Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 24

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There was a brief pause as Sophie cued up the next part of the movie, during which there was an enthusiastic round of applause from everyone in the audience – except Jenny, who was on her knees servicing Janet and had again missed most of the entertainment.

* * *

The next thing to appear onscreen was the inside of an empty police station. The door opened and in came Officer Lane, leading the handcuffed Sophie by the arm. She brought Sophie to her desk, where she opened a drawer and produced a red ball gag. Once Sophie was gagged the officer led her through the main room and down a hallway until they came to the door of a cell. There were two bunks in the cell and in the one farthest from the door was a woman in an orange prison jumpsuit. It was hard to make her out in the dim light of the cell.

Officer Lane opened the door and pushed Sophie inside. “Fresh meat, Juanita,” she said, locking the door.

Juanita stood and approached Sophie. You could see her better now; she was a dark-skinned Latina, rough-looking but not without some beauty, somewhere in her 30s. She took Sophie’s chin in her hand and examined the new arrival closely. “Pretty,” she said.

“You two have fun getting to know each other,” smirked the officer, who then disappeared down the hallway.

Juanita wasted no time getting to know Sophie better, spinning Sophie around and cornering her against the cell door. Knowing that her new cellmate was bigger and stronger and not handcuffed, Sophie didn’t bother to resist. Juanita pressed her body against Sophie’s from behind and whispered in her ear, “What’s your name, little girl?”

Sophie tried to answer, but all that escaped the gag was an unintelligible gurgle. “Never mind,” said Juanita, “you’re just a number here anyway.”

Juanita lifted Sophie’s casino oyna skirt and ran her hand up the space between Sophie’s thighs. “Soft,” she said. “Too soft.”

Leaving Sophie for the moment, Juanita lifted the mattress of her bunk and reached underneath. When she turned around again she was holding what appeared to be a torn-off radio antenna. The camera angle changed to a shot from outside the cell as Juanita whooshed the thin piece of metal through the air. All the color drained out of Sophie’s face and she began to moan even before the antenna smacked into her ass for the first time; what might have been her trying to say “No!” quickly turned into a primal, unintelligible howl.

The camera went back to a shot from behind Sophie as Juanita repeatedly punished her thighs and ass with the wire whip. Sophie was wailing helplessly, on the verge of tears, her body quaking every time the metal made contact.

There was a cut to the interior of the police station, where Officer Lane was sitting at her desk with a phone in one hand. “Wait till you see what I caught speeding on Route 24,” she said. The person on the other end said something and she laughed. “Yeah, a really prime piece. See you in a few minutes.”

Back in the cell, Juanita had stopped the beating and stood over Sophie. “Listen up, girlie,” she said. “I’m gonna take that gag off now. If you immediately start begging to lick my pussy, I won’t hurt you any more. Otherwise it gets worse. You hear?”

Reaching down, Juanita unstrapped the gag from the back of Sophie’s head and slipped the ball out of her mouth. In a quiet voice Sophie stammered, “May I please lick your pussy?”

“Ma’am,” insisted Juanita as she began stripping off her jumpsuit.

“Please, ma’am, may I lick your pussy, please?” Sophie sounded very slot oyna sincere; she really didn’t want to get whipped anymore.

Naked now, Juanita sat down on her bunk and spread her legs. Sophie scrambled to get to her before she could change her mind and started eagerly eating her rather hairy and not entirely clean cunt. Juanita laid back on the bed and began to grind her hips, mashing her pussy into Sophie’s face. Soon Juanita climaxed with a bloodcurdling yowl that seemed to take Sophie aback; she sat up, her face smeared with Juanita’s juices, and looked around the room as if trying to remember where she was and how she’d gotten there.

After recovering for a few moments Juanita opened her eyes and gestured to Sophie urgently. “Come sit on my face,” she ordered. “I want a mouthful of your pussy right now.”

Sophie obediently climbed onto the bunk and straddled Juanita’s head. Juanita wrapped an arm around Sophie and attacked her with audible slurping sounds, and soon Sophie let herself sink down into a 69. Just then Officer Lane appeared in the corner of the frame; she stood watching for half a minute, smirking knowingly, before noisily running her billy club back and forth against the bars of the cell.

“Break it up in there,” ordered the officer. “New girl, get your face out of that pussy for a minute. The judge wants to see you.”

Sophie stood up, her face bright red not to mention very wet, and Officer Lane opened the door of the cell. Juanita let out a groan of frustration and then began rubbing her clit. “Hurry back,” she said to Sophie.

Officer Lane led Sophie, still handcuffed, half-naked, and disheveled-looking, back out to the main room of the police station. Sitting at one of the desks was a small, dark-haired woman with glasses. She looked Sophie over canlı casino siteleri appraisingly. “So this is today’s catch, huh?” she asked the officer.

“A real lead foot, this one,” said Officer Lane. “And a grade-A slut as well.”

“So I see,” answered the judge. “She smells disgusting. Get her cleaned up and bring her to my chambers.”

Officer Lane led Sophie to a large shower, uncuffed her, and stripped off the rest of her clothes. There was a quiet, peaceful interlude as the policewoman watched Sophie shower. Playing to the camera, Sophie spent extra time soaping her breasts and between her legs. When she was done the officer tossed her a large white towel.

The camera cut to show the judge sitting at the desk in her “chambers” – really just an office not much bigger than the desk itself – gazing thoughtfully at some papers with a pen in one hand. She looked up as Officer Lane led in Sophie, who was wrapped in the towel with her hair still wet.

“So what are the charges?” asked the judge.

“70 in a 45 zone,” said Officer Lane.

“How do you plead?” said the judge to Sophie, who stood looking perplexed. “Plead guilty, you can pay the fine and get it over with,” explained the judge. “Not guilty, we’ll have to have a hearing, and we might not be able to fit you in till tomorrow.”

Sophie thought for a moment. “Not guilty.”

The judge grinned. “Excellent choice.” She nodded to Officer Lane, who again cuffed Sophie’s hands behind her back, pulled off her towel, and bent her forward over the desk. The judge stood up. She had changed into her black judicial robe, which she now lifted to reveal a dangling strap-on. Guiding the tip of the dildo into Sophie’s mouth, the judge pulled her robe up and off; she was naked underneath. Officer Lane likewise began to strip, and when she was naked the judge spun Sophie around 180 degrees. Sophie gasped as the judge sank the full length of the plastic cock into her; a moment later her face disappeared between the officer’s legs. That was when the credits rolled.

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