Hannah , Ariel Pt. 04

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The girls woke up and heard Ariel’s mom puttering around the kitchen, making breakfast. Then she heard the back door open and shut and heard Hannah’s mom. They got dressed and headed into the kitchen. “Hi girls” their mothers sang out in unison. “Hi Mom” both girls said at the same time, followed with a “Jinx” at the same time. They helped with breakfast, but not before they poured a coffee each. “Late night girls?” Haley (Hannah’s mom) asked. “No, just tired, it’s been a long week at college” Ariel replied. They sat down for breakfast, and made small talk for a while.

“Well, Haley and I are going shopping this afternoon, did you want to go to the mall or stay home?” Ashley (Ariel’s mom) asked. “No, we’ll just hang here, I have an assignment I want to finish and Hannah is going to help me.” Ariel winked at Hannah. “Uhmmm…Yeah plus I have some homework I need to do, so go ahead.” Hannah said.

When their mothers left, Hannah turned to Ariel, “We don’t have any homework or assignments!”

“I know we don’t, we have to get ready for the dance tonight.” Ariel replied.

“We’re going to the dance?” Hannah asked dumbfounded.

“Well yeah, not only is it our first official dance as students, but it’s also a “Sadie Hawkin’s” dance.

Think about how catty the girls have been all week. I’m willing to bet we’ll see something go down tonight. Especially if they’ve been drinking.” Ariel said. Hannah smiled her approval of the idea and said “Well, what are we waiting for?”

The girls took turns taking showers and then pick out clothes for the evening. Ariel pick a little black dress, that barely covered her ass, with spaghetti straps, low cut in the front, with a sewn in bra cups which accentuated her cleavage. Hannah picked a similar black dress, just as short but was sleeveless. It too had sewn in bra cups and was probably even lower in the front than Ariel’s. Ariel picked a pair of heels that were black with an open toe, while Hannah picked a black patent leather pair.

Once the outfits were picked, the girls went to work, helping each other with their make-up and hair. Both decided not to up-do their hair, but rather leave it down, slightly curled, with more of a natural look. The girls all dressed up, checked each other out and they both agreed they both looked hot. “We better watch out, we just might be targets ourselves” Ariel chuckled referring to the cattiness of the girls. “I hope so.” Hannah laughed.

The girls left before their mother’s got home and left them a note saying they had done their homework and they went to the dance at the college. Actually they left early so they could have a few drinks before the dance. The majority of the population at college were under 21 so it was a “dry” bar all night.

The girls arrived at the dance and immediately headed for the dance floor. The DJ played dance casino siteleri music straight through with no pause between the songs. The floor was packed, so packed that there was barely room to move. It was expected, as this was the first dance of the year and everybody was letting loose.

Everybody was having a great time, couples who were dancing together were practically pushed together and chances are, their asses were bumping and grinding with the couple behind them. Hannah and Ariel had a guy on either side bumping asses with them and they were loving the attention. Even the guys’ dates didn’t seem to mind considering it was so packed. However they did notice some ass bumps shared between girls that weren’t so friendly. Chances were, this was done deliberately since there was so many girls competing for guys this week.

One in particular was an exchange between Ella and Riley. Ella, Charlie’s friend, is 18 years old,5’0″ 98lbs with long reddish brown hair and a set of 34Bs. Riley, Nikki’s friend, is 18 years old, 4’11” 97lbs and has shoulder length light brown hair and has a set of 34Bs. They remembered the two petite girls from the fight between Charlie and Nikki in the washroom. They remembered how they almost started to fight right after Charlie and Nikki fought.

They were dancing back onto each other, when Riley realized who was behind her, she thrusted her hip back, her right ass cheek connecting with Ella’s ass square in the middle causing her to stumble into her date. She looked behind her and immediately recognized Riley and gave her a shot back. Trying to remain somewhat civil inside the dance, they both continued dancing but now were grinding and bumping their asses together. Both girls considered it a challenge of some sorts and wouldn’t stop until the other gave up or until the music stopped.

Hannah and Ariel both maneuvered themselves towards the girls the best the could through the crowded dance floor, bumping and grinding with the other partiers, tits were bump against tits, asses grinding against asses. Soon they were close enough to get a better look at Riley and Ella. By that time the Riley and Ella were facing each other. Their asses grinding into the crotches of their dance partners. Their bodies mashing together, their faces touching of each other and occasionally lips brushed together. Riley brought her hands up to the back of her head holding her hair off her neck, Ella took the challenge and brought her own hands to hold up her hair. Together, with their hands over their heads their bodies moved in rhythm, their small tits and stiff nipples touching and even a lash of a tongue across the others lips when they got a chance. Words were exchanged when mouths got close enough to the others ear. Hannah and Ariel couldn’t hear over the music however, judging by the looks on their faces, it wasn’t exactly pleasantries. slot oyna

As Hannah and Ariel danced and watched Ella and Riley, they somehow got spun around and lost sight of the duelling girls. When they managed to find them again, they were still facing each other, the guys behind them were grinding their hard cocks into their asses. Both Ella and Riley had a thigh between the other girls legs, their bodies glistened with sweat, were plastered together. Lips slightly parted, barely touching off each others, while their tongues swirled and twirled around the other. Even with the dim lighting, it was easy to see their faces red and flushed from the heat, anger and lust between them.

The tempo of the music suddenly changed and the music slowed down as the DJ began to play a medley of slower songs. The duelling girls excused themselves and walked side by side to the refreshment table. They grabbed a bottle of water each and walked towards the doors of the auditorium.

Hannah and Ariel took noticed and followed them.

They looked through the small window in the door to make sure they were out of site in the short corridor that connected to the main corridor area. Just outside the door, Hannah and Ariel took off their shoes so they wouldn’t be heard. They stopped by the wall and saw they were halfway up the hall, Ella and Riley were sided by side, applying lip gloss, talking a little louder than normal, probably because of the loud music. Hannah and Ariel could hear almost everything.

Riley: “If you think you can keep up with me bitch, you’re dead wrong!”

Ella: “I know I can keep up with you and more like you, you little slut!

Riley: “In your dreams Bitch!”

Ella: “I don’t have to dream slut, you’re about to find out!”

Riley: “Fuck you!”

Ella: “No Fuck you!”

Ella and Riley quickly put their lip gloss back in their small purses that they hung over their shoulders, they rounded a comer at the end of the long corridor. Hannah and Ariel ran up to the corner and poked their heads around to see what was happening. Ella and Riley threw their purses down and lunged at each other.

Both having a hand in each other’s hair, the other hiking up the hems of the dresses they were wearing. Hannah and Ariel could see their perfectly manicured nails digging into the others ass. Their hard nipples penetrating each other’s. Ella and Riley had their tongues extended out over their chins as they moved their heads, rubbing and licking the tops sides of each of their tongues. Copious amounts of spit dripping as they attacked each other’s long thick tongues.

Hannah and Ariel watched the petite girls savagely grind their thighs into the others pussy. Tongues fought in between mouths that were separated by an inch or two and deep inside the others mouths. A mixture of their saliva seeping from the corners of their canlı casino siteleri sealed mouths. When the kissing broke, lips and chins were connected with strings of spit. First Ella worked up a mouthful of saliva and spit it across Riley’s face, then Riley returned the favour. They rubbed their faces and cheeks together, smearing the mixture all over.

Forehead against forehead, Ella and Riley locked eyes, thigh fucking each other. Through clenched teeth, they coated each other’s lips with spittle with every hard breathe they took, swearing and taunting each other.

Riley: “Bitch, i know you’re gonna cum first, your pussy is dripping all over my leg!”

Ella: “Your pussy is leaking all over me slut!”

Riley: “Fuck you Cunt, you know you’re gonna cum soon.”

Ella: “Fuck you, it’ll take more than you to make me cum.”

Riley: “Really, I think you’re there now, c’mon bitch, fucking cum for me!”

Ella : “if anyone is gonna cum, it’s gonna be you, you fucking whore!”

Again, the girls mouths came together hard. So hard that they knocked their teeth together. The two petite girls continued kissing hard as their lips mashed together, teeth knocking together with each thrust of their tongues.

The deep, hard kissing carried on for another five minutes before they broke the kiss, gasping for air, while their moans broke the silence.

The girls were fighting for the last twenty minutes. Ariel looked at Hannah, “They look like a couple of school girls fighting. Hannah looked over “I know…but it’s still hot.” Both girls smiled knowing that it sounded a little perverted but they both knew they were 18 and they were enjoying the display of sexual fury unfolding in front of them.

Ella and Riley were clearly on the verge of cumming, when both girls made their move, hoping to finish the other girl off first. Mouths came together for a last time, both gave a renewed grip on each other’s hair and asses, as they ground their thighs hard against each other’s pussies.

Ariel and Hannah watched with excitement, wondering who would win. Their nipples grew hard, their moist pussies now were soaking their panties. Now more than ever, they wanted to find someone to fight with.

Riley’s eyes popped wide open and her body began to tense up. “You fucking Slut! I hate you!” she swore at Ella. “Fuck, No!” Ella kept grinding hard as Riley was the first to cum. Ella kept grinding until she came right after.

Ella, shoved Riley away causing her to stumble a step or two back. Ella backed away from Riley as she wiped her lips with the back of her hand. “That’s how you win a girl fight Bitch!” Riley just watched Ella walk away as she tried to catch her breath and recover from her loss.

Ariel and Hannah got back to the gym without being noticed by Ella or Riley. They stayed around the dance until it ended hoping to see if anything else were to happen. The rest of the evening would be non-eventful but that didn’t matter. They just witnessed an amazing fight and both were eager to go home and replay it over and over.

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