Four Years Later

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Big Tits

With finals complete, Kylie was preparing for Spring Break. Unfortunately, her destination was not Daytona Beach or Cancun, it was home to her family. As she sighed and continued packing, her phone buzzed, alerting her to a new text. Kylie flushed as she saw who it was from: Carol. It was a simple query: “Are you coming home today?”

“Yes,” Kylie quickly replied.

Carol’s effect on Kylie was always immediate. A simple contact like this would cause her nipples to harden and her sex to swell. It had been nearly three months since Carol had last taken her. Kylie yearned for that thing only Carol had been able to do for her, to dominate and possess her, to use her for her own pleasure. Kylie had had a lot of sex over the last four years, but only Carol knew what she wanted, to be fucked, mercilessly.

Another text had arrived. Again its message was simple: “Tomorrow, my place, 9 a.m.” A photo was attached. It was Carol, in a lewd, demanding pose. Kylie’s mouth had devoured that pussy so many times before. She needed it now more than ever. Excited to please her mistress, Kylie ran to the closet and searched frantically for her bikini. It would do her no good this week, not where she was going, but it would serve a purpose now. Quickly shedding her clothes and putting it on, pink and frilly, she knew she looked adorable, far younger than her 22 years. Kylie snapped a photo of herself and sent it. She knew it would only fuel Carol’s desire. In less than 24 hours that fuel would power Carol’s sexual fury. Removing her bikini, the thought caused Kylie to shudder. Her legs weakened she fell on her bed and masturbated furiously.

. . .

Carol’s arousal was at a fever pitch. It was mere minutes before 9, and she knew Kylie would not be late. Carol could hardly believe her luck. For four years now she had had a lover who fulfilled all of her desires. This young woman, small and slender, who would obey her every command.

The aggression in her was building. The knock at the door sent her into an uncontrollable state. Carol yanked the door open. Grabbing Kylie’s arm she drug the young woman inside and slammed the door behind. With astonishing speed she pushed Kylie ahead of her to the stairs, forcing her upwards. Reaching her bedroom, with her left hand grasping Kylie’s arm and her right hand gripping her hair, she flung Kylie towards the bed. Tearing her robe off and letting it drop to the floor Carol advanced, naked, towards her prey. Kylie lay nearly immobile as the woman frantically tore the clothes from Kylie’s body. This was always how it was when they had been apart. Carol needed the first orgasm, would have it roughly and quickly. Kylie was in her element. To know that she could cause this level of desire in another pleased her to no end.

Having finally stripped her, Carol lapped hungrily at Kylie’s dripping pussy. The taste did not sate her, but only further excited her madness. Climbing onto the bed and straddling Kylie Carol moved higher until she could lower her pussy to the girl’s mouth. There was nothing sensuous or erotic about this act. It was pure animal need. Roughly she ground her sex into the woman’s face. Kylie struggled to breathe and Carol drove harder and faster. Oblivious to her plight, Carol felt only pleasure. Her breasts bounced freely, her sex quickly approaching its peak. Carol had just enough awareness to revel in the utter depravity of that moment. Kylie, no longer just passive, gripped the woman’s hips hard enough to slow the bucking and allow her lips and tongue to seize Carol’s clit. Flicking and sucking it like a cock, Carol’s orgasm exploded. Her hips bucked convulsively and she cried out. The pleasure so intense casino siteleri it became unbearable, forcing her to separate from Kylie’s mouth. Carol fell on her side and closed her legs as the last waves of her climax crashed through her.

Recovering, Carol opened her eyes to see Kylie squirming next to her on the bed, both hands between her legs. Carol would have none of that. It was a frequent part of their time together. Carol would not allow Kylie to touch herself. Carol crawled between Kylie’s legs and grasped the girl’s wrists in each hand and pinned them to her side. With Kylie’s legs over her shoulders, Carol gently blew on Kylie’s swollen lips. The sensation drove her crazy. Kylie needed to cum so bad. The torture went on for nearly half an hour. Carol would softly blow on her lips, then gently kiss all around and then on her sex. Slowly progressing Carol licked all along the length of Kylie’s lips, and eventually began teasing the engorged clit, flicking it, then sucking steadily until Kylie neared her orgasm. She would then stop cold. It was pure agony for Kylie. She begged openly, pleading for Carol to let her cum. But still Carol would wait, only to start again blowing her hot breath on the girl. When her begging turned to tears and sobs, Carol would finally allow Kylie to peak, and then she wouldn’t stop, tonguing her pussy and sucking her clit, Kylie would have two, three, four, sometimes five orgasms in quick succession.

But there would be a price to pay for her pleasure, in the form of the puckered anus that yearned for Kylie’s tongue. After their years together Kylie knew without being told. It had been a task that had at first disgusted her. But it was the humiliation that also excited her, that was missing from all other experiences she had had. This older, mature, sexy woman, dominating her so completely, it drove her wild. So her tongue licked and poked at Carol’s ass until Carol could take it no longer and, gripping the girl by the hair, pulled her mouth to her sex.

. . .

They now lay together, their legs entwined, Kylie sucking on Carol’s breast. The calm after the storm. Their bliss was interrupted as Kylie heard the front door downstairs open and close. Carol calmed the girl, reassuring her that it was not her husband returning home unexpectedly. Instead it was a gift Carol had prepared for Kylie. Hearing footsteps ascend Kylie watched the doorway until a woman appeared. Carol introduced her as her friend Gail. It was an almost ridiculous scene, Carol and Kylie naked on the bed, Kylie being casually introduced to this stranger.

Carol explained that she thought it was time that she shared Kylie with another woman who could give Kylie what she needed. Gail eyed the girl with fierce delight. Kylie was far prettier than she had dared to hope. As Gail slowly undressed she softly, but authoritatively, told Kylie exactly what she was in for. Gail explained that for some time she had longed for someone to serve as her pet. A younger woman she could dominate, could use for her pleasure, who would satisfy all her desires and beg for more.

Carol had left the bed while Gail undressed and was now taking from a drawer a strap-on dildo. Carol approached Gail and helped her put it on. This was a situation Kylie had never confronted before. With the strap-on attached, Gail approached the bed, grabbed Kylie by the hair and pulled her to the floor. Gail demanded that Kylie suck her cock. Kylie obeyed. In truth, cock sucking was the only sexual act that for Kylie came close to the pleasure she had when dominated by an older woman. She coated the plastic cock with her tongue, laving it up one side and down the other before slot oyna taking the head into her mouth and slowly taking as much of it as she could. A deep-throater Kylie was not, but she took as much as she could before backing off to tease the head. Gail felt the power in her growing. This girl was a true submissive, and she would have her.

Carol was now laying on the bed. Gail forced the girl up, barking an order that she suck Carol’s pussy. On all fours Kylie crawled between Carol’s legs and lay down and pressed her mouth into Carol’s pussy. From behind, Gail gripped Kylie’s hips and pulled her up to her knees. Kylie continued to administer to Carol while Gail positioned the cock at Kylie’s entrance. She slid the cock along Kylie’s lips, teasing both herself and the girl. Then in one quick thrust she buried its entire length in the girl. The invasion startled Kylie and she had no time to adjust before Gail was wildly thrusting into her. For Gail, years of frustration and wanting were unleashed as she plowed into the girl. As Kylie cried out she drove ever faster. On and on she thrust. With her fingers gripping Kylie’s hair Carol kept the girl’s mouth ministering to her needs. The scene for Carol was amazing. This young, firm woman servicing her. Behind her her friend, her large, firm breasts bouncing as her thighs slapped the girl’s buttocks and drove the cock into her pussy. A wicked smile broke across Carol’s face as she leaned back and thrust her hips up. Kylie had sensed Carol’s impending orgasm many times and knew just what to do, sucking her clit into her mouth and flicking it quickly until Carol screamed out.

Her friend’s ecstasy only served to drive Gail further into her frenzy. Gail gripped Kylie’s hair, pulling it backwards, causing Kylie’s back to arch beautifully. The animal lust with which Gail was taking her was giving Kylie exactly what she wanted. Her pussy had completely coated the cock and caused her inner thighs to glisten. As Kylie finally reached her peak and came Gail’s own orgasm tore through her, brought on simply by the whimpers, grunts, and moans of her young lover.

The sex continued all morning. Too few were the occasions that Carol had her young lover, and she would not allow this time to go to waste. Carol and Gail took turns, never allowing Kylie to rest. By the end Kylie was exhausted, her jaw ached, her hair was a tangled mess. Preparing to leave, Gail pledged that she was not yet through with Kylie. Handing her a slip of paper with a date, time, and address, Gail warned Kylie not to disappoint her. Kylie shuddered. She couldn’t wait.

. . .

Standing in her bedroom looking down, Gail stood a full half-foot taller than Kylie, adding to her sense of dominance and control. Kylie had just arrived. Gail wanted to start slowly today. They softly kissed and caressed each other. Gail was intoxicated with how soft and fresh the girl seemed to her. The pleasure in each of them built slowly and their kissing stretched on and on. It was when Kylie’s arousal caused her to moan quietly that Gail broke the embrace and lay back on the bed, demanding that Kylie strip.

Kylie obeyed, slowly, meekly undressing for the older woman. Seeing the glistening juices on her lips, Gail scolded Kylie for her wantonness, and declared that she should be punished. Sitting now at the edge of the bed, Gail beckoned for Kylie to bend over her knees. Gail began the spanking slowly and lightly, alternating the blows on each of Kylie’s supple cheeks. On and on the blows fell, harder and harder. The sting and warm burn heightened Kylie’s pleasure. Gail watched as the girl squirmed and parted her legs, trying to direct Gail’s hand to fall on canlı casino siteleri her aching pussy. But Gail would not allow that, not until the girl had served her needs.

Pushing Kylie to the floor Gail opened her blouse and undid the front clasp to her bra. Gail grasped Kylie’s head in her hands and directed her mouth to her breasts. Gail’s breasts never got the attention from her lovers that she desired. Her nipples lengthened with Kylie’s attention. Given enough time, Gail could cum just from having her nipples sucked, and she had all the time she needed. Kylie held the large globes in her hands. There was a childlike innocence in this act, and Kylie wondered if breast-feeding had sexually aroused Gail years earlier. Gail’s orgasm slowly began to build. Kylie, sensing this, alternated breasts, first gently kissing and suckling, now sucking harder, circling her tongue around and around before rapidly flicking the nipple. Gail’s orgasm was small but satisfying, and she lay back, Kylie resting her head on Gail’s thigh.

A sound from one side of the room startled Kylie, and the sight she saw was entirely unexpected. From the closet emerged a naked man. Gail, not at all surprised, introduced him as her husband, Steve. Semi-erect his cock swayed from side to side as he approached Kylie. His cock was magnificent. Although longer than any she had ever seen before, it was its girth that took Kylie’s notice. She couldn’t believe that any cock could be so thick. She immediately went to work. She took its entirety into her mouth and sucked gently, snaking her tongue out to lick his balls. It was a move she knew drove men wild, and Steve was no exception. As he grew Kylie’s mouth could no longer contain him, and soon little more than the head made it past her lips.

As much as he was enjoying her oral ministrations, it was Kylie’s pussy that Steve wanted more than anything. Gail lay back to the head of the bed and directed Kylie to follow. Placing a pillow under her ass, Gail ordered Kylie to suck her pussy. As she did so Steve took up the position his wife had held the day before, and slowly worked his fully engorged cock into Kylie’s young, tight vagina.

Before today Steve had always been faithful to his wife. Although by no means overweight, Gail was a tall, statuesque woman. Steve marveled at Kylie, her short stature, slender body, and tiny waist. He was reminded of a sight he had tried to forget. One morning last year he had reached the upstairs landing of their home at the same time that his eighteen year old daughter emerged from the bathroom wrapped in a bath towel. He walked behind her as she went to her room, the towel not quite covering her perfect ass. As she entered her room she turned around and reached for the door. Steve had stopped in the hall and stared. A wicked smile crossed his daughter’s face as she looked directly into his eyes and allowed the towel to fall to the floor, and then pushed the door closed. Like Kylie she was shorter than her mother, and much more slender. She was a tease and a flirt and in the months that followed had on several occasions made lewd faces at her father, or tried to snuggle with him on the couch. The frustration he felt at this had been overwhelming.

That frustration took control of him now. Steve flipped Kylie to her back and reentered her. He took her wrists in his hands and pinned them above her head. Entering her he thrust as hard and fast as he could. Kylie was in heaven. His thickness was unlike anything she had ever felt before, and the friction on her clit was quickly bringing her to a boil. Steve buried his face into Kylie’s neck, his eyes tightly shut. It was now his daughter, not Kylie, that he was fucking. Kylie’s legs wrapped around him, urging him on. Harder and harder he thrust until, with one last thrust burying him as deep as she could take him, his cock erupted, and Kylie came as his cum splashed inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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