Construction Boss

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One evening as I was driving home from work I encountered a traffic jam due to a multiple car pileup. I didn’t want to sit idly in traffic so I turned off into a residential area figuring I could find my way home. It might have taken longer than waiting in the traffic, but at least I would be moving.

Winding through the residential streets I saw a new house under construction. I slowed down to see if there might be any hot construction guys around. Most of them were younger slim guys, pretty good looking but not especially my type. Then I saw, whom I assumed to be the boss of the operation. A tall, heavy set man with flat top hair and a two or three day growth of beard. From the quick glance I got he looked like one of those men who had been very muscular in the past and was going a little bit to seed. Damn I was interested. That night I jacked off in the shower thinking of him.

The next couple of days I continued to drive this route home to check out the progress of the construction (right!) and to see if I could get a glimpse of the boss man (absolutely correct!). Both days the crew was packing up to leave but I still got a good look at boss man.

On the 3rd day I had to work a little later than usual but still took the chance to drive by. On this day, the crew was gone and boss man was walking towards his truck. I parked the car a distance away and started walking toward the house as if I lived in the neighborhood and was out for a stroll.

When I reached the lot, boss man was leaning up against his truck smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer. I said hello, he nodded back and I struck up a conversation about how good the construction was coming along. He was amiable for small talk and he offered me a beer. We stood and enjoyed the beer and he told me about the construction.

He casino siteleri was wearing overalls and the zipper was open all the way down to his navel. I got a good look at his body and I confirmed that he had been muscular but starting to fade. He turned to point out something on the house and I got a good view of his chest and one of his nipples. It protruded out a little and I could just imagine chewing and sucking on that. My cock was stirring actively in my pants.

He asked if I wanted a smoke and I accepted. It turned out that he rolls his own cigarettes. I asked him if he could teach me how to roll one and he agreed. He was trying to teach me standing in front of me but that was not working well. He then moved behind me, his arms around mine and steered my fingers to roll the cigarette. While he was behind me, I could feel his crotch against my ass and while he was not hard, I could tell he was packing.

We smoked the cigarette, drank another beer and then he asked if I wanted to roll another one. I sure did! This time when he was behind me, I could feel his hard cock on my ass. He said “you’re pretty good at rolling things with your fingers”. I replied that that was not the only thing I was good at and I copped his package. I could feel his rock hard cock and the heat through the thick coveralls.

He did not reply but told me that this house had a spectacular master bedroom if I was interested in seeing it. I followed him into the house and up the stairs and on the way up his big beefy ass was in my face. I could feel I was leaking precum.

The bedroom had a magnificent sliding door and balcony looking out over a pond. I stood admiring the view when I felt his hand on my ass. I turned around and he was taking his boots and coveralls off. He slot oyna came over and pulled my polo shirt over my head, and pinched my nipples.

I fell on my knees and sniffed his cock and balls through his underwear. HIs dick was tenting the material and I started sucking him through the musky cotton. He shed his underwear and I swalloed his cock directly down my throat. It was a nice 10 pounder and filled my mouth nicely. His balls and cock were both smooth and I licked and sucked greedily.

There was a temporary work bench in the bedroom where he had discarded his clothes. I led him back over and asked him to bend over. I got behind him and started to sniff and lick at his big meaty ass. First around the buttocks, then up and down the crack. I gently opened his ass and saw his rising sun. My tounge licked all over his musky, tangy hole and I tounge fucked him gently at first and then with vigor. He was moaning his approval and reached around and mashed my head deep in his beefy ass. The dual aroma and taste sensation was driving me wild and I dived deeper into his muscular but sensuous hole.

I removed the rest of my clothes and my cock was dripping precum over the floor. He picked me up and set me on the table. He sucked me cock, tea-bagged my balls and then licked my ass with his thick wide tounge. Fuck I was in heaven! I laid down on the table and he pushed his middle finger in my ass and started to finger fuck. He pressed harder, now two fingers in and found my prostate. I had reached the second plateau in heaven and he continued to massage my prostate until I was bucking up and down on the table. His 10 pounder was at full mast and he teased my hole until I begged him to fuck me. He leaned over me continuing to tease my hole and I was able to finally suck and munch on his protruding canlı casino siteleri nipples.

He inserted his cock slowly and fucked me at a very slow rhythm and he did not speed up. I am used to a hard pounding so I was confused by his gentle fucking. He kept the slow steady pace but did finally reach my prostate. He was like a grandfather clock, in-out, in-out at a painfully slow speed. The slow steady pace and the regular stimulation of my prostate started to kick in and I started to enjoy this method of fucking. This slow on-off stimulation of the prostate had a resonance effect and soon I was flying high. My cock was throbbing and I thought I would cum without even touching it.

The sweaty odor of his body was also having a stimulating effect on me. I wanted to smell more. I saw his discarded underwear lying on the table beside me and I took it and inhaled deeply. The manly mixture of piss and ass residue filled my nostrils and I was now entering the third plateau of heaven. I stuffed the underpants in my mouth and tried to extract his scent. He pushed the underwear deeper in my mouth until I couldn’t breathe through my mouth and then he pinched my nose and held my head down on the table.

Fuck! I thought he was trying to kill me. With the lack of oxygen, the blood pounded in my head. I started squirming and wriggling, but he held me down on the table. He then started to fuck me harder and to wank my cock. He had timed the entire operation perfectly. Just as he and I both started to ejaculate, he released my nose and pulled the underwear out of my mouth. I gasped in air and exhaled immediately. As I exhaled, I experienced another orgasm even stronger than the first.

We cleaned up, got dressed and I thanked him for the experience. He told me that he had played around with breath control and could teach me a lot more if I was interested. I was and we agreed to meet again.

When I left he told me that I pretty much sucked at rolling cigarettes but he agreed I was good at other things.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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