Distracted By the Tutor

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Reader alert… in the interest of fair disclosure let me explain that while this is a gay male story please note that near the end readers will find a long row of ………………………

Beyond that point which comes halfway down on the second page the story takes a brief turn where it stops being a gay story. If readers do not wish to read anything other that gay material they should stop there and consider the story finished, judging it on the merits to that point.

I respect and appreciate my readers too much to sneak any surprises on you so please take this into account should you decide to read beyond the period line since it is different than the rest of the story.

Thanks and enjoy.


My mother thought she was doing me a favor by getting me a tutor, and in a way she did because I did raise my grade enough so that my Math score got decent enough for the rest of my really good grades to get me onto the honor roll.

Most guys wanted a car or something lavish for their eighteenth birthday present but since Dad was gone it wasn’t like we were all that flush. Besides, I don’t know how Mom was even able to afford to pay for the tutor, but then again she had managed to stretch a buck well enough for us to live decently so I guess it’s a talent.

The real favor was getting to meet Aaron, a bespectacled graduate student with skin of a mocha hue and a modest Afro, and although black folks were scarce in our neck of the woods back in the 70’s somehow Mom had found this scholarly looking 25 year old African-American to mentor me. Mentor me, he did.


I sat in my room waiting for Aaron, my math tutor, and all I could hope for was that this second session wouldn’t be as embarrassing as the initial one the week before was.

It was awkward from the start for me, because in our part of upstate New York, black people were rather scarce (and this was the early 1970’s when the term black was usually used) and while I wasn’t scared of Aaron, who was about my height and weight and almost as nerdy looking, he was different than the people I was used to.

For his part Aaron did his best to be pleasant and friendly, seeming to understand my nervousness, and he did a lot of touching while he worked with me. His hand on my arm or on my shoulder as he tried to get me to be less dense about Math was meant to support me but only made me more nervous.

It was around that time when I figured out that I wasn’t like most of the other guys. I loved girls, or at least that was what I claimed, but the fact was that I liked girls well enough but when it came to being attracted to them they usually left me rather cold.

That wasn’t the same as what I felt when an elderly man gave me a lift one day when I was hitchhiking. When I ended up at my destination later I knew my life would never be the same.

The problem was that not only was I not all that handsome and had definite issues regarding self-esteem when it came to my body, I was also shy. Painfully so, so while Aaron’s hand on my neck kneading softly was meant to get me to relax, it did the opposite.

Still and all, things would have been different if Aaron’s hadn’t asked if I had another protractor. I told me I did and it was in the drawer he was sitting next to. When Aaron tried to open the drawer it stuck, as it was prone to do from time to time, but when it jerked open something from the back of the deep shelf slid forward.

“What the?” I heard Aaron say, and while I was deep in thought while trying to solve a problem I was working on, when I saw what Aaron had taken out of the drawer I freaked out.

“Here you go,” Aaron chuckled as he handed me the protractor instead of the dog-eared paperback book he had found. ‘Well well, Timmy. Your mother know about your reading tastes?”

“Let me have it,” I said as I unsuccessfully reached for the book, but after a brief game of keep-away I gave up and pretended I didn’t care, even making up some cockamamie story about finding the book and having no interest in the lurid contents.

In fact I had bought that book and another one like it as soon as I was old enough to legally get into a porn shop down in the city. The other book like it was gone forever, with me having “loaned” it to this guy in the neighborhood in exchange for him letting me suck his cock in the woods.

The one Aaron was holding, which was a paperback book with grainy black and white photos, had a brief story line that explained that these two guys were sailors who were “more than friends”. That happened to be the title of the book but the pictures left no doubt the two guys were sure way more than friends.

The two guys were not very handsome but the pictures were pretty graphic and the way the pages were curling was a testimony to how much I had read the book and how much I had gotten for my money in buying it. The fact that one of the guys was black did not go unnoticed by Aaron either.

“I’m not a kid,” I insisted when Aaron kept asking me if my Mom knew about my tastes. “I’m 18 you know.”

“You casino oyna don’t look it, but what I meant is about her knowing that you’re a homosexual,” Aaron asked, and although I told him that it was just a coincidence that the people in the book were men and I really dug girls, the way he looked at me suggested he thought I was a full of shit as I truly was.

“Nothing wrong with it, you know,” Aaron concluded as he leafed to the back of the book and handed it to be, adding, “Too bad they didn’t use a brother with better equipment.”

I didn’t know what he meant by that because the black dude had a big penis – bigger than his white photo partner – but Aaron had moved on.

“You dig black guys?” Aaron asked. “Or, as your mother would say, Negroes?

“NO!” I said sharply, and he laughed at that response as well as my backtracking when I amended that to say that black guys were cool and all and mumbled more about my sexuality being misunderstood.

Our tutoring session ended shortly afterward, and after Aaron left I locked my bedroom door and did what I did best at that time, the fact that Aaron seemed to think I was gay not fazing me much at all.


The next tutoring session had me on pins and needles but it was all business, at least at the start. Aaron’s tutoring efforts had been helping me start to catch on to some things that had eluded me up until then, and when I mentioned that success toward the end of the hour he just shrugged.

“It’s why I’m here,” Aaron said as he stood up and went over to my bookcase and looked at the titles. “You have any more porn, Timmy?”

“No,” I said while my face burned.

“Too bad,” Aaron replied as he pulled a book off the shelf and leafed through it.

It was then that I noticed something that would have been tough to miss with him standing a few feet in front of me like that.

Aaron was wearing snug fitting bell-bottom jeans, and while I had already noticed his butt before, this front angle was even more revealing, and it had me blowing my breath up my face to cool me off.

I could see his cock or the outline of it, and the bulge snaked down to the left of the fly of the denim and the inside of his thigh. I could even see the outline of the head of his dick, for crying-out-loud!

“Something wrong?”

Aaron’s voice snapped me out of my trance, and when I looked up and saw his bemused expression while glancing at me from over the book it was obvious that he was well aware of what I was staring at.

“Sorry,” I mumbled while trying to go back to the problem on the book instead of Aaron.

“No you aren’t,” he chuckled.

“Those jeans – they don’t leave much to the imagination,” I explained.

“I guess you’re right,” Aaron agreed, but then after he put the book back he walked around the table and came up beside me. “I think your Mama got a look at it too. Maybe that’s why she almost walked into the wall before when she let me in. Is this better? Oh, that’s right. You aren’t gay.”

“What are trying to do?” I asked.

“Trying to reward you for your hard work,” Aaron said. “You deserve a break, so if there’s something you want to do, go ahead. I sure won’t stop you.”

“My Mom…”

“What about her?” Aaron asked. “She looks like she hasn’t gotten some in a while but I was getting a vibe like you wanted something of mine.”

“But what if she comes in?”

“She won’t. Besides, I locked the door.”

“You did?” I asked, and when I looked around Aaron I could see that he had turned the lock. “I’ve only been with a few guys guys.”

“Then I guess I’ll be another of the guys,” Aaron said as he stood there waiting for me to move.

I did eventually, swiveling in the chair and reaching up to fiddle with his belt, but Aaron stopped me and told me to unzip him and pulled it out through the fly.

“I’m not wearing underwear, so you should have no problem.

I nodded, although I didn’t think it would be easy to take his stiff dick out like that. That wasn’t the case though, because after I pulled the zipper down and reached in with the back of my hand brushing through his kinky pubic hair, I learned that he wasn’t hard. Not even close.

That bulge I had been staring at was pretty flaccid, and after I grabbed the spongy shaft and coaxed it out of the snug confinement, what was hanging out of that open fly was close to 6″ of thick ebony manhood, and who knows what more inside the jeans.

“Holy shit,” I mumbled as I gawked at the imposing uncut cock with a mixture of fear and awe.

“It’s just a cock,” Aaron said with his hands on his hips. “You’ve got one too, don’t you?”

“Not like this,” I said in the understatement of the year as I looked at the fat vein that ran down the top of the shaft.

“Well, if all you’re going to do is look at it…”

I nodded and reached up to take hold of it again, and as I raided it I couldn’t get over how heavy it was. Rubbery too I discovered as I pulled on it gently and watched it stretch out even longer. Clearly, slot oyna this monster was going to get even bigger when it got hard.

“That’s it,” Aaron sighed when I finally opened my mouth and took in the shrouded crown of his cock. “Look up at me Timmy.”

I did as I was told, and Aaron smiled as he ran his hand through my hair and asked me whether black cock tastes different than white. I shook my head while he guided my face further down the shaft.

“That a boy. Suck that cock. Make it big and hard.”

My lips had only managed to moisten about half of Aaron’s tool, and as it swelled that percentage was going to go down. My lips were making the foreskin slide up and down as well, exposing the plump head which was the color of a plum and not too much smaller either.

In front of me was a little of Aaron’s crinkly pubes and about half of his stiffening cock, but when I started to reach out to grab the veiny shaft he brushed my hand away.

“Just use your mouth Timmy,” Aaron explained. “Gotta get going here so…”

With that Aaron held my head in his hands and started to thrust his lower torso at me, in effect fucking my skull.

“Aw!” he cried out, and then I felt him erupt in my mouth, spraying his load while his manhood pulsed and twitched away.

I managed not to choke on it and let the seed roll down my throat as he finally stopped cumming. I kept sucking on Aaron as he went limp in my mouth, only stopping when he pulled it out.

“Damn good for a novice,” Aaron declared as he tucked his limp snake back in his jeans and patted me on the head. “You’ll get better too with practice. Tomorrow night?”

“You going now?” I asked as I followed him to the door.

“Gotta run,” he declared as he turned the knob, but stopped when he looked down and saw that the front of my slacks were tented out, and there was also a wet spot right at the end of the very modest tent. “Oh my, don’t let your Mom see that. Here.”

Aaron reached down and grabbed my boner through my slacks and briefs and squeezed it – hard.

“Little fella, huh Timmy?” Aaron chuckled, but I was too busy cumming to let the remark affect me.

I was almost doubled over as Aaron’s hand seemed to be trying to crush my dick, and I fell up against him as an incredible orgasm roared through my loins and took an amazingly long time to end.

“You okay man?” Aaron asked as I straightened up and took his hand off of my crotch, looking down at the result of his touch. “Damn, you cum in quarts!”

I didn’t know about the quart part but the front of my slacks now had a wet stain about the size of a dinner plate covering the front.

“Tomorrow dude,” Aaron said, and with that he unlocked the door and left.

“Oh, hi Mrs. Wells,” I heard Aaron exclaim. “Just finished up.”

I exhaled, glad that Mom hadn’t been a minute earlier, but as they chatted about my progress I realized that she was going to come in here next and the sight of me in these cum-soaked pants would be tough to explain.

Scrambling around the table, I managed to sit down behind the desk just in time before she popped in while she was exclaiming how happy she was to see I was making such improvement.

“My, it’s musty in her,” Mom sniffed as she inhaled the semen fumes of both of our orgasms, and as she went over to open the window she gushed about Aaron and how polite he was and not only handsome but so intelligent too for a Negro.

“Black, Mom,” I corrected her after she dropped the n-word of the times – Negro. “If you have to call him anything besides Aaron for some reason.”

“I keep forgetting,” Mom said as she left my room with her voice trailing away, “…Although he’s not really black, he’s more of a mahogany or maybe…”

“Good grief,” I mumbled. “You’re going to drive me crazy.”

Then again, the more I thought about it, I was 18 and if I didn’t like it I could leave. That financially unpleasant prospect put that thought out of my head, so as I peeled off my spunky slacks I let my mind go back to a far more pleasant thought. Aaron.


Under the covers I was having trouble sleeping. It had been one hell of a night, and what Aaron had said about tomorrow night had me wishing the clock would spin faster. Finally, not wanting to mess the sheets I climbed out of bed and retreated to the bathroom to get rid of my problem.

After locking the door, I dropped my pajamas and lifted the toilet seats like I had a thousand times before and took my erection in hand.

Little fella. That was what Aaron had called my dick when he had grabbed it but heck, I bet most of the world was little compared to what Aaron was blessed with. I wished I had seen him without his pants on so I could tell how big his cock was. He had to be 8 or 9 inches long, so compared to him I was small.

No, I admitted to myself as I looked down at what my thumb and index finger were holding. I was small period. Countless peeks in the showers at other guys back in high school and at urinals had made that pretty obvious, and canlı casino siteleri my growing years had already passed. Que Sera Sera, I hummed while wishing I could be Aaron for a day at least.

I came picturing Aaron and that magnificent cock of his, and after I made sure that my mess was cleaned I flushed it down twice to make sure. Sleep came easy when I got back to my room.


Giving Aaron head became a regular part of our routine, the final act of our hour-long session, and as Aaron had predicted I got better each time. The affection however was one-sided. To put it bluntly, Aaron would come and go.

He did start taking his jeans off though, and that only made me hornier. His smooth ebony skin and the rippling muscles along his sleek torso was about as erotic as it got, and seeing all of those treasures was great eye candy for me.

Aaron had rather small balls though, not all that much different than mine. He did have a cock that was 9.83″ long when erect however. I found that out one night when I asked him how long it was and he claimed he didn’t know.

“Measure the thing if you want,” Aaron suggested while waving at the many pieces of equipment there on the desk, so I did.

I announced the precise measurement, and instead of being happy he claimed that he was way bigger than that, proving my suspicion that he knew the dimensions of his cock all along and simply got off having me measure him and then my oohing and ahhing all over it, which I was glad to do.

“Here,” Aaron said while squeezing the base of his dick and straining so hard the head was looking ready to pop. “There you go! 11 inches!”

“That’s cheating,” I said.

“Bullshit. How big is yours, Timmy?”

“About 6″,” I claimed.


“You never saw it. Heck, you only touched it through my pants that one time,” I reminded Aaron.

“Didn’t feel like no 6″,” Aaron maintained.

“How come you never touch me?” I asked, and the question seemed to shock Aaron because I wanted him to do to me what I enjoyed doing to him. “I mean really touch me.”

“You’re just a kid.”

“I’m 18.”

“You aren’t really my type, Timmy. No offense. You’re a good looking dude and I like you but just not that way. I dig guys more like – me I guess.”

“You mean black guys or guys with big cocks?”

“Black guys,” Aaron said in a matter-of-fact manner. “Black guys and white women.”

“Oh. You like girls too.”

“Sure. You said you did too right? Just personal preference.”

“I was hoping that we would become – you know?”

“Afraid not, besides, I won’t be going here much more. Tomorrow night is it.”


“Your Mom said that your grades have gone up so much and she really can’t afford it, so tomorrow night is it.”

“Shit,” I sighed, and it struck me that I had really fallen for the guy despite knowing he wasn’t all that enamored with me.

“Hey, tomorrow night we’ll have a party,” Aaron said.

“Maybe Mom can bake a cake,” I said sarcastically.

“No need,” Aaron said as he waved his semi-turgid cock at me. “Now before I go.”

It was a bittersweet moment – not Aaron’s semen which creamy and delicious as usual – but realizing as I sucked his cock passionately that I wouldn’t be doing this anymore.

“Tomorrow night Timmy,” Aaron said after getting his pants back on, and I walked out in the hall with him as Mom approached.

“Oh, and tomorrow night, if you want,” Aaron said after Mom had turned away, but not before she had clucked and fawned over him while paying him.

He whispered the rest of it for my ear only, and when I heard it I stood there in shock for a second before nodding okay.

“Looking forward to it?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I mouthed, not really sure whether I was or not.


There was very little Math involved in our last session, since our last session was going to involve one equation and that was one plus one. Aaron’s cock, 9.83 or 11 inches, whichever measurement you want to use, into one anus. Mine.

There was little romance involved. Once Aaron got to my room he locked the door and stripped down. If my mother ever got the inclination to come up with milk and cookies, like she had once early in Aaron’s tutoring, I would be fucked in more ways than one but as I looked at Aaron naked I realized it was worth the risk.

Although his facial features continued to resemble the studious bookworm he was and much of his physique was not much more impressive than my own, you wouldn’t spend much time lamenting his lack of bulging biceps and pecs when that magnificent cock was in sight.

As I gazed in awe at his body it struck me that I was going to have to take my clothes off and while this was something I had fantasized about often since Aaron started tutoring me, actually getting naked in front of him was now intimidating.

Not that my body was all that horrible but there was an area where I was very inferior to Aaron and now he was going to see for himself what he had already deduced from that brief grope through my clothing.

To make it worse, my erection was disappearing as I disrobed so that by the time I was naked my dick was trying to crawl up into my intestines as it often did in times of stress and fear.

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