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Anri Okita

Hi, I’m Faye

So, let me tell you how it all began; it starts, as things like this normally do, with a crush on someone I shouldn’t have had a crush on. Her name is Sally; she’s a twenty-eight-year-old primary school teacher and she’s married to a friend of my parents. I first met the couple when they came around to our house for a late dinner when I was seventeen. We hit it off and honestly, I think meeting her that night confirmed to me that I was definitely gay.

They came around once or twice a month, and Steve, her husband, was an old school friend of my parents and he’d been married to Sally for about eight years. By the time I was nineteen they were pretty much family to me, even though I secretly hated Steve for being married to Sally he was a nice guy. Not overly good looking or buff but nice enough for me to understand why Sally would love him.

Sally, on the other hand, is beautiful. She has short blonde hair that sits neatly on her shoulders, bright blue eyes and seriously kissable lips. She’s slim and petite, probably about five-feet-five and has the cutest breasts ever. Even though she is that good looking, it isn’t her looks that first attracted me to her.

No, it was her…I don’t even know how to describe it. Do you know how a really sweet first-year school teacher should be? Really bright and happy and quick to smile or laugh with this way of looking at you that just made you want to hug them and kiss them and…well, you know the rest.

There is another layer to this though, see, she has an air of being totally incorruptible. A shining moral light in a world of grime. Okay, maybe I’m going over the top but I’m sure you know what I mean. She is a thoroughly lovely person and, well, I guess I liked the idea of being the one to corrupt her!

Don’t misunderstand me here, I’m a good person, but I like to think that I’m something of a vixen. I have long red hair to the middle of my back and I’m five feet and eight inches and slim with a very decent pair of legs, my breasts are a tiny bit smaller than Sally’s but I’m proud of my pert pair! Much as I like to imagine I’m a ‘bad girl’, that’s a side of me which usually remains hidden.

So, fast forward a couple of months and I had just moved out of my parents’ house into a rather nice apartment. It was on the third floor of an eight-floor building that my hard work and dedication to my job had allowed me to buy and furnish…okay, that’s a lie; my dad bought it for me and helped me furnish it. He insisted and I, in almost no way, encouraged him to. Look, I was between jobs so quit judging me.

It was a Thursday night when things started shaping up. I’d had a boring day at work again, my job entails prancing about an office making coffee for pricks and filing papers that could’ve literally been for anything. When I applied for the job as an office clerk I didn’t realise what they actually wanted was someone to do all the shitty jobs no one else wanted to do, upward mobility? Dream on. I was sat on my sofa watching TV, still wearing my office clothes with my feet up on the table when the phone rang.


“Hi Faye, its Sally are you alright?” My heart always skipped a beat when she said my name.

“Oh…hey Sally!” I replied, trying not to sound too thrilled she’d called. “I’m good thanks, bored out of my mind watching TV and wondering whether or not to poison my boss with whatever the hell is growing behind the sink. Are you okay?”

“You’re crazy you know,” Sally was giggling in a cute way, but then again I find everything she does is cute. I detected something else in her voice, nervousness perhaps? “I…I mean we were wondering if you’d mind if we came to see you tomorrow. There’s something we want to talk to you about. Well, ask you about actually, if that’s okay?”

“Uh, sure…Sally is everything okay? Should I be worried or something?”

“Oh no, no it’s nothing bad. Just something Steve and I were talking about; we just wanna talk that’s all. But it’s nothing to be concerned about,” she still sounded a little strange but I let it go, I figured there was no point pushing her on it if I was going to find out tomorrow anyway.

“Okay, fine, umm do you want me to cook a meal or something? I’ve figured the microwave buttons out,” I was trying to inject a bit of humour into the conversation as it all seemed slightly weird.

“No, no there’s no need for that,” she laughed. “A cup of coffee or something will be fine.”

“Ah, now that I can do, I’m a professional drink maker now.”

“Will seven be okay?” Sally asked.

“Yeah sure, I’ll see you both then.”

“Okay, see you then, bye honey.”

“Bye,” I said as the phone clicked on the line. Normally I’d be excited to see them, especially you know who, but something wasn’t right. I’d rarely heard Sally talk that way, normally she’d laugh with me but it was all too serious. So, with my curiosity piqued, I headed into the shower and did several uninteresting things before heading to bed.

Happily, casino siteleri Friday is a day off, so the pricks at the office were making their own drinks today. Although, to be honest, I could’ve done with a distraction because all day long I kept thinking about the impending visit and wondering what it could possibly all be about.

I had another shower at around five and put a loose dress on, a nice knee-length floral green dress (bad girl for life) and waited for them to arrive and even though I’d been waiting for them all day, the speaker on my door still scared the shit out of me when it beeped to let me know someone was pushing the buzzer on the outside door.

I looked at the little image on the tiny screen and saw Sally and Steve waiting for me and buzzed them through the main door. It was an agonising few seconds between buzzing them through and waiting for them to arrive at the door; I had it open already and gave Sally a warm smile when I saw her. She had a big black coat on which made her look even tinier than normal and her blonde curly hair bounced around her pale cheeks as she took the last few steps up to my level.

She returned my smile, but it wasn’t as warm as it usually was, and stepped into my embrace. We said hello to each other and when Steve followed her in I saw that his demeanour matched his wife, but there was more to his expression than hers. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but whatever was going on with them clearly wasn’t good, and where I fit into this was as puzzling as the phone call yesterday.

“Come in, come in, welcome to casa-de-Faye,” I said trying to be as cheerful as possible. “Sorry about the mess, though if you point out anything that isn’t tidy I’ll consider it an act of war!” I kept smiling as much as I could and took Sally’s coat from her and hung it by the door. Steve could manage by himself; I’m not a valet service for outerwear y’know!

They smiled and sat down as I boiled the kettle, when I glanced back at them they were talking really quietly. I could see Steve shaking his head slightly and looking worried but Sally just looked tense. I carried the drinks in and set them on the table in front of them, then sat down on the chair looking over at them.

“So, don’t keep me in suspense guys, what’s going on?” I looked at Sally then at Steve. “You both look scared to death.” I was smiling when I said it but it was a weak smile at best.

“We are,” Steve spoke up. When he did, Sally looked over at him sternly, or as sternly as she could manage. “I’m sorry.”

I don’t know if that was aimed at me or her.

“We have had a lot of bad news lately honey,” Sally spoke calmly but her voice sounded shaky. “We’ve been trying to start a family; we’d been trying for so long without any success so we went to the doctor to get tested and I…” Her voice trailed off.

“Sally can’t get pregnant Faye, it’s something to do with the womb lining not being suitable,” As Steve was explaining this I could see Sally moving he knees and cringing like she felt disgusted with herself.

“Oh, Sally I’m so sorry,” I reached out and took her hand in mine but when I saw how down she looked I just had to hug her. I could feel her trying to stifle her sobs and she did manage to keep her composure. “What will you do now?” I asked as I sat back down.

“Well, we went to an adoption agency in town, they sent a person out to our house last week to talk to us and to look around to assess if we could be considered as foster parents,” Steve told me in a matter of fact way, I could sense a degree of anger behind what he was saying. But, it seemed…forced, like he was trying to sound angrier than he was if that makes sense.

“We got a letter from them on Tuesday,” Sally continued. “Apparently because of Steve’s work schedule and my past mental health issues, we can’t be considered as viable foster carers, even though I’m a teacher and look after kids all day!”

“Oh,” I said, feeling uneasy about being told such personal details all of a sudden, even though they were telling me openly it still felt like prying. “What do you mean mental health issues?” I asked, deciding to pry anyway.

“I’ve suffered from depression for a long time and because I still take anti-depressants…they don’t believe that I’d cope with being the primary carer while Steve is away,” she said grimacing.

I should explain that Steve’s job requires him to spend about two weeks a month in New York, and now that Sally had told me about the depression I briefly wondered if his absence was contributing to it and maybe that’s why she wanted the baby. But I didn’t have time to fully explore that yet.

“So, what are you going to do? I mean, can you go to a different adoption place?”

“No,” Sally said shaking her head grimly. “No one will see past the fact that Steve works away a lot or that I’m on medication, they basically told us that we shouldn’t have children together.”

“Wow, that’s…that’s terrible for you, I’m so sorry,” I said in a comforting slot oyna way as possible.

I’ll be honest, at this point I was kinda on the side of the adoption people, I’m pretty sure they would’ve seen the same thing I did. A couple that spends a long time apart wanting something to keep them together, rather than a child to actually bring up together. Hell, if I could see it, they must’ve seen it too.

Right now it still hadn’t dawned on me what they were going to ask me, or how I fit into this thing, all of which became clear when Steve spoke again.

“So it leaves us with one option, find a surrogate,” Steve said it bluntly and drew another harsh look from his wife, but this time he continued on regardless. “Where we would go to a clinic and some of Sally’s eggs would be fertilized with my sperm, and then placed in the womb of a surrogate mother who would then become pregnant with our baby.”

Now, let’s press the pause button here for a moment as I think this through.

It was now clear to me why they were here, what they wanted and how much they wanted it. And in this split second, I turned detective on this whole scenario. It’s surprising how clarity is bestowed upon you when you’re in such a situation as this.

Now, these two people, one of whom I’ve had a crush on for a couple of years were about to ask me to bear their child. Looking at Sally’s face and realising how much she clearly wanted (or thought she wanted) this meant I already know I’d agree to anything for her. Agreeing to do this would certainly make us closer, but it would also push us further away after I’d given birth and she became addicted to baby clothes and all the shit that comes with it. Even if she didn’t push me away after the birth, I’d be a mother, and that notion blew my mind and I really don’t know how that would work.

So, I knew I’d agree because I wanted to make her smile, but I also knew I’d have to get out of it somehow in a way which made me still look amazing to her but at the same time made damn sure my womb remained empty, but all of that was by the by because in this short time I’d realized something else.

That look on Steve’s face when he’d entered my flat, the hushed words he’d shared with Sally and the head shaking; he did not want me to agree to this! The blunt way he’d described the whole process was clearly an attempt to put me off and that could only mean one thing, he didn’t want a baby at all! So…why not?

It’s obvious when you think about it, he spends two weeks at home with the beautiful Sally, then jets off across the Atlantic Ocean to New York where he spends another two weeks with the “‘good old boys’ probably visiting lap dancing clubs while Sally is home popping anti-depressants like sweeties because she’s lonely. Now Sally wants a baby for the company, and he’s clearly hoping it never happens. He must’ve thanked God when they went to the doctor, and when they got that letter from the adoption agency, I wonder if he’d emphasized the negatives of having a child to them?

Obviously, I could say no, but if I did Sally would be crushed, and then, even worse, they might find someone else that would say yes and then Sally would be enamoured with them instead of me…so, you can see the depth of bowel gravy I was currently swimming against.

However, in this split second I’m currently describing to you, a devious part of my mind, occupied by the lesser spotted ‘bad girl’ was formulating a plan. A way to solve this whole situation…and I’m not going to tell you my plan in case it doesn’t work out the way I hoped it would, I’m not stupid. If it goes tits up I’ll style it out.

Armed with my master plan, lets press play again.

“Are you asking me to be a surrogate for you?” I asked Sally.

“Yes, Faye, we are asking you to please consider doing this for us…” She looked at me pleadingly, but even her emotion didn’t feel genuine now. I was starting to wonder if either of them thought this was truly a good idea!

“But,” Steve interrupted. “It’s perfectly okay and understandable if you say no, I know it’s a lot to take in for you, you’re only nineteen and you have your whole life ahead of you.”

“We wouldn’t expect anything from you,” Sally talked over him this time. “We wouldn’t dump the baby on you all the time or make you pay any money or anything like that.”

“Wow,” I faked surprise even though I’d figured most of this out ten seconds ago. “I don’t know what to say, I…”

“It’s okay to say no,” Steve interrupted again. It would be nice to finish a sentence sometime soon!

“No, no it’s okay, I mean…yes, yes I’ll do it,” I regretted every word of what I just said. Even though I had a plan formulating, I was still agreeing to this thing!

“Oh…you mean…really? You, you’ll do it?” Sally’s face suddenly regained all of its beauty and her face lit up, she turned to Steve, whose face was fucking priceless! He tried to look happy but I could see deep down he’d just shat his stomach into his boots.

“Yeah, canlı casino siteleri I mean it,” I smiled and Sally rushed at me and kissed my lips and cheek and hugged me ever-so-tightly. I know it might not be appropriate but my pussy froze and burned at the same time when her lips touched mine.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Sally excitedly repeated.

The rest of that night was spent telling me about how great I was and how I could change my mind and so on until about an hour later when Steve announced they should leave and let me ‘absorb’ everything and that they’d chat to me again tomorrow.

Now, after they left I spent around forty-five minutes panicking, then I got back to plan to make. I decided that tomorrow, when they called around for their inevitable ‘just making sure’ phone call I’d say something along the lines of…I’m sorry but I talked to someone from work and if I agree to be a surrogate I’d lose my job because technically I’m choosing to be pregnant rather than work.

I have no idea if a rule like that exists; it had seemed pretty clever when I’d thought of it earlier but now it seemed weak, so I resumed panicking. As it turned out; there was no need to panic because things changed dramatically the following day when rather than a phone call I got a visit.

From the small picture above the speaker, I saw that Sally was here, alone. It was about two in the afternoon and I was still in my bedtime t-shirt and the few seconds it took her to reach my door didn’t afford me enough time to change, instead, I quickly doused myself in something sweet smelling and met her at the door. The second I opened the door and saw her standing there in her big coat, ratty skirt, creased top and most of all her red puffed up eyes, I knew exactly what had happened before she said a word.

“It’s over,” Sally blurted out. No sooner had she said it, she was in my arms and her cold body was pressed against mine.

“Oh, Sally I’m so sorry,” I lied, sorry but I was so relieved I could’ve screamed with joy. “Come in honey, come and sit down and let me make you a drink.”

I led her over to the sofa and took her coat and hung it up on my way to the kitchen.

“Have you got something a little stronger?” Sally called to me. “I could use it.”

“I’ve got some white wine, it’s just an own brand £3.99 bottle but…”

“That’ll do it,” she called back.

I came through and sat next to her on the sofa armed with two glasses full, as soon as I’d set them down on the table she picked a glass up and took a deep gulp. Over the next half an hour she told me everything that I’d already figured out the night before.

I was right about Sally being depressed because she was lonely and the baby was the last hope of keeping them together, she’d hoped it would make Steve stay at home and find a different job.

She told me that last night after they’d gone home with my promise fresh in their minds, Steve had confessed that he didn’t want the baby and he was indeed seeing someone else in New York and it was serious. He’d been trying to find the right time to leave and obviously Sally’s idea of having a baby had screwed things up.

He’d been stalling her while making plans to go and last night when I’d said yes, it was the point of no return. He loaded up a suitcase, gave a pathetic apology and was gone within hours of them arriving home. So, poor Sally had spent the night crying, beating her pillow and eventually ending up at my door the following day.

“That’s so horrible Sally, I’m so sorry,” I felt genuinely terrible for her and more than a little guilty about my master plan! Luckily I never wrote it down anywhere so there was never any chance of her finding out.

(Burn this after reading)

Sally had finished her second glass of wine by the time she’d explained everything and her eyelids seemed to be getting heavy. Her head had been resting on my shoulder while she had been recounting the events of the night before and she seemed in desperate need of sleep, so I helped her get in position on the sofa; laid her head on a nice cushion and she fell asleep quickly.

I slipped into my bedroom and got changed into a little red dress that loosely fell to mid-thigh, and quietly watched the TV, although most of the time I stared at Sally. She looked so gorgeous, so vulnerable, and I couldn’t help stroking my inner thigh as I watched her sleep. I wanted her now more than ever, to feel her lips on mine again and have her body pressed against mine, but in a far more intimate way than the night before.

Her knees were bent towards her chest revealing a generous amount of thigh to me, I’d hardly noticed the blue skirt when she’d arrived because of the outpouring of emotion but now I could have a proper look at her smooth legs. Even though I could see quite a bit of her outer thigh I wanted to see more. My hand had found its way under my dress and was stroking my own smooth skin as I lusted after hers.

I needed to get a better look and tried moving around on my chair, like a horny fourteen-year-old boy trying to look up a girl’s skirt. Instead, I’m a horny nineteen-year-old girl trying to look up a girl’s skirt which is totally different, right?

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