High School Beach Vacation

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It was about three weeks after my high school graduation in May. Six friends and I packed into two care and were flying down the highway on our way to our long-anticipated weekend beach trip. Our beach crew consisted of myself and one other girl, along with four of my guy friends, all ready to drink on the beach and party all three of the nights we planned on staying. After arriving at the rental house, we dropped our stuff off in the rooms and immediately changed to go down to the ocean. I put on my new bikini, which my mom wasn’t very happy about since it was so small and pranced out into the living room to head out to the beach with the rest of my friends.

After a day of tanning and hanging out on the beach, we decided to head on back home, where I and my friend Macy slipped into the outdoor shower to get ready for whatever we had planned for the evening.

After locking the door behind us, we undid our bikinis and dropped them to the floor, revealing our newly discovered tan lines. We laughed at each other’s naked bodies as we saw how pale we were before that day.

We were laughing and talking while we showered when one of the guys knocked on the door to the shower to ask us a question. Macy and I laughed as we swung open the door, revealing our naked, tanned, bodies to Mike, one of our guy friends. He stopped and just stared at us while we laughed at him.

“What do you need?” Macy asked.

“I was gonna ask if you guys needed towels.” Mike relied.

I looked at Macy and grabbed Mikes hand, bringing him into the outdoor shower and closing the door behind him.

I told him to get naked, so he did. Macy started making out with Mike as I went down on his rock-hard dick. After a few ankara duşta veren escortlar minutes of sucking his dick, I leaned over a wooden bench that was in the shower and stuck my ass out toward him, shaking it in the air. He immediately shoved his hard dick into my pussy and started thrusting as Macy continued making out with him.

It was only about three minutes later when I felt Mike moan and pull out, followed by the feeling of warm cum flowing down my leg. We all showered off together and walked back inside, wrapped in towels. Macy and I went into our room to change into some clothes and talk about how fast Mike came.

As we were still naked, slipping out of our towels, we heard a knock on the door. I opened it up a crack and saw my friend John outside asking if we had something (I forget what it was). I motioned him to come in the room to get it, where he saw both Macy and I naked, still slightly wet from the shower. He stood there in silence for the longest time, so I just stood up on my toes and started kissing him and grabbing his hard dick.

I looked at Macy and we both laughed as she came over and unzipped John’s pants and pulled them down, revealing his massive dick. She started sucking on his cock and after a while I joined her, sucking and pulling on his balls. Macy stood up and pushed John down onto the bed, where she jumped up, spit on his dick and started riding it.

After a few bounces, I found myself right underneath Macy’s ass, back sucking on John’s balls while she rode him. He didn’t last long either, as I started to taste his cum dripping out of Macy’s soaking wet pussy. We all laughed as we all stood up and motioned for John to get out.

Later that elvankent fetiş yapan escortlar night, after dinner and a ton of drinking games, we found ourselves playing never have I ever. We went around the room a few times until my friend Mark said that he has never had a three way. Right there, four people put a finger down, which obviously stirred some questions. Before long, Macy and I were found out that we fucked both John and Mike earlier that day.

Mark asked if we would do that for everyone and Macy, a bit tipsy, replied saying “yeah why not just do it all right now?” Right as she said that, Macy whipped off her shirt, revealing her perfect, tan lined tits. She leaned over to Mark and started making out with him. One of our other friends, Jake, was sitting right next to me, so I looked at him, laughed, and we started making out too. I could tell the other guys were getting a bit uncomfortable, so I leaned over and started rubbing my other friend Jason’s dick through his pants. One thing lead to another, and Macy and I were laying side by side on the couch, completely naked, with a guy eating each of us out. We laughed to each other as we each grabbed another one of our friends to come over to us. I unzipped John’s pants and started sucking on his dick, as Jason leaned over from behind me and was rubbing my tits and pinching my nipples. My friend Alex, who was eating me out, stood up and started caressing my pussy with his fingers, getting me ready to fuck.

Alex motioned John to hold one of my legs, while Macy held the other, spreading them as wide as possible. Jason stayed right above me, holding my upper body still as Alex inserted his dick inside me. Alex started etimesgut iranlı escort pounding my pussy as Macy, still holding my leg, started rubbing my clit.

I almost couldn’t stand it anymore. I was squirming around and shaking like crazy as orgasm after orgasm rushed over me.

I heard Alex moan and pull out, as a felt his warm cum drip down my asshole. Not even 3 seconds later, John came in and started fucking me again as Macy kept rubbing my clit better than even I ever have. Now this time John lasted a longer time, making me orgasm at least another 2 times before filling me up with his cum.

Macy stopped rubbing my clit and leaned over, licking and sucking all of the cum out from my soaking pussy. I pulled her head closer and started making out with her as Jason grabbed me and flipped me over onto my hands and knees. Macy grabbed my head and shoved it into her pussy, where I destroyed her clit with my tongue.

I felt Jason rub his dick around my gaping pussy right before he started fucking me from behind. I felt someone grab my hand and direct it to an open dick, where I started moving it back and forth to the sound of Macy and my moaning orgasms. Jason moaned, thrusted a few times, and pulled out, leaving a gushing trail of his cum dripping down my thighs.

I pulled my head away from Macy’s soaking pussy and right onto the dick that was in my hand, sucking and twisting my hand until I swallowed hot cum.

I looked up and saw Alex standing over me, knowing I was now full of two massive loads of his cum. I stood up, covered in cum and spit and started laughing with the guys and Macy. I went to go clean up, but Macy grabbed my hand and told me it’s hotter if I stay nasty, so I did.

I won’t go too far into the rest of the night, but let’s just say during naked truth or dare, the most common dare was making someone cum. By the end of the night, I couldn’t even count the number of times I was came in or on, and neither could Macy. But that was just the first night of our vacation weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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