How I Lost My Job

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I used to work at a well-known fast food store. Had worked my way up to the low rungs of management. It seemed that I had a future there until one night shift. It had been a bad night, busy and we finished late. Even worse I’d only had a couple of staff to close up the store. After they had finished I was still doing some work. When I finished a few minutes later I went around the store. I reached the staff room opened the door and froze.

Stood in the staff room wearing only a very short skirt and knee-high boots was Stacie Sherwood. She had been one of my staff for the night but I’d though she’d left. She stood looking at me holding a small silky top that she had been about to put on. I stared at her in surprise and amazement. No one at the store considered Stacie to be good looking. She was just eighteen by a few months. She had a long face that looked a bit weasel like. And long red hair that came down below her shoulders. And I couldn’t remember her wearing anything revealing or sexy before.

But seeing her stood half naked before me I saw now what we had all been missing. Yes her face was not great but her body. She had perfect breasts; they seemed built for her figure. And her legs were long and shapely. Even better the skirt showed that her ass was tight and so sexy. I looked her up and down openly, and she did nothing to cover herself up.

“I was going to go out after work, but it’s too late now.” She said in explanation. “And my uniform is too dirty to wear.” I said nothing still looking at her in amazement. She stopped talking and looked at me for a while. “I was gonna meet this guy.” She said and put the top down. “Think I was certain for a fuck. And now I’ve lost the chance.” I stepped forwards and let the door, which I had been holding open close behind me.

“Well maybe not.” I hissed as I walked into the room. Stacie smiled at me and looked down my body to where my cock was pushing at my trousers.

“Umm I think not. Is that cock as big as it looks?” She smiled as she spoke stepping to right in front of me.

“Try it and find out.” I whispered, not expecting her to do anything. But she surprised me. Her hands moved to my belt and began to undo my trousers. It took me a second to react; when I did it was by kissing her hard on the mouth. She kissed me back just as hard as she undid my trousers and pushed them down.

Without warning she sank to her knees and ran her tongue over my hard cock. I hissed then gave a soft gasp as she took my cock in her mouth and started to give me an amazing blowjob. Her lips slid up and down my cock as she ran her tongue around the head. Very soon I was gasping ankara escort hard my fingers wrapped in her long hair. She sucked on my cock with all her skill and god was she very skilful. A few minutes later I was on the verge of cumming.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum.” I hissed to warn her. She didn’t stop; in fact she took my cock deeper into her mouth and sucked harder on it. That was it for me with a sharp grunt I came. My cum pumping into her mouth. And she swallowed it all willingly. She sucked on my cock hard it seemed to try and get all my cum. Then she smiled up at me and licked her lips.

“Very nice, I love the taste of cum.” I was shocked this was not the same Stacie I had worked with for the last year. “Now I’ve seen you’ve got a great cock, but have you got a good tongue and fingers?” I looked at her blankly; completely take aback by the difference in her. “I want you to lick me out before you fuck me.” She said to me. I nodded understanding.

She stood up and I pushed her back towards the table laying her on her back and pushing her skirt up to her waist. Then I knelt down between her legs and kissed up her thighs. When I reached her pussy I kissed it softly before licking deep into her. My fingers pulled open her lips so I could get my tongue right inside her. My reward was a soft gasp from her. I licked her pussy tasting her deeply for a few minutes then ran my tongue up to her clit.

Slowly at first I began to lick around it in a small circle. Stacie gave a sharp hiss and I felt her body arch slightly. I smiled to myself and licked harder at her clit. My two fingers slid into her wet pussy and began to push in and out as I licked her clit. Stacie groaned and gasped writhing softly on the table. I could feel that her orgasm was building up inside her. Each movement of my tongue on her clit and each thrust of my fingers into her sent a ripple through her. She was moaning loudly and hissing hard. As I licked and fingered her she became louder and her voice pitched higher. Finally I felt her whole body go ridged. She gave a sharp squeal of pleasure as she came. Her back arched and I felt her hands gripping my head to her pussy. I licked for a few more seconds before pulling away and looking up at her. She was gasping for breath and her face was red.

“Oh my god,” she gasped. “If you’re even close to that with your cock you better fuck me now.” I laughed softly.

“Oh I’m just as good.” I said moving to stand between her legs. My cock was rock hard again and I rubbed up over the outer lips of her pussy. “I’m gonna fuck your cunt hard.” I told her then thrust into her deeply. She gave a cry of passion and escort ankara gripped the table with her hands. I began to thrust in and out ramming in deep into her hot pussy. God was it good. Her pussy was warm, tight, and so inviting I just had to fuck it hard. Each thrust made her squeal softly she writhed on the table as I rammed in and out.

“Ohh god, yes fuck yesss!” She gasped crying out in pleasure. “Fuck mee harder!” I laughed and did as she asked ramming in as hard as I could. Her body shook with each thrust and my eyes were drawn to her firm breasts. I lean down to them and started to suck hard on them. Moving from one to the other. Licking and sucking the hard nipples. Her breasts were perfect. Round and firm, not too big. I sucked on them ramming my cock into her all the time. She rocked back lifting the breasts up for me. “Ohh god more, fuck me yess.” Her gasps were urging me on. Not that I needed that much urging.

“Fuck your cunts so hot.” I gasped as she tightened her pelvic muscles around me. I had to ram in as hard as I could. And she loved it. I knew she was close to cumming again. And I was fighting against my own orgasm. Trying to hold off until she had cum. “Ohh god Stacie your suck a hot fuck.” I hissed at her, she gave a bark of laughter then gasped as I rammed in to her. She pushed up to cling to me her legs wrapped around me as we fucked. Her teeth dug into my shoulder and I felt her shaking. Then she leant back and gave a scream of pleasure.

“Ohmygodfuckshityescumminggodyes!” It all came out as one long word as she screamed out the orgasm she was having. Her body shook and I felt her pussy squeezing my cock. I let go and came myself. With a hard thrust into her I pumped my cum inside her my fingers digging into her buttocks as I did.

We clung to each other for a few minutes gasping hard for breath. Then I began to rub her buttocks feeling the firmness of them. We kissed hard, passionately our tongues wrapping around each other. My hands gripped her ass loving the feel of it.

“Shit that ass feels tight.” I told her,” you work out or something?” She nodded.

“Yeah a little, you like it.”

“God yes.

“Want to fuck it?” I stopped in shock and leant back a little.

“You mean up your ass.” Stacie nodded. “For real.” I had never fucked a girl’s ass before. And up until that moment had never wanted to. But the feel of her ass in my hands was inviting.

“Go on, I like to be fucked in the ass every so often.” She said to me and kissed me hard. I stepped back and twisted her round so she was laid face first over the table.

“You sure?” I asked rubbing my cock, ankara escort bayan which was still hard over her ass. She nodded looking over her shoulder at me. Carefully I guided my cock to her asshole. “What about some lubrication?” I asked she giggled.

“You got my juices all over your cock. Now just fuck me ass before I get angry.” I shrugged and pushed into her ass. At first it seemed too tight. I wasn’t sure I could do it. Then suddenly I slid into her. She gave a sharp gasp and grabbed the edge of the table. “Yes that’s it, fuck it hard.” I held her waist and began to thrust in and out of her.

If her pussy had been tight her as was tighter. It gripped my cock hard as I slid in and out. I had to thrust in hard just to get into her. And she seemed to love it. Soon she was squealing and gasping hard. I reached up to her hair wrapping my hand in it and pulling back. Then I rammed in as hard as I could. She arched backwards with a sharp squeal.

“There you go slut.” I hissed through clenched teeth. “Feel my cock up your ass.”

“Oh yes fuck do it, fuck it hard.” She moaned so I did. I thrust in and out as hard as I could making her gasp and moan. Rocking her body with each thrust into her. My hand pulled back on her hair forcing her to arch backwards. Her hands were splayed out fingers digging into the corners of the table. I fucked her ass hard, using it like I was fucking her pussy. And all it did was make her want more. She gasped and moaned. Urged me to do it more, harder. I did it more and harder and she cried out. Screams of pleasure. My cock ramming hard into her ass. My fingers pulling back on her long red hair. She was a wild creature of passion and I was pulled along with her for the ride.

After what seemed like ages but was probably only a short time I felt her cumming. Her voice was harsh as she screamed and moaned. I grunted hard, gasping for breath with each thrust. I intended to fuck her ass totally. But was unable to avoid the building orgasm. With a final sharp thrust into her and pull on her hair I came. She shuddered and gave a soft sigh as my cum pumped into her ass. A few seconds later we collapsed onto the table gasping for breath.

For a few minutes all we could do was lay on the table recovering. Then I pulled out of her and gathered up my clothing. She pushed off the table and got dressed. The look on both our faces was that of total lust. We had both pushed each other to the limit and found that we liked it. I offered her a lift home, and even before we got back to hers we were fucking again. Parked up in a side road.

What neither of us knew was that there was a camera hidden in the staff room. And we had just made our own porn tape. A few days later when the tape was reviewed we were both fired for indecent behaviour. So that is how I lost my job. But Stacie and me are still together and the sex is still amazing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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