Last Plane From DC

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Sitting in my seat on the flight to Heathrow Airport, London, my mind wandered back to two weeks ago, that last weekend I was home. I’d called an ex-girlfriend in DC to tell her I was being assigned to the UK for four years. I was an American Serviceman at the time. I couldn’t believe she just dropped everything, hopped on a plane and flew from Washington, DC straight to Baton Rouge just to spend the weekend with me before I left. I mean, one minute we were on the phone talking, and the next it seems we were together. Both our planes landed at the same airport less than 30 minutes apart. Awesome! After I told her that I was being sent to England for three years the following Monday, she said that I couldn’t go before she had a large piece of me.

Shirl and I had been lovers off and on since elementary school. She was one especially sweet, chocolate lady. Her creamy smooth, dark complexion was one of the reasons that I was so attracted to her. She was the only girl in my life that I never seemed to ever get enough of. We could make love for two or three days, and I still wanted more of her. She had what it took to move me in ways no one else ever could. The problem was that she never wanted to remain in my life for more than a few days or a few months at a time. She would show up out of nowhere, or call me on the phone, and we’d get together for a fun filled sexual adventure. We’d make passionate love, over and over, and I didn’t ask how long she’d stay. Once I did ask, and she said, “Don’t worry about it sweetheart. We’ll sing in the sunshine, make wonderful love, laugh a lot, and then I’ll be on my way. You know me.”

She knew that when she wanted me, I would drop whatever or whoever I was doing and make myself available for her. I loved her dearly, but I knew better than to let myself fall in-love with her. She loved me the same way, but never could let herself make a long term commitment or get too close. I never really knew why, but I think it had something to do with the things her Baptist Preacher father taught her as a child. But today she’s here, and what an adventure we’ll have!

I picked her up at the airport and we embraced, sharing a long, hot kiss, a promise of things to come later. We collected her luggage and rented a car. We drove to the hotel where I’d reserved a room for us to use the entire weekend. We were hardly inside the door before she assaulted me (as usual). That was anther thing I loved about her, she was a pistol, a magnum at that. Sex with her wasn’t just good sex. It was a total erotic experience on a level I never attained with any other woman. She was sexually freakish, and she brought out the freak in me. This girl was so hot, she could set fire to an ice cube.

We started to manhandle each other, first on the floor, then the bed, kissing, petting, caressing, tearing off illegal bahis bits of clothing as we went so that when we finally got done ravaging each other to the point of unbelievable sexual arousal, it was time for action. She had not traveled this distance for nothing.

I placed her in the middle of the bed. Then I positioned myself on my knees between her wide spread legs, my cock standing straight out in front of me. She looked at it and licked her lips as I slowly stroked it for her. She started to massage her own breasts, and placing her feet flat on the bed, lifted her pussy off the bed, making these small rotations with her hips. It was amazing! She was making the smallest, tightest spirals I’d ever seen. If she could keep those rotations that tight with my dick inside her, I was in for a different kind of treat.

I took my time, and lowered my tongue down to her waiting snatch. She loved to be eaten. “Oh, yesss,” she moaned, “He’s eating my pussy. Haaaaaauuh!!”

Another thing I loved about Shirl was the way she had this tendency to graphically describe everything I was doing to her, and what she was feeling as a result of my ministrations. When we made love, the girl got totally lost in what we were doing. There was nothing else on her mind, nothing at all, except her pleasure and mine, not necessarily in that order. There could be a tornado going on outside the building, and it didn’t register with her. She had the ability to get totally caught up in the sex act.

I licked her labia, alternating side to side. I stuck my tongue deep into her pussy as she took both hands and grabbed my hair, pulling my face down hard onto her pussy while she moved herself back and forth, making spiraling movements and moaning.

“Oh my God, his tongue is inside me, it feels so good, aaah, so damn good! ssuuumm!”

After saving myself from suffocation, I pushed her hips down onto the bed and gently massaged her clit with my tongue. I took two fingers and peeled the foreskin back from her clit, and started to suck it gently. She almost lost it then.

“Oh, SHIT!! SUCKING MY CLIT!! UUUUMMM, eeeeeeah, eeeeeeeeeeah, Shit, oh shit, don’t stop, please, don’t stop!!”

I placed my left palm gently on the top of her mound, just above where the split starts. I stuck my index finger of my right hand halfway into her pussy and pressing down gently with my left palm, I used the right index finger to massage the small bunch of nerves located just on the inside at the top of her pussy. She did lose it then, as I knew she would.

“Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, uuuuuuuooooooohhhhhhhhh, gonna cummmmmmm!!” And she let it fly. My whole right hand got drenched in her juices.

“Goodness Gracious!! He made me cum, without even fucking me!! What a man!” she babbled.

I straightened up, on my knees between illegal bahis siteleri her legs which were spread apart at their widest, and my cock was as hard as nails. She recovered from her fit of passion and looked up. She reached up and grabbed my cock, guiding it to her wet, slippery slit and inserted the head into herself. She then leaned forward to grasp me around the waist and said, “Ram me, dammit, just push it all in up to the hilt!!”

I just pushed in about two inches and moved it around, toying with her, heightening her lustful passion. She tried to raise herself onto my cock and I moved it back. She tried to pull me down into her, and I resisted. She was getting frustrated as hell now, and I knew it. Then came the moment I had waited for.

“Damn you!” she yelled, “I brought this pussy all the way from DC for you, now FUCK ME like you mean it, asshole!!” She slapped me hard across the face, and my cock got even harder then. I let her have it. I shoved three fourths of it into her hot, steamy, tight little tunnel. She winced, and her face contorted from pain and pleasure while both her hands came up to my shoulders, gripping hard and pushing me back. Then, like a jack hammer, I pulled halfway out and plunged the whole length deep into her, pressing hard against her and moving in tiny, slow circles. Her teeth clenched, and her legs wrapped themselves around my waist. Her fingers dug even deeper into the bare flesh of my shoulders and her hands started to tremble from the force she was using.

“Ummmmmmmmmpph,” she moaned, “I love it when you ream me like that, you big dick bastard!” I looked down into her face as she opened her eyes. She started to slowly relax her hold on my shoulders, and we kissed, I caressed her outer thighs and her ass cheeks. I could feel her pussy start to spasm around my cock, feeling like hundreds of tiny fingers grabbing and massaging it inside her steamy channel.

We started a slow rhythm, in and out, up and down, round and round. We knew just where to touch each other, just what to say, when to say it. And we always tried something new.

“Hold still,” she said to me, “I wanna do something.”

I stopped, my cock halfway in and poised above her crotch. She pulled herself off of it, down to the knob, then she started those damn tiny little spirals, all the way up the length of my cock. WHAT A DAMN RUSH!! Her vaginal muscles were gripping me, and pulling at me all the while she spiraled her way up my cock. Man, it was heavenly!! She did that a few more times, and I just couldn’t take any more.

I pulled all the way out to keep from cumming. When all was ok again, I placed myself between her legs again, only this time I straddled her crotch with her leg up on my chest. I pointed the head of my cock at her hole, and plunged in. I took short, canlı bahis siteleri quick strokes in and out until she loosened up a bit, then I plunged the whole ten inches down into her, suddenly and without warning. I heard her go, “Uuuuummmmmph” and then I used all the energy I had to flex my cock, making an already tight fit even tighter. Her eyes bulged, her face contorted, and her teeth clenched. I started to pump her furiously, drawing my cock all the way out, and plunging all the way in until I smacked against her pelvis. I continued this ruthless onslaught of her pussy for about 15 seconds, then . . .

“SHITT, SHIT, SHIT, you bastard!!” she cried.

“Iiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhh, JP!!” she yelled, but I didn’t stop. I kept pistoning into her until I felt myself cumming.

“You’re Fucking The Shit Out Of Me, You Bastard!!” she ranted. I pushed her hands away when she tried to grab my cock. She was loving every minute of this, and I knew it. It was the way she was made. We both loved equal amounts of pain with our pleasure.

Then I felt my climax almost at hand. I grabbed her free leg, bent it down to give me full access to her unprotected pussy. It was bared to me. I could see just how much my cock was stretching her. The lips were tight around my dick and my cum was on the way. I pulled out to the knob one last time and plunged all the way inside her, forcing every centimeter of my dick into her ravaged little pussy. My dick got harder, as is normal in that instant just before cumming, and she felt it.

“No!!” she protested, “Don’t cum inside me, please. I can’t take the risk of getting pregnant!”.

I held my dick hard against her snatch as my cum pumped deep into her tight little box.

“Uuuuhhh,” escaped my lips. “Damn, this is so good to MEEeeeeeeeee!!” I yelled. I couldn’t help it. This woman had the absolute best pussy I had ever gotten into. I looked down at my cock, softening now, but still rammed to the hilt inside her snatch. I didn’t want to pull it out. I could feel her pussy clenching lightly, then letting go, over and over again. I re-positioned myself between her legs so we could kiss and whisper endearments to each other while my cock lost its hardness. We both liked this time after sex, when we’d just hold each other and talk, touch, kiss . . .

I never pulled out of her, I always let my cock get so soft that it fell out on its own accord. We finally got ourselves off the bed and took a shower together. We made love again in the shower, this time more gently than before. We dressed and went out to dinner and dancing. As I watched how some of the other men looked at my Shirl, I knew I was a lucky man, at least for the weekend, and we made the best of it. The pleasure we shared was just incredible.

I leaned back in my seat and was brought back to the present as a very attractive, mocha brown flight attendant walked by and winked. Shirl was just an incredible girl, and my theory is that no one can possibly compare with her. But I’m sure she won’t mind if I try to prove that theory, or will she?

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