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I had a long day. I didn’t even realize how badly my feet hurt until I sat down and had to get back up again. I reeled back and almost fell on my ass. Oh, how funny that would have been to all my coworkers. I walked back into the kitchen and got rid of the last of my dishes. I waved an enthusiastic goodbye to all my friends and started to walk out. Then I ran into Joe.

Joe, Joe….how do I describe him? In a word, HOT. Picture a stunning mid-twenties man with a degree. He’s over six feet tall, built like a boxer. Nice strong jaw, classic baby face, and the clearest blue eyes you’ve ever seen on a brown-haired man. Joe has also agreed to work out with me three times a week to help me get into shape for my adventures to come. Mmm…fitness and kinesiology majors.

He grabbed my forearm as I was leaving.

“Hey Lex….where ya going?”

“Hey, I’m off tonight, man! Sucks to be you!” I retorted. “Why’d you grab me?”

“I thought we were going to work out tonight?” he asked with a stare that could have melted my clothes off. “I didn’t want you to take off without knowing what was going on.”

“So you’re not working? And I know the real reason you’re grabby today. You just have the hots for me!” I exclaimed with a laugh.

He just smiled and told me he wasn’t working. I could feel my motor jump starting right away. His royal hotness wanted to work out with me tonight! If he gave me even half a chance, I’d give him a workout that would surely dehydrate him and leave him panting on the floor. Not wanting to miss my opportunity, I told him to go ahead and follow me home. We could use the small workout room at my apartment complex.

On the drive home, I popped in my mood CD. By the time I landed my boat of a car in my parking space, I felt like my panties were on fire. I unlocked the front door and was thankful I’d had the sense to clean my apartment over the weekend. I showed him the guest bedroom and told him he could change in there. I went into the bathroom and splashed my face with cool water. Then I stripped down and changed into the sexiest workout clothes I could muster….a tank top and boxer shorts. Let me tell you how sexy I felt! Not really…

By the time I had cooled myself down and come out of the bathroom, I found Joe in my living room, making himself comfortable on the couch. I grabbed a couple water bottles and filled them from my bottle in the fridge.

“Don’t make yourself too comfortable, man. I thought we were here to get off some student sex parties porno extra poundage,” I sniggered. “You promised you’d put me through one hell of a workout, and I expect my money’s worth, young man!”

He just smiled that flesh-melting smile at me and stood up, continuing to smile down at me from on high. I had to look away before it was time to go back to the bathroom and cool down again.

He laughed. I grabbed my keys and led him out to my Camaro. Soon, we were speeding along the highway on our way to the track where we would be running. We did deceptively simple exercises that had me aching from the start. He gave me ample time to rest and plenty of time to stretch. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t keep my eyes from his abs and his ass when we were stretching, or laying down to do another rep of exercises.

We finished up by lunging and running a lap. I was surprised that we got along so comfortably since we barely knew each other. He had to spend a lot of time curbing his long stride to match mine so that he could pace me and keep me motivated. Breathing hard and sweating buckets, we both returned to my car and sped back to my place with the windows down, not saying anything. The silence was palpable.

I parked in my space and turned off the car. I turned in my seat and hesitatingly caught his eyes as they leapt up from my chest. I regained my nerves as my body attempted to melt, and I met his eyes as I asked him in. A tacit understanding passed between us as he suddenly closed the distance and covered my lips with his. I faltered for a split second before his probing tongue set my body to tingling. Soon, we were overheating from the late afternoon Texas heat combined with our rising body temperatures. I asked him in for some ice water.

He sat on the couch as I schooled my thoughts into controlling my shaking hands. I filled two glasses with ice and put the tray back in the freezer. I yelped as I suddenly felt a pin prick of arctic sensation graze the back of my neck. Gasping, I turned to see Joe slowly tracing a path from my neck to my chest with a small piece of ice. His icy blue eyes met mine as he coyly said that he just wanted to help me cool down. He didn’t help matters any by following the watery trail of the ice with his warm tongue.

I was so caught up by the sudden seduction that I was desperate to catch a breath. I held him back for a second so I could breathe, and a momentary look of confusion submissive cuckolds porno touched his features as I looked at him. He began to speak, but I silenced him by grabbing his hips and pulling him toward me. Looking into his eyes, I yanked his shorts down over his hips and his fine, muscular ass. I heard him pant and the ice cube drop to the floor as I took him in my mouth.

Tickling the sensitive underside of his dick with my tongue, I caressed his length and savored the taste and smell of his manhood. For some reason, a hard-working man just smells that much better. I grabbed one of his hands and fed it into the sweaty strands of my hair and felt his other hand follow. I began to lick slowly up and down his shaft while one hand snaked between his legs to gently tug at his balls. My other hand had long since wandered down inside my own shorts. My expert fingers were getting me worked up very quickly. The thought of taking pleasure in a new masculine body had me trembling.

Before I got too excited, I quickly stood up and ran into the guest bedroom, throwing off my tank top and abandoning it to the floor behind me as I fled. I heard him groan loudly and mumble something about teasing as he followed me into the hall, and apparently, paused as he saw my shirt on the floor. I heard him grumbling more, and then him shuffling from room to room in search of me. When he had his back to the doorway where I was hiding, I stepped up behind him and ran my hands under his shirt up his ripped stomach to his rock-like pecs. I sighed heavily, running my fingers lightly over his chest and playfully tweaking his nipples. He turned around and bent down to brush his lips against mine, but I ducked under his arms and ran to the bathroom, laughing.

In the hallway, I lost my bra. Who needs a sports bra for the kind of exercise I had in mind? I gave away my hiding place by giggling with the absurdity of the game we were playing. We both knew what was coming, and were perfectly happy to build the sexual tension until it was unbearable. He found me behind the shower curtain and, as I stood up, grabbed my wrists, pinning them above my head and pressing my bare back into the frigid tile. As I tried to squirm away from the cold, he kept me still by stooping down and taking a nipple into his mouth. He sucked hard, flicking the underside with his tongue, and looked into my eyes as he made a show of devouring me. I wriggled even harder, trying to conceal my moans and escape taboo heat porno his grasp. He decided I wasn’t appreciative enough and took his exquisite mouth from my nipple, content to slowly lap at my breasts, tasting my sweat and licking his lips.

I finally bucked enough to throw him off balance. Dodging around him, I kicked off my running shoes and peeled off my shorts and socks while he picked himself up off the bathroom floor. I ran into my bedroom, no longer trying to hide or prolong the game. He’d already taken off his shirt, and strolled into my bedroom completely naked, his dick pointing me out before he ever laid those electric eyes on me. He gave me a wicked grin, and cornered me. Instead of running again, I turned my back on him, bending over and showing him my round ass as I slid my panties down my legs and stepped out of them. I turned around and looked at him, raising an eyebrow in challenge.

With an appreciative sigh and an even more devilish grin, he came to me, pressing me into the wall as his mouth found mine. He roughly kneaded my breasts as I let out little squeals of pleasure. His hands roamed down my body and cupped my ass cheeks, pulling and pinching them. I slowly raised one leg and wrapped it around his legs, and he easily squeezed my ass while lifting me into the air. I enfolded him with my legs as I felt his hardness resting against my lips. I draped my arms across his powerful shoulders and looked into those lust-glazed eyes as I felt him shove his hips violently forward, impaling me on his hardness.

I couldn’t make a sound…I was completely filled up, and totally engrossed with this powerful man just taking me where I stood. I was taking in ragged breaths and trying not to hit my head on the wall as he withdrew his hips and thrust them forward again. I cried out loudly as he withdrew a third time, and moved his hips in a small circle to tease me. At my moan of protest, he entered me again, and wasted no time in fucking me hard. I found my voice and began to moan loudly as his pistoning behind had me banging wildly into the wall, no doubt disturbing the neighbors. His grunts became loud moans, which I silenced by pulling his mouth to my neck. He sucked on my neck as we threw ourselves at each other faster….faster….harder….

I felt a wave of warmth start in my stomach and then a fluttering inside me. My entire body started to contract and spasm hard and I screamed out my pleasure as I came. He lifted his lips to mine and thrust himself into me one final time, while he sucked my bottom lip into his mouth and bit it. I could feel him shudder and convulse inside me as he emptied himself. He groaned into my mouth, then took a step back, and with me still sitting astride his big cock, allowed himself to fall back on my bed.

Part three coming soon….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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