Getting Some

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This is my story. My parents gave me a stuffy, formal name but every one calls me Dina. A year out of college, I got a job with a recently elected senator in my home state. My dad used his connections and influence along with my unused liberal arts degree to help me land the position. I would be an exclusive aid to the senator. I would live with her, be her travel companion, and help with her personal correspondence and family matters.

I had seen her in advertisements as she campaigned, but they did no justice to the woman in person. Besides being brilliant, this lady was positively gorgeous. She is 35 with classic features, thick blond hair worn in a stylish chignon. Her body in her stylish navy blue power suit was magnificent. Her legs were long and shapely and ended in shoes that complimented the suit. She is married to a 40ish business executive and is the mother of a 12-year old boy who is in military school. Only she and I would be going to the capitol city. Her husband would be visiting on weekends until he established a satellite office there. When she took my hand in hers to welcome me aboard and I looked into the bluest eyes I had ever seen, I felt a jolt go through my pussy. She turned me on big time.

Enough about her for the moment. As for me, I am 22, 5’7″, pretty but not beautiful, perky with short black hair. I’m free to go with her because I have no romantic commitments here at home. Since I was young, I’ve known that I like girls. I lost my virginity to a horny college babysitter who first ate me then slowly pushed a cucumber in me to see how far it would go. She taught me how to eat pussy way back then.

As a teenager, my parents thought I was becoming unruly when I broke curfew and came home with my clothing disheveled. I would not tell them anything so they thought some boy was taking advantage of me. No boy could do to me what three senior girls did in the backseat of a car at Lover’s Lane. They decided to send me away. Boarding school was a pleasure. I happily fucked my way through all kinds of girls. I’ve never even kissed a guy, but I can kiss like one. You see, I have this long, talented tongue and I can practically stuff it down a girl’s throat or up her pussy.

I insisted my parents let me go to an all-women’s college. They worried that now that I was a woman I wasn’t socializing enough with the opposite sex. They wanted grandchildren someday. I told them that I was concentrating on my studies. There would be plenty of time for that later. Maybe. College was a wonderful experience. Girls at college had all kinds of sexual toys and no inhibitions. I’ve had all sorts of pleasurable things put into me in every imaginable position. My roommate’s girlfriend often fucked her to screams with a strap-on dildo and loved it when I watched. When my roommate was gone, she gave me some up my ass after I tongued her first. It seemed that most girls on campus were into lesbian sex.

I could get some in the library stacks whenever I went. I fondled breasts and pussies and shared kisses in dorm hall ways. I loved to make out in the movies. In a half casino oyna empty theater, I’d have my girl remove her panties and put her legs up on the chair in front. I’d crawl under, crouch on the floor, put my head under her skirt and tongue-fuck her until she came and lick away her juices. It turned me on to think that other people may have seen or heard us getting some.

On summer breaks, we could make the Girls Gone Wild look like amateurs on our lesbian beaches. Can you imagine all girls in wet tee shirts, no bras and no panties screwing their pussies together on beach chaises? Well, it happened, believe me. Beautiful girls sporting big dicks looking for the perfect girl to stick it in. Girls kissing deeply. Rubbing suntan oil on each other’s bodies until the pleasure built so much they had to stop and fuck. Girls cumming, screaming their pleasure with their mates.

Even now, I am able to pick up a phone or email one of my college buddies and ask for some. It doesn’t matter that she might have a husband and kids. Or a girlfriend or boyfriend. She still wants pussy and will answer the call. We have flown all over the United States to recapture that special sex we had in college. I can’t tell you how good it is. Well, that is who I am. I love to fuck girls and always will.

The senator and I established our routine and it worked out just fine. I was still attracted to her sexually but managed to hide it. When I had a free weekend, I would go to another city and hire an “escort.” I requested a female with a physical resemblance to the senator and would proceed to fuck her brains out. My lust was boundless.

Four months into her service, she asked me to plan a long weekend for just her and her husband. I was jealous of her fucking a man, but borrowed the small island that she mentioned from her friend. At the last minute, he had to cancel but she decided to go anyway. She took me. We would open the house and share the small chores. I was ecstatic. I would see her in a bathing suit. She’d be practically naked! I turned my lust up a notch.

My luck was even better. On the second day, Friday, she packed up a few things and went out to the beach. Later, when I’d finished a few calls for her, I took a small cooler of soft drinks down to her. As I approached I could only see legs on a beach chair and umbrella. As I drew closer, my heart began to beat faster. When I looked down at her, I could see that she had fallen asleep. Better still, she had removed her bikini to get some heat all over that delicious body. Her legs had opened involuntarily. Or maybe she missed her husband and had played with herself. Regardless, her pussy was covered with a thin layer of blonde hair and her thick lips glistened invitingly. We were alone on this island and would not be picked up until Sunday evening. I might be fired Monday, but I would have her pussy today. Now.

I dropped to my knees and began licking her lightly. She squirmed a little, but her juice continued to flow. I sucked her pussy lips and tongued her clit. She began to gyrate, accepting her pleasure. She probably thought slot oyna this was one fantastic dream. Did I mention that I have a long tongue? Well senator was about to have it lodged in her pussy. I like that phrase “lodged in her pussy.” It speaks of something deep and prolonged. I’m good at that. She was open and wet as I rammed my tongue in her. She bucked, moaned and had her orgasm squeezing my tongue. My thumb released the pressure on her clit and I eased out of her after her convulsions had subsided, sat back and waited for her to speak.

“Dina, what have you done? I am a married woman. A mother, for heaven’s sake! You just had your tongue…in…didn’t you?”

“Yes, Senator. I’m sorry you’re upset. I don’t know what came over me. You are so beautiful and sexy. I couldn’t help myself,” I said.

“Well, are you a lesbian or something?”

“Yes, ma’am. I prefer women sexually. If it is a problem for you, I will resign my job.”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself, Dina. You do great work. Your sexual orientation is not a problem for me. But there can be no repeat of what happened here today. We won’t mention it again. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Senator. I’m so sorry.” I stood up and backed away. Sorry my horny ass. Her pussy was fantastic. Better than I dreamed. I would love to kiss her right now and share the taste of her pussy. She had only whetted my appetite, but I had to be careful.

After dinner, I spent some time on the net while she worked a little from her briefcase. Then I watched a movie and went to bed. I tossed and turned as I dreamed of having sex with her. I needed satisfaction.

In the wee hours of the morning, the senator opened my bedroom door. I was instantly awake. The light from the hallway revealed my naked body and hers in a long see-through gown. Without a word, pulled the gown over her head and got into bed with me. I growled and went to work on her. I released the tie on her golden hair and let it flow through my fingers. She was glowing as I brought my mouth to hers for our first kiss. My moving tongue filled her mouth. It battled and overcame hers. I licked her gums and her teeth, nibbled at her lips, licked her face. I kissed her eyelids. I ran my tongue over and in her ears. Her moans of satisfaction were music to my ears as I went lower, planting kisses on her throat. Her beautiful nipples stood at attention waiting for my mouth and my hands. I sucked one breast as I rubbed and pinched the other. I kissed and licked down to and past her navel to a pussy that was already wet. I just pumped my tongue in there as she was thrashing and moaning. When her moans indicated that she was close, I pulled my tongue out, replaced it with three of my fingers and sucked her clit as she exploded. Girls, DO try this at home!

Still no words had been said between us. I needed to get some, so I climbed on top of her sated body. Did I mention that in addition to a long tongue I have an enormous clit? Well, I do. I wish you could see it. It was like a little dick at the moment. When I crawled on top of her, my mouth was filled with the taste canlı casino siteleri of her. Her perfume in my nostrils, her moans in my ears. A sheen of sweat covered my body. Our nipples met. Our pussies met. Our tongues collided. I planted my engorged clit on her pubis and began sliding up and down. I rode her, fucked her hard, our clits finding and pushing at each other, mine going inside her, outside her. I grunted out my orgasm as I dug into her over and over. She came again, pushing up to me, rubbing my ass. I sucked her tongue and came again. When I finally rolled off her, she got up, retrieved her gown and went back to her own room. I understood that we were not to speak of this again either.

We had a leisurely Saturday. A friend from her college days was nearby and she and her husband boated over for a few hours. Of course, I was not included in their conversations. No problem. I locked myself in my room with some very explicit lesbian movies that I played on my laptop. I know she will come back to me tonight. It will be just a matter of when lust overcomes her. When she thinks about what I did to her last night, how much I made her cum, she’ll be weak with need. A pussy can clench for only so long before it needs to be licked or filled.

She did come back to me. After my tongue traveled over her entire body, after I kissed her senseless, I fucked her missionary style with my shiny, pink strap-on dick. Each time I plunged into her, I captured her mouth. She went crazy. Each time she came, so did I. I put her on her knees at the edge of the bed and ate her swollen pussy from behind before sticking my dick in her, penetrating her deeply. She went wild—shaking and moaning as I did her. Had she never been fucked in this position before? When I pulled out of her, I kissed her ass and played around her anus a bit with the wet dick. Then I pushed it in just a little. She groaned in pleasure. So I went a little farther. When I pulled out, her sounds protested. I slowly went back in and put as much of my dick in her as would go, taking her virginity. I fucked in her beautiful ass forever, until she collapsed, sighs of pleasure coming from her. I sucked her shoulders, thanked her and pulled out. When I came from the bathroom, she was gone.

Her husband surprised her the next day. He remarked at how she seemed to be glowing. The relaxing weekend must have really agreed with her. A little lesbian love on the down low is what did wonders for the senator. Looking at her husband walking with her toward the house, I thought, “I’ll bet my dick is better than his!”

Back in the city, whenever she needed some, she would sneak into my bedroom for the full treatment or into my office for a quick suck before she started her day. I did her to perfection. How could she not come back? Since her husband opened his office here and moved in with us, I see less of her intimately. We still never speak of the sex we share.

I love the senator and I love fucking her, but it is not enough for me. I need pussy more often than she can give it to me. Not to worry. I am getting some from a cute little page who is all business during the day and a big clit, big tit freak at night. I cream just thinking about riding her tonight. I wish I could share my sexual adventures with the senator. But mum’s still the word.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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