Crooked Streets Ch. 03

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This is adult material, and as such, no person under the age of 21 has my permission to read it.

This is a continuation of the story of Ann’s discovery of her sexuality. This project started as a character study, but the characters told me who they are and really told the story themselves.


Ann yelled through this come, she yelled until she was hoarse and shaking, soaking wet, trembling and half conscious. Then Suzie rolled off her and pulled out the vibrator.

“What a ride,” moaned Suzie. “You sure this is your opening night?”

Ann was ringing from the orgasms, her thighs were still trembling and she felt like she had just run 20 miles, all rubbery from the exertion. Suzie lay down on Ann’s left side, supported Ann’s head with her shoulder and pulled a sheet over both of them. “You’re very sexual, Ann. I love that in a woman. Especially a woman I’m fucking. There’s something about you that is very old and experienced, and something totally new at the same time,” Suzie was gently stroking Ann’s hair and kissing her forehead.

Ann looked up and saw the video camera pointed at the bed, and smiled. “How do I thank you, Suzie? Nuts, I’m going to cry again,” Suzie stroked her face and kissed her mouth gently. Ann sobbed for a few minutes anyway.

“Just be yourself, honey,” she held Ann until the sobs left. They kissed some more. Ann knew that she loved Suzie.

“Where did Jen go?” Ann asked Suzie finally.

“To pee, I’ll bet. Jen? Yoo-hoo honey, where are you?” yelled Suzie.

“I don’t believe how big this place is,” responded Jen from around a corner, “and there’s a huge Jacuzzi thing in the bathroom.” Jen walked back out, finally turned the camera off and strolled over to the bed and got back on, giving Suzie a nipple tweak, but embracing, then kissing Ann. “Ann, you treat yourself well. Can I come over some time and help you try on some clothes?”

“Of course, we’re about the same size,” said Ann sincerely.

“She means, of course, can she try on your things to borrow them permanently. Besides, trying on clothes is her favorite seduction game. Ann, you need an education,” warned Suzie smiling at Jen.

“I’m safe then because I haven’t bought anything special in two years,” said Ann smiling at each in turn. “I guess I’ll just have to place a big order with Victoria’s Secret.” All three laughed.

“Can you and me take a bath together?” asked Jen, pouting back sarcastically at Suzie as she took Ann’s hand to lead her slowly to the Jacuzzi.

Jen and Ann walked together into the bathroom, each with an arm around the small of the other’s back, with a hip swaying, halting three-legged gait. Ann felt Jen’s smooth warm body next to her own rapidly cooling side. Jen had already started the water into the Jacuzzi.

“It takes awhile to fill,” Ann mumbled.

“Good,” said Jen with a lilt in her voice and a smile. Jen turned to face Ann, and held her close as she kissed her, tonguing first Ann’s lips, then her open mouth. Jen’s hands slipped down to Ann’s hips.

“Let’s get in, I’m getting chilled,” said Ann. Jen helped Ann over to the Jacuzzi’s raised wide top where Ann sat down.

“Could you dim the lights?” Ann asked Jen. Jen walked over to the switch Ann pointed to and brought the lights down to candle level. Jen got in the tub.

“You two really worked up a sweat. I’m delighted for you … and envious,” said Jen as she watched Ann get in by sitting on the edge then swiveling herself in. The faucets were turned on full and the Jacuzzi was half full, enough to cover up to a woman’s waist, but no more. Jen moved over to sit next to Ann. The water was warm enough, more like a swimming pool on a warm night than a bathtub. Jen leaned over and kissed Ann’s left breast, sucking the nipple into her mouth gently and flicking it with her tongue. Ann moaned and instinctively spread her legs. Jen’s fingers found Ann’s mound seconds later, gliding into her pleasure, flicking Ann’s clit first in time, then in counterpoint with her tongue on Ann’s nipple. Ann moaned and reached for Jen’s sex, stroking her in the same time, every action creating an equal and pleasurable reaction. Jen hungrily sought Ann’s moaning mouth and tongued her, kissing deep then sucking Ann’s tongue, then cheek and ears, throat and collarbone.

From the next room they heard Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing drifting in over the sound of the running water. Both laughed. Jen began rubbing her chest against Ann’s setting the rhythm, then Ann leaned back so Jen could be on top. Jen kept using her fingers on Ann and soaking up the pleasure Ann was giving her in return. Both had loud orgasms within a few seconds of each other.

“We should really talk a little,” said Ann.

“Maybe, or maybe not,” Jen responded. “My problem is that I really do think too much. And talking is just thinking out loud.”

“That’s always been mine, too. But I want to know you as well as loving you,” Ann sighed.

“And you illegal bahis will, but over time. You can’t know me in a few minutes. What I could tell you in a few minutes doesn’t really matter. Tonight is special for you because it’s your coming out ball. You should have what you want, like a birthday party.”

“So what do you do?” persisted Ann.

“I’m a paralegal,” Jen said rolling her eyes and giving in, “and receptionist and bookkeeper for a law firm here in town. Suzie is a social worker, with a private practice in addictive behaviors. That’s really where she makes her money. I just moved here so we could resume our relationship. We are faithful to each other, I mean we really are in love and committed, but we do have other lovers. I especially have to have lots of lovers. I go to bars and get picked up at least once a week.”

“Just women?” Ann hesitated.

“Just women. Men hit on me all the time but I just tell them to go away. I like them OK but they’re not … women. And I love women. I adore women, … lots of women,” said Jen with a crooked little smile.

“And what made you decide to come here tonight?”

“You did. Your tape, I mean. It was the sexiest thing anyone had done to us? for us? in … in well, forever. We think you are very brave and wanted to bring you out in style. And we thought that you needed to brought out, that you might not manage it yourself. We also wanted to show you that being lesbian is different. That you look at the world through sex colored glasses, and everything is tinted labia pink. And that being lesbian is as different as you are from someone that was never injured. Being gay should teach you tolerance, if nothing else. So we decided to show you that you are a worthy person, that we can accept you as you are, without reserve. That’s what every one should get as a Coming Out present. That’s what we thought you were really asking for in your video. And we thought you were sexy and we both wanted to do you. So here we are.”

Jen’s rapid talk left Ann speechless. Jen gave Ann a lot to think about. But she didn’t want to think. Ann knew she wanted to make love to Jen. The Jacuzzi rapidly filled.

“Let me turn the water off and start the jets,” Ann told Jen as she got up and eased her way over to the tub’s controls.

“Jen, I just don’t know what to say. I’m very happy, and I think I’m in love with you two. But I don’t trust thinking right now, so I want to …,” Ann trailed off as she sat back down next to Jen and the jets started.

They both sat quiet for a few minutes, enjoying the all over massage that the Jacuzzi was giving them. Ann looked over at Jen, and Jen turned and smiled back, then winked. Ann turned quickly away, trying to loose herself in the water. After a moment, Ann looked back to Jen. Jen again turned and smiled. Ann rolled to her left side and kissed Jen full on the lips. Jen kissed back doing exactly what Ann was, kissing her, full on the lips. Only after Ann sought Jen’s tongue did Jen open her mouth. Ann reached her right arm over and stroked Jen’s left thigh, first the outside then the inside. Jen mirrored Ann, matching Ann’s pace caress for caress. Ann began to feel that Jen was doing all this on purpose so she pretended to masturbate, but on Jen’s sex. She felt a close duplication of her own well-known movements start to caress her clitoris and labia.

“I like what you’re doing, Jen” Ann murmured.

“Thought you would,” whispered Jen as she smiled through Ann’s kisses, their lips still touching as she spoke.

The warm water surrounded Ann and Jen, filling in the gaps between their bodies with warmth. Because of the water and Jen’s persistent mirroring of her own motions, Ann began to loose the feeling of having a separate body from Jen’s. Ann loved the way her breasts mingled with Jen’s, the softness and the weight of each confusing her, letting her wonder whose were whose. Ann’s body began to ache in need of another orgasm. She inserted her right thigh between Jen’s legs, and mounted Jen’s right thigh herself as she knelt on the bottom of the Jacuzzi.

Ann felt Jen’s smooth wet and firm thigh against her swelling, opening labia, and she also felt Jen opening to the gentle pressure her own thigh was exerting. As the pressure turned to the first rush of pleasure, Ann squeezed Jen’s thigh between both of her own, and felt Jen squeeze back. Even with the jets on and Jen on her back, her neck and shoulders were above the water line. Ann slid her hips down Jen’s thigh, dragging her clitoris against the smooth skin and firm muscle, savoring the sensation of, for the first time in her life, making love to a woman. Ann leaned forward dragging her breasts against Jen’s chest, enjoying the feeling of Jen’s breasts and the swirling water against her own.

Then Ann put her right hand on Jen’s left breast and used the soft part of her thumb against the nipple. Jen smiled up at her, and did the same to Ann. Ann slowly dragged her hips back up Jen’s thigh, then back down illegal bahis siteleri again faster then the first time. Ann felt a sharper pleasure. She bent forward and kissed Jen’s right nipple, tonguing it just above the water, tracing a line up Jen’s neck to her waiting mouth. Jen moaned as Ann’s tongue probed her. Ann felt Jen move against her thigh, so she leaned forward, increasing the pressure on Jen’s clitoris. Jen began to thrust her hips forward and back against Ann’s thigh as Ann did the same to Jen. Ann grabbed Jen tight around the waist with both arms, locked her mouth against Jen’s and began hip pumping Jen’s thigh, riding it knowing only that her true, hard pleasure lay somewhere close. Ann kept her tight hold on Jen’s waist but used a lighter pressure on Jen’s thigh, just enough to keep her clitoris in contact and throbbing, but no more. Jen changed her thigh’s angle slightly, and kept up her own motions against Ann’s thigh, building the tension for both women, egging on the pleasure, but not fulfilling it just yet.

Ann moaned her pleasure out then locked her mouth on Jen’s again. Ann let the orgasm build; keeping herself on the edge until she knew that she could not stop it from happening. Then Ann drove her hips down hard against Jen’s, letting frenzy drive her further into pleasure. Jen grabbed Ann’s left breast and sucked hard. Ann came wildly shouting out her oh-oh-oh’s, sloshing water out of the Jacuzzi, bucking Jen’s thigh through a long pleasant descent from her climax.

Jen held Ann tight kissing her face all over, rubbing breasts against breasts, easing her way back to reality. Ann snuggled against Jen’s left side while their affections continued with playful strokes of fingers on labia and thousands of kisses.

Jen leaned back, stretched and sat up and out and on the side of the tub, feet still in the water. She smiled at Ann, took her head in her hands, and pulled her face into her crotch. Ann felt Jen’s water smooth thighs squeeze her cheeks as she lightly licked Jen’s pussy, then rubbed her nose, tongue and chin against Jen’s still excited clitoris. Jen moaned and pushed Ann’s face tighter against her pussy. Ann pulled back far enough to lick Jen’s clit, then put two fingers into Jen, while she gently sucked Jen’s clitoris into her mouth. Ann kept up the mild suction and gave Jen tongue flicks in time with her fingers, gradually building the tempo.

Ann increased the pace as she felt Jen respond, but she tried to stay ahead, to lead Jen into pleasure. Jen leaned back, supporting herself with her arms against the tub’s wide top edge, angling her hips to give Ann just the right access. Jen began rocking slightly as her orgasm grew on her. As she was about to bear the fruit of Ann’s tongue and fingers, Jen squeezed Ann’s face with her thighs. Ann’s arm pistoned Jen’s orgasm out of her. Jen came almost screeching then rapidly gasping for air. After she was sliding off the plateau of pleasure, Ann slowed her pace only slightly for a minute then began pumping and licking and sucking Jen even harder then before.

“Oh baby don’t let me go, suck me dry baby,” Jen moaned, hip bumping Ann’s face up the steep slope to another orgasm. “Lick me, lick me, lick me. Fuck me hard baby cause I want it so bad from you,” Jen shouted as Ann kept pumping her harder and harder. “Now oh now, now,” Jen commanded. Ann sucked in hard on Jen’s clitoris and tried to double the speed of her thrusts as Jen came very hard. “That’s it, fuck me Ann,” Jen’s wailing peaked and fell off into rapid moans and little whimpers. Jen pulled Ann up to her face and kissed her wide-open mouth, still filled with Jen’s own juices. Jen clutched Ann around the waist with her legs and continued to give herself small pleasures by rubbing her clit against Ann’s smooth belly. Ann kissed Jen and thumbed her nipples.

“You’re too much fun, Ann. I could get hooked on all this. And I want you to get hooked. I want you to want me and Suzie real bad. And other women. I think, … there I go again, thinking,” Jen beamed all this to Ann, no crooked little smile, just pure pleasure lighting her face. She stroked Ann’s face, then moved back into the water.

“I’m just trying to concentrate on giving, and taking for that matter, as much pleasure as I can tonight,” Ann said as she sat down next to Jen. “I don’t know when it will happen again.”

“Oh it will happen again,” piped in Suzie, from behind them. “I just hope that the camera records in low light. I could see you two in the viewfinder, but I don’t know how it will turn out.”

“Good. I hoped you would have the good sense to tape us,” Jen smiled back at Suzie. Suzie wore Ann’s turquoise robe. “How much did you get?”

“Just about all since I put on the Marvin Gaye album. After that, I came right in. You two didn’t even notice me,” said Suzie half proudly, half mockingly miffed.

Ann smiled warmly at Suzie after turning to face her. “I’m very glad you taped us. Thank you. I’ll probably never forget this night, canlı bahis siteleri but the tape is wonderful to have,” said Ann with a tinge of sadness.

“Of course you know that Suzie does mean you’ll have us too and not just the tape,” Jen corrected Ann. “Oh what’s that line from Casablanca, you know the last line of the movie where Bogart says something like ‘This could be the start of a beautiful friendship’?” Jen asked as Suzie smiled at her and Ann realized that she really would have more than the tape.

“That’s close enough to be right, Jen,” said Suzie turning to Ann, “Yes, Ann we’ll be back. And you’ll have the tape. Maybe I’ll lend you some of mine, like Where There’s Smoke. I used to watch that when I was lonely for Jen. I’d get all hot then I’d call her up and she’d give me great phone sex,” Suzie smiled.

“No I didn’t,” said Jen emphatically with her hands on her hips, “You’d just start masturbating as soon as you heard my voice. I could have been talking about the fuckin’ weather,” Jen’s mock anger confirmed Ann’s guess that Suzie was probably telling the truth.

Ann and Suzie just laughed. Suzie stood and dropped Ann’s robe and climbed into the tub. Jen greeted her with a kiss and caress around her waist. Suzie leaned back sighing as the churning water took her. Suzie draped her arm over Jen’s shoulders. Suzie stretched her foot out under water and hooked her ankle behind Ann’s calf.

“This is nice, Ann,” Suzie sighed, saying each word slowly in emphasis.

“Well I’m happy then. The doctor said the Jacuzzi would help me and there was so little difference in price between a small one and a big one that I just went for it. It’s big enough that I can float on my back and look out the skylight,” Ann explained.

Jen and Suzie both looked up and out at the dark night through the large skylight directly over the tub and burst out laughing together. “We’re so used to scraping by financially that this places really seems like a palace, a pleasure palace to us,” Jen rattled out quickly.

Ann smiled back. “You’re both welcome to come here any time. I don’t really have anyone in my life to give presents to. I was an only child. So I kind of like the idea that I could give you both presents. Maybe the holidays will be bearable this year.”

“Or maybe not. I always wind up going home, but my folks, my mom especially, really don’t like the idea that I love women. So they try hard to make the time I spend with them as miserable as possible for me, asking me who I’m dating, when I’m going to have kids, all that biological clock stuff. I’ve gotten fairly immune to it all, but Mom still finds one or two ways to needle me. And they won’t let me bring Suzie,” Jen explained to Ann quickly.

“I don’t speak to mine, so I either stay home and really cook or I hit the bars. Most years it’s both,” Suzie sighed out her response to Ann.

“Last year I had Olson’s do a big Christmas dinner for me,” said Ann, “I had everything traditional, with a wonderful real truffle pate, some poisonous desserts, nice wines, everything. But they wouldn’t do it for less than eight, so I was eating the stuff until Groundhog’s Day.” Ann reflected for a second then smiled and continued, “I guess I’m not afraid to spend a buck to get what I want. But now I’m going to have to figure it out all over. What I want, I mean. I really haven’t touched the bulk of my money. I live very well on just the interest. But that’s what I was trained to do as a CPA.”

“You know there’s this dress down at La Chapelle’s I’ve been wanting. Very nice silk, short skirt but modest. The one in the window is lavender so I just fell in love with it,” said Jen almost giggling.

“Jen,” interrupted Suzie, “Show a little restraint, my dear. We’re just getting to know Ann. Please forgive her. It’s her years hustling that brings that stuff out.”

“We met because Suzie’s collaborator Nancy scraped me down off the ceiling after I’d had a little too much coke. I was in the sex industry, as they say. I hadn’t come out yet. I’d tried making sex tapes, but I had wound up in the bar circuit dancing. Tits weren’t big enough. Anyway, they paid in coke, so I did it. Then I had to start tricking to pay for all the coke. I got really wired one night and passed out. Nancy talked to me the next day in the hospital. This was when she and Suzie was still setting up their addictive behaviors research. I was an experiment, so the treatment was free. I was Nancy’s pet case. Nancy got me straight, got me a job doing filing, making copies in a law firm.

“Then, what over a year later, I bumped into Nancy and Suzie in a store. I guess I had met Suzie, because she was always around, but Nancy re-introduced us. We all talked. Suzie and I walked home because we lived in the same direction in the East Village, while Nancy lived in the West Village. I had just started going to the bars, but had been too chicken to let any women pick me up. As part of the counseling technique that Suzie and Nancy worked out, they force you to admit all these awful things about yourself. So I had admitted to myself that I wanted women. So we talked on the walk home and we traded home phone numbers. I waited three days before I called her and asked her over for dinner.

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