Caught with My Pants Down

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The early morning sun shone into my student apartment that beautiful May morning. First Year exams were finished, there was no more revising to do, it was relaxation at last. ‘Nothing to do. This is going to be my freedom.’ I thought.

I would often wake up with a hard on but that morning I felt like doing something really sexy. Just lying in bed and masturbating seemed a bit boring, I wanted something more adventurous. As I looked at the side wall where the sun was shining, I wished I could expose my naked body but I couldn’t get in that position.

But the thought of being naked in the sun thrilled me. I would find concealed places where I could sun bathe naked and so it was that I began to picture a certain spot I knew on the canal tow-path. I had been going there on free afternoons to do revision. I would lie in just a pair of brief shorts to catch as much sun as possible. It was a patch among long grass some metres from the pathway. Young leafy shoots were everywhere and insects buzzed around. It made me want to strip off but it would have got me into trouble.

A couple of times I got wolf whistled by joggers but I was never sure if it was because they thought I was girl. It would have been understandable because I would lie on my front as it was easier to read and yea. I’ve got quite a bum really. Well I mean I used to get teased about it at school where I got teased by the girls as much as the boys. I sort of liked it and when those guys whistled it made me get excited. I wanted guys to notice me so I hoped perhaps they did realise I was a guy and perhaps they really did want me.

Anyway it was still only 5 am, there would be no one around, so I quickly got up and made my way to the spot. It was strategically placed because in one direction the tow path came straight from the town and you could see anyone coming from a long way off. The other way was round a bend but it went into open country so no one would come that way so early in the morning.

The weather was perfect with a hot day promised and the sun was not too strong. Not enough to give me a tan you might say but to be honest I wasn’t really there for the tan but for the thrill of being in the nude. Apart from the distant sound of traffic it was really quiet so I decided to go a step further.

I liked masturbating with a plug up my bum so I had brought a nice slim one and some cream. Time went on and nothing happened so I slipped it up my bum. It always gave me a thrill as it felt like there was someone inside me.

“Hi Carl! Good to see you about so early in the morning. We’re just keeping fit now the season’s over you know. Want to join us?”

It was disaster! These were guys I knew from school. It was so utterly embarrassing for me and I was in such a mad panic scrambling to get my pants on that in doing so the plug popped out of my bum in front of them all.

“Hey I’m really really sorry about this. Oh shit it’s so embarrassing!” I said covering my eyes. One of them called Sandy put his hand on my shoulder.

“Look Carl we’re all human beings. Didn’t you know that?” the others laughed easily. “If there’s one thing you learn in the Rugby club it’s that you need to be broad minded. Hey look, I mean it, why not jog back with us yea?” I thought quickly ‘either I agree or go away feeling wretched for the rest of the day’ so I agreed.

“‘There’s never any shame in showing your needs’, or that’s what they say” commented Brian.

“Who says? Sounds like you just made that up Brian but anyway it does rather make certain needs rather clear doesn’t it” replied Hank

“What’s all this about needs?” Ian asked.

“Oh come on Ian get with it” then I just heard Brian whisper in his ear. “You saw he had it up him, it’s fucking obvious what he needs.”

“Look what are you up to these days? I suppose with your exams over you’ll be going home.” Ian was jogging alongside me but we weren’t going all that fast in fact as we got nearer to the town we had slowed to a walk.

“No fear.” I replied “I’m not going straight home because for one thing my rent is paid up to the end of June and besides I’ll only get my dad going on at me all the time.”

“‘Be casino oyna a man my boy.’ he’ll say will he?” Hank suggested from behind but Ian just went on.

“No seriously if you’re looking for something in the vacation, I mean we’re desperately in need of a grounds man. It would be perfect, it would just suit you. I mean if there was anything heavy or something we’re always around to help” I suppose with my slim smooth arms and legs I didn’t look too much like ‘muscle man’.

“Yea sure we’d help wouldn’t we?” the others all seemed to reply together. We had stopped and they were all around me now with eager faces. “You see we’ve interviewed a hell of a lot of people.” He hesitated a moment. “Look if you say ‘yes’ the job is yours right?” he seemed very confident and affirmative.

So it was the classic case of an offer that cannot be refused. It did seem a bit strange to be offered a job just after being caught with my pants down and rather literally too. But I was innocent enough to think that was all there was to it.

“Hey Carl that’s terrific. You’re our boy aren’t you.” said Brian patting his hand on my bum. “Hey he could be Team Mascot.”

“No don’t be silly, he’s not a kid! How old are you by the way?” asked Ian

“I’m just eighteen I replied honestly”

“That’s great” he said as we arrived at the club house. I really don’t know why I had never suggested branching off back to my apartment. “I’m going to take you, or er sorry.” he hesitated with a grin. “We are going to take you to see the tool shed” I noticed Hank had stayed in the club house with a promise of being back right away. Ian had his hand on my bare arm. “Look” he said as stood amid assorted mowers, “I know these are old machines but really we are here to help you” the other two seemed very keen to say ‘yes’. “I mean grass grows like hell at this time of year and we just want to keep it down. You see we don’t play a lot of Rugby in the summer months but we do Seven a Sides at weekends and the odd bit of training to keep ourselves fit don’t we lads.”

At that point Hank retuned with a small packet which he handed to Ian. “Thanks Hank.” then he turned to me. “Carl.” he said a bit dramatically while grinning at the others “I think we are rather aware that we had interrupted something earlier, I mean.” At this point he had his hand up the back of my T shirt on my bare flesh. “we all have our needs, I mean you’re not the only one.”

Brian suddenly took off his shirt off right in front of me. It sort of took my breath away, the guy was so muscular and manly I felt hypnotised by his broad hairy chest and fabulous pectorals. The others watched while he advanced looking me in the eyes. He was undoing his waist buckle in a very suggestive way. But when I looked down the huge bulge in the front of his shorts looked larger than life.

“Come on Carl.” he said drawing me down towards him. “You’re going to have to get to know all of us.” I was a bit hesitant but he guided my hand to his zip and in seconds his massive meat pole was out of his pants and pointing straight at me. Oh wow how could I get to the real thing so quickly. He was so lovely, all pink and shiny and skin tightly clinging to his superb shaft. I could feel the heat of his raging cock on my cheeks as I went gingerly to lick his tip. But at once he pulled my head down so his whole length was buried on my mouth and almost down my throat. I felt his balls in his long dangling scrotum as my nose was buried in his thick pubic hairs.

Ian, Sandy and Hank were now in the nude too and I sensed they were behind me somewhere because very soon I felt my pants being taken down. “You won’t be needing that dildo anymore Carl because we have something a bit more natural on offer haven’t we.” Hank was saying and I felt their hands on my bare buttocks.

I was still licking and sucking the whole length of Brian’s amazing dick when I began to feel fingers exploring my slit. I was getting wildly excited as I felt them nearing my cherry. I had never experienced someone else exploring my anus before. “Hey Ian pass us that cream.” I heard Hank say. But if that was exciting it was something to what happened slot oyna next.

I could see Hanks huge naked body in the corner of my eye. He was hairy all over and had just taken a condom from the packet and began to put it on his rigid cock so I beckoned him over. I was still sucking Brian but I wanted to fit it for him. But as Brian pulled away Hank shoved his monster cum-pump straight in my mouth. Oh fuck! Nothing tastes as good as another man’s cock! And that wasn’t all and as the other two were in the nude too, need I explain? Have you never seen naked rugby men? They are all so fit and strong, not just pectorals and biceps but massively strong running thighs. And their tight buttocks are enough to drive anyone crazy.

So as I was sucking Hank I could feel the others hot erections rubbing against my thighs. As they were getting nearer my bum hole I got to sucking him harder. Suddenly Hank caught his breath, he was about to shoot. He quickly withdrew from my mouth and went behind me and oh shit! In seconds, not even that, I felt his knob on my cherry. This was total! He was pushing hard at me. My poor sphincter had never been stretched like this before. But this was no plug, this was a man. I saw his huge body behind, his bulging tight muscles and hairy thighs. He was desperately trying to hold back. But oh boy! The pain was excruciating as he set about forcing his way into my asshole. He still hadn’t quite got into me properly when I felt his squirts coming up inside. His knob was buried in my outer sphincter. He yelled out loud as his powerful male genitals exploded in a massive orgasm. I felt him pumping loads of his man spunk and he pushed ever harder into my poor boy cunt. It hurt like hell, I’d never taken anything this big before. Then suddenly I seemed to yield, it was such a feeling! Could this be it? Yes I could feel it. his whole length, his mighty massive meat pole was coming right up my bum. This huge guy Hank was inside me. He had conquered me. It was every dream I had ever had and a thousand times better. As I felt his pubic bush against my buttocks he spurted his last jizz deep into my bottom. Hank was puffing as if he’d just run the length on the pitch and scored a try with opposing players in hot pursuit. As I watched him withdraw his sticky fuck pole from my ass I felt so flattered that I had just been fucked by such a fabulous guy.

“Just go straight for shower Hank we won’t bother with these.” Ian said tossing the packet of condoms aside. I wanted to suck him first before he came up my asshole. He had the most sensitive cock of them all. As soon as I took his hood between my lips Ian was groaning loudly. Meanwhile Brian whose cock I had already experienced orally was now poised rigid and horizontal. He looked ready, he was going to pump my bum hole and fill me with his virile spunk.

I went so crazy when I felt his beautiful pink ‘injector pump’ entering my boy cunt that I lost all restraint with Ian’s cock. His whole genitals were sexy beyond description, I loved his firm fit body but then he started shouting out saying things like “Oh you fucking bitch you pansy sissy you’re going to. Ah!” he pumped my mouth full with copious man-cream so much I couldn’t contain it all between my lips. My whole face was covered in his cum as simultaneously Brian’s dick jerked as he released a flood of his lovely warm fuck fluids somewhere deep inside my rectum.

Sandy was next but he wanted me on the floor and as it was too dirty and oily in the shed, he carried me out on the grass where he fucked me legs up in front of everyone. Yea actually there were more guys by now as the shouting had attracted attention. Sandy, with help from some of them, forced my legs right back and screwed my jizz laden boy cunt like hell. The others had done me bending over, that was exciting enough but Sandy was screwing his long stiff fuck pole all around inside my rectum. He was rough looking and unshaven with tattoos on his forearms and his biceps which bulged with intimidating size. He gazed into my eyes while he probed the most sensitive places inside me. He was sending me into wild orgasms. I lay there tossing my head from side to side as he screwed my ass harder canlı casino siteleri and harder. Finally Sandy made a very public showing of raw fucking me and fertilising my effeminate body. I noticed the others squatting on their haunches and watching me getting it at close up. I can honestly say Sandy fairly dosed my bottom or should I say ‘irrigated’ me. Lots of cum oozed from my hole when he withdrew and there were shouts of “Oh yea let’s go for it.” from the audience.

So Ian tried to control the six or seven new comers whose eyes were latched on to my slimy asshole where Sandy had just withdrawn his ‘delivery hose’.

I didn’t know some them but there was no time for introductions except the most physical as each in turn drove their rock hard dicks straight up my ever more freshly fucked boy cunt. I could feel my bum filling up as each one squirted me inside and pumped their man cum into my naked body. I never saw one of their cocks limp, these guys seemed permanently hard. Surely I wasn’t that sexy.

So at least ten guys had done me by the end. Is it shameful if I say I had lost count as I think some did me twice? Anyway I was exhausted. They had provoked me into countless orgasms as they kept probing my gland but with their huge cocks constricting my internal semen tubes I had no chance to ejaculate.

In the end the they took me to the club house only allowing me to wear a rugby top so I would stand by the bar with my bare bottom. On the way over with me feeling cum oozing from between my buttocks and with a very slimy sticky feeling between my thighs as we walked, Ian explained that they would be doing a three week tour abroad during the summer teaching people in different countries how to play rugby. “We want you to come with us” he said firmly.

“Why? Do you want me to cut grass all over Spain and Portugal?” I asked

“No you see” and he dropped his voice. “We’ve had a few problems in the past with local girls. You know Rugby players are a bit of a draw and they get a bit randy when they are away. It’s just that it can get us into trouble, you know bad publicity and that sort of thing. I thought if we had you with us it might sort of ease some of the pressure”.

“What about the grass while we are away? it will grow a lot in three weeks you know.” I replied.

Ian laughed at me. “So if that’s all you’re worried about I take it that it’s a ‘yes'”

He also reminded me that there would be a Seven a Sides game on Saturday and that I would be required in the showers after the game. It sounded more like an order than an invitation but that’s the way a captain gives instructions.

“Three cheers for our new Groundsman!” Ian toasted me in the club house as I was aware that slimy cum was oozing from my cleavage. “Carl, I hereby welcome you as an honorary member of this club and for your generosity in allowing us contact with your handsome self I am now prepared to grant you whatever your next wish shall be”. I am not usually quick witted but I remembered what Ian had shouted as he jacked into my mouth.

“Then if I’m a bitch and a pansy then my little sissy dick is gonna fuck your tight ass Ian and I gonna do you right up your fucking bum hole!” I said daringly having gathered and handful of spunk from between my buttocks and applied to my prick.

My cock was raging hard. I drove my slime laden dick between his muscular buns and into his hairy ass. He tried to clasp his cheeks but it just squeezed my cock and that sent me wild. I applied more spunk to his slit then I went for his hole. I just went for his cunt! I was going to fuck the hell into this strong fit guy and show everyone that I could give as good as I could take. “You can take my sissy spunk up your man-hole” I shouted as I felt my long withheld boy cum spurt through the tiny hole in my tip. I saw Ian wince as I shot it up him. It was easily the most satisfying moment of the day. These guys not only wanted to fuck me but I showed how I could fuck too. I vowed, in my somewhat higher pitched voice and amongst much cheering and raised glasses, that I wouldn’t spare a single asshole in that club until I had fucked everyone of them.

They had started by offering me white wine at the bar but I told them I wasn’t a girl and I needed a man’s drink. After all after I had just done a man’s job (hole). That brought more cheering.

The grounds job was OK too.

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