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She felt the large, closed fist land against her cheek. She was taken aback and had to pause for a split second. She was already furious, but she quickly became enraged at being struck. Lauren swung back as hard as she could. She felt the man’s jaw split against her knuckles. Lauren didn’t waste any time as the man fell towards the floor, she spun around quickly. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, thank you for taking care of him. He has been staring at me all night and wouldn’t leave me alone.” the woman explained as she wiped her hands on her jeans before extending an open hand.

“No problem. It’s part of the job” Lauren said as she returned the gesture and shook the woman’s hand. “Name’s Lauren Tripp.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Harper Richardson.”

Lauren looked over Harper quickly. She took note that Harper was wearing jeans and a baggy shirt, to a club, she must be in a relationship then Lauren thought. But she couldn’t help but notice Harper’s petite figure and perfectly tan, flawless skin. Lauren tried to push her thoughts to the back of her mind, realizing she was still at work and she had to get back. She flashed Harper a crooked smile, “see ya around.”

She was back behind the bar before Harper could say anything else. She quickly rounded up drink orders and started mixing. It only took seconds for the manager to show up. “Jesus Christ Tripp, what happened to your face?” he said poking at Lauren’s swollen cheek.

“It’s nothing Matt. Just stopped a guy from fooling with some girl who clearly didn’t want him around.” she replied, never missing a beat mixing and handing out people’s shots.

“Well next time, let the bouncers handle it.” Matt replies as he gestures to Dustin and Nick at the door. “We need you behind the bar.”

Lauren nodded and continued working. She figured it better to just let Matt pretend he was actually doing his job. Typically Lauren would tell Matt how he was a shit manager and to fuck off, but she didn’t have the energy to deal with it tonight. It had been a long week and the night was almost over. She threw back a shot that one of her regulars bought her. The rules were never drink anything a customer buys you, don’t want to get drunk on the job. But Lauren’s regulars insist on drinking with her and she holds her liquor well. Plus, it’s not like Matt actually pays attention anyways. He’s usually busy scouting the club for women to torment. Matt is a short, awkward man. He uses more hair gel than any woman Lauren has ever met. It is rare that any girl falls for Matt’s lines. They usually just use him to get free drinks and then pretend to be too drunk to go home with him.

It was closing time and Lauren counted out her tips. $300 in one night, not too bad, especially for a slow night. She threw her cash in her pocket and headed out the door. It was sort of chilly so she walked faster to her car. As she waited for her jeep to heat up, she texted Jessica. “What are you up to?”

“Watching a movie at home. Wanna join? You can stay the night.”

“Nah I’m pretty tired. I’ll just head home. Thank you though.” Lauren was hoping she’d want to meet up and drink. She turned the music on her phone on, which was already synced to her jeep stereo and headed home.

She tossed her keys on the counter and headed to the fridge for a beer as she sifted through her mail. Bills and more bills. Lauren threw them in trash along with the top to her beer just opened and started to drink. She plopped down on the couch with a heavy sigh. She had big decisions to make in the morning. Half way through her drink she decided to put it on the coffee table and head for the shower. As Lauren waited for the shower to warm up she undressed, throwing her clothes in the basket. Afterwards, she dried off and laid in bed. She laid there, staring at the roof for what seemed like hours before the exhaustion finally set in and she fell asleep.

She shot up from bed as she was startled by her alarm clock the next morning. She rubbed her head as she tried to forget the nightmare she had just awoken from. Realizing what time it was, Lauren hopped out of bed and threw on her favorite pair of khakis and grey button-down shirt. She ran to the bathroom to brush her teeth and run her fingers through her bangs, making sure they lay to the side in a perfect yet messy style. She quickly and purposefully fixed her tie in a loose and messy manner around her neck. She grabbed her black vans from the closet and headed to the living room. Completely dressed, she headed downstairs to her jeep. Before pulling out of the apartment complex parking lot, she checked her phone. 3 missed calls and a text from Jessica.

“Where are you? You better not be late!!”

Lauren didn’t bother replying, she just put on her music and headed towards the courthouse. She parked and headed inside. As she approached the metal detectors she took off her shoes and emptied her pockets. She passed through the security device and waited for the guard to pat her down. Her lucky day, the cute amsterdam shemale guard approached her. As the guard placed her hands on Lauren’s shoulders, Lauren gave her a quick smirk. The guard blushed and moved down Lauren’s body. As she made her way back up to Lauren’s shoulders, she whispered “meet me in the bathroom in an hour if you can” in Lauren’s ear before she said loudly “grab your things and move along.”

Lauren finished putting on her shoes and headed to the designated room where she was met by her sister Jessica, who was pacing back and forth in front of the closed door. “For fuck’s sake Lauren, can you ever be early to anything?” Jessica squealed.

“Sorry, I didn’t change my alarm from the normal time. At least I’m not late.” Lauren shrugged.

“Well have you decided which story you are going to give?” Jessica attempted to whisper.

“The truth.” Lauren said as she saw the lawyer walk up to them.

“Hello ladies. How are we doing this morning?” their lawyer questioned.

The replied almost in unison, “Okay considering everything Linda. You?”

Linda gave a sympathetic smile “don’t worry, everything will be okay. It should go just as we’ve practiced. Let’s head on in.” She held the door open for them.

All three women headed to their side of the courtroom. On the opposite side sat Lauren and Jessica’s most recent foster parents and their lawyer. All three were in their chairs huddled together, talking. Lauren sat in her chair calmly and showing no emotion as always. Jessica on the other hand was all but in tears. Lauren grabbed her hand and gave it a light squeeze and one of her famous, crooked smirks. Jessica took a deep breath and sank into her chair. Everyone was asked to stand as the jury and then the judge entered the room. As everyone sat back down Linda whispered to them “Let’s finish this and then go finish a bottle.” The sisters both gave a quick smile.

The court officer presented the case to the judge and the judge allowed Linda to make her opening statement. Linda adjusted her skirt as she stood up and cleared her throat. “As we know this is the third case against Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The reports have been made in the previous two cases on how the married couple mistreated all the children they have fostered. But this case shines a true light on what really occurred and just how brutal this couple was. In the other cases, we heard how Mrs. Smith forced the children to eat only once a day and when they did eat it was what was leftover from the rest of the family’s meal, Mr. Smith had the children scrub floors and baseboards with toothbrushes and when they didn’t get every single spot they were forced to stay outside, trapped in a hole in the ground that was barred with a gate over top. But today we bring in two sisters who went through even more troubling events than the two previous children.”

As Linda sat back down and rested a hand on Jessica’s, who was twirling her thumbs nervously, the Smith’s lawyer stood up and began his opening statement. “While the statements made from the first two cases may have been true, we have proved over and over again this loving couple was only attempting to instill character and proper foundation in the children they fostered over the years. While some may see these accounts as extreme, others would praise Mr. and Mrs. Smith. As for what these two sisters claim they have done, there is no proof. In fact the Smith’s daughter Melissa is her today to testify that her parents were always caring and loving towards her and these sisters that they brought into their family.”

Melissa was brought in by the court officer and sat at the stand. This was the first time in 8 years that Lauren had seen her. Lauren gave a small smile as she saw Melissa sitting in front of her, fat and ugly like her mother. Lauren glanced at Melissa’s mother, spitting image. That’s exactly what she deserves Lauren thought. Melissa was sworn to oath and the lawyer began his questioning.

“So Melissa, are the Smith’s your biological parents?” the lawyer started

“Yes.” Melissa quickly replied.

“And Jessica and Lauren? Are they your biological sisters?”

“No, mom and dad adopted them when I was 13.”

“How old were they?”

“10 I believe.”

“Are they biological sisters?”

“Yes, they are twins. Mom always said she had wanted twins.”

“Did you ever feel indifferent towards them? Or treat them differently than the other sisters and brothers you had growing up?”

“I didn’t feel indifferent, I liked them. They were closer to my age than my other siblings. I wanted them to stay in the family. I treated them as my biological sisters.”

“And how did they treat you?”

“Like crap. They were always rude and only played with each other. Sometimes Lauren would call me demeaning names.” To that Lauren couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle. Dumb bitch deserved being called a dumb bitch.

“How did they act towards your parents?” the lawyer shot Lauren rotterdam shemale a quick glance.

“They were horrible. Never listened or did their chores. I had to do all their chores. Always skipping school and running away.” Melissa eyed Lauren.

“How did your parents react to this behavior?”

“They would ground them. Once they spanked them but it wasn’t effective so I guess they didn’t see the point in continuing that.”

“Did they ever treat you any differently if you acted in a similar manner?”

“No, well, they spanked me more than once.”

“Why is that?”

“I never repeated the same mistake after being spanked.”

“So in your opinion, were you treated worse than your adopted sisters? And do you think the type of punishment your parents chose for either of you was wrong?”

“No, I think they chose what they thought worked for each of us. They didn’t cause any actual pain or anything, just attempted to instill character and good judgement.”

“I have no further questions for this witness your honor.” The lawyer stated before taking his place next to the Smiths.

Linda began, “So you are saying that none of the allegations made here are true?”

“No they are true but not to the extent that they have been made.” Melissa shot quickly.

“So you have stated that Lauren and Jessica were only spanked once, correct?”


“Then explain to me these photos?” Linda turned the court television on and a slideshow of pictures began. There were at least 20 different photos of each sister in a hospital, showing bruises and lacerations on different areas of their body.

“I’m not sure. Maybe they are from when they were in a different foster home.” Melissa said, shocked at the sight.

“That could be so, but here are their health records showing the dates that these photos were taken. And it just so happens, they correspond to the times when the Smith’s reported them having runaway.” Linda walked the records to the judge for him to look at.

“Objection. Is there a question?” the Smith’s lawyer shouted.

“No further questions.” Linda grins.

“Okay. We’ve been at this long enough. Let’s take a break. We will resume at 11am.” the judge slams his gavel down and leaves the room.

Linda and the two sisters go back out to the main hall. “Alright, that went pretty well I’d say. The rest should go just as smooth as we have planned. I’ll call you up as the next witness when we resume.” Linda gestures to Jessica.

“Sounds good. I’m going to go grab a coffee. Want to go with me Lauren?” Jessica said trying to hide her nervousness.

“I’ll meet you in the cafe next door. I have to run to the bathroom first.” Lauren said, adjusting her tie.

“Okay, meet you there. You want anything Linda?”

“No thank you. I have to make a few calls about another case. Thank you though.” Linda gave them both a quick hug and headed down the hall.

Jessica walked towards the exit and Lauren headed to the bathroom. She glanced at a clock passing by. It was just over an hour. She walked in and went over to the sink to wash her hands. No sign of the guard. As soon as she got done washing her hands, the guard walked in and locked the door behind her. Lauren gave her a crooked grin. Before Lauren could even introduce herself, the guard unbuttoned her shirt. Lauren shrugged and wrapped her hands around the guard. Removing the guard’s bra, Lauren kissed her neck. She made her way up the guard’s neck to her ear, she felt the guard shiver. She knew exactly what the guard wanted, it was the same thing everyone wants from her. She smoothly slid her hand down the guard’s pants to undo the zipper. The guard slid her hand under Lauren’s shirt, feeling her flat stomach, moving up Lauren’s long, thin torso to her breasts and gently caressing them. Lauren bit the guard’s exposed collar bone firmly as she slid the guard’s panties down. She traced down the guard’s body with her tongue, kissing her hip. The guard quickly tangled her fingers in Lauren’s short, brown hair as Lauren ran her tongue over the guard’s clit. Lauren firmly moved her tongue around, digging her nails into the guard’s hips. As she continued rolling her tongue over the guard’s clit, Lauren felt the guard release and gasp from pleasure. Lauren smirked at the feeling of the guard’s orgasm. She began to kiss her way up the guard’s body, following the same trail that her tongue did on the way down. She kissed the guard’s cheek and made her way back to the sink to wash her face.

The guard got dressed and took a piece of paper from her pocket. Lauren watched her in the mirror all the while. The guard gave a wide smile and slipped the piece of paper in Lauren’s back pocket, then left without saying a word. Lauren finished cleaning up and headed out of the courthouse towards her jeep. The guard wasn’t there as Lauren walked through security. Lauren made it to her jeep and reached for the toothbrush and toothpaste that she always kept in the center blog shemale console, in case of an emergency. She brushed her teeth and looked at herself in the mirror. She ran her fingers through her hair, it was still in the same messy style as it was when she left this morning. She headed to the cafe, as she promised Jessica she would. Lauren looked at her phone as she walked, 30 more minutes before they had to be back. She walked into the cafe and spotted Jessica instantly. Jessica looked up and made eye contact with Lauren. Jessica instantly lit up and waved Lauren over. Lauren grinned at Jessica and made her way to the table. Jessica had already order Lauren a coffee. Lauren took a sip from her drink.

“Took you long enough. I was getting worried that maybe you were sick or something.” Jessica snapped quickly.

“Sorry, I had to run some cold water over my face. I was falling asleep back in that room. Melissa is so full of bullshit.” Lauren shrugged. She didn’t want Jessica to know she slept with the guard. Jessica didn’t like that Lauren slept around so much, but she knew that Lauren felt that was the only thing people wanted from her.

“Yeah we know that, but does the jury? I just hope Linda is right and everything goes according to plan. I am a little nervous about being on the stand.” Jessica started fidgeting with her coffee cup.

“Hey, it’s going to be okay Jess. Just answer the questions like we rehearsed with Linda. Tell the truth and if you get nervous just look at me.” Lauren took Jessica’s hand and tried to calm her. Some might see their relationship as strange, but if they knew what the two sisters had gone through, they would understand why they are so close.

“I know, I know. You have always taken care of me and made sure I was okay. I don’t think I would have survived without you.” Jessica lowered her head.

“Don’t say that, you can survive anything.” Lauren gave her a crooked grin. Lauren knew it was true to an extent though. Lauren always had to protect both of them. She was the big sister after all. And she didn’t want Jessica to ever be hurt. So Lauren acted as the mom, making sure Jessica was always fed and provided for the best Lauren could, under any circumstances. Lauren finished her coffee. “You ready to head back and get this over with?”

Jessica took a sip of her barely touched latte “Yeah might as well.”

They got up and headed back to the courthouse. They did the same routine as they did earlier that morning to get through security. Lauren’s guard was back from what Lauren assumed was her lunch break. She patted Lauren down just like she did this morning, only this time, she blushed the whole time. Her voice cracked as she told Lauren to move along, Lauren flashed her a crooked grin. Jessica slapped Lauren across the arm as they walked towards their courtroom. “Really?”

“What? I didn’t do anything.” Lauren knew she had been caught. Jessica always found out anything Lauren did wrong or wanted hidden. “She came onto me this morning. She even gave me her number. But I was good. Scouts honor.” Lauren pulled out the piece of paper that she had forgotten about until just now. She glanced at it quickly before shoving it back in her pocket. Donna xxx-xxx-xxxx.

They met Linda in front of the door again. She was finishing up a bagel and sipping on some coffee. She finished up her breakfast and swiped away any crumbs on her skirt. “Alright ladies, let’s get this finished.”

They headed in and got situated in their same positions as this morning. The judge came back in and the hearing resumed. “Well Mrs. Stanton, the stand is yours. Call up your next witness.”

Linda stood and firmly stated “I now call Jessica Tripp to the stand.”

Jessica wiped her hands on skirt. Lauren swiftly brushed her finger on Jessica’s hand. Jessica took the stand and was sworn to oath. Then Linda began. “Ms. Tripp when did you and your sister get placed into the system?”

Jessica said with a shaky voice, “When I was 3.”

“Do you remember where you went when you were first placed in the system?”

“Not really. I think we were sent to an adoption center for the first few months. My sister said we didn’t get to our first home until right before our fourth birthday.”

“Yes that matches with the records. Do you know how long you were with that family? And why you were sent back?”

“I believe the family did not like having such young children. They wanted older children. We weren’t there for even a year.”

“Correct. How many families were you sent to after that?”


“Why so many?”

“Well a few of them decided they weren’t cut out to be foster parents, one home had too many kids, another family didn’t take proper care of us, and another dropped us off back at the center with no explanation.”

“So you’ve seen your fair share of homes. And your last home was the Smith’s?”


“Were you and your sister ever separated?”

“No, that was another issue with most homes. They only wanted one of us. But our biological mother said she didn’t want us split under no circumstances.”

“Interesting, most centers don’t typically care about orders like that. Your mother must have some pull. Do you know who she is?”

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