Charlie The Angel Ch. 02

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It was not long after that first night with Charlie that we arranged to meet up again (for obvious reasons). I was strangely nervous as to what was going to happen. How could anything possibly live up to what I had experienced last time.

It was a warm Saturday afternoon and I arrived on Charlie’s doorstep with a sense of anticipation. Charlie answered the door with a smile, throwing her arms around me she wasted no time in sliding her tongue into my mouth as she dragged me into her house.

“Have I got a surprise for you!” she giggled as she rubbed the crotch of my jeans grinning in her own special way.

“What is it?” asked, still trying to get my breath back from her greeting.

“Ah, you’ll have to wait and see. It won’t arrive ’till later.” She turned away from me and walked towards the stairs, shedding her clothing as she went. “Come on, lets find something to do while we wait”

I followed, tearing off my clothes, much to the relief of my already straining cock. Charlie was completely naked by the time she was halfway to her room. I stopped for a moment to admire her firm milky buttocks as she walked ahead of me, I could see the outline of her lips in the light from her bedroom and nearly came on the spot.

“What are you standing there staring for?” Charlie was now at the door of her bedroom looking back at me over her shoulder. “If you like what you see, come and get it!”

She flashed that grin of hers and I was sprinting up the hallway. Charlie squealed with shock as I grabbed her round the waist and lifted her over my shoulder.

“Oooo caveman, I love it” she giggled. I slapped her arse hard, the evoked a surprised scream from my little playmate followed by a low guttural moan. I slapped her again, “So you want a bit of cave man sex do you, you dirty bitch?”

I didn’t give her a chance to reply, I kicked open the door to her bedroom and threw her on the bed. By now she was panting like a dog, the look for pure lust in her eyes was animal like. I move to the edge of the bed but Charlie, on all fours, backed away and actually snarled at me. I saw where this was going and my cock was now throbbing with anticipation.

I lunged across the bed and grabbed her hair, she screamed and lashed out with her arms. I dragged her head down so her face was pushed into the bed, I straddled her head and gripped it with my thighs. She fought hard but my legs were to strong for her to break free. This allowed me to let go of her hair and pull first one arm then the other up and under my knees. Charlie bucked and fought, screaming and growling as she managed to manoeuvre herself so she could breath, how ever this also meant the she was in a position to bite the back of my thighs which she attacked with relish.

I leant forward and slapped her peachy round buttock hard, leaving a white hand print surrounded by red. She screamed again but this time the tone was slightly different, there was a distinct note of pleasure in it. This did not however deter her from attacking my leg and so I delivered another blow with which she responded in a similar fashion. The pain in my leg was becoming unbearable so pushing down on the side of her head I swung my leg over her. Instantly she started to thrash about again so I lay across her using my weight to hold her down as I continued to punish her arse. The screams of pain were becoming howls of lust as her creamy canlı bahis skin slowly turned red. She had stopped struggling and I slowly ran my hands between her buttocks and felt the heat coming from her cunt. She moaned softly as my fingertips gently caressed her lips, spreading the fluids already oozing from her quim. Not wanting to stop the game I grabbed her roughly by the waist and dragged her up onto all fours, running my hands over her glowing bum I ran a trail of her juices over her tight rectum, just enough to aid me. Then without warning I jammed my rock hard cock into her arse. She yelped with surprise, pleasure and pain as I rammed my meat into her up to the hilt, her back arched and I grabbed hold of her flowing blond locks, rapping them around my hand and pulling her head back.

“Tell me whose bitch you are you little whore!” I snarled into her ear.

“FUCK YOU!!” she replied. I jerked her head back further, ramming my cock into her arse again.

“Tell me!!” I shouted. She couldn’t however as she was in the throws of her first orgasm, howling and moaning as I worked my dick in and out of her tight hole. As she came down I leaned forward again, this time grabbing her left breast in my hand and pulling hard on her erect nipple. She moaned and ground her arse against me as I pulled and twisted until between pants she whispered hoarsely,

“I’m your bitch, yours and only yours. Fuck me harder please my master”

“That’s more like it” I grunted as I started to slam into her arse with all I was worth. Charlie started to cum again and screamed at me to cum with her. Well I wasn’t going to argue and quickened my pace.

“You want my hot come in your tight little arse?” I growled as I felt my balls tighten.

“Yes, Pleeeeeeease cum in me now!!” She screamed. I let go and filled her with my seed as she screamed and collapsed in front of me.

“Hmmm, you said he was energetic.” A voice said from the doorway. I looked up to see a slim dark-haired girl of about 19 stood in the doorway of Charlie’s bedroom. I was so taken aback to see her I didn’t even think to cover myself up or even move. I looked at Charlie and there it was, that cheeky, dirty little grin of hers.

“Meet Frankie,” she said “she’s your surprise.”

“A pleasant one I hope” Frankie smiled as she walked into the room. She walked towards the bed shedding first her shirt to reveal her small pert breasts, and then her painfully short skirt to reveal a neatly trimmed line of dark pubic hair. Her young skin glowed in the light and she moved with a confidence beyond her years.

Frankie moved behind me and reached round to cradle my empty balls and softening manhood in her hands.

“Oooo I can’t wait to play with this bad boy” she purred. Already I was feeling a stirring down below but I knew it would be a while until I was going to be able to grant her wish. Frankie moved around to sit on the bed next to Charlie. No words were exchanged but the look they exchanged was full of mutual lust. Frankie lent forward and gently kissed Charlie on the lips, her mouth opening to allow Charlie’s tongue to explore. Her hand gently caressed first one, then the other of Charlie’s breasts. Both girls moaned gently as Frankie pushed her back into the bed.

“You smell sooooo dirty baby” She whispered “I can smell his cum on you, his sweat.” Her hand was now moving down Charlie’s lithe body bahis siteleri and between her legs. Charlie arched her back slightly as Frankie’s fingers explored her sensitive lips and clit.

“Jesus girl what did he do to you, your cunt is dripping wet!” Frankie giggled.

Watching from the end of the bed I could see her fingers moving down to where my cum was dribbling out of Charlie. She bit her lip in pleasure as Frankie’s fingers gently circled here still dilated ring, rubbing my juices into the surrounding soft flesh then sliding first one then two fingers inside making Charlie moan and thrust her pelvis up slightly. Frankie responded by swinging around and after glancing at me with a purely wanton look she buried her face into Charlie’s crotch, attacking her clit with relish while continuing to work her cum lubricated fingers in and out of her arse.

“Oh fuck yeah honey, bite my clit” Charlie moaned, looking at me she smiled and said “Isn’t she cute? I thought you would like her. I know how you have a thing for younger women.”

“She certainly is fucking hot” I said, still a bit taken aback at what was going on.

“She has the sweetest (Ohhh) tasting cunt (Ahhh baby), come over here and try it for yourself” Charlie managed to get out as yet another orgasm had started to build.

I moved towards Frankie’s firm bum that was up in the air as she worked on Charlie. I gently caressed her soft white skin, pulling her cheeks apart to reveal her tight little sphincter and pussy. Her lips were already swollen and she shifted slightly, opening her legs as I ran my fingers down the crack of her arse and parted her dripping petals. I worked first one then two into her cunt as she brought Charlie to yet another screaming climax. I knelt on the floor and leaning forward ran my tongue first over cheeks, stopping to gently bite her flesh as I continued to work her pussy to a sticky mess. My tongue then followed the path of my fingers down her crack, stopping to circle her tight little ring before ending up replacing my fingers working on her sopping snatch. Frankie came up for air and moaned as I worked her clit with my fingers.

“Mmmmmmm” Moaned Frankie as I pushed my tongue as deep as I could into her and I pinched and rolled her engorged clit hard. My face was covered in her juice and I could feel her legs start to tremble, she arched her back as she screamed and gushed all over me. I had never seen anything like it, her cum was dripping off my chin ran down my arm. I lent back to admire her beautiful arse and pussy, rubbing her cum over her puckered hole as she panted to catch her breath.

“Told you he was good!” Charlie grinned as she moved from in front of Frankie to kneel by her side.

“I know” Gasped Frankie, “but not THAT good”.

My ego was being stroked by these two but hey, what are you going to do.

Charlie reached down and stroked my recovered and rock hard cock and winked at me. “You know Frankie is a virgin.”

“Yeah right.” I replied “I can see that”

“It’s true, she has never been fucked in the arse. We were talking about it the other day and it surprised me too”

“Is that what you’re after Frankie?” I said slapping her cheek hard, leaving a red hand print. Frankie yelped and rolled over, her legs spread wide.

“Maybe, but I want you to fuck my cunt first!”

I got up onto the bed and knelt between those bahis şirketleri firm young thighs, Charlie still wanking my dick as she guided it into Frankie’s wet hole. I rocked slowly back and forth burying myself to the hilt with every stroke. Charlie leaned forward and started to suck and bite Frankie’s hard little nipples while her hand slid down and started on her clit.

Frankie moaned and pushed against me as I slid in and out of one of the tightest pussies I have ever encountered, her moans were interspersed with little yelps as Charlie attacked her nipples hard, biting and twisting with her teeth all the while her hand working furiously on the young woman’s clit. Unsurprisingly in a matter of minutes Frankie’s breathing became shallower, faster and more erratic

“Fuckfuckfuckfuck FUCK ME!!!” was the only intelligible thing I could make out as Frankie started to writhe in front of me, she was slamming her crotch in to mine, grinding and moving with me as I picked up the pace. Suddenly she screamed “FUUUUUUCK” and went ridged. I felt a gush of warmth over my groin and down my legs. I could feel her cum running down and across my thighs and the back of my knees. Never had I seen a girl cum so much. I looked into her eyes which were open so wide I thought they would fall out, they rolled back and a total look of ecstatic release cam across her face before she slumped back onto the bed, out cold.

“Christ, is she always that intense?” as I looked a Frankie’s limp form.

“Wow, I’ve never seen her do that!” replied Charlie “Anyway, seems a shame to waste this” She grinned as she reached for my glistening member now aching for release.

She pulled me across the bed gently but firmly by my cock and then pushed me onto my back. I could feel her hair brushing my soaked thighs and abdomen as her tongue lapped up the residue of Frankie’s orgasm, teasing me further. My balls ached and I was desperate to release the pressure but Charlie was in no mood to rush.

Having cleaned my body she slowly took each of my balls in her mouth and swirled her tongue around getting the last of Frankie off me as she worked up my rock hard shaft to the tip, now dripping with pre-cum. I was so desperate to cum my balls were aching as Charlie slipped my cock deeper into her throat. I moaned in warning as my nuts tightened and I exploded in her mouth.

“Hey bitch! That was mine!!”

In my desperate need to cum I had completely forgotten that Frankie was lying next to me.

“I can’t believe you two, I pass out for two seconds and Charlie is stealing my cum!”

Charlie sat up and without a word, and moved across the bed to where Frankie was indignantly laying on her side. Pushing her on to her back the sexy blond threw a leg over her chest, and settled just below the pert little breasts. Still not saying a word she slowly lent forward and placed a hand on either side of the younger girls face. As I watched, a glint of realisation appeared in Frankie’s eye and grinning, she opened her mouth and poked out her flattened tongue in readiness. I watched, stunned and speechless as ever so slowly, a strand of my cum slid from Charlie’s bottom lip. It was truthfully like watching in slow motion as the stream made its way across the distance between these two beautiful women and on to Frankie’s tongue.

“Mmmmmm” She moaned and lift herself up to meet Charlie, they kissed hard, sharing my taste.

“That is the hottest thing I have ever seen!” I said as the two beauties came up for air.

“Well we will see if we can’t top it then” Grinned Charlie “We have a long night ahead.”

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