Interesting Gems

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Double Penetration

Authors note: I’ve always enjoyed Halloween. The costumes lend so much anonymity and interesting events. Of course there is always the mysterious that seems to only happen on Halloween. Bewitched items from long days past of magic and enchantment have been known to exist, and even at times fall into the hands of the unaware…


When our kids were little, my wife would always dress up with them in some kind of costume to take them trick or treating. It quickly became something of a tradition for her close circle of friends to do the same. Over the years the costumes grew more involved and the whole group seemed to get more and more into the holiday. Eventually they began taking turns at hosting small get togethers after the trick or treat time was over, typically including only the four or five closest friends. We’d socialize, play some spooky games and then break up in time to get the kids all to bed. As the kids grew up, the parties tended to go later and later until we were breaking up just past the bewitching hour. This year the last of our kids had moved out to go to college and my wife had taken that as a cue to host this year’s get together.

The house was decorated inside and out with all assortment of scary stuff, skeletons, huge spiders, tomb stones, you name it. The front porch was decorated as well. The kids coming to our door to get their candy would have to run a gauntlet of hanging spiders and creepy webs just to get to the door, and once there have to deal with spooky ghosts, black cats and scary sound effects. Not so scary that the little kids wouldn’t come to the door, but scary none the less.

Usually our gatherings would be done and over just past midnight, but this year it just happened that the 31st was on Friday. That, according to my wife, meant that the party wouldn’t HAVE to break up at any given time with no work the next day, and neither would it put a damper on the special Halloween wine she’d bought.

I wasn’t ever really a costume person, but I tried to play along every year. This year my wife was making me a costume as she usually did, as a skin diver, from an old wet suit she’d picked up some place. Her costume consisted of gray leotards, a gray one piece body suit, fuzzy kitty ears, and a fuzzy tail. It was clear to me that she’d make a fairly convincing kitty.

The drive home from work was always a boring, monotonous drive on a twisting two lane highway. On a daily basis I passed a myriad of houses and yards, one blending into the other on the half hour drive. It had gotten so that I barely even noticed them as I wound along the top of the ridge before dropping down the long twisting road down into the valley and along the river. It was Thursday afternoon and as usual I was twisting my way down into the long river bottom, breaking out onto the long straight stretch allowing me to whiz by the century old farm houses along the river. It was startling when I saw it, just a bright blue flash, more than a flash, almost like a laser beam flashing out at me from the front yard of one of those houses. My eyes reflexively shifted over to see the yard for a few brief seconds before my car carried me past and on toward the next. It took me almost half a mile before I could get slowed down and find a place to turn around. I drove back to the yard much more slowly, noting first the large sign indicating an estate sale the next day. The second thing I noticed as I approached the gravel driveway were the rows of tables set out on the lawn, at least eight rows deep and a dozen tables long, each white plastic table set end to end in long rows, each covered with a myriad of items. I pulled into the drive and stopped the car, only then noticing the two young women working at setting more items on the only half filled sixth or seventh row of tables. It took several seconds, as I climbed from my car, that I noticed neither were dressed in anything but underwear. Clearly it was a hot day for the end of October, but I didn’t think it was hot enough to need to be nearly naked.

The blonde woman looked up and stopped pulling items from the box in front of her and began to walk toward me. She had to be in her early to mid thirties, nicely shaped, fair sized breasts which threatened to spill over the lacy bra she was wearing. “I’m sorry sir. The sale doesn’t start until tomorrow,” she called out as she walked down the length of the table row toward me.

“Oh. I understand. Something caught my eye and I just wanted to stop and look for a moment,” I answered as I started moving toward the second row of tables, unsure why my mind seemed certain what I had seen was on one of those tables.

She walked around the end of the tables to follow me down the gap between the first and second row of tables, nearly catching up to me by the time I approached the next to last table. There on the table was a tarnished silver box almost six inches square with a red velvet lining. In front of the box lay a necklace and what looked like matching earrings of some sort. The necklace was made of a black silk band, almost like a collar, czech gangbang porno with a single cylindrical gem held by a delicate spider web of silver strands nearly encasing its length. The gem was a deep blue, deeper blue than even an evening sky, yet seemed alive with brilliance from within. The gem seemed to practically glow in the sunlight. I reached out and shielded it from the sun, expecting the internal glow to lessen, but was surprised to see it continue to glow as if powered from within.

“Extraordinary piece, isn’t it?” she asked, quietly from beside me. “I couldn’t resist putting it on for a few minutes when I unpacked it.”

“It is exquisite,” I practically whispered. “It practically draws you toward it.”

“It does.”

“The earrings don’t seem to glow the same. Do you think they’re the same crystal?”

“I think they are, but they aren’t earrings,” she said with a soft girlish giggle.


“Not earrings no,” she answered, suppressing a smile as I looked back at her.

“Then what?”

She grinned at me. “It took me a few minutes to figure that out myself,” she said quietly as she reached between her breasts and unsnapped the center clasp of her bra, letting both cups fall away from her teardrop shaped breasts. She reached for her nipples and pinched and tugged them for a few moments, making them harden. “I didn’t know they wore these kinds of things so long ago. These have to be at least a couple hundred years old,” she said as she reached for the two crystals, each mounted so that it could hang freely on a small chain from a silver spiral cone. She placed each one on her hard nipples, the silver spiral gripping her protruding nipple and allowing the blue cylindrical spiral to hang down in front of her creamy breast. The spiral was large enough to cover only half of her pink puckered areola as she moved her hands to her sides, allowing me to admire the gems hanging from her sexy breasts. I could feel my dick hardening in my pants as I looked down at her, her breathing making the gems swing tantalizingly.

“Damn,” I muttered.

“You should see the necklace on me with them,” she said huskily, reaching past me to pick up the silk collar. She shrugged off the bra, standing now in only her panties as she wrapped the silk around her neck and tied it in a bow at the back of her neck. The blue crystal hung down and cradled almost perfectly into the small gap at the base of her neck, its glow seeming to draw me like a moth to a flame.

“Incredible, isn’t it?” she whispered, her hands moving in front of her, I thought to cover her pussy, but instead to push the front of her panties down with one hand while the other reached between her legs to stroke her pussy. “I don’t know why, but it makes me so damn horny.”

“I can see that,” I whispered back, looking down at her and feeling an incredible temptation to reach out and touch her.

She pushed the panties down so that they were around her thighs, freeing the hand that she had been using to hold the front down. With her now free hand, she reached for mine and stepped closer to me, her gem covered nipples nearly touching my chest as she pulled my hand down to her pussy. I turned my hand and laid my palm on her mound as she removed her fingers from her own pussy, moving that hand with her other to start unfastening my pants. I couldn’t help but reach my fingers between her legs and dip my middle finger between her sopping wet pussy lips. I heard her moan softly as my finger stroked between her lips and across her clearly excited clit. “Oh yeah. God I need to be fucked right now,” she whispered as she let my pants slide down my legs and started pushing my briefs down to free my now raging hard-on.

“Oh damn,” I groaned as her hands wrapped around my dick, stroking it and trying to pull it toward her pussy at the same time.

“Fuck me,” she moaned, leaning closer to me as I stroked my finger across her clit.

I’d never cheated on my wife, but at that moment I was nearly overcome by an animalistic desire to throw her on the ground and fuck her brains out! With great restraint I resisted the temptation, continuing instead to stroke her pussy and clit with my fingers, drawing her closer to climax as she stroked my cock with both hands.

“Oh fuck. You’re gonna make me come,” she moaned loudly as she leaned heavily against me, the gems on her nipples digging into my chest through my thin dress shirt. I could feel her pussy leaking her juices on my fingers as she groaned and stiffened. As her body began to jerk and twitch, I could feel my own climax peak, my cum spraying up between us as my body jerked almost in time with hers.

“Oh Jesus,” I gasped as we stood there, in full view of the highway, recovering from our mutual climax.

“Uh huh.” She panted, slowly pushing back away from me. Her panties had fallen to her ankles and at some point she had stepped out of them, leaving the tiny bikini panties around one ankle. She reached up and slowly pulled the blue crystals from her nipples, czech harem porno laying them on the table by the silver box before reaching for the tie around her neck.

“God what a mess,” I mumbled, undoing my cum stained shirt.

She lay the gem back on the table by the box and then looked down for her underwear. She pulled them up slowly and then bent again for her bra, slowly pulling it on over her cum stained tits. “I’m really sorry,” she finally said. “I don’t know what came over me. I mean. I’d never do anything like this. At least I didn’t think I would.”

“It’s okay. I think I understand. I’ve never done anything like this either,” I said as I pulled my pants back up.

She stepped closer to me, still wearing only her bra and panties and put the crystal necklace and nipple ornaments into the silver box and closed it. “Here. Why don’t you take this with you,” she said breathlessly, pressing the silver box into my hands. “I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

“Yeah. I know,” I agreed, my mind slowly clearing to realize just what I had done.

She turned and walked away, leaving me to walk to my car alone, carrying the silver box in one hand and my cum stained shirt in the other.

By the time I got home I was feeling pretty guilty about what had happened at the old house. While I hadn’t exactly cheated on my wife, I wasn’t at all sure she was going to see it that way. I still didn’t understand what had come over me for me to even touch her the way I had, let alone finger her until we both climaxed. All I could do was to hope she’d understand. I pulled into the garage and shut down the car, and headed into the house.

“Hey sweetie! Glad you’re home. Dinner’s almost ready!” she called from the kitchen as I walked in from the garage.

“Hey honey,” I said, wondering how I was going to tell her about what had happened.

“Hey there lover,” she said stepping toward me as I walked into the kitchen. “What’s that?” she asked, reaching for the silver box.

“Something I found at an estate sale on the way home,” I answered as she opened the box and peered into its red velvet interior.

“Oh my god. How beautiful!” she said as she pulled the necklace out and stared at the practically luminescent blue crystal.

“It kind of looked like a fancy cat collar and I thought it’d go good with your outfit,” I said as she handed me the box and wrapped the black silk around her neck and tied it in a bow.

“Definitely. It’s Perrrrrrfect!’ she said with a giggle as she reached for the box again. “Earrings too?”

“Not exactly,” I said as she pulled one from the box and held it up, looking at it curiously. “I thought so too until the lady at the estate sale showed me. They’re nipple ornaments. Kind of like old fashioned nipple rings.”

“Showed you? You mean she held one up to her boob?”

“Um. No. Not exactly.”

“What exactly?” my wife asked a little testily.

“Well, she put them on.”

“You mean like over her shirt, or like on her bare boob?”

“On her bare breasts,” I answered.

I saw my wife roll her eyes and shake her head. “Seriously? You let some woman bare her tits in front of you?”

“Well, she was kinda only half dressed to start with, so I didn’t realize what she was doing until she had already taken her bra off.”

“Only half dressed?”

“Yeah. I mean both of them had on underwear, but they were working outside setting out stuff on the tables just wearing their underwear.”

“Yeah right. I’m supposed to believe that these women were out working in their undies and nothing else?”

“No. I mean Yes. They were. I was just driving home, paying attention to my driving and a bright blue flash caught my eye. I didn’t even realize there were people in the yard until I doubled back to see what it was. One of the ladies came over to tell me that the sale didn’t start until tomorrow and followed me to the table where I found this box.”

“Uh huh. And she just pulled out her tits in front of you?”

“Well, not at first. No. She put on the neckless to show me how it looked and I asked about the earrings.”

“And then she whipped ’em out and put on the nipple gems?”


“And I’m supposed to believe that? Really?”

“Honest!” I answered, holding up my hand.

“I’m not at all sure I believe you, but thank you for the present just the same,” she said as she pulled one of the silver spirals with its attached gem from the silver box. “So how do they work? Since you’re an expert and all,” she asked seeming to let the woman flashing her tits at me go for the moment. She handed me the box and set the nipple ornament back into the box before pulling her t-shirt up and off. She tossed her shirt onto the chair and then reached behind her to undo her bra. She reached into the box and pulled out the ornament again and held the silver spiral to her now bare nipple. “So how does it stick on?”

“You have to have a hard nipple.”

“Hard nipple? I suppose that you played with czech sharking porno her boobs too to make her nipples hard?”

“No. She did that herself,” I said a little defensively.

“Well, since you’re married to me I suppose you can touch mine to make ’em hard. I’m pretty sure you know how to do that, right?”

“Pretty sure,” I answered as I tossed my shirt onto the table and set the silver box down next to it. I stepped to my wife and reached both hands out to her breasts, cupping both large double D mounds the way I knew she loved, and used my fingers and thumbs to gently tease her quickly hardening nipples, pulling and twisting them gently.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” she sighed softly. “That feels so nice.”

“Uh huh,” I agreed as I continued to tease her nipples.

“Hard enough yet?” she asked a little breathlessly.

“Getting there,” I said as my body got more excited with each passing moment. I could feel my cock hardening in my pants again, straining to spring forth toward her.

“You are,” she breathed as her hand reached for the front of my pants and stroked my hard-on through the material. “You get a hard-on like this when she was wearing these?”

“Uh huh,” I said, letting go of her breasts and picking up one of the ornaments, hoping to derail where this conversation was most definitely headed. “Here. Like this,” I said as I twisted the spiral a little and placed it over her nipple, the metal springing back to grip her hardened protrusion.

“Ohhh. It pinches it a little.”

“Does it hurt?” I asked with sudden concern.

“Uh uh. It’s gentle, almost like your fingers on it. And when it moves… oh damn. When it moves it tugs just a little when the crystal swings. Ohhhhh damn that’s a serious turn on!”

“Here. Let me do the other,” I said, getting the second one from in the box.

“Okay. You do that. I’m doing this,” she said, undoing my belt and the front of my pants as I placed the other ornament on her other nipple. “Ohhhhhhh fuck,” she moaned, for a moment, standing with her eyes closed, gently moving her chest side to side to make the crystals swing. “For some reason these really tease the shit out of my nipples.”

“I can tell,” I agreed.

“She wore these for you?” she asked, opening her eye and reaching for my pants again, undoing the zipper and letting them slide down around my ankles. She pushed my briefs down in front and pulled my raging hard-on out and held it in both hands.

“Um. Yeah.”

“Did you get a hard-on like this for her too?”


“Sorta? When have you ever gotten a sorta hard-on with bare tits in front of you?”



“So?” I asked back as she stroked my shaft with her hands.

“Do I have to ask?”

“If you want to ask if I fucked her, no I didn’t.”

“But you wanted to.”

“Oh yeah,” I groaned softly.

“So what’d you do instead?” she asked in a whisper as I pushed the yoga pants she had on down over her ass.

“We just touched each other a little.”

“Yeah? How?”

“Like this,” I said sliding my hand down between her legs and sliding my finger between her lips.

“I bet she liked that.”

“She did. She wanted more, but I couldn’t.”

“Good thing,” she breathed huskily. “Good thing I can have more,” she said as she turned away from me, bending over and holding herself on the counter with her elbows.

“Yeah,” I agreed as I shuffled the half step to stand behind her, her bare pussy pushing out between her legs at me. I rubbed my engorged head up and down her sopping wet pussy lips and then pressed my head into her, slowly feeding it deeper as she stood there moaning loudly.

“Ohhhhhhh fuuuuuuck,” she moaned as I started to stroke slowly, pulling my cock most of the way out of her and then pushing slowly back in to work more of my shaft into her. I held her hips and pushed in and out, quickly getting all of my shaft into her and then stroking faster, my thighs slapping her bare ass with each stroke. “Oh my god. I can’t believe how badly I want your cock!” she moaned. “Fuck me hard lover. Pound it deep into me!”

I could see down her front in the reflection in the microwave oven door, the crystals hanging from her nipples flying as wildly as her tits, the crystals pulling and tugging her nipples every which way. I pounded into her, my thighs slapping her bare ass as she cried out that she was about to come. I wasn’t going to be far behind her, watching her tits swinging and flying the way they were, a serious turn on for me.

“OHHHHHH FUCK!” I heard her scream as her pussy clenched around my shaft. I could feel her trembling and shuddering as she climaxed around me, my thrusts mixed with the crystals on her nipples seeming to push her climax to heights she’s rarely felt. “OH GOD YES!” she screamed again as my body jerked and jammed my cock deep into her. I stood there jerking and spasming as my cock pumped shot after shot of cum deep into her spasming pussy. “Ohhhhhh fuck. Ohhhhhh my god,” she gasped as my cock eased its spurting spasms and began to soften inside her. “Oh my god. Where did that come from?” she practically moaned, reaching behind herself to push me away, my shrinking cock sliding from her pussy. She finished turning around and sank to the floor, her yoga pants and underwear still around her knees, but otherwise naked.

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