Don’t Look Back Ch. 23

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The walk back to the Crockett seemed impossibly long, but Marshall curbed his impatience, and refrained from putting his hands all over Lee, much as he wanted to. In public, anyway. Once they were alone, that wasn’t all he intended to touch Lee with, and his cock ached at the thought.

“Want to grab a bite to eat?” Lee asked. They stood at the back of the elevator, which crawled up to the fifth floor, stopping for an eternity at every floor in between, as people got on and off.

“That’s the plan,” Marshall quipped. He gave Lee a sassy wink.

“I meant dinner, boy.” Lee chuckled.

“So did I.” Marshall offered a faux innocent look that didn’t fool Lee for one moment.

Lee’s grin only grew broader. Food could wait, as far as Marshall was concerned. Oh yes, he intended to dine—on Lee.

They arrived on their floor at last. Lee took Marshall’s hand in his and they strolled the short distance to their room. Marshall’s heart pounded in anticipation. His cock was hard and leaking pre-cum. Lee opened the door and pulled Marshall inside, pushing him up against the back of the door. Their mouths meshed hungrily together.

Marshall never tired of the taste of Lee, no matter how often they kissed, which was pretty often. His connection to Lee was everything to Marshall. Lee was his anchor and his rock, and he couldn’t imagine life without him. Never again.

He moaned when Lee broke off casino siteleri the kiss.

“Shhh. Get undressed and meet me on the bed,” Lee murmured, “but leave the underwear.” He disappeared into the bathroom. Moments later, Marshall heard running water, and he understood. He quickly yanked off all his clothes, leaving the assless boxers. And the cock ring, of course, which technically didn’t qualify as clothing. More of an accessory.

By the time Lee emerged from the bathroom, Marshall was splayed across the bed, his head on one hand, the other draped along his side. He looked into Lee’s eyes as he approached, and read the open admiration there, as well as lust.

“If I’m the main course, you’re dessert,” Lee said, his voice deep with need, and the promise of what was to come. “How do you want me?”

Now that was a good question. Marshall scrambled onto his hands and knees and crawled down the bed toward Lee. “Turn around and let me see what I’m gonna eat,” he directed.

Lee obeyed, turning in a sexy pirouette until his ass faced Marshall. He glanced over his shoulder, his eyes fixed on Marshall.

God bless whoever designed these.

Lee was in fantastic shape. His body could put a lot of younger men to shame. Every time Marshall looked at him, his heart swelled with pride at the knowledge this sexy man was his.

Rising onto his knees, Marshall nuzzled Lee’s ass. He rubbed his cheek slot oyna against Lee’s firm flesh. Lee spread his legs a little more, and Marshall reached between, cupping his heavy balls, rolling them in his fingers.

This was nice, but this wasn’t what he wanted. For right now, Marshall was in charge and he knew it, knew how to use it.

He slid his tongue along Lee’s crack, but that was just an appetizer. “On your hands and knees,” he instructed him, moving aside so Lee could clamber onto the bed.

Lee’s movements were slow and sexy, and Marshall watched with open admiration as Lee assumed the requested position, facing the headboard. He wriggled his ass enticingly. Marshall’s mouth watered in anticipation at the sight.

He was determined to make this moment last as long as possible.

Marshall began with the soles of Lee’s feet, pressing soft kisses on them, then on up his muscled legs. He liked the feel of the hair against his lips as he kissed his way up to his thighs and licked at the tender skin there before turning his attention to Lee’s taint. He licked a trail from his balls to his hole and felt Lee shiver.

Using his fingers, he spread Lee’s cheeks, admiring the pink pucker inside. This was his goal. This was his prize for good behavior. For this, Marshall was willing to be a very, very good boy indeed.

He tenderly kissed Lee’s hole and the sensitive skin around it, before adding canlı casino siteleri his tongue to the mix and licking the same areas.

Feeling adventurous, he raised his hand and slapped Lee’s cheek, felt it quiver beneath his palm. When he heard Lee moan, he repeated the action on the other cheek.

“Goddamn, boy,” was Lee’s only comment.

And now for the feast…

Marshall devoured Lee’s hole, alternating between licking and sucking and fucking with his tongue. No fingers today, he used his mouth alone to satisfy both their desires. He felt Lee’s need ramping up, growing stronger, much like his own. With the cock ring, though, there was nothing he could do about that. At least not now.

He knew Lee was reaching his limit when Lee’s hand snaked beneath him, reaching for his cock. Marshall forestalled his move by rolling them both over. He knew damn well Lee was stronger, and could have stopped him easily… if he’d wanted to.

Marshall twined his fingers in Lee’s offending hand, brought it to his lips and kissed it sweetly. The sheet beneath them was soaked with pre-cum.

Marshall raised his eyes to Lee’s lust-laden orbs, so dark they were almost purple. He didn’t need to ask to know what Lee wanted. He swallowed him whole, taking Lee’s cock into his mouth up to the root. Lee arched his back. With his free hand, he grabbed Marshall’s long hair and held on tight as he thrust upward, fucking Marshall’s mouth.

Marshall sucked as Lee fucked his mouth hard, harder. When Lee came, he swallowed every last drop and licked him clean, like a cat with cream.

“Your turn, boy.” Lee smiled.

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