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Lindsay called David up to ask him over to hang out at her apartment. It had been a while since they had caught up with each other. David agreed and said he would bring a bottle of wine. They had gone on a date and had sex before, but things didn’t work out and they decided to be friends. Lindsay was very slim, and petite 5’3″ with only average size breasts, but she was very cute. David soon arrived at Lindsay’s apartment.

“How are you?” David said to Lindsay.

“I’m great honey.” “How have you been?” Lindsay asked.

“Okay, but I could be better,” said David.

Lindsay asked, “How so?”

“It’s been a rough week at work and my last couple of dates have been disappointing. I’m looking for a more outgoing and fun girl,” he remarked.

“What do you mean by ‘fun?’ she asked playfully as she touched his arm.

“You know, a girl who knows what she wants,” David said.

“I want a million dollars,” Lindsay said as she brushed her hand along his thigh near his crotch. David noticed, but couldn’t tell if it was intentional or not.

“Don’t we all?” David said. “What do you really want?” David asked.

Lindsay didn’t take the bait and took the wine bottle from David and went to get her wine opener. She poured a glass for both of them and they went and sat down on the couch.

“So are you dating anyone now Lindsay,” David inquired.

“Honestly David, I haven’t met a quality guy in a while.”

“Really? I find that hard to believe,” David said.

“Why?” she asked.

“You’re so beautiful, smart, and fun. Guys must be hitting on you all the time,” David said. “Lindsay, we’ve always been really honest with each other. You seem so perfect, but haven’t you ever done something naughty and surprised yourself?”

“Like what?” Lindsay asked.

“Like made out with another girl? It seems like women are always so affectionate with each other. Haven’t you at least tried it?” David asked.

“Honestly, I did try it one night when I was really drunk,” Lindsay admitted.

“Really? When?” David asked.

“It was my freshman year of college and I was out partying really illegal bahis late. I was really drunk and this girl I was friends with came up and kissed me. We made out for a little bit. She was such a great kisser,” Lindsay admitted.

“So that’s it?” David asked.

“Well not exactly. We went home and fooled around more,” Lindsay confessed.

“Wow!” David exclaimed. “Did you eat her pussy?”

“David!” Lindsay yelled.

“I’m sorry. I just thought maybe you tried it because you said you fooled around,” David apologized.

“Okay. Well, I did eat her pussy,” Lindsay admitted.

“That’s so hot!” David exclaimed. “What did you think?”

“I was curious to try it once and I liked it. It was a lot of fun. I was scared at first, but she ate my pussy first and it felt so good. It made me so horny. She was shaved and smelled really good so I just had to try it,” Lindsay related.

“Wow! I had no idea Lindsay. I would have never expected that. That’s an awesome story. So do you still hook up with women?” David inquired.

“Actually David, that’s the only time. I’m not attracted to women, but it was just two girls having some fun. I would definitely do it again if it was there, but I don’t go seeking it out. I prefer men,” Lindsay informed him.

“Now, I’ve been honest with you. I want you to be honest with me David,” Lindsay said. “I want to know one of your secrets. What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done?” she asked.

David said, “I’ve cybered with an older woman before.” He smiled.

“David! That’s pathetic! I tell you something I’ve never told anyone else and that’s all. You’re a jerk!” Lindsay was pissed off. “Seriously, haven’t you ever done anything?”

“Like what?” David asked. “Do you ever play with any sex toys?” she asked.

“What do you mean?” David asked. “What kind of toys?”

“Butt toys,” Lindsay said “I think you like butt toys, David.”

“What? Why would you think that Lindsay?” David smiled.

“Last time when I was sucking your cock and playing with your balls, you seemed to lift your ass like you wanted me to play with it.”

“What?” David illegal bahis siteleri exclaimed. “No way.”

Lindsay said, “You can be honest with me David. I know you like it. I know you’ve played with your ass before. A lot of guys have done it. Tell me about it. Have you fingered yourself? It’s okay, I won’t tell anyone,” Lindsay coaxed him.

“Honestly, I have fingered myself, but only after an old girlfriend did it while sucking my cock,” David admitted.

“And you obviously liked it?” Lindsay asked.

“Lindsay, it felt so good that it was unreal. I had never exploded so hard in my life. She got the biggest mouthful of my cum she had ever had. I had to try it again, but using my own finger wasn’t as fun,” David relayed.

“So you have used butt toys before, haven’t you?” Lindsay pressed.

“I actually have used a butt plug before,” David disclosed.

“Really?” Lindsay asked. “Let me see you do it. I’ve always wanted to play with a boy’s ass before.”

“Lindsay, no. I can’t,” David said.

“Oh okay,” Lindsay said. “It would have been fun. Have you ever used a dildo in your ass?”

“Lindsay, you can’t ask me that,” David said.

“Why not? After all, you have used a butt plug,” Lindsay teased.

“Honestly, I have tried a dildo. Lindsay, I’m embarrassed talking about this,” David said.

“David, don’t be. I’m not going to tell anyone,” Lindsay replied back. “How big was it? Tell me how much you liked it.”

“It was 7 inches. It was just okay. I like having sex with girls better,” David said.

“Quit trying to change the subject. Did you take all 7 inches?” Lindsay pressed on.

“I did,” David acknowledged. “I thought it might hurt to take that much, but it didn’t at all. It felt so good.”

“David, you’re making me so wet right now. That’s so hot so you like it in the ass,” she whispered in his ear. She crawled on his lap and kissed him while she pressed her pussy against his hard cock. She kissed his neck and nibbled on his ear. “Please David, I want to fuck your tight ass. I know you want it. Think how great it will feel.”

“I don’t know Lindsay,” canlı bahis siteleri David hesitantly whispered.

“David, I want to see your ass take my entire strap on. Will you please let me fuck your ass? Please David, for me?” Lindsay encouraged him.

David relented, “Oh okay, but you have to keep it a secret.”

“David, you know my secret so you have nothing to worry about. Let’s go back to my room,” Lindsay directed him.

Lindsay went to the bathroom to change while David stripped down to his boxers. Lindsay came out with a 7″ black strap on and a black bra. She came over and kissed David. “This strap on has a dildo in my pussy and a plug in my ass so I’m going to feel every thrust. Now get out of those boxers!”

David removed his boxers and revealed his hard cock. Lindsay kissed him again and grabbed his cock. Then she leaned down and took his cock in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down a couple of times on his cock to tease him a little bit and to make him even harder. David moaned, “Oh Lindsay, that feels so good.”

She abruptly stopped and ordered, “Now turn over for me baby and get on your hands and knees.”

David did as he was told. Lindsay generously lubed her strap on and rubbed some into his ass. Then she put her strap on at the entrance of his ass and gently pushed. She hesitated as the tip entered him so his ass could adjust to her cock. David moaned. Then she gently pushed her strap on all the way in. David really began to moan. Then Lindsay grabbed his hips and began to work her cock in and out. David couldn’t believe how good it felt to get fucked and began working his ass back on her cock.

“David, look at how your tight ass takes my cock. You work your ass like you’ve done this before” Lindsay said. “This is so awesome.”

Lindsay moaned as she fucked him. She loved the feeling of the anal plug the strap on had as the vaginal plug worked her pussy. She gradually picked up the pace as she felt herself approaching orgasm. She reached around and grabbed his cock as she worked his ass feverishly. Finally, he exploded all over the bed as she came.

She pulled the dildo from his ass. “Lindsay, that felt so amazing!” David exclaimed.

“David, that’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen a man do. You made my fantasy come true. Anytime you want it, let me know,” Lindsay told him.

They fell asleep in the bed together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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