Darien Ch. 4

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Finally an end to this winter! After months of snow and cold weather sun it is warm again. Two weeks ago it snowed and now I can go out in a T-Shirt. This climate shifting never seems to stop surprising me. Life is good. I don’t think I was ever as happy and content as I am now. Oh, but have we met before? Well, let me tell you a bit about me.

I’m Darien, and I live in east Croatia. I’m 22 years old, 6’5”, and 205 lbs, fat-free and muscular. I have short brown hair and brown eyes. When I look in the mirror I like who I see looking back at me. Also I should tell you about Matt, we’ve been sexing each other for half a year now and I just can’t get my hands off of him. Matt is a month and a half older than I am, 6’2”, 180 lbs, short blond hair, blue eyes and just the thinking about him gives me a raging hard-on. Matt is simply the best piece of ass I know of.

I had quite a few adventures already. Feel free to read about them if you haven’t already, the last one was incredible! Man, a whole week alone with Matt. We humped each other like crazy. We tried a lot of new stuff, just thinking about it makes my head spin! Well, time for me to get back to the story.

It was a sunny spring day and I decided to visit Matt. I went over to his house. His mom opened the door, we talked a bit and I went up to his room. I sneaked in. Matt was working on his computer, I moved behind his back and decided to shake him up a bit. My hands jumped and grabbed his shoulders squeezing him firmly and I yelled ‘Hey, bro, what’s up? How’s it hanging?’

He literally jumped. I could see I managed to shock him and started laughing. Matt was really pissed. He started yelling about how he’s gonna beat me up. I laughed and pulled him close to me. I looked him in the eyes and whispered ‘How about I make it up to you with a blow-job?’

‘But my parents are home, what if they catch us?’ Matt asked. ‘Well we’ll just have to be real quiet and no one will notice.’ I explained. Immediately Matt moved towards the door and quietly locked them. My blood started boiling. Matt didn’t waist time. Immediately he pulled down his pants and his briefs with them. His cock was already semi-erect.

I jumped towards him and went down on my knees. My head threw itself on his crotch and my mouth swallowed his growing meat. My right hand grabbed his balls and started massaging them. My left hand worked his ass, shaking and squeezing it. I was sucking him hard and soon he was fully erect. I could no longer take it all in, so my head started rhythmically bobbing along his shaft, my mouth strongly sucking him, my tongue torturing casino siteleri the head of his cock. I looked at him and saw he was fighting not to moan, so I decided to suck him even harder.

He saw what I was doing and enjoyed every minute of it. At this point I was sucking him so hard and squeezing his ass and balls that I made him let out a few quiet moans of pleasure. ‘I’m gonna cum’ he whispered. Now I went wild. My head started furiously fucking his cock sucking it relentlessly. Matt let out a long quiet moan and jet of hot cum started filling my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, but some escaped me.

After I squeezed the last drops of cum out of his cock, I stood up, Matt licked the cum on my chin and we engaged in a long passionate kiss. He got dressed, quietly unlocked the door and sat in the chair. I threw myself on the bed and we talked about nothing and everything. Then a thought came through my mind. Last fall, when we had our first romp, the one in the showers, I had asked him if he had ever sucked cock before. He had told me that we would talk later. And now was definitively later.

‘Matt, do you remember what I asked you when we were under the showers after our match?’ I asked. ‘I remember a few orders, but no questions’ he replied. ‘I asked you if you had ever sucked cock before.’ I said. He looked at me somewhat discomforted and said ‘Well, you see, I had this thing with Dan, but that was back when we were 14 and we only exchanged a few blow-jobs, that was all.’

Dan? Dan is one of Matt’s best friends. They were in the same class in grade school and then Dan went to police academy in Zagreb. I didn’t see him often, but when he was around here we got along great. Dan is a cop. He works in a police station in Zagreb, mostly traffic and patrols. He is the definition of a hot police stud. 6’0”, 180 lbs, muscular, definitively has one mean biceps, short almost shaved hair and blue eyes.

‘You want me to try to arrange a threesome or something?’ Matt asked surprising me with the question. ‘If you’re interested and ok with it then it would be great.’ I replied. A week passed, it was Friday evening and Matt called me to come over to his house before we went out. I took a shower, got dressed and got into my car and made my way towards his house.

When I got there I could see a car parked outside, a silver Opel Vectra, Dan’s car, and I could also see Matt’s garage was empty, and that meant that his parents went out for the night. I parked my car and made my way straight to Matt’s room. I could hear music as I made my way. Severina, if you’re not Croatian slot oyna then you don’t know her, well around here she’s as big as Kylie and Madonna put together.

As I opened the door I could see Matt and Dan were throwing down a few beers already. ‘Hey, you could have waited for me and left me something as well. It is not easy to go around thirsty, you know.’ I joked. They both laughed and greeted me. Dan passed me a bottle of Heineken and smiling he said ‘Drink up buddy, there’s more where this came from, and we still got something extra for you as well.’

We drank a few bears, talked and joked and then Dan looked at me and said ‘So you and Matt have been playing with each others’ cocks these last few months? Matt says you’d like to play with mine as well.’ I hadn’t expected that Matt had confronted him already, but I landed on my feet fast enough. ‘Why don’t we skip the talking part and get down to business?’ I replied trying to keep my cools.

The three of us stripped in a flash. Suddenly a silence came between us not knowing who should take the lead. Dan stepped in and suggested that we draw straws. The one who draws the shortest has to be the gimp for the night. Matt and I agreed, soon Matt went to the kitchen and returned with three straws. I drew first and it was whole. Then Dan drew one and it was whole as well. Matt opened his hand and the one he was holding was cut.

Dan turned to Matt, grinned and said ‘So you’ll be the bitch of the evening, so get on the bed, boy!’ Matt did as he was told. Dan turned to me and said ‘There are three perks to being a cop, first is that you don’t get speeding tickets, second is something I’ll have to show you two bitches some other time, and third are the handcuffs.’

He went over to the table an picked up the handcuffs. Immediately he went over to Matt, grabbed his hands and cuffed him so that he was trapped in doggy style bottom position with his hands cuffed behind his knees. Dan was now fully erect, a 7 inch uncut cock, and an extremely thick one. He looked at me and said ‘ Are you gonna suck me first to get my cock at least a little lubed or should I dry-fuck him?’

I went over to him and started licking the head of his cock. I must admit he tasted good, I didn’t take him in my mouth but focused on getting him as wet as possible. I could see this was boring him, so soon he moved away and positioned himself behind Matt. I myself moved in front of him and guided my cock in his mouth. He welcomed me with his tongue. I grabbed his head and I slowly started fucking his mouth. Dan didn’t waste time, as soon as my cock had entered Matt’s canlı casino siteleri mouth he placed his meat on Matt’s crack and started to push.

I could see Dan was pushing as hard as he could, and I could see he got into Matt’s ass when Matt started cramping. It must have hurt like hell, but Matt couldn’t move, and my cock made any cries impossible. I was enjoying this, so was Dan, I watched him making deep slow thrusts and copied them. We were pumping Matt in the same rhythm. Matt seemed to start relaxing and starting to enjoy. Dan started speeding up the rhythm and I followed.

‘Nice weather we’re having lately.’ Dan said smiling as he violently grabbed Matt’s crotch and thrust his cock as fast and as deep as he could into Matt’s ass. ‘Yeah, the weather is just great’ I said grinning and moaned loudly. Then I grabbed Matt’s head and made a deep thrust shoving my cock all the way down his throat. I could see Matt started choking so I pulled out to let him rest a bit, but then I pushed my way in all the way again. This time Matt was ready. Now I began fucking his throat the same way Dan was busting Matt’s ass.

I was in heaven. I could feel the cum building up and I knew I couldn’t take it much longer. ‘I’m cumming’ I said. ‘I’m gonna spill my load soon as well’ said Dan. Both of us were moaning like animals. Soon I burst deep in Matt’s throat. As jets of my hot cum splashed in his throat, my body enjoyed every moment, ecstasy filling every muscle in my body. Matt sucked every drop of cum off my cock and I pulled out.

As soon as I could I moved my head below Matt’s crotch and began sucking him. As I sucked his cock I saw Dan’s cock ramming Matt’s ass as hard as it gets. With every thrust Dan’s balls collided with Mats’. I was sucking Matt as hard as I could, he was moaning loudly and soon filled my mouth with his cum. It was time for Dan to finish the work.

He was humping Matt like an animal, his body convulsing as he tried to constrain himself from cumming. Finally, he pulled out and grabbed his cock. He was moaning loudly and with a few strokes sprayed his cum all over Matt’s back. I could see he was beat. After a few moments he went to the table and took the key for the cuffs and uncuffed Matt.

The three of us went to the shower, squeezed in and washed each other. I used the opportunity to grope Dan’s ass, even tried to hump him, but he wasn’t interested. Anyway, we went back to the room, still butt-naked we sat around and talked.

‘So Dan, what’s the second perk to being a cop?’ I asked. He looked at me and said ‘Come and visit me in Zagreb and I’ll show you. You wouldn’t believe how much ass we get so I’ll let you see for yourself.’ The night was still young and I was hard again, so you figure out what we did later,


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