Deadly Trick… Tasty Treat!

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Screams of terror echoed off the walls of the deserted house, the pounding of the music from the stereo system seemed like a whisper compared to the chaos happening around me. Hundreds of people rushing past me, pushing and shoving and paying no attention to those around them. The crowd flooded into the long hallway from several rooms on the main floor as well as upstairs. People worked their way down the elegant stair case and tried to merge into the herd of people like vehicles on a freeway. Vampires, witches, werewolves and other things that go bump in the night stampeded for the front exit of the house as I watched in amazement with the lack of loyalty people appeared to be showing each other.

People who I had seen hanging out together for the past several hours at the party, seemingly inseparable, scattered like shards of broken glass from a fallen window pain and ran in separate directions never looking back for their friends. Situation like this are where you find out who your real friends are and apparently most of these people believed in the old ‘looking out for

theory’. I wasn’t sure what was happening, I didn’t know what had scared these people and sent the party on the dead run but I knew I wasn’t leaving without my best friend Tara. Tara and a few of her friends had set up this party, found the old house and decorated it and stuff. The place resembled a Halloween rave with loud music, low lights, people everywhere and the walls and halls were decorated with spiders and cobwebs. I made a split second decision and ran against the crowd and back into the blackness of the creepy old house to find her.

I looked dead ahead, my eyes searching for any opening in the crowd, any inch of space I could get through. My shoulders became battering rams that I used to fight through the tide of people swooping towards me. Just a few steps ahead of me a girl, about 19, dressed as a princess was knocked to the ground by the pushing crowd and was getting kicked by legs pushing past her like she was invisible. She was in danger of being trampled and I had to do something. “Watch out!” I yelled while closing in on where she lay crumpled on the floor. People either didn’t hear me or were choosing to ignore my cries of warning about the fallen princess. “Move it!!” I bellowed while pushing people on either side of the fallen girl with a straight arm. Some guy dressed as a football player pushed me back and stepped on the girls dress, ripping it. “Real sensitive asshole!” I hollered at him.

I let my eyes fall down to the girl noticing her more closely now. She was very beautiful, appearing even more innocent in the long, lacy, light pink dress she wore as part of her costume. Her cheeks were stained with tears and her blue eyes looked up at me with a mix of terror and pleading in them as people continued to push past us. “You’re going to get out of here, it’s going to be okay.” Her eyes were locked on mine as I tried to comfort her. “When I say ‘now’ I want you to stand up and just go, okay? ” Her eyes were locked on mine and she nodded that she understood. “Don’t stop, and don’t look back no matter what.” I moved around behind her, stretched my arms full out, planted my feet as solid as I could and used my body as a human shield protecting her against the rush of people coming at her. “Now!” I hollered as people pushed me from behind trying to make me move, “Go, now!” She got to her knees and then her feet, in moments she disappeared into the hysterical crowd and out of sight.

I didn’t know what I might face as I turned and fought my own way back further inside to look for Tara. I didn’t even know is she was still in the house but I couldn’t leave till I knew for sure. About ten minutes before this hysteria set in Tara had excused herself to find another beer for each of us. Why didn’t I go with her? I thought. Whatever could possibly happen to me inside could never scare me half as much as going through the rest of my life without her so I forged on against the crowd, yelling out her name as loud as I could as I went.

My eyes scanned the crowd furiously looking for any sign of her. The green mask of an alien, the bloodied face of a zombie, the jet black hair and ruby red lipstick of a hooker but no sign of my sweet Tara. My denim clad, cowboy hat wearing cowgirl, Tara. “Tara!…” I yelled again, “Tara can you hear me? Tara!!”

The creepiest feeling I’d ever experienced grabbed hold of me as someone dressed in a clown costume came towards me. It was just one face in the screaming crowd of people still filling the halls of the old house but it seemed so remarkably out of place. The white face, the rainbow colored wig, the round red nose. A big red smile painted permanently in place that grinned from ear to ear and stood out in a crowd of faces filled with fear. If I had been stuck in some really cheesy horror movie or a twiglight zone episode I’d have thought that the smiling clown had gone insane and began a rain of terror. This clown wasn’t insane though, just a young woman as fearful as the rest of us.

As I worked my way past the last large group of people I took casino siteleri a second to notice my surroundings and try and figure out where I was. I was in a large room, I recognized it as the main dance room I had been in earlier. It was poorly lit and the floors were scattered with derbies from the party. Beer and lord knows what else left wet patches on the hard wood floor and I had to be careful not to slip as I worked my way towards the window I noticed on my left. The pounding beat of the dance music from the large speakers in the room vibrated the floor, you could actually feel the music with your body.

The window looked out towards the front of the house where people seemed to be gathering momentarily while looking for friends before taking off again. I scanned the crowd the best could but saw no sign of Tara nowhere. Maybe she left already, maybe she’s already safe. At that moment I heard a voice call my name from across the room, I recognized it immediately as my roommate Jason’s and turned. At first I didn’t see him. “Jason!” I called out. “Is that you? Is Tara with you? What the hell is going on here?” Just then he popped out from a group of several people who had scattered into the room at the same time he had. Wrapped all in white toilet paper as a Mummy he stood out.

“I don’t know where she is Trish…but we gotta get out of here…now!” he said grabbing me by the wrist and pulling me towards the exit, the place where I had just come from. He held me so tight that my wrist hurt instantly. “Someone saw a guy stab a girl. He just went nuts. We gotta go.”

“Jason, let go of me.” I ordered while trying to rip my wrist free of his grasp. “Let go of me now! I’m not leaving without her, I’m not. I can’t do that.”

He stopped and held me by both wrists, shaking me slightly as he spoke just like a father scolding a child who had done something wrong. “Trish listen to me. You can’t stay here. You could get killed. Do you think that’s what Tara would want?”

“I don’t care what happens to me,” I replied as a few tears began to roll down my cheek, “I am not leaving here without her.” I pulled my arms back with all my might and managed to get my wrists freed from his grasp and I stepped back away from him.

“Do you have a death wish or something, is that it? he scowled at me. “Do you wanna die?”

“If I had to choose between living without her or dying looking for her then I guess I would say yeah, I wanna die cause I sure as hell don’t wanna live without her.” I was babbling in my state of fear and I didn’t care. “I love her ‘J’…I’m in love with her!” I didn’t waste a moment after dropping that bomb on him and turned and started to run away from him, further into the house before he could grab me again.

“Trish wait…” he hollered from behind me in shock at my revolation, the distance between us growing. “You’re what with her?! Come back!” I just kept running. “Trish we’ll find her don’t worry.”

I didn’t look back, just ran from room to room yelling her name. “Tara….Tara!” The hallways in the extremely large house were like a maze in the dark. I felt like a lab rat put through a test to find the cheese at the end. I passed some people in the hallways who were searching for the exit but for the most part it seemed to be nearly deserted now. My voice and the music was all I heard. I rounded the next corner and noticed what appeared to be an attic door in the ceiling at the end of the long hallway that was lit with a few antique looking globes along the walls. The hallway was empty except for me, my body shuttered at the thought. I yelled out again, “Tara!” Walking down the long hall I peered into the open doors, examining their contents one by one.

I stuck my head inside the last door at the end of the hallway and instantly my eyes were drawn to the bloody knife of the floor in the center of the room. I turned to run when an arm grabbed me from behind around the waist and a hand clasped over my mouth. I tried to scream and run but was froze with terror. “Shhhh Trish, it’s okay.” the person holding me whispered.”It’s me, it’s Tara.”

I spun around and instantly pulled her to me, hugging her tighter then I ever had before.I didn’t give her a chance to speak. Suddenly, at that moment when I pulled back from the hug and looked into her eyes everything seemed so clear. I knew our lives were in danger and I had to tell her how I felt in case I never had the chance again. I wanted her to know, she had to know. My eyes never left hers as I spoke in my panicked haste. “Tara, I thought I’d lost you. I thought…” I gasped for breath for as I spoke quickly and the words flooded out in one long,never ending babble. “I…I knew I couldn’t leave here without you so I came back. Jason tried to stop me, he told me what happened and I didn’t care. I had to find you cause I couldn’t live without you. I love you…I’m in love with you Tara.” Just like that I blurted it out as I watched the shocked look in her eyes. I was still holding her so close from the hug that our breasts were touching slightly while I had her by both arms. For a moment I just stood slot oyna speechless staring into her gorgeous brown eyes, our eyes locked on each other in a wordless silence.

“Oh god Tara I can’t fight this feeling anymore…” I let my words trail off into a whisper and moved my two hands from her upper arms to her face, cupping it in my hands and stroking her cheeks with my thumbs a few times. Leaning in towards her face, I closed my eyes and let my emotions take over placing one long, soft, loving kiss on her full lips. The kiss lasted only seconds and then I removed my hands from her face and stepped back from her realizing the severity of what I had just said and done. My emotions and the adrenaline pumping through my vains had just made me do something I never thought I would do.

That’s when I noticed her shirt and remembered the knife on the floor. Her shirt was covered in blood and I rushed towards her again in panic mode. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!” I pleaded. Are you okay? You’re bleeding. Where you cut? What happened?” Again I didn’t allow her to answer or say a word at first, I just grabbed her hand and started to leave the room. “I’m going to get you out of this Tara, don’t worry. We can’t stay in this room. We’ll find someplace to hide until the cops come…I’ll protect you.”

“But…” she started to say while I dragged her from the room.

“But nothing. I’m gonna make sure your safe. Let’s go, we have to go now and be quiet.” And that’s when I remembered the attic door I had seen just moments before. We could crawl up there and put something heavy on the door and he’d never be able to get up there, I thought. We’d be safe. She’d be safe. “Here,” I whispered, pointing at the attic door above us, still clutching her hand in mine. “We’ll be safe up here.”

“Trish we need…”

“Look Tara we can talk when we get up there and I know you’re safe. You can yell at me then okay.” I grabbed a small wooden chair from the room we were just in and hopped up on it to open up the hatch. I pulled it down and a small ladder lowered to the floor near where Tara stood. I put the chair I was using back in the room so nobody would know I had used it and returned to Tara. “Up you go.” I said to Tara and motioned her to the ladder, I’m right behind you.” And I was right behind her. She looked down at me over her shoulder with a slight curl of a smile on her lips when I put my hand on her ass to push her up the ladder faster. I felt my cheeks redden and grow flushed from embarrassment as I realized where my hand was and quickly removed it.

The attic was suprisingly clean, mostly dust and cobweb free that I could see. It was obviously used as a small bedroom at one point. Probably for a child looking to get away from their over bearing parents, it was even carpeted. Not the typical spooky looking attic at all really. A large, un-curtained window in the room allowed enough moonlight in so that we could see what we were doing when we got up there. I noticed a large old wooden trunk to my right and decided that was what I’d use to block off the door, which I’d pulled shut behind us after we got up. We’d be okay up here until help arrived, nobody could know we were here if we kept quiet.

I walked over to the trunk and grabbed the brass handle on the end trying to drag it towards the hatch to cover it. It was extremely heavy and I was only moving it a few inches at a time. “Need some help with that?” Trish questioned me.

“No, you’re hurt. Just rest.”

“Trish I’m okay, really. I’m not hurt and you don’t have to do that, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

“There’s a guy with a knife on the loose and he killed someone. We are not safe Tara!” I snapped back at her in a hrash tone of voice.

“Trish…it was just a joke to scare people. I wanted to tell you but it had to be real so nobody but Travis and I could know. I just wanted to do something nobody would ever forget this Halloween so Trav and I came up with this plan that so that it would make it look like he killed me. That’s why I was hiding in that room when you came by yelling for me. I’m so sorry Trish, I never meant to…”

Her eyes were filled with sadness and regret, mine filled with confusion at what I’d just heard. “But…but you’re bleeding.” I managed to stammer out while looking at the big red stain on the front of her denim shirt.

“It’s just fake blood,” she said as she walked towards me. “I’m not hurt…see.” She reached for the buttons of her shirt and un did them slowly, one by one as I watched her shirt fall open in front of me. Her perfect stomach was just slightly stained with the fake blood that had soaked through the shirt and she wore a black lace bra that I couldn’t help but notice showed off her breasts nicely. I was in utter shock at what had taken place and what I saw before me and my emotions took over. I started to sob lightly.

“Shhh, don’t cry. It’s okay. I’m okay. Here…” she reached out, took my hand and placed it flat on her stomach, just above her belly button, where I thought the wound had been. She laid her hand on top of mine, holding it in place. “See, I’m canlı casino siteleri fine.” Her soft skin felt warm under my touch and I suddenly remembered that only several minutes ago I had told her that I was in love with her, and I had kissed her.

Oh my god, what did I do? was the thought that echoed in my mind. I never would have told her that if I hadn’t thought we might die. I never would have kissed her. Now I couldn’t take it back, I had revealed my deepest secret and felt like I’d been tricked into doing so. A burst of momentary anger came over me. “You bitch!” I yelled, pulling my hand from her stomach and turning my back on her. “How could you? I thought….I thought you might die, that we might die or I never would have…”

“I’m sorry, but you never would have what Trish? Told me that you loved me?” she was crying softly now as well. She wrapped her arms around me from behind, rested her head on my shoulder and hugged me as she continued to speak. “You didn’t know what was really going on, you thought there was a murderer on the loose and you came back to find me, to save me. Even if you hadn’t said the words I would have known after what you did tonight….but I’m glad you said it.” She hugged me even closer now, I could feel her breasts pressed against my back and her warm breath on my neck.

I tried to pull away from her embrace. I was still angry at her for what she’d done and what she’d made me admit to even if she hadn’t planned it that way. She wouldn’t let me go though, she just held me tight against her until I stopped crying and fighting to get away. I didn’t turn to look at her. How could I ever look at her again? I thought. Eventually my body was relieved of the tension inside and I started to relax and think clearly again. I put my hands over hers that rested on my waist and pulled them apart and they fell to her side. “I gotta go.” the feeling of her arms wrapped around me arouse feelings in me that I had to get away from before it was to late and things could never be fixed.

I only got an arms length away from her before she reached out and grabbed me by the wrist again. She spun me around to face her and I was suddenly staring again at the most gorgeous stomach and set of full breasts I had ever seen. The sexy black lace bra strained to contain her ample cleavage. I had seen her topless before but only for a glimpse at a time, not wanting to give my fire any further fuel to ignite it the past few months. I always tried to look away as soon as possible when I found myself thinking of her that way and that’s what I did now, reverting my eyes to the floor.

“Trish look at me, please. I know you must hate me now….”

I cut her off mid sentence in an angry tone of voice. “Of course I don’t hate you!” She interlocked her fingers with mine and held my hand. Her touch alone was sending little electric shocks through my body.

“Good, then I think we should sit and talk.” She began to lower herself to the carpeted floor and pulled down on my arm as she did so. “Sit with me.” I gave in and sat just inches from her. I was trying hard to ignore the anger as well as the arousal I was feeling after seeing and feeling her soft stomach and her breath on my neck but because she was still holding my hand I had to sit very close to her. Side by side, our thighs almost touching.

“Nobody else would have done for me what you did. I’m so sorry.” she repeated again and pulled our interlocked hands up to her mouth and placing a quick kiss on the back of my hand. Her lips were so soft.

I was getting more uncomfortable by the minute. I slowly raised my head till my eyes met hers. “Look, can we do this some other time. I just don’t feel like talking right now.”

“Me neither,” slipped from her lips and a wicked grin fell upon her mouth, “I don’t feel like talking either.” She put obvious emphasis on the word ‘talking’ when she spoke. Then with no warning she pulled me to her and kissed me softly several times. I took a moment just to realize what was happening and then kissed her back with equal passion. We squoze our hands together harder as we kissed and as much as I wanted this to happen I didn’t want to take advantage of Tara in any way so it would only go as far as she wanted it to.

My body, mind and heart already felt like they were in heaven as we continued to kiss deeply, our tongues dancing together. I reached up, removed her cowboy hat, and ran my fingers through her main of naturally wavy brunette hair. She removed her hand from mine and placed it behind my head supporting it as she lowered me to a horizontal position on the floor. Her lips never leaving mine, our kiss never broken as she lay her body partly on top of mine. I slid my arm under the denim of her open shirt and moved it around on the small of her back as she kissed me. As I ran my fingers over the flesh there I could tell where her tattoo was, the flesh felt just slightly different there. Her tattoo was a red rose that appeared to be shot through the center of a heart like cupid’s arrow and it was right in the small of her back, just above her waist. I’ve always found tattoos really sexy, when she first showed me I thought I would cum right then it looked so hot on her. I know she has a second tattoo but it’s some place she said people would never see it. Maybe tonight I’d get to see it.

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