Life is Too Short Not to Try Ch. 07

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Andy and Jason continue to talk about Andy’s situation on the way to his house.

“I still cannot get last night out of my mind, it was so amazing. I have never had an orgasm like that in my life.” I told Jason as we pulled up to the house. The garage had been left open and Sarah’s car was now gone.

“Well, there you have it, my whole life, reduced to a few boxes and some furniture in a garage. It is hard to digest that thirty years of marriage can be over in a heartbeat.” I told him as the sadness starts to wash over me again.

“Well, no sense in hanging around here. The sooner we can get your things loaded up here, the sooner you can get unpacked and settled into your new home.” Jason said, and he was right.

Now that I am thinking about it, I have never felt at home with Sarah, no matter where we lived. I thought about it the whole time that we were loading my things into the truck. We have moved four times but have never actually lived more than a few miles from her church.

The two apartments that we had we both just down the street from it. The trailer park where our tiny two-bedroom mobile home was next the church. The house is exactly a mile away from it. We were even able to walk to Sunday mass in the summer because the church is so close. Maybe that is all that she ever wanted. I wish that she would have just told me. I would have let her go a long time ago.

As I back into Jason and Amy’s drive, a feeling of peace comes over me. It is so odd, I had always seemed to be dreading going home. When we were not arguing, we were ignoring each other, and there was always so much tension.

Amy came running out to help us unload the truck. She is such a beautiful woman inside and out. She is always so happy, so loving, she always seems to have a smile on her face. I couldn’t tell you the last time I saw Sarah smile. I kept thinking about my entire life with Sarah while we unloaded my truck.

Once all of my stuff was unloaded and in the middle of the living room, Amy and I went to work finding places for all of my furniture.

She had Jason and I move the furniture around in the dining room, the front living room and the family room until everything I owned had new home. I could not tell her enough how much I appreciated that. My mom was very dear to me and I miss her so much since she passed away. Amy gushed over each and every piece as if it was a new treasure. It made me feel so happy.

Jason came up, patted me on the back and said, “It is as if they have always been a part of the house doesn’t it?”

“Yes, your wife is truly gifted. She really knows how to decorate.” I said in awe.

“If you want, she can be your wife now too, bud.” Jason said and smiled at my shocked expression.

“Really? So, the fun we had last night wasn’t just a one-time thing to help me feel better? Do you guys do that a lot? What do you mean that she would be my wife to? You mean she and I can have sex whenever we want, and you will be okay with that? Is she okay with that? Is that what they call an open marriage?” I suddenly had so many questions to ask him, I am not sure where to start.

“Um, no, this has never happened before, and I am çiğli escort not exactly sure what an open marriage is.” Amy said with a blush. “But we would like you to share the rest of our lives with us in every way shape and form.” Amy said as she took ahold of Jason and my hand.

“The three of us will be as one. To have and to hold from this day forward.” Jason said as he took my other hand. “If you will have us that is?” He asked with excitement in his eyes.

“Can I think about all of this and tell you guys in a little while? The idea is so overwhelming, I just can’t think straight right now.” Andy told us.

“Of course, take all of the time that you need. We aren’t going anywhere.” Jason said.

“And we totally understand if you decide against it. We know that we are talking about an unconventional lifestyle here.” Amy said as she left the room to go and make coffee.

“Have you guys always wanted to add another person to her marriage? Where did the idea even come from?” Andy asked curiously.

“Well, on our anniversary, Amy told me about a fantasy that she has always had about you.” Jason said as he looked over at Amy and winked.

“You had a fantasy about me?” I asked her shocked. “I am flattered. I have always wanted you to. I was never jealous of you guys though, I love you both too much for that foolishness. So, you are really serious about this then?” I asked. I had so many questions running through my head.

“What are the rules? Like, what is absolutely forbidden?” I asked.

“Nothing that I can think of? How about you honey?” Amy asked Jason and he shook his head no.

“How about we just take it one step at a time and if something happens that one of us unhappy about or uncomfortable with, we promise to get it out in the open. There will be no keeping secrets from each other either.” I suggested said.

“So, does that mean that you are interested?” Jason said with a smirk.

“Hell yes, I am totally interested. It is just so incredible I cannot believe that it is really happening and not a dream. I guess, I just needed a minute for it all to sink in. I love the idea. I totally want in!” He said excitedly. “That is if you guys both want me. Because I would want a physical relationship with both of you.” I told them sheepishly.

“We wouldn’t have it any other way, bud.” Jason said.

I got up out of his kitchen chair and walked over to Amy, “So I can just walk up and do this?” He bent down and gave her a kiss deep enough to curl her toes. “Or this?” Then he reached down into her blouse, delighted to discover that she wasn’t wearing a bra, and caressed her breast. I could hear her moan.

“As long as you don’t stop there it sounds like she is enjoying herself.” Jason chuckled. Amy stood up and took her shirt completely off. I started to drool. She has the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen.

I lift them up into both my hands and burry my face in them. So soft, so amazing, and even comforting. I kissed my way from between her breasts and towards her left nipple. Her nipples were equally amazing. They were very large, and the tips were the size of the tip of my pinky. When çiğli escort bayan you pulled on one it stretched out at least an inch. And when you sucked one of them into your mouth, oh my, pure pleasure. It was the first time in my life that I envied her children.

I could have her just snuggle into my lap so that I can suck on them all day. I could hear her moaning as I sucked and twisted each nipple. It was such a turn on to know that I am affecting her this way. “Shall we move the fun to the bedroom?” I asked. They agreed, and we all retired to their bedroom.

“Where would you guys like to start?” Amy asked while rubbing both of our pants in the front. We quickly took our pants off and stood in front of her naked, as if to say, ‘Here ya go, have at them.’ So, she did. She sat down on the bed and started to lick and suck each of us in turn. It was so good, but I wanted more.

I decided to test their theory and turned Amy around so that she was bent over the bed and started to eat her delicious pussy from behind. She moaned loudly and grab handfuls of bedding. I spread her legs wide while Jason moved up and kneeled on the bed, so she could continue to suck him off.

He reached down and played with her nipples. She moaned and bucked her ass. Oh, how I love her ass. I pushed my two fingers deep inside of her as far as they would go. I moved them

in and out of her while I began to rub her ass cheek with my other hand.

I gently nip her ass with my teeth as I continue to pump into her with my fingers. She bucked again and cried out. She must have cum because she was now dripping wet. I licked her clean.

“May I?” I asked both of them at once.

“We told you, you don’t have to ask anymore, just take her.” Jason said with a smile. I did. I one mighty thrust I plowed into her burying myself in her heat. I heard her cry out in pleasure. Jason sat down and grinned at Andy as she continued to hungrily give him head.

After a minute or two, Jason must have not been able to take anymore either because he got up and came over towards me.

I pulled out of her, so he could have a turn. While he began moving in and out of her, I played with his balls and rubbed my index finger in circles around his asshole. I heard him moan and I decided now was the time to ask him before I lose my nerve. I move up toward Jason head and kiss his neck.

“Will you take me Jason? Amy isn’t the only one who has had fantasies.” I whispered. Jason looked at me with eyes wide and instantly pulled out of Amy, he grabbed my hand and pulled me to him and he kissed me deeply, then pushed me towards Amy who was still lying on the bed ready for my cock.

Jason abruptly left the room which confused me. Maybe he had not heard my request? Maybe he doesn’t want to fuck me?

Maybe I actually freaked him out. I am a little disappointed, will admit, but being inside Amy again is pure heaven. Which more than makes up for some unfulfilled fantasies. I decided to lose myself in Amy and forget about it for now. I quickly pulled all of the way out of her and slowly slid back in. She moaned loudly. Yes, I can live with this. Amy and I began escort çiğli a new the slow rhythm that I know she enjoys.

Suddenly I felt Jason’s hands run down my back and started massaging my ass cheeks. Oh, it felt so good and so erotic. I felt a drop of warm fluid fall into the crack of my ass and run down slowly over my ass whole.

Then I felt Jason spread my whole open gently with his fingers without actually going in. My pleasure increased. The I felt his finger slowly invade and for a moment of felt a little panicked because for some unknown reason I wasn’t expecting it to actually hurt.

Amy’s frustrated moan drew my attention to the fact that I must have stopped moving while I concentrated on Jason’s probing. I pulled back out of Amy and replaced my cock with my fingers and continued to move them in and out deep inside of her. She began to moan again.

Jason said as he bent down and kissed and nipped at my ass cheeks and then smacked one. I didn’t know it was possible, but I became even harder, painfully so in fact. Which made me want Amy’s pussy all the more.

I plunged into Amy’s depth and pounded into her with a vengeance. I suddenly couldn’t get enough of her. Jason slipped a bigger finger into my tight ass and then pushed it in deeper. It burned a little at first, but after a second or two the burning stopped and left only pure pleasure. The deeper his finger sank into me, the deeper I pushed into Amy. Then he started matching my thrusts, with the thrusts of his fingers.

Oh, it was so erotic, the waves of pleaser twisted together from my cock and my ass. It mixed to form a greater pleasure it was incredible, and it just kept growing. Amy was screaming out in pleasure. I pulled Amy up by her hips so that she was kneeling instead of laying on her stomach. The new position caused her nipples to rub against the textured comforter, as she was moving back and forth while riding my cock which made her scream even more.

Jason withdrew his finger from my depths and placed the head of his cock in its place. For the split second that followed a bit of fear washed over me because it was so large compared to his finger. I even stopped moving in my anticipation, in the next breath, the fear was forgotten when he thrust deep inside of me with one huge pump. He called out in pleasure.

Oh, I never felt so full, so complete, so electrified. Amy apparently grew tired of me stopping so she began moving herself back and forth on my cock. With her riding my dick and Jason plowing into my ass, I became overwhelmed with so many sensations at once, I couldn’t move. What followed can best be described as a mad frenzy of fucking and moaning by all three of us.

Amy cried out and her body began to pulse around my cock almost as if her pussy was trying to milk me. The pleasure was so intense, so engulfing, so maddening and it all just kept building and building until I finally exploded! I felt like I was floating there above my body, it was so weird, euphoria washes over me as I can feel Jason continuing to pump in and out of my ass.

I was so thankful that he was holding onto my hips because my orgasm was so powerful that it robbed me of my strength. Jason cries out next and I can feel his hot seed filling me to the point of bursting, and then he gently pulled out of my ass. I did the same for Amy. We were so spent, so tired, and so relaxed, we all clumsily climbed up onto the bed and laid down into a giant heap and we all promptly fell asleep.

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