Earning the MMF Pt. 03

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I wake up a couple of hours later, Brandy is leaning over me.

“Hey, Rog, she kisses my forehead softly,

Don is making food, I am grabbing a quick shower, if you want to get up.”

I smile nodding, I yawn and stretch, “Let me use the bathroom before you shower, please hon.”

Brandy just smiles, as I stretch and move to the washroom.

After a pee, I grab my boxers, Brandy gives me a quick soft kiss as she passes me in the hallway.

I head into the kitchen where I am greeted with more soft kisses from Don.

We chat idly, as he prepares omelettes.

Brandy arrives just in time, Don is just plating our omelettes and homefries.

“This looks good, thanks Don.”

Brandy smiles as Don, leans in to kiss her cheek.

We all tuck in, the food is delicious, we are thanking Don continuously, as he smiles in delight.

Brandy clears her throat, and says, “so guys, you remember what I said about filming?”

We both nod, sitting up clearly interested,

Brandy pauses for a sip of coffee, before continuing.

A moment later, “well boys, you do seem open to the idea, and well, I have a friend who has a small studio.”

Brandy chuckles at our confused murmurs.

Brandy is smiling as she continues, “basically my proposition is, if you boys agree to shoot a scene for me, professionally.

I will shoot a scene with each of you, of your choice, whatever role play you want.”

Seeing our confusion, Brandy goes on a minute later.

“Boys, to be clear you still each get your threesome night, no matter how you answer, take some time, think it through.”

A minute later, I turn to Brandy, and ask, “so what would it be for, like who would see this?”

“My personal use only, boys I promise.” Brandy says, sincerely.

A moment later she goes on, “the only people who would ever watch it would be us,”

Brandy smiles reassuringly.

Don inquires, “what about the person, or persons, who shoot and edit and stuff?”

Brandy smiles again before answering, “well Melissa would shoot it and edit it herself.”

Brandy chuckles as I say, “Melissa from earlier?”

Don’s eyes are wide as we wait for her reply.

Brandy nods, before speaking, “yes guys, that’s why she was here, she wants me to shoot for her.”

“Not surprising,” I reply.

“No shit,” Don concurs.

We agree to let her know soon.

“I’m pretty sure we know what kind of scene you want,” Don adds.

Brandy chuckles, nodding as we begin laughing.

“Is that how you got your previous threesome experience Brandy?”

Brandy shakes her head at my question, “I haven’t shot for her yet.”

“Yet?’ Don’s grins as he asks.

Brandy grins back, “you first hopefully.”

We all laugh at her reply, as we calm, I ask my last questions.

“Is Melissa the owner, and is she discreet, Brandy?”

“Melissa can keep a secret boys, don’t worry, and yes she is the owner, you don’t have to answer right away.”

“You will play whoever we want in our scene?”

Don has his features scrunched up as he asks.

Brandy nods, “like I said guys, think it over, we…..”

Don interrupts her, “we will do it, right, Roger?”

Brandy chuckles at his excitement.

I look at Don, shaking my head in wonder, softly smiling as I turn to Brandy, I nod as I speak, “yeah Brandy we will do that for you.”

Brandy eyes widen as she beams, “awesome, we will discuss details in the next few days okay?”

We both nod our replies. A few minutes later Brandy makes a show of opening the lower part of her bathrobe.

We see she is nude, her thick bush on full display.

“Are you boys ready for some dessert?” she says in a sultry tone.

“Fuck yes,” I reply quickly as Don nods vigorously.

Brandy has us set up some blankets on her living room floor again, instructing us to get naked and lay flat on our backs.

Brandy squats directly over Don’s face, allowing him a good look at her bushy pussy.

She lowers herself slowly, his tongue darting out for a taste, I hear a loud moan as she sits.

Brandy grabs Don’s hair pulling him into her snatch, “lick my hairy pussy like a good boy Don.”

Her moans tell me he is following her directions.

Brandy grinds her thick hairy bush all over his face, grunting and moaning before settling in for a while.

Brandy looks down, smiling, while watching Don squirm underneath her.

“Now Don, I want you to lick the alphabet, start in lower case, and then do it again in capitals.”

Don moans, as I hear, “Yes good boy, that’s it, ooh nice b.”

Brandy fully removes her robe, ordering me to stare at her titties while I watch.

I happily comply as my best friend practices his letters.

Brandy’s constant movement can’t be making this any easier for him.

His face is glazed from her juices, as she slides her wet pussy all over him.

“On my clit, Don, those last two letters don’t count, do them over.”

Brandy lifts up for a moment, she pulls Don’s head up.

Brandy plays her dominant role flawlessly.

Holding ankara sınırsız escortlar him by the hair, she says sternly.

“When I slide on your face, you wait, do the letters when my clit is on your mouth.”

Don does better, Brandy’s moans are constant as he licks.

Her hands are full of his hair, holding tight, as she rides him.

Brandy’s face riding becomes more intense, her chest is flushed, her big tits swaying nicely as she grinds herself all over Don’s face.

I am watching in awe, with a side of fear, my hand just loosely around my rock hard cock.

Brandy, is cooing away, “yes, yes, good boy, good boy, yes, fuck, Don.”

She trembles on his face as her orgasm subsides, lifting up for a moment.

Brandy takes a few deep breaths, as her rocking slows, she smiles down at Don.

“Good boy, now, let’s do the capitals, Roger come over here, suck his little cock while I ride him.”

I am lying on my stomach, between Don’s legs, his small hard cock is throbbing in my mouth.

Brandy is riding his face, their moans mingling, as I bob happily on his cut cock.

Brandy pauses her ride, leaning over to grab my head, guiding my pace on his nice cock.

“Suck that little cock, Roger,” she encourages me, still guiding my head.

I hear a loud moan as she sits upright.

“Mmm nice fucking Q Don, do it again.”

A long series of moans, follow her request, “again, again, again,… okay,” Brandy sighs, settling gently on his face as he continues.

I am licking away, my friend’s cock is harder than anything I have ever felt, I wonder to myself if mine feels this hard.

Reaching down to confirm, I too could cut glass. I slap his hard cock on my lips, before sliding him back in.

Brandy is just gently rocking up and down, as he finishes his alphabet.

A few minutes later, we see her twirl her fingers as she stands, smiling brightly.

“You know what to do,” she says before lowering her bush onto my face.

I start at a, remembering to only lick when I can reach her clit.

I am soon glazed with her juices, as she slides her hairy pussy all over my face.

Don is obediently, as instructed, staring at her heavy round titties.

I feel slight pain, as she grabs my hair, pulling me firmly against her pussy, “good boy Roger, make me moan.”

I increase my tonguing, as Brandy, reinforces her words, pressing herself into my wet face. Holding my head firmly, her moans steady and louder.

Brandy is writhing again, I am taking my time, licking a v slowly, trying to time it right. I do the w three times as she soaks my face. I have to repeat the z a few times, before she is satisfied.

I am rewarded by a series of “good boy,” while she recovers.

As she did with Don, Brandy rewards my efforts by having my best friend suck my cock as she rides me.

Don is a much better cock sucker than I am, my cock is threatening to cum quickly.

I try to reach down for his head, but Brandy stops me, “learn some control Roger. suck his little dick Don.”

Brandy grinds harder as she finishes her sentence, I fight my orgasm while my friend bobs steadily.

I am using my tongue as skillfully as possible, fighting my own orgasm as I inwardly pray for Brandy’s.

Don mercifully, slows his pace on my oozing cock, I am halfway through my capitals when I hear her moans increase.

A stream of unintelligible words flow from Brandy, Don has my cock in his hand watching her.

I slowly practice my Q, trying to get the squiggly part just right, Brandy moans her appreciation.

Don takes me back into his mouth, Brandy’s moans become rhythmic as her orgasm builds.

Don has me shaking, I am sure I will cum at any second.

Brandy starts rocking her hips, just as I am sure I am about to shoot.

She pulls Don off me just before her orgasm hits, she writhes on my face, murmuring something as she calms.

Seeing our looks a minute later, she says softly, “that’s eight guys, good boys.”

A few minutes later, she announces, “if you boys, get me to ten, I suck your little cocks tonight.”

We both sit, pondering, trying to perfect our replies, until Brandy giggles, adding, “don’t worry, either way, you both get blowjobs boys.”

Brandy squeals, snorting again as we chuckle softly, shaking our heads in amusement.

We joke, and laugh for a while, allowing Brandy some recovery time, our dicks deflating to half mast, as we both get a needed cool down.

“I was in a three person relationship,” Brandy returns to our earlier conversation.

“What?” Don inquires.

Brandy chuckles, before continuing, “with two guys, that is where I got my threesome experience, you guys remind me of them.”

Brandy smiles, seeing our expressions of confusion, “you boys are cuter, and your little dicks, are bigger than their little dicks were.”

Brandy snorts as we celebrate, posing for her, displaying our half hard dicks, while she giggles happily.

After we calm down, she continues.

“I would be open to that again guys, I really like dating ankara suriyeli escortlar bi guys, you are both bi now, right boys?”

She teasingly asks, smiling as we pause.

“Only for you, Brandy, well and each other, I guess,” I correct myself, while she smiles.

“I am pretty sure we are bi, bud,” Don chips in, causing Brandy to giggle again. I shake my head at him again, while fighting back a laugh.

“So what do you guys think?” Brandy asks, after we all regain our composure.

“Are you asking us to go steady?” I ask in a cheeky tone.

Don is nodding already, Brandy just giggles softly.

“Well let me think about,” I pause trying to be funny, “yes yes yes yes yes,” I say a moment later to their soft chuckles.

Brandy pulls us both close for a nice long three way make out session.

Our young tired dicks are fully hard again when we finish our celebratory kisses.

“Okay guys, your turn, surprise me boys.”

We are ready, having discussed this scenario during last night’s make out session.

We walk to the bathroom hand in hand after retrieving Don’s backpack, having asked Brandy to give us a moment.

We return five minutes later, still holding hands, now wearing see through cock pouches, our small dicks crammed inside.

Brandy smiles happily as she watches us approach.

We introduce ourselves, and have her lie on her tummy.

We sit on either side of her, as we drizzle oil onto her back.

“Is this your first massage, Ma’am?” Don asks as he begins rubbing Brandy’s soft shoulders.

I move to her feet. I am gently massaging her toes as she replies.

“I have had massages, but never from two handsome guys at once.”

She pauses before adding, “my husband is so sweet to me.”

Our eyes widen at Brandy’s plot twist. “He does this for you often?” I inquire, playing along.

“Mmm yes, he sure does, and he always requests you nice small dicked boys.”

“He knows I need a break from his huge cock, stretching me out.”

Brandy sighs as we continue silently.

“I mean you could hardly call those little things cocks boys, but they are cute.” Brandy continues her taunting.

I am surprised by how much Brandy’s words make my cock throb.

“I see your little dicks getting hard boys, thinking about his big cock inside me, are you?”

She chuckles at her rhetorical question and sighs softly.

“Or is the little dick teasing that makes you boys twitch?”

Brandy asks a moment later in a very sexy tone.

I feel my cock throb, confirming it is indeed the little dick teasing, causing us both to twitch for her.

We continue her massage as she quietens, relaxing as we soothe her muscles.

We spend thirty minutes on her legs and back, before each moving on to an ass cheek.

We lean in closer, letting our hard cocks out of our pouches, we begin softly spanking our cocks onto her soft cheeks.

Brandy moans steadily as we spank her, her legs spread a little more for us.

We play like this until we have covered her soft huge cheeks in our pre cum.

We smile at each other before leaning down to clean her up.

Brandy’s moans tell us she is enjoying our attention, her hand sneaking under her as we kiss her huge ass softly.

I look down in awe noticing my two hands barely cover half a cheek of her big shapely soft ass.

We take our time, listening to her soft moans as we caress and kiss her wriggling ass.

About ten minutes later we can tell Brandy is close again.

Don lays flat, sideways to Brandy, as I gently lift her up a bit.

He slides his head under her as I lower her.

My tongue finds her asshole as Don’s finds her swollen clit.

“Oh fuck yes, oh fuck yes, oh fuck yes,” Brandy moans over and over, as our tongues drive her mad.

A couple of minutes later, we hear a long loud “Fuck,” as she writhes on our tongues.

Her chest is flushed bright red, as her ninth orgasm hits her solidly.

Brandy slowly stops writhing and cools a moment, allowing her breathing to slow.

Don asks if she would like a minute or two, before we continue her massage.

Brandy gladly accepts, much to her delight. we perform blowjobs on each other, as she waits.

Brandy signals she is ready to continue, we have her flip over for us.

We put our little cocks back in their pouches.

I again move to her feet, Don leans directly over her.

Don’s cock pouch right above Brandy’s face as he massages her big heavy round breasts.

I hear Don moan as Brandy sets his full balls free.

Brandy reaches up and begins lightly tapping his balls, her force increasing steadily.

I hear a few “ow”‘s from Don, as her slapping gets harder.

A few minutes later he motions for me to switch.

I notice his ball sack is beet red as I get into position above Brandy.

Brandy wastes no time, uncovering and slapping my balls immediately.

I suckle and massage her gorgeous boobs as she increases her force.

There is pain, but it is no match for the pleasure, I find myself ankara türbanlı escortlar craving a harder slap.

Brandy sensing my enjoyment, smacks my hard cock a couple of times for good measure, before returning her attention to my sore balls.

A few minutes later, Brandy pushes me away, I reluctantly move as she teases.

“That is quite enough little dick in my face thank you.”

Brandy giggles, seeing she can still make us blush with her size jokes.

Brandy breaks character for a moment.

She says soothingly, “soon you boys will be referring to them as your little cocks too, you will,” she adds, smiling as we shake our heads.

“Don, Roger, I love your cute, little, cocks, honestly boys, I wouldn’t want them any bigger.”

We smile brightly, posing proudly for her a moment later, our little cocks thrust out, pointing upwards as Brandy looks on proudly.

We settle down, continuing her massage.

We sit on either side of Brandy, massaging and suckling her sensitive titties, our hands alternating on her clit.

Our eyes alternating between her magnificent breasts and her thick hairy gorgeous bush.

Monitoring her progress, as we try, to hit number ten.

I have an idea, I walk away, quietly, leaving Don to tease her.

Five or so minutes later I return.

Their heads are away from me, I say loudly, “I am going to fuck you now Ma’am.”

Brandy turns as she begins to speak, “like fuck you, are,…” her words fall off as she sees me stroking the eight inch, strap on dildo I am wearing.

Don nods at me in approval, as Brandy lets out a huge moan.

“Good fucking boy, Roger.”

Brandy moves into doggy position, telling Don to sit in front of her.

“I have my little cock tied into the harness Ma’am, I will try to not let it touch you.”

“You better, now be a good boy and fuck me.”

Brandy drops her head into Don’s lap waiting impatiently, while I lube the toy.

Don moves, lifting his hard cock towards her, Brandy just scoffs, pushing him back down with her head as she says, “I don’t suck tiny dicks.”

I begin fucking her, gently at first, lubing the dildo in her juices, before increasing my pressure.

Brandy moans, “Fuck yes, Roger, give me that cock.”

She lifts up a minute later, looking at Don she says, “Roger might get his little dick sucked.”

She laughs at his look, before carefully placing her head on his balls.

I fuck Brandy slowly, long deep thrusts, giving her way more cock than I ever could without the toy.

“Fuck me with that big cock, Roger,” her moans are meant to taunt us.

Don is moaning madly as she again is torturing his balls with little spanks.

Holding his shaft upright, she repeatedly spanks his swollen balls, while thrusting her hips into me.

After about twenty minutes of steady fucking I am tiring, Brandy seems as if she could last all day.

Don has tears in his eyes.

Hearing my breathing, Brandy twirls her fingers.

We need a few minutes, but soon enough Don has a much bigger cock. His own little dick tied away like mine was.

I get into position for my ball spankings as my friend takes over fucking Brandy.

Her spanks get steadily harder, my balls redden.

I am praying for her orgasm again, as the pain increases.

I remind myself this is Brandy’s hand on my small cock, and resign myself to the pain.

Don is fucking her as hard as he can, pulling Brandy’s attention away from my sore balls momentarily.

Brandy is moaning steadily, her face pressed into me right beside my aching cock.

I fight urges, every few minutes, to just grab her head and shove my cock into her mouth.

I am angsty, impatient for my much needed release.

Just when I think she is going to cum, she twirls her fingers, we switch the dildo, as fast as we can, and change positions.

I ease the dildo into Brandy, chuckling inwardly as I hear a yelp from Don.

His ball spanking has started again, much to his dismay.

I fuck Brandy slow again, hearing her moans of approval, I slide every inch in and out, in and out, holding her hips close to me.

I notice Don is quiet.

I see Brandy has laid her head in his lap, encouraging me to continue the long slow thrusts.

Brandy is moaning in pleasure.

Don is squirming under her.

I reach under and grasp a heavy breast.

Brandy moans again, I notice her nipple is rock hard.

I tease her sensitive nipple while fucking her slowly.

Her moans spurring me on.

After about ten more minutes, just when I am sure I need a break, I feel Brandy’s body getting warmer and warmer.

I fuck her harder, still long slow deep thrusts, my hand moves to her clit.

Brandy moans, “Good boy,” before hanging her head back down.

Her full breasts are swaying nicely below her.

I put every ounce of energy I have into my long slow thrusts.

Don’s uses his eyes to encourage me silently.

He reaches up and caresses her swaying breasts, his hand between them, gently touching as she rocks back and forth.

Brandy is close again, we are both excited, hoping against hope for orgasm number ten.

We can’t contain our smiles as we hear her moans intensify.

We know her orgasm sounds by now.

We coo lovingly, encouraging her, as she slams herself back into my thrusts.

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