bottom, fuck, roll over and go to sleep. And, that was maybe, and I stress maybe, twice a week if I was lucky. Needless to say I jerked-off so much, and so often, that I named my right hand Sherri. (Said, of course, in the French vernacular).

My last divorce was caused by total frustration. I’ll use the name Pam in place of my last wife’s real name, for safety reasons. I came home one evening after working a 10-hour shift. Pam was sitting in the breakfast nook leaning on the table and crying.

“What happened, Pam?” I said as I moved next to her and put one arm around her. “Are you alright?”

“Fuck you, you bastard!” Pam said in a very angry voice. “So now you’re fucking my best friend Barbara? How could you do that, you sex maniac; how could you. I hate you, you fucking bastard!” And with that she was out the door and gone. I could not get a word in edge-wise. I guess all she really wanted was to leave in the first place. Yes, she was right, I did fuck Barbara, et al, and we had a blast too. I am not the type of person to hold anyone else down or in a relationship they don’t want. So, Pam would be gone and that was it. Barbara, Pam’s best friend was ten years younger, maybe that had something to do with Pam Being upset too. To clarify the situation between Pam’s best friend, Barbara, and me it was a one-time fling, and only one time. The episode took place on a Saturday evening, about 12 years ago. Pam was upset about one thing or another; she was always upset about something, and if need be she could invent a few things to be upset about, almost anything to make herself upset. Pam was not a happy person, ever. As I mentioned Pam was upset so she decided to go to her mom’s house, which is a good four-hour drive from here. Whatever.

Not more than half an hour later Barbara was at the front door.

“Hey Barb,” I said, “I saw you walking up the sidewalk, where’s your hubby?” I opened the front door, before she could ring the bell.

“That shit-ass is golfing again today, I swear, that ass hole would rather play golf than have sex with me.” She said as if she was upset with me.

I didn’t know what to say. The only word that came to mind was “Oh!”

Then I said, “Sorry to hear that hun, but Pam isn’t here she’s gone to her mom’s house for the weekend, she will not be back until tomorrow evening sometime…” As I was saying ‘sometime’, Barbara gently pushed the door open to let herself in, then as gently closed the door behind her. I just moved back a few steps and became a bit apprehensive about this developing event.

Then Barbara shocked me, well kind-of shocked me when she said, “Bob, I need your advice on how I can get Bart to be a little more attentive to me. You know the way you are with Pam.”

Bart is, or was, Barbara’s husband. I really didn’t know Bart too well, he was hardly ever home and when he was he was usually on his computer or telephone. He was a perfect portrait of a workaholic. He was self employed and made a bundle of money.

I looked right into Barbara’s huge brown eyes and said, “Sweetie, I don’t think I’m the right person to get involved with this situation, between you and Bart I mean.”

She looked down, then right back at me. She reached out placing both her hands firmly on my chest and shoulders and said, “Please Bob, it won’t take very long. I just need to vent. I already tried talking erotik film izle to Pam, but she said she thought I was nuts. Pam said I should be happy with all the luxury and things Bart can give me and to hell with the sex.”

Now I was shocked, and I wanted to hear more of what advice Pam had given Barbara about Bart and sex.

I loosely put an arm around Barbara’s waste and guided in the direction of the den, and said, “Ok Barb. Let’s go in the den and sit down. I want to know all about this earth shattering problem and just what Pam’s advice to you is.”

I sat in my easy chair and Barbara sat on the footstool directly in front of me. I was on the edge of the chair and Barbara was on the edge of the footstool. She was about two or three feet in front of me. I hadn’t noticed before but she had on a tennis skirt and panties both very thin material and a pullover very tight sleeveless t-shirt. I could smell her womanly scent with a little hint of honeysuckle, and it was almost intoxicating.

When Barbara first sat down she had crossed her legs, but as our conversation continued she seemed to be more at ease with her body. She un-crossed her legs and had them spread apart about a foot or so; she was now leaning back with both her hands on a cushion behind her. I could see her panties and a well-defined vagina. Her labium were swollen, the dampness on her panties was helping to define that luscious shape.

My thoughts were interrupted when Barbara said, “You like what you see? Bob?”

I stumbled for words, “Umm, yeah, I mean How could Bart not be interested in that, I mean you, I mean…. Well, you know what I mean.”

Then Barbara said chuckling, “I can tell by that bulge in your swimsuit that you like the view. Am I making you horny Bob? Oh, what would Pam say?”

She continued almost without taking a breath, “Pam has spoken to me about you and your sexual drive. I think it’s too bad for her. I know she is not active in the bedroom. She says that having sex more than once a week is too much, and that even once a month would be too much for her. She should have married Bart. He is just as bad when it comes to having sex.”

Then she really hit a shocker note when she said, “I think you and me are a lot alike when it comes to sex. I like to be adventuress, experimenting with new things and ideas on how to, and what to use, toys and stuff, or even a threesome. You know two women one man, or visa-versa.”

I was partly stunned and partly caught off guard. Pam and I as a couple had know Barb and Bart for almost six years and I never knew anything of what she was now disclosing.

I cleared my thoughts and said, “Barb. I think you are a very attractive sexy woman. I do like what I see and I would love nothing better than to strip down naked with you right now.”

Barb interrupted with, “But you don’t want to fuck me, right. Do you see my predicament? Damn, I guess I have to go and pimp myself out on the streets to get laid! And to experiment with these sexual cravings I have.”

So I continued with, “Tell me exactly what you are looking for, Barb. What do you want or need to satisfy you sexually?”

Barb started with, “More excitement. Trying different things. I don’t know, just trying different ways to be fucked. Let me give you a few examples. I asked Bart to go buy me a vibrating dildo and use it in our lovemaking. He said I should get one myself and use it when he isn’t at home. So, I let that go. Then I asked him to buy a penis extension that has a vibrating head. Again he said no way.”

I interrupted, “Does Bart have a small penis, or one not large enough for you, or what?”

Barbara said, “No not at all, his cock is average, I guess. It’s about 6″ long and about 2″ thick. I’m not saying his dick isn’t big enough, what I’m saying is that I would like him to just use a penis extension once in a while. I’ve seen some on the web that are 10″ or 12″ long and about 3″ to 4″ thick. I just thought that would be fun now and then. Plus the web article said that the penis extension could be used without an erection. That, Bob, is where Bart has problems. Most of the time he has a limp penis. You know what I mean. He can’t keep his dick hard, or his interest are else where and he isn’t interested in me enough to have a hard on.”

“Wow”, I said, this is a lot to think about Barb. And yes I have a boner right now because you are so sexy looking. I tell you what I have a penis extension, probably a lot like the one you saw on the web. I’ll go and get it and you can see if that’s really what you want.”

Barb said, “Really? Great Bob.”

I went to my closet and pulled out a small gym-bag I had with my so-called sex equipment. Most of the stuff never used because of Pam’s ideas of what having sex was.

I walked back into the den. Barbara was now sitting in the chair I had just vacated. I said, “Here ya go hun, look at this.” Barbara opened the package and pulled out the 12″ penis extension.

“Oh yeah… hun, this is what film izle I’m talking about. Oh it’s lovely, and so soft to the touch.” After Barbara said that she opened her mouth and slid the rubbery cock into her mouth. “Ummmm-uummmm…” Barbara was sucking on the plastic cock, and I was about to shoot my load watching her.

I said, “Damn Barbara, you suck that like a pro.”

She pulled the fake cock out of her mouth and said, “Put it on Bob so I can see what it looks like. And I want you to fuck me with it too.”

Her sentence hung there… Then Barbara said, “Well don’t tell me you are going to turn down what might be the best afternoon of sexual depravity you will ever have, are you?”

I couldn’t get my swimsuit and tee shirt off fast enough. I grabbed the extension from Barbara and tried to put it over my already swollen cock.

Barbara said, “Here let me help”

I thought I was going to drop my load right then and there I was so excited.

Then Barbara said, “Wait I think we need something to help make your cock slippery. I know…” With that said, she dropped down on her knees and stuffed my dick into her mouth. She was slobbering and spitting on my cock making it very slippery.

She said, “There let’s try to slip it on now.”

I said, “No fucking way, I’m about to cummmm.”

Barbara said, “Good!” She grabbed my cock again and stuffed it in her mouth and began to suck and hum. Back and forth, in and out she sucked, hummed, and slobbered, stuffing my entire shaft into he mouth.

“Ooohhhhhh! Fuck!” I couldn’t hold on any longer and my semen spewed down Barbara’s throat, on her face and on the floor.

“Damn Barbara, you give great head.” I said exhaustedly.

Barbara stood up and undressed. “OK” she said, “Now we can try the penis extension on a not so hard dick, right?”

She rubbed the excess semen on my dick and slipped the extension on with almost no effort at all. It fit snug and didn’t feel like it would slip off even without having an erection.

“OK you big fucking cock, fuck me.” Barbara said with such determination and confidence. Almost as if we had been having sex all our lives.

Barbara got down on the floor in a doggie stile, and said, “Put that big cock in my pussy.”

I said, “No hun, go lean over my chair. Grab on the armrest and hang on.”

Barbara hurried over and did as I asked. I came up from behind her and pushed the rubbery penis into her vagina.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh! Yes! Fuck me baby; fuck me with that huge cock of yours. Barbara said as I pushed it in further, until the entire penis was deep inside that wet pussy.

Both my hands were all over her. I was rubbing her tits and squeezing her nipples, then I was rubbing her ass cheeks then I reached around and was playing with her clit. She was so fucking hot, and so was I. This is what wet dreams are made of I thought as I continued to pump that 12″ dick into her pussy.

My dick was getting hard again the sensation was wild. It felt so good to know I had a 12″ dick and fucking this beautiful woman and satisfying her as well as myself. I was doing the type of thing my wife would never ever entertain, even the thought of it.

Barbara was having orgasm after orgasm. She finally slowed down and said, “Oh baby, this is so fucking good. I want more of that big cock sweetheart, but can we talk for a while, you know take a little break?”

I said, “Sure hun.”

I sat down in my chair and Barbara sat on my lap. While we talked I nibbled on her breasts and nipples. At one point she reached between her legs and mine and pulled the penis extension off and tossed it on the coffee table.

Barbara said, “Did you like using that extension? Or was it not real enough for you?”

I said, “It was great. I’ve had that thing for about a year now and that is the first time I have ever used it. I took it out of the box and had showed Pam, but she just looked at me and rolled her eyes and insisted I could use it on myself, but not on her, and I wasn’t getting anywhere near her with that thing.”

Barbara said, “Well did you use it on your self?”

I said, “What this thing? No. Why?”

Then Barbara said, “Would you like to try having your ass fucked?”

I said, “With another guy… no, I don’t think so.

Barbara responded, “What if I would get a strap on? Would you try that, I mean would you let me fuck you in your ass with a strap on dick?”

My response was, “Do you have one?”

Barbara jumped up and began dressing and said on her way to the front door, “I’ll be right back baby, don’t go anywhere.”

Barb and Bart lived a few houses down the block. I knew she’d be gone for a little while so I jumped into the down stairs shower and washed down real quick. I was toweling off when I heard Barbara say, “I’m back sweetie, you ready to get that nice ass of yours fucked?”

I could not help but laugh. I couldn’t recall Barbara ever using the language she was utilizing today. I answered back, “Hey sexy seks filmi izle lady, I think I’m ready. I mean I hope I’m ready. I’ve said I would try anything once. How about you Barbara? Have you ever done this before?” Her reply was short and to the point, “Oh hell no. When I showed this strap on to Bart he just laughed and said ‘I hope you have fun, pervert’, then he walked out got in his car and went off to play golf.”

I was fully dressed, Barb was undressed and putting on the strap on cock when I walked into the den.

I was very curious and wanted to examine this protruding projectile and it’s harness.

I walked up to Barbara and gave her a kiss then said, “You want to fuck me like a bitch, right, Barb?”

She smiled and said, “That’s right, bitch. Now take your clothes off and get ready for an ass fucking!”

I complied. Barbara said, “Ok bitch come here.” She hugged me and I reciprocated. We kissed and she swayed her hips back and forth rubbing that strap on cock against my now erect throbbing dick.

Barbara pulled back from me and said, “On your knees bitch and suck my cock.”

Without any delay I knelt down in front of her, grabbed that cock in my left hand, and began to suck, with my right hand I began to rub her pussy inserting my thumb into he vagina and flicking her clitoris with my middle finger; Barbara went wild. I was enjoying her satisfaction and sexual gratification. She was so fucking beautiful and sexy. I still couldn’t understand what the hell was wrong with Bart.

“Ok bitch.” Barb interjected, “Now it’s time for that ass hole to get reamed…”

I stood up and walked over to my chair. I thought this would be as good a place as any.

“Wait.” Barbara said, “No I’m going to fuck you in Pam’s bedroom. Let’s go sweetie, upstairs… go, go, go. I want that ass hole.” She said that giggling.

When we were in the bedroom Barbara turned me around in front of the bed and pushed on my upper torso indicating to me to bend over. I did. She slowly began to insert that cock in my ass. Once the head got past the opening Barbara reached around me and slowly pulled on my cock, which in turn was effectively pulling me back onto that strap on.

“Oooooooo…” Is all I could say as Barb jacked me off, and fucked my ass.”

Barb said, “Do you like it baby?” While she was picking up the pace.

“Yes. Don’t stop. I’m going to cum. Oh, yes hun, fuck me. Jack me off. Keep going baby. Oh, fuck this feels so fucking good!” I couldn’t hold it any longer. Barbara was holding the strap on in my ass in one place and was jacking me off as fast as she could go. Pre-cum had made my dick all slippery and as Barbara was rapidly jacking me off there was a slurping sound until I ejaculated.

“Oh fuck Barb! You are so fucking good with you hand and that dildo. Damn, that was so fucking good. And you say you have never done this before?”

Barbara pulled out the cock and I turned around to give her a big hug and kiss. We both plopped down on the bed and embraced, and kissed, and hugged, it seemed like for an hour or so. We talked about other sexual fantasies we each had. I was so taken in by this that I think I was falling in love with Barbara. This is how a married couple should behave in the privacy of their own home. Experiment, try new ideas, and gratify each other’s needs.

It was starting to get dark outside. I said, “I’m going downstairs to close the curtains and blinds. Would you like something to drink, water, soda, beer, wine, or anything?” I pulled on a pair of shorts and slipped on a tee shirt.

Barb said, “Yeah, a big glass of cold water, and a beer if you don’t mind hun.”

I was up off the bed and down the stairs in seconds. I couldn’t wait to get back up to Barb. What ever this day would be it would not be a soon forgotten day for sure.

Just as I was about to go upstairs the doorbell rang. I set down the drinks on a table near the front door. I opened the door and there stood Bart with a Colt. 45cal. It looked to be brand new and never fired.

Bart pointed the pistol directly at my nose and said in a loud but shaky voice, “Where is Barb.”

It took me about two seconds to disarm Bart and have him flat on his backside with the pistol pointed at his nose. I calmly said, “Cool off Bart, and all this will end right here with nobody getting hurt. OK?”

Bart nodded his head up and down, “Ok.” He said. Just as he was agreeing, Barbara came walking down the stairs, completely naked except for the strap on.

She barked at Bart, “What the fuck do you want you golf playing bastard?”

“I knew you were here you slut.” Bart said as he tried to collect himself. He stood up and started to leave the same way he had come in.

“Hold it.” Barbara yelled. Then I was totally taken aback when she said, “I want your ass now Bart the Bitch!”

Bart was shocked as well I could tell by the fact that he was frozen in his tracks and his mouth was wide open and no words were being formed just some kind of utterance. “Can I have that pistol, Bob?” Barb said very softly.

“Sure Barb, here.” I said. “What do you plan to do?”

Then Barb said, “I’m going to fuck my husband’s ass raw.” Then she added, “You want to join in?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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