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I met her in a dive bar. Well, not exactly a hole-in-the-wall; it wasn’t that dingy. But you know what I mean, right? Old curling posters on the wall, blinking neon beer signs, only one coin-operated billiard table. She was sitting with her legs curled up under her, a charming fedora perched on her head like a familiar bat, and a set of horn-rimmed glasses rode her delicate nose. She turned the page in her novel and adjusted her scarf, gently flaring her nostrils as she did so.


I sat at the bar and ordered a Guinness. The bartender smiled at me, a regular, and cocked her head to the corner where the new gal sat. I shrugged and blushed. It is possible to do both, actually.


I noticed that my hands were sweaty. The Guinness slid down smoothly and seemed to bathe my navel and then stroke my labia with one hand. I shuddered. Who was she? She looked sweet. Like a child in her pose. But her breasts. And the way she held her mouth. Her hands were womanly. My pulse increased. I had to speak with her.

Bravely I got up, my knees wobbling. I can do this, right? I quietly strode to her corner and paused before casino siteleri her booth, watching as her fingers stroked the stem of her wine glass. “Hello,” I stuttered. Careful blue eyes glanced up, framed by those adorable glasses and long blonde lashes. Dimples appeared. “Hi yourself! Have a seat.” What? That was too easy. I tried a cheesy pick up line and introduced myself as a desperate girl with a burning need tucked away deep between my thighs.


She chuckled. I asked her what she was reading. Hemmingway. Obviously. She asked if I wanted a smoke. I said, “Well. I don’t smoke. But I want to watch you smoke.” She grinned shyly. “Okay.” We exited O’Rourke’s and the bartender winked at me. I rolled my eyes and then hurried after the 5 feet and 8 inches of curvaceous glory that awaited me just outside on the grungy sidewalk.


“Sidney.” Oh. “Kylie. Nice to make your acquaintance.” I want you. Can you read my mind? She couldn’t read my mind, of course. But I felt that she could hear the blood coursing through my veins and see the erect flesh of my nipples peeking through my thin top. She wrapped her arm around my waist slot oyna and said, “Let’s go sailing.” We walked slowly down the street, the tiny ember of her cigarette glowing softly. She stopped suddenly and pulled me close, standing on the tips of her booted toes, and kissed my lower lip. I was too shocked to respond properly so I laughed. Sidney laughed. We laughed together.

Suddenly I kissed her back. Deeply. Like the center of the universe was the erotic space between us. This moment was only amplified by the scent of her perfume and the grasp of my hand on her lower back and the stars eavesdropping from over the tops of the buildings.


My pelvis trembled and my panties became damp. When we finally stopped kissing there was a lot of gasping for breath. The urgent look in her eyes indicated her need for me to make a quick decision so I made it. I grabbed her hand and pulled her down the street behind me. We skipped awkwardly and giggled like small children. Unlocking my car, I opened the door for her and then leaped over the hood onto my side of the vehicle. I almost broke my face on the driver’s side mirror and then actually ran canlı casino siteleri my head into the doorway of the car. I though Sidney would never stop laughing as I drove us to my apartment.


We sat on the couch. Or the floor. Or my bed. I don’t quite recall. I do remember, however, what she said to me then. “I’ve known you forever and you are mine.” She then removed her hat, her scarf, her boots, and her glasses. Sidney took my body and removed it, exposing my soul like a peep-show booth. I wrapped myself around her and we became one person. Like transparent one-ness, universal freedom, stitched together exquisitely.


When I touched my tongue to her velvet dampness for the first time it was like the stars had closed in and burnt me deliciously with their fiery lust. The taste of her, the smell of her. The soft sounds she made as we made love. All of it was somewhat indescribably wonderful and life-changing.

She touched me like flame and made me squirt into her open mouth, a new phenomenon. Fingers and lips and tongue and teeth and softness and cum. This is what life is like, living.

She fell asleep with her head pillowed on my right breast, her arm slung over my belly. I laid awake for some time but slowly drifted away. Of course, when I woke up, she was gone.

But you already knew that she would be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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