Jim’s Lady

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The first time was my birthday. We had been married for a few years and I had been sharing with her my fantasies of watching her taking a lover while we made love.

When I did so it always made her more excited, uninhibited and dominant. She would ride me harder, more frantically. She would be wetter and always came hard and loud while feeding me her breasts as I smacked her ass.

That birthday was different. In the morning she playfully, teasingly told me that she would have a special gift for me. Her voice was low and dusky as she spoke to me in bed. Her hand working me to a state of arousal. She whispered to me that she hoped I would like my ‘special gift’; that it was something she has been wanting to give me for a while.

After our years together she knew me like a well worn path. She knew exactly when I was at the point of release and kept me there. Teasing, promising, then scurrying off to the shower after telling me that I had better save myself for later or I would not get my special gift.

At lunch she texted me a picture of our dining room table. Two places had been set and there was a box with an overly large and ornate pink bow on it placed in front of my usual seat. My pulse quickened and my mind worked feverishly to decipher what the box may contain. Why the pink bow?

When I arrived home I found the lights had been dimmed and there was a note on the table where we put our keys. The note simply read, ‘open box’.

I could hear the shower in our room running as I walked over to the table and sat down.

I opened the box and inside I found a pink silken robe, very feminine looking, but too large for my wife. There was also a pair of thong panties and a bra. There was a faint odor of a feminine perfume, just a trace. Underneath was a note that said, ‘wear me’. I felt the blood rush to my cock.

I went to the guest bedroom and changed into my new clothing. I felt wicked.

My wife was seated in her chair when I returned. She was wearing my bathrobe. I could also smell my cologne. The scent was fresh and strong. She had put it on herself after the shower.

She rose from her chair when she saw me, meeting me halfway to the table. She pulled a bottle of her perfume from the pocket of my robe and applied some behind my ears, at the base of my neck and at my wrists. She told me in an authoritative tone to rub my wrists together and sit down.

As I sat there she rubbed her hands through my hair and caressed my face as she told me that she was going to give me a special gift tonight. She was going to set me free.

She said that she had always wanted to know what it was like to be a man and have a girl. To take someone. To fuck someone. She also knew from our many, intimate years together that I also had a secret, a secret living inside me. Her gift to me was allowing gaziemir escort me to set that person free. To be that person. To be her girl.

I was growing more excited as she spoke. I couldn’t possibly be harder and my breath was quick and shallow. I felt a little dizzy. Warm. She slid her hand through the opening of my robe and began to massage my turgid member.

‘Happy Birthday’, she whispered into my ear. ‘What do you think? Is she in there? Does she want to play??’ She continued the slow, teasing rub on my cock.

‘Yes…’ Was the reply I managed to get out in a wavering voice.

She moved back a couple of steps, shrugged off her robe and it fell to the ground as she stood in front of my chair. She was naked. Her breasts stood out firm and proud, nipples engorged. Her flat stomach, smooth and muscular thighs.

Naked, except for the large strap on cock that swung around like an angry sword protruding from her body. She began to stroke it.

‘Do you like my cock? I got a large one. Large enough for you to really feel what it is like to be fucked.’

I told her that I did.

‘His name is Jim. He cost me a bit of money, but he is very realistic. Right now it feels like I am stroking a real cock. One much bigger than yours.’ She smiled.

‘He has a little appendage that rubs my clit while I am wearing it. The salesman said that I would get intense pleasure from it while it was in use. I told him what I planned to do with it…that I planned on having my husband wear panties and that I would fuck him like a little slut.’ She continued stroking the cock as she spoke seductively to me.

‘Jim also has another unique feature. He can cum.’ With that she showed me a little sack like reservoir that hung below like a set of heavy balls.

‘Go ahead, feel them.’ She had seen my curious look. I took them in hand. They felt a little softer than real balls, almost as if full of a pudding or gravy like substance.

‘I can make him cum by pressing this little button. The cum shoots out like a real cock. It looks like it does when you shoot after jerking off while thinking of me fucking other men. You like that don’t you? The thought of me fucking other men?’ She was thoroughly enjoying herself. Wallowing in her domination. I could see the lust glaze coating her eyes and it made me crazy with desire.

Again, all I could manage was a weak, cracking voice…’yes…’

‘I made the cum myself. A little mixture I came up with. I think it is pretty close to the real thing. Do you want to see Jim cum? Do you want to taste it? She traced the outside of my lips with her cock. I was sooooo fucking excited. She told me to suck her cock.

I did.

I closed my eyes and pretended she was Jim. My man.

I traced the head of his cock with my escort gaziemir tongue. Licking the head. Gently sucking. Mimicking all the great things women had done for me.

I stroked the shaft, caressed his balls, and brought his cock all the way in to my throat. Saliva poured out of my mouth. My throat muscles relaxed.

He ran his hands through my hair, clasped the back of my head and began fucking my mouth. He told me what a good girl I was, what a good cocksucker, as he force fed me his 9 inch Python. He moaned loudly.

With Jim in my mouth I was close enough to her pussy to smell the oozing juices. Her musky scent. I ran my hands from his ballsack to her inner thigh. She was flowing a river of juices down the inside of her thigh. I traced my hand up to her slit and felt the ‘little appendage’ she had mentioned earlier.

There was nothing little about it. The end servicing her, rubbing her clit and penetrating her like a second cock while she force fed me the business end was working her toward a massive orgasm.

She sounded like a man when she let out the guttural roar as her orgasm hit. She fell completely into her role as Jim and pressed the button to cum. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and cranked my head back as the warm, salty cum mixture shot forth. She was right. It looked very real.

Jim came hard. Shooting wad after wad onto my face and into my mouth. Once he finished cumming he took his cock back her cock and slapped the side of my face with it. He told me to stand up and take off my robe.

My robe fell to the floor and he moved closer. The large cock jabbing me in the thigh. He began doing the things to me that I so often had done to her, to other women when I was lusting for them. Eager to mate with them.

He kissed me forcefully while running his hands across my body. Playing with my tits, pinching my nipples, rubbing my ass.

He ground his cock into me as he sucked on my nipples. Instinctively I reached down and began to stroke his cock. He slipped his hand under my thong and began to trace my hole with his finger.

He nibbled on my nipple as he worked first one, then two fingers inside me. After finger fucking me for what seemed like an eternity, he broke away from my breast and spoke to me as he continued sliding his fingers in and out of me.

‘I think some one is a virgin. Is that true? You ever have a cock before?’

‘No…’ I softly replied. I liked the feeling of his fingers gliding in and out. Making my pussy ready.

He pulled his fingers out and pushed me back from him while spinning me around.

‘Get down. Put your ass in the air.’

I did what my man said. I positioned myself on my knees, chest and head on the floor. My ass up high and proud just like my wife does when I fuck her doggy gaziemir escort bayan style.

He got behind me. I felt him move the thong to one side. The lube was warm as he applied it, I could feel the jelly running down the inside of my thigh. Is this what it is like to have my pussy juices flowing? I wondered.

I felt the head of his cock resting at the entrance of my untested hole, his hands resting on my hips.

”Put it inside.’ He demanded.

I reached back and did what my wife had done so often before. I worked the head up and down, spreading my lubricating pussy juices around to allow for a smooth entrance. I positioned the massive head at the opening of my pussy and began to steadily rock backward.

The mix of pleasure and pain as his cock breached my virgin slit and filled me is not something I can describe other than to say I liked it. I liked it a lot. I felt the muscles of my twat first give way and then cling to the man shaft that had penetrated me.

He began stroking in and out of me. Slowly at first, but soon going deeper and faster. He slapped my ass as he fucked me.

He made me say his name, yell his name as he fucked me. I could feel his balls slap against mine as he fucked my pussy ass.

‘Your pussy is so nice, so tight. It is mine now. Your pussy is mine.’ He slapped me hard across the ass as he took possession of me.

‘Whose pussy is this?’ He growled.

‘Y…yyyours…it is your pussy..’ I was losing focus from lust.

‘Do you want me to cum inside you? Well do you? Then say it. Beg me for it…!’

I did. here I was, ass in the air on all fours being fucked like a cheap whore. Begging for my bull to cum inside me. I loved it.

Then it happened. I felt a sensation building deep inside me. A wave. My mind left my body as the wave crashed down. My legs turned to jelly. I came in gushes, jets so forceful I could feel them tearing through my cock, like it would split in two. My ass clamped down, but Jim kept fucking me.

He was pounding my ass as my cock was spraying. He was driving in and out like a piston. The force when he bottomed out sent shockwaves through my body, causing my cock to shake and jerk as my cum sprayed forth like some crazy sprinkler. My legs were giving out and my brain was swirling.

In the end I fell in a heap on my stomach, into my own cum. Jim’s cock buried in me, His sperm swirling around inside me looking for my eggs.

Jim began to pull out, the suction of his large cock leaving pulled a torrent of his cum out with it. His cum ran down my legs and coated my pussy. I felt so empty, but full at the same time.

Jim moved around in front of me and offered me his cock at the entrance of my mouth.

‘Be a good little bitch and clean my cock.’

I did. I took him in my mouth and cleaned his thoroughly. Expertly. Lovingly.

My wife told me that I was Jim’s girl now and he would expect to be able to see me every so often. He would expect to have me whenever he wanted. To breed.

As it turns out he has been seeing me once a month, or so. But those are stories for another day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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