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I awake in darkness. Feeling strange but not knowing why. The weight of the bed is different, I’m not alone. A smile, knowing who shares my bed this night and all the possibilities. My left hand is on your hip as you lie on your side in that, ‘still in motion’ position of yours. A glance at the clock makes the time as 1:52am. The night comes back to me.

A chance situation where you could see a way to spend the night, a fun and fulfilling evening and then we both collapsed into exhaustion almost 5 hours ago! I’m wide awake with you next to me. Naked and smelling as inviting as always.

I turn to snuggle up next to you under the covers, my face meeting the back of your head and breathing you in deeply. My naked body contacting yours. I slip an arm under you like so many times before. You react as if awake allowing the action and then pushing back into me, ass pressing against my cock. My other hand slips over you and finds your left breast. A small moan and a wiggle of your ass, seems to say ‘Oh, it’s you!’ Very naturally and normally. Never really understanding this, I press into you letting my body feel yours enveloped in mine. Your soft skin working it’s magic on me predictably, causing my cock to harden against your ass.

My senses heightened I hear your breathing change. I know you’re still sleeping, but it’s hard to not notice the subtle changes in you so close. I move my hand on your breast and you respond and your nipple springs to life, my cock moves against your soft flesh and you rub your ass back. I hold you tighter in a lover’s embrace and you arch your body into me in a sensuous stretch. Your head now next to mine, ass pressing back into my cock. Saying ‘take me’ of course.

Your cumlouder porno hand finds my cock, gripping lightly. Then stroking gently, rubbing the topside against your ass. Then moving your lower body to rub it between your cheeks, hand moving to my balls. My hand automatically rubs your breasts more freely, your other hand finds mine and pulls it to your mouth. My fingers are enveloped by your wet warm mouth, the gentle but insistent sucking shooting through my brain and down to my cock. Causing me to arch my hardness into the valley of your ass.

Your hand seems to act of it’s own will, gripping my cock and aiming it at your asshole. Before I can react my cock is slipping tightly into your ass, still lubed from earlier. You react by pushing back into me, breath escaping between my fingers in your mouth. You’re now transformed into the total sexual being you become for me. Pushing your hips back into me, my cock burying itself deep into you. Your chest pushed out breast filling my hand and rubbing against it. I pull you closer and snuggle my cock a little deeper in you. You mirror my action, slowly moving your ass on my cock. Silently saying, ‘I’m so horny for you, fuck me. Use me for your pleasure, fuck my ass. Use my body to be happy’. Always struck by the silent but blatant sexuality you unleash on me, trying to reconcile it as passion and not love I grind my cock in your ass and reach down between your legs. They part to open your soft pussy for me. Allowing my hand to feel how aroused you are form sleep, wondering what kind of dreams you were having and also wondering if your wetness is constant or instantaneous to my touch. A wonderful if lust-driven thought.

I czech amateurs porno feel my cock tightly surrounded by your ass and let you fuck back into me gently. Sucking my fingers, just playing with your pussy. You legs now closed over my hand trapping my hand against your wetness. My fingers playing with your clit and your G-Spot, hopefully returning the pleasure you give me without really knowing. Sensing you would act like you love everything I do to you whether you did or not as long as it made me happy or cum, especially in you. Always in you. Your tight ass, your tight wet pussy. Always open to me, always inviting, always hot and wet and warm and soft.

My cock pierces your shell with it’s hardness and plunges into your soft centers relentlessly and effortlessly. I grind my cock in your ass more, feeling you tight against me. Asshole stretching to accommodate me easily, my grinding turning you more on your stomach with one leg almost straight and the other slightly bent to allow me better access. My chest rubbing against you as you grind back, my hand playing your cum harder and more insistent.

I let you fuck me with your ass as I concentrate on playing with your pussy. I wanna cum with you. I want to cause your body to betray your stubbornness and release itself to the pleasure you fight. With me. Because of me. I push the thought back as I feel my cum rising up too quickly. Your ass fits me like a glove, I wish my cock to feel the same in your ass to you.

Your gentle motion on my cock is as powerful as the wildest pumping we’ve ever done. The passion even more pronounced with the unbridled sensuousness flowing between us like wild electricity. czech casting porno Natural, easy, comfortable, safe. Fuck your ass is nice. My fingers seem to be connected to your mouth now. My fingers movements bringing more sound out of your half filled mouth. My fingers vibrating and tingling to it.

I feel your body start to go rigid, I push my cock into and out of your ass slowly but steadily. My cum starting to fill my shaft. You fuck me back now, my cock forming a bridge as you bend a little to get my cock deeper into your ass. My hand massaging clit and G-Spot to a froth, still buried between closed legs. More and more your ass tightens around me. I push into you, resistance more and less as you push back. Your sucking on my fingers becomes frantic and noisier. My cock is so hard as I look down and see it disappearing into your ass open a for me. I feel your pussy start to tighten around my fingers and I pump your ass harder but steadier, preparing for the inevitable. I start to count then lose track almost immediately. You start pushing harder against me and I return the intensity. Each stroke stoking the fire in my cock hotter and harder into your ass.

It happens, your mouth opens wide your ass clamps and your pussy spasms simultaneously. I start pushing into you harder, your ass giving way to my steel-like cock between your cheeks. You shudder into me and my cock starts releasing it’s sperm deep into you in long hard spurts that seem to drain the life out of me as my moans join yours. Spasmically and randomly we thrust against each other, milking the pleasure in every sense. Sweat seems to pour from everywhere as our tension releases together and flows into and through us together. My fingers still massage your clit as your pussy is clamped too hard between your legs. You start to buck under me now as I fuck my cock down into your ass on your stomach in wild abandon. My hand squeezing your breast, once twice three times then collapse in a wet, hot steamy fog of pleasure and contentment…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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