Jerome Ch. 03: Red Princess

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WARNING: This story involves scenes of graphic sex including reluctance, seduction, mind-control, fornication, breastfeeding and anal. If that is not what you are looking for don’t read on. All sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by human adults over eighteen years old.

This story is a fantasy written in several chapters. Its view point is as from days of old and uses old terminology for sexual acts and body parts as best that Google could provide. It is a fantasy of horse and rider, a quest, an amulet, a goddess, nuns, witches and wolves and woven throughout sexual joining and mating.

I am Sir Jerome of Cavan and I seek the ancient ruins at Deireadh le Cosáin. It is a long journey to reach there as I travel by horseback. I have a wolf protector that journey with me keeping to the shadows. I possess the emerald Amulet of Dea-Chlú to speak for me.

I left the cottage and the bed of Órlaith the Golden Princess Witch of the Woodlands after impregnating her with twins and calling a golden she-wolf to be her family protector. I am continuing my journey northward for several days. I have been advised that there will be a witch and a cottage at the end of each leg of my travels.

I seek the ancient ruins at Deireadh le Cosáin, ‘The End of Paths’ which is a powerful and spiritual place. Witches will gather there for the Spring Equinox, the festival of Ostara, to celebrate fertility and rebirth. It will be there that I will be able to recharge the Amulet of Dea-Chlú.

I am blessed that my path northward follows streams and a river so I do not lack water. The witch Órlaith gave me food and a water jug and honey for the trip. I rode all the days through woods and grasslands stopping for rest and water and some food. My mare, Fíochmhar, her name means ‘fierce and furious’ and she was that in battle had chosen me as I had come upon the wild herd. She is roan in color with pure white mane and tail and built strong to carry me all day.

We stopped for the night and I held up my Amulet and sought permission from the trees to have a fire and forage for wood. I unsaddled Fíochmhar and she went off to find meadow grass and perhaps some nuts and fruit in the forest. I went to the river and build a small stone ring then sought widow’s wood. When I returned there was a river salmon wiggling in the stones. My silent protector had provided my meal. I built the fire within a circle of rocks then cleaned and cooked the fish over the coals and ate my fill. I made my bedroll close to the hot rocks and turned in for the night.

Just before I fell to sleep I looked at the end of the tree line and luminescent amber eyes looked back. A huge black wolf entered the firelight then circling before me laid down against me and let out a long breath. I put my arm around the beast and fell asleep.

In the morning the wolf was gone but a rabbit lay dead by the stones. I rebuilt the fire and dressed the rabbit and ate my breakfast. I tell you all this detail for that was how it was for my several days of journey. This leg ended when I crested a small hill and in the valley below a small cottage lay nestled against a corpse of trees. A plume of smoke rose from the chimney and Fíochmhar raised her head to smell the hair and pounded the ground and whinnied.

“Something in the air my warrior princess?” I asked as I ran my fingers through her white mane. I rode up to the cabin and an old crone came out.

“You seek refuge here tonight, sustenance and a place to sleep do you not stranger?” she crooned.

I perceived her behavior because of safety and satisfaction derived from it, she had been living in the same pattern or manner over and over again. “I am Sir Jerome of Cavan,”…

The old crone held up her hand to shut me off. “I know who you are, where you seek and what you carry,” she intoned. “You seek the ancient ruins at Deireadh le Cosáin and you possess the Amulet of Dea-Chlú,” she chanted. “I know who gave you your blessing and I know what protects you as you travel.”

“Unsaddle your powerful mare and let her roam free. She will find what she seeks today. And although you did not expect it so shall you my strong Chieftain, so shall you,” she said cackling.

I wondered what the old crone could mean as I unsaddled Fíochmhar. She bolted away when I untied her reins. The old woman told me to follow my horse to the lake and bathe. “You smell of road and smoke and man scent,” she said cackling again.

She watched as I removed my jerkin and boots. When my pants dropped she took in a deep breath as she stared at my long cock. It hung between my thighs half way down. I tweaked it knowing she was looking at it.

She laughed when it pulsed. “Well my Chieftain, shall I use all the strength I have left to cast a spell to make me young again that I may rut upon that spear you hide in your pants? Shall I leak my juices on that man-cock as you push your potent seed up inside me? Shall I scream to the night air as you bornova escort pleasure yourself pounding me into my bed of loneliness until the strength of your gonads fills my dark void?” she said laughing and cackling and pointing a boney finger at my full phallus.

Old or not her words had an effect on me as my cock hardened and rose to point at her. My seed began to leak out my now throbbing cockhead. She moved to me and took my cock into her old wrinkled hands and rubbed my leaking man fluid onto her palm then kissed the drips then licked her palm clean.

“You have a strong spear between your legs my Chieftain and your sack holds the promise of many children, many, many children. Many you will raise and many you will gift to my sisters throughout your long life. Now go and bathe and find your future.”

She held my cock tightly and reached up and kissed my lips. Her lips felt soft, not cracked with age, and held the past pleasures on them. Her hand holding my cock felt firm and strong. She pulsed her hand along my shaft then let out a long breath that sounded lonely.

“Go Sir, go now and meet your future and release me from your spell as I feel my body dropping its age. I am not for you tonight but you will find what you seek,” she whispered and kissed me long and deep. I felt young breasts against me and softness to her embrace as she pushed against my Amulet. It throbbed with heat and glowed in emerald brightness. She squeezed my cock hard then fled into her cottage on old legs. I heard her weeping.

I walked to the lake as the sun painted the glomming. I entered the lake and walked to knee deep and rubbed my body with the cold lake water. I had age on me but felt strong as my firm muscles dripped in the lake water. My red hair was cut past my shoulders and pasted onto my body as I rose from the water.

Little did I know I had a watcher hidden in the bushes. She took in a deep breath when I took my manness in my hand to wash there. She watched me run my hand up and down my shaft and under my large ball sack. She had heard servant girls talking and knew that my manness was called a cock. She said it in her mind and she blushed.

Later she had told me her story. She ran away from an arranged marriage taking the strongest horse in the stable. She rode up on the lake and dismounted feeling various places of pain and discomfort. She removed the saddle from the horse and let him forage by the tree. She slowly removed her men’s clothes sore from the unaccustomed hard riding. Her soft underclothe had blood clotted in the cloth.

Her horse had jumped a log driving her groin onto the saddle horn. She felt a sharp pain and then wetness between her thighs. Now naked she bathed in the lake. The cool water ran down her long red hair and between her full breasts. She tenderly rinsed the dried blood from her red curls between her legs and from her underclothes that had appeared when she landed on the saddle horn. She used wet fingers to clean between her purse lips. There was still pain and discomfort there.

While drying in the sun herself she heard a splash. She moved behind a tree and watched a man rise from the water. He walked to knee deep and rubbed his body with the cold lake water. She was close enough to see all of him. He was older than her more like the age of her uncle but in strong shape. His strong muscles dripped the lake water. He had red hair like her cut past his shoulders in length.

My strong hands rubbed my cock and ball sack to clean off the man sweat and it rose and hardened and pointed straight out. My length is such that one hand does not cover it all, nor two dainty hands. I washed the big sacks under my cock that were the size of hen eggs. It had been many days since my strength had felt pleasure and my hand lingered on my long fat shaft and heavy balls.

She thought all of my manness looked like one of the male stud horses she saw in the stables. Her breathing became heavy and she felt wetness between her thighs. She touched there and her fingers came away coated in her moistness. She watched me leave the lake and lay down on the soft grasses to dry in the sun. I was soon asleep in the warmth of the sun relaxing my aching muscles. Dreams of maidens conquered came to my thoughts causing my manness to firm and rise.

Unknown to me she walked naked over to where I lay having washed herself in the lake. She held her hunting knife that one of her wardens had taught her how to use and throw. On a pig for slaughter he taught her where to drive the knife for her protection. She got covered in blood as it pulsed out hot and salty but it excited her. She now stood by my side not blocking the sun to not give herself away. I moaned and she watched my cock slowly rise and firm until its length and fatness filled her with fright and excitement.

She reached between her thighs to feel the warm wetness leaking from her purse. She remembered what the old woman maidservant bornova escort bayan had said about the joining of a man and woman, where and how it was to happen. In her independence she wanted to experience a man’s strength deep inside her. She straddled the stranger and brought his cockhead against the opening of her moist and hungry purse.

The spoiled princess pushed my cock onto my muscular stomach and moved the wet dripping lips of her sheath up and down my long fat man cock. I moaned at the pleasure of the warmth and thought I was still caught in my dream. She knew that knot at the top of her lower lips gave her great pleasure. Her maid servant had often pleasured her between her thighs and had sucked on that knot driving her to wet excess.

She centered that bump over the tip of my fat cock and rocked back and forth increasing the pleasure she felt between her legs. The intense pleasure was building and building until her purse began pulsing and hot juices poured out all over the cock between her nether lips.

She rode that cockhead with her swollen knot and soon completed all over the stranger’s cock. Her body trembled and she lost the strength in her thighs crushing her wet lower lips along the hardness of the stranger. Her juices poured out and once or twice sprayed out onto his chest. She moaned and rubbed herself on that cock enjoying the aftershocks.

She was moaning with her eyes closed when she felt my hands on her firm full young breasts and then her teats were pulled. She looked down at me and quickly brought the tip of her knife to my throat. I pushed the knife to one side with my arm and continued the pain and pleasure on her hardened dark teats. She dropped the knife and leaned into my hands moaning. I gripped her firm full young breasts squeezing and molding them like bread in the kitchen then I moved my hands to her hips.

I lifted the long red haired woman until my cock stood upright pointing where her thighs came together. I then positioned her wet purse over my fat cockhead and found her entrance. I moved her hips back and forth wetting my throbbing manhood with the hot juices that dripped from her center. My strong arms then lowered her until the tip of my cock found her entrance. As my cock entered the opening of her womanhood she moaned and hissed from the pain yet still pushed down.

She felt his cock breach and enter where the old woman had said that two should be joined. It hurt as his fat cock pushed her open but the old woman had said that would be so. She wished to be brave wanting this new experience. She took in a deep breath and took a bit more length of his strength into her hot, wet, tight passage. He lifted her to the top of his strength then slowly pushed her down until some of his cock was inside.

The red haired run-away lowered herself onto his strength until half of it fit inside her. She moaned and struggled to take more of that long fat cock. I asked her, “Am I the first to fill your princess purse or did your father, brother, cousin or uncle have the joy of this tight cave before me? Is this the largest cock you have had inside you?” I asked laughing.

She replied, “Do not tease me stranger or my knife will find its way back to your neck and cut out your insulting words. Sir you are the only man that has entered my womanness. Parts of you are filling virgin places. Your strength is tapping the very top up inside me. Oh Sir, I’m going to be overwhelmed,” she growled.

“Ok, she wolf! Tell me the name of the princess that is ravaging me and I will apologize and seek your forgiveness. I will help you enjoy the pleasure and a little pain from your first time taking a big cock. Now move up and down on my strength until your release. I shall hold mine back,” I said as I moved slightly within her.

“I am Aoife and I feel the top of your manness tap the end of my female sheath,” she moaned. Her warm juices flowed down my long cock to wet her curly haired nether lips resting on my lap. Slowly she rose up my long shaft then rode it back down. I pushed against her upper reaches causing her to moan. I moved my hands and gripped her breasts crushing them in my strong callused hands. She moaned when I pulled on her teats and twisted them side to side.

The runaway princess pushed into my large hands moaning for more. She rode my long fat cock like a common serving girl giving pleasure to the wardens and servants in the inn. Up and down Aoife rode pulling her swollen pearl in with my cock and pulling it out against my crown. Aoife realized she now loved to rut on this long fat cock and wanted to feel this pleasure over and over.

Her breathing became ragged and she felt a flush. Her inner flesh tightened on that fat lance that had pierced her womanhood. She shook on that pole and lost the strength of her thighs. She took all of his cock inside moaning loudly as it pressed up against the roof of her insides. Hot juices pulsed out escort bornova of her purse as she shook into ‘the small death’.

I stayed hard inside Aoife as she moaned and growled losing her control. I flipped us over and pulled her legs up onto my strong shoulders. She huffed feeling it when I pulled my cock back then pushed forward hard. She screamed as her insides were attacked. Over and over I thrust into the maiden under me. I sped up ramming my advantage as she was pushed into the warm grass covered earth.

Having had many women and young girls I knew how best to drive them to pleasure. My cock moved in and out of a lost Aoife as it pulled and pushed her swollen jewel of pleasure. Aoife’s legs tightened on my shoulders as her tight purse pulsed on my horse cock. “Agh! Agh! Agh!” Aoife screamed as my cock went deep over and over. Her woman lips were pulled and pushed as they held my cockshaft tightly, nether knot receiving pleasure each way. She screamed one last time and completed her body trembling and warm juices pouring out around my shaft wetting my belly and balls.

I pulled out and Aoife sprayed me with hot woman juices. I aimed the end of my strength at the ‘O’ of her sheath and filled her with all my length. She screamed her completion once again then lost control of her body as it shook under the unknown strong stranger. Her forth intensement caused her to faint away fully spent in pleasure.

I had not yet reached my own completeness. I was concerned to spray my seed within her until she desired such. I did not want to breed this run away female until she begged for it. I withdrew my fat man sword from her sheath and watched as her juices poured out her bright red swollen gash and ran between her buttocks. I flipped her over and sat on her thighs then placed my fat wet sword between her firm youthful full cheeks.

I thought perhaps her brother or cousin had found pleasure in her back opening saving her purity for some dandy prince. I placed my fingers between her buttocks cheeks and Aoife’s dark star appeared when I pulled them apart. I laughed when it winked at me. I put the end of my cock against that back door. She was wet from her leaking juices and I was wet from those same juices coating my cock.

I pushed my cock against that ring and it held barring my entrance. I grunted and pushed down and my fat crown caused her dark ring to begin to give way. When the crown of my cock breached her brown eye it grabbed me tightly. Aoife moaned under me as she rose slowly back to consciousness.

I pushed further slowly but with purpose and soon my swollen knob had breached her rear defenses. Her gates slowly opened from the force of my strength. Her dark lips kissed my crown as they gave way and I was embedded in her bunghole. I pulled back and slid forward slowly enjoying the tightness of this dark tunnel. I reached under her and rubbed her knot of pleasure and she wet my hand. I brought her wet thickness around and coated my shaft that had not yet tasted her dark tightness.

This female run-away under me started to moan and move her arse. She moaned and pushed up trying to escape the pain but slid more of my cock into her darkness.

She hissed asking, “What evil are you doing to me. What are you pushing into my depth? You’re filling the hole that I use to expel my waste. You are nasty and dirty. Oh Blessed Savior stop! Oh please stop.”

I just kept sliding in and out her bung pulling and pushing her back hole up and down my fat shaft. My fingers moved rapidly across her pleasure knot until she screamed and soaked my hand with a spray of hot liquid. I knew I had her now as her dark ring softened.

I pulled her up onto her knees as her large breasts dragged across the grass causing pain and pleasure to her hard teats. She moaned from that pain all that leaking juices from her middle wetting her red curls. I pulled her arse against my strong stomach over and over. I rode my cock in her darkness deep and hard. I was close to my release so I pinched her pleasure knot causing her to scream and spray my hand and thighs.

I pulled this captive red haired princess back hard and grunted. My man cock ejected my essence deep into her dark hot oven. Pulse after pulse filled her back tunnel with my seed. I groaned with each pulse. Poor Aoife moaned each time my cock swelled in her innards as it ejected my essence.

I pushed against her bung as I pulled her back seeking all the pleasure I could get from this runaway. I collapsed on her back driving her to the earth with my cock still inside her. I rolled us both to our sides but my cock stayed strong. Aoife moaned cursing her abuser.

“You are evil and cruel to take your pleasure there. When I reach my knife I shall butcher you like a pig! Your strength is thick and long. It fills me causing pain and I feel you when you pull back and I feel full when you return your strength into me.”

She started sobbing. “You have caused me to sin as I found it pleasurable when you filled me and stroked yourself rapidly,” Aoife explained. I asked her if she would rather go home with a stranger’s child growing in her womb. “No,” she moaned. “Tell me your name you wicked man so I may hunt you down when you leave me here crying from your abuse.”

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