Destiny in Daytona Ch. 05

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8===> Taking the plunge in more ways than one

It was just as we had each started on the third slice of pizza that the direction of the conversation took a new turn. Greg and I had been joking around about all of the clandestine activity we had managed so far to keep from Trent and Ethan, but also talking somewhat seriously about how we wanted to spend more time together when we got back home in a couple of days. The fact we were eating our late lunch naked, said we had become totally comfortable with each other even out of bed. In less than a week, it was if our friendship had been one of many years instead of many hours.

“I’ve never been very good at making friends, Kevin. At least not close ones,” he confessed. “For some reason, with you it has been so different.”

“Me neither, Greg. Trent is about the only really good buddy I have…well at least until now.” I smiled before going on. “I think my fear of someone finding out who I really was is why I’ve been such a loner since junior high.”

“Why didn’t you ever tell him?”

“I wanted to but was scared shitless of how he would react.”

“He always seemed cool though. You really think it would make a difference to him?”

I shrugged. “Maybe not, but I knew he was 100% straight and some of his other friends are borderline troglodytes, so didn’t want to chance it.” I hesitated before asking, “There wasn’t ever anyone that you wanted to tell, Greg?”

“Only one guy before you. He moved away before I could find the courage though. It was probably for the best since I had such a crush on him and he was most likely more straight than Trent.” There was a certain sadness in Greg’s eyes at that moment.

I reached for his hand and squeezed it. “Total truth, bro…that’s exactly why I never wanted to risk it with Trent. At one point I was sure I was in love with him and knew the feelings couldn’t be returned.” I paused to swipe away a tear. “Even if he could handle me telling him I was gay, I knew he wouldn’t cope with me wanting more.”

Greg gave me a look that started with empathy and slowly shifted to devilishness as he took my other hand in his. “Maybe it was destiny for us to end up sharing a bed this week then.”

I grinned wide. “Sure been a lot more fun with you than it would have been with him.”

“That’s a big deff,” Greg responded along with a mischievous nod of his head towards the bed. “Once more before the straight boys get back?”

I pushed my chair back and stood up letting my newest erection show. “I think I can be talked into it,” was all the answer I gave.

Greg raised up from his seat also. There was no mistake about his mood with the bone he was sporting. He took my hand and led me the couple of steps to the bed. As he pushed me down on it, he previewed what was about to happen with, “Gonna be more than talk babe. I intend to have you begging.” With that, he climbed on top of me and took control of my mouth with his.

My lips parted for him and I suckled his tongue while he squirmed his bare ass cheeks on my crotch. As our kissing grew more and more passionate, I felt his pre dripping on my tummy. Surprisingly; even after two recent orgasms; my own balls were creating new juice also and it was smearing on his crack with every wiggle he took. The initial direction he was taking led me to believe he wanted a repeat of getting fucked. How wrong I was soon became apparent.

“Lay still and enjoy this,” was all Greg said after finally removing his mouth from mine. It soon got busy again though starting with kissing my neck, then wetting down my pecs including nibbling on each nipple until both nubs were like hard pebbles. He continued with tonguing his way across my stomach, using his teeth to tug first at each inch of my treasure trail and then my curly pubes. He eventually ended his oral trek by spending a few minutes sucking me into complete hardness and pretty much total submission.

“You do know how to use that hot mouth, baby.” I added a big smile to the compliment.

“Rate me again in about ten minutes,” was his cryptic reply. Greg then shifted to between my legs and dropped his face to my nuts and nuzzled them mercilessly. By the time he had my entire sac in his mouth and rolling it on his tongue, I would have probably committed a murder for him.

“Making me crazy Greg,” I whimpered.

“Nothing like you’re gonna be,” he emphatically stated after spitting out my balls.

Before I could open my mouth again, he rapidly rolled my ass up, stuffed the extra pillow under the small of my back, and then jammed his nose beneath my nuts. His teeth began chewing on the knot under them and I began squirming like an earthworm on a hot rock. My hands went to his head and my fingers grabbed hair when his tongue moved lower and swiped across my pink pucker. When he slowly dragged it across my boy twat the second time, I moaned loudly. When he wedged his lips into my ass split and forced his tongue through the rosebud, casino oyna I screamed in delight. For the next few minutes, Greg did things to my ass with his mouth I hadn’t even dreamed possible and gave me goose bumps in places I didn’t know could get them. I’m sure even my ear lobes were sweating when I was finally able to eek out, “Oh my fucking gawd, Greg! I don’t want this to end. More! Please!”

Quite the opposite though, Greg stopped and raised his head, looking up at me with a huge grin. “More what?” he jested as he simultaneously teased my opening with a finger. “Tell me what you want, Kevin,” he added before using his teeth to gently chew on my ring and sending bolts of electricity through my body. I could see his eyes watching me as he suddenly worked both his tongue and a finger tip into me.

“FEEEE-UUCCCKK!” I yelled and pushed back into the double intrusion.

He pulled off long enough to ask in a very seductive tone, “Want some more do you, baby?” The question was coupled with his finger going in deeper.

I let my hips initially respond for me and shifted into him. When I was able to, I wheezed out a verbal reply. “I think I want more than just your finger, Greg. I think I want you to fuck me.”

Greg left his finger in place but shimmied up across my torso. He inserted a second finger at the same time he pressed his face to mine for a quick kiss. “Let me be honest, Kevin…” he began, “…I don’t want to fuck you; but I do want to make love to you.” The words were followed by another kiss and then a look that was obviously seeking agreement.

I took in the words and smiled knowing he meant them. I circled my arms around his neck and whispered, “Then I want you to make love to me, babe.”

He simply smiled back and we anxiously kissed yet again. As he shifted back to his knees between my legs, I reminded myself that while he was hung like a stud pony, it was the length that made him seem so large. He actually wasn’t any thicker than I was and knew I could handle being penetrated by him. I watched as he lowered his face to my propped-up butt and ate my ass again, getting it as wet as he could with spit. He used the pre from my slit as additional lubrication, and then dribbled spit onto his dick also, slathering it with a mixture of his own pre juices. Just as he nudged the head against my virgin opening, he paused as if to ask for permission to continue. I only smiled and nodded my head.

The burning pain that came when his mushroom punctured my ring subsided almost as quickly as it had been created. I was wanting this to happen and my body was mercifully going along. The smile and gentle bump from my hips I gave Greg got me about two inches. He stopped moving and let me get used to the first part of his tool being in me. When I nodded at him, another couple of inches came along with another pause. We repeated the same ‘more-and-wait’ method once again before either of us spoke.

“I feel so fuckin’ good and so fuckin’ full, Greg,” I purred at him to express my pleasure.

“You are so tight baby. I’ve never felt anything like this. It’s so damn awesome,” he replied to show his own contentment.

I grinned and scrunched my ass muscles on his cock. To further encourage him to continue, I added, “Then make us both feel even better and see who screams the loudest at the end.”

Instead of commenting, Greg only splayed himself over me and offered me his lips. I took his tongue from his mouth at the same instant his hips began taking leisurely humps into my ass. His motions were slow and easy; occasionally full-length thrusts but mostly multiple short ones; but every one always tender and amorous. Just like he had told me before we began…he wasn’t fucking me but rather making love. We carried on with the same controlled action for many, many minutes until his long dick constantly bumping my prostate was becoming more than I could handle. I broke off the kiss we had been in forever and alerted him with, “So close, baby…just a few more good ones like that last couple.”

His only reaction to that was to plaster his lips back to mine and start taking short rapid sharp jabs deep inside me. The third direct hit to my magic button caused my back to arch and my cock to begin oozing uncontrollably all on its own. I had never cum that way before and it was so intense as each new bump to my inner bulb forced out another thick rope without my dick being touched. We were moaning in each other’s mouth when Greg suddenly pulled his free and cried out, “Oh holy shit! NOW LOVER!” as his long flesh hose filled me with one explosion of spunk after another…each one teasing yet again my sensitive special bulb.

Our arms remained wrapped tightly around each other until the last shudders finally came. I was the first to find a normal voice again and simply offered, “That was so fuckin’ amazing, Greg! And so were you!” I accented my comment with a short but passionate kiss.

He smiled at me while shifting slot oyna into a cuddle position. “Only amazing because of you, sexy man.” The look in his sparkling eyes said he had been as satiated as me. “I wish I could just stay in bed with you for the rest of the trip.”

That comment brought me back to reality and reminded me of Trent and Ethan. “Oh shit! What fuckin’ time is it, babe?” I asked even though I was already jerking my head towards the clock radio on the nightstand between the two beds. “SONBITCH! They will be here anytime,” was my declaration when I saw that our latest session had lasted past 4:30. “We either have to get cleaned up and dressed quick or explode out of the closet to them, dude,” I offered in a joking manner.

Greg kissed me on the cheek and grinned. “I am willing if it would get us the room alone for the night,” he kidded back.

I laughed and replied, “Me too but the probable fallout of Ethan going blind and Trent telling us to take Greyhound home wouldn’t be worth it.” With that I kissed him one more time and moved from the bed. “Come on…if we hurry, we can at least shower together,” I offered with a wink.

Twenty minutes (and two surprise erections in the shower that we convinced ourselves to leave alone) later, we were dressed and watching TV when the security chain stopped the door from opening fully. Greg and I both laughed as quietly as we could when we heard Trent yell sarcastically, “Come on guys…get your clothes on and let us in!”

* * * * *

We decided to take in the Daytona Beach Boardwalk that night. Although it was one of the oldest ones in the state, it was a mixture of both old and new. Between the ancient amusement games, the limited but much newer rides, and the endless array of food, the evening was full of fun. And of course Greg and I were like Siamese twins joined at the hip the entire time. Being with Trent and Ethan meant we had to keep our emotions and lust under control but we did manage to get a Ferris wheel car all to ourselves and got in a little playful groping and teasing. When it came time to unload for the next group of patiently waiting customers, we ended up stopped at the very top for a moment. I was holding Greg’s hand and gazing off over the ocean lost in the fantasy of what this new friendship might turn into when Greg suddenly elbowed me gently in the ribs. “Check out the car behind us,” he suggested.

As I turned my head to look, I saw two other young guys wrapped tight together and swapping spit passionately. “Damn,” I mumbled. “That is so brave and sweet at the same time,” I added just as Greg’s grip on my hand tightened.

“I like the idea of being brave,” slipped from his lips right before they pressed against mine.

Even though my initial thought was ‘What if Trent and Ethan sees us?’ I rapidly let my lips part for Greg’s tongue to invade my mouth. As we kissed, I realized for the first time that the feelings I had developed for him was giving me bravado I never knew existed. I wanted his touches and kisses and didn’t care if we got caught. Even if Trent freaked on me and our long close friendship ended up damaged, the new one I had discovered with Greg would be worth it. When the car jerked forward to shift us closer to the ground, we finally broke off the embrace, but the look on both our faces said we didn’t really want to. That notion was solidified as our fingers laced tighter together and Greg whispered, “I really do think I am falling in love with you, Kevin.” All I could manage as an answer was to smile as big as my mouth could handle and nod my head in agreement. Until it was our turn to leave the ride, my mind kept replaying the words Greg had said and how I knew my own feelings matched his. It was becoming so obvious that my heart was becoming as invested as my body already was.

Greg and I rejoined the guys and spent another hour or so pigging out and playing a few more of the carnival games. If Greg and I had been seen kissing, nothing was said. When we finally tired of all the food and activities at the boardwalk and were discussing heading back to the motel, Greg nudged me as he made a statement. “I think Kev and I are gonna walk up the beach instead. It’s only a mile or so and I know I could use the exercise to work off some of the gazzillion calories from all the junk food we ate.” The sly wink he threw at me said to just trust him and agree.

Trent looked at us and simply shrugged his shoulders. “Just don’t get lost or mugged by a herd of sand crabs,” came with a grin.

“Nah! It’s the rogue horny dolphins you have to watch out for, ” I replied. “Just wanna enjoy the moonlight and waves and peacefulness of the beach. We will probably be back there in a hour or so.”

“Suit yourself but the Trent taxi service is only making one trip ’cause I wanna get comfortable on a bed and watch a movie and don’t plan on being back out of the room tonight.” Ethan did nothing but shake his head in concurrence with that idea. canlı casino siteleri

“OK then,” Greg announced. “Come on buddy, let’s start the hike and see what all we can find on the beach between here and there. It’s low tide and I bet there are more sea shells laying around than at the tourist shops.” I knew he had something in mind besides collecting shells and wasn’t about to ask or speculate…just let him surprise me. With that, Trent and Ethan headed for the parking lot and Greg and I sauntered to the beach and headed north.

We had only walked a couple hundred yards on the sand when Greg reached over and took my hand in his. The beach was nearly deserted but even if it hadn’t been, it seemed as if it was the most natural thing in the world for two guys to be walking in the moonlight holding hands. For us it was. I was feeling the most satisfied I ever had and it all was because of him. Greg had released emotions I didn’t know existed and a calm that I never thought I would find. He had verbalized it earlier, but I knew that I too was falling in love.

We talked about all sorts of petty little things the next couple hundred yards…nothing serious or important…just bullshitting as if we were somewhat afraid to say much else. Finally when we arrived at a long stretch of beach that was completely empty of others and away from any invading bright lights of hotels and motels, Greg looked at me and proposed taking a break and sitting down to watch the waves. It was dark here and with the thick clouds, the moon only peeked through occasionally. The combination of the heavily muted lighting, the crashing of the surf, and seeming to be the only two people that existed at that point made it kind of romantic in a way. I quickly agreed wondering what would be next as we dropped to the sand.

Nothing was said at first…we just watched the ocean spew on the beach and then escape back to wherever waves go to after making an appearance on land. I leaned back on my elbows and stared up at the dark sky in an attempt to find stars that were there but hidden. Greg reclined also but rolled up on his side and propped his head on his hand. His free hand brushed across my cheek and he eventually queried, “What you thinking about baby?”

“Lots of stuff,” I responded in a noncommittal way as I flattened out on my back.

“Like what?”

“Like how much fun this week has been and how much I have grown since meeting you and well…how I am starting to feel and wondering if I am crazy.”

Greg slid his hand over to let it rest on my chest. “And how DO you feel, Kevin?” His fingers began a light strumming of my pecs while waiting for my answer.

“Honestly?” I rolled to my side and planted a quick kiss to his lips. “The same way as what you said on the Ferris wheel at the boardwalk. I am falling in love with you Greg.”

Greg smiled at me and pulled me into a hug and returned the kiss with a more passionate one of his own. “Do you mean that Kevin, because I was serious when I said it.”

I looked straight into his eyes and stated, “Of course I mean it Greg. What I am feeling is even more than what I felt for Trent. More than I have ever felt about anyone else in my life. And it feels so right.” The smile I was sporting shifted suddenly. “Am I expecting more than you want or can give is the only thing that worries me.”

Greg’s face exploded in a wide grin. “I think what you need to worry about is if you can handle how much I want to spend my life with you. I didn’t shove my tongue in your mouth in front of God and the world on that Ferris wheel because you are just a summer fling you know. It’s been quick, but dammit, I am head over heels about you Kevin! Each new day has made me that way and so scared at the same time.”

I tightened up our cuddle before asking, “Scared of what babe?”

“Scared that this was just a week for us to remember instead of it being something that was a beginning. I was afraid things would change when we get back home.” Greg lowered his eyes to try to keep me from seeing them misting. “I was scared I would be all alone again,” he softly uttered.

I folded myself into him and kissed him as never before. My hips grinded against his and our legs and torsos twisted into one. “Greg. My best friend. My lover. You have nothing at all to worry about in that respect. And that is the same thing that had me worried. I want more than what we have had the last five days. I want it to be forever too. I’ve been trying to figure out how to bring this up and thankfully you did.” I smiled and waited.

Greg looked at me and smiled so big. “You really mean that don’t you?”

Before I could reply. I noticed movement in the darkness maybe 100 feet away. We were suddenly not the only ones on this section of beach. I broke off our entanglement and sat up holding my knees. “We’ve got company baby,” I whispered.

Greg sat up also but remained as close as possible. Deciding to be discreet but not willing to give in totally, he took my hand and held it between us as he whispered back sarcastically, “Yeah…we don’t want to make the breeders spaz thinking we are getting it on right here under the stars.” The grin on his face was priceless.

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