Lucky Charms

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My story begins a while ago, By then we had flew to Scotland to meet my relatives for my family reunion. I had no problem with that. I hadn’t seen Uncle Lachlan in months it would be fun to see the old fart. I leaned my head against the rest and tried to snuggle in deeper in the seat. My girlfriend was on the side of my mother. They had over booked the plane and as a result my family had been pushed down to coach. It was cramped and loud and noisy, plus last night I had watched Final Destination and my mind had begun playing scenes over and over again. All that combined with September eleventh and my head began spinning. I tried to stretch my legs out but even for a guy of average height like my self couldn’t find leg room. I gave up and looked over to my mom.

“Are you alright? Hungry or something, I can call the stewardess.”

She patted my hand “No dear I’m alright. What about Carla? She may be hungry.”

I wanted to say that she could get it her self but that would be mean of me wouldn’t it? I kissed her cheek and said sure.

I figure I might as well tell it to you like this. I hate my girlfriend. She’s smart, beautiful and healthy those are her only good qualities. Normally she’s colder then a block of ice in Antarctica in a blizzard. I thought it was funny how she could work up a sweat exercising but couldn’t even warm up in… in … in anything. She was just so fucking frosty.

She said it was the sex. She could be right; even I admit that my dick at its hardest was five fucking inches. Maybe I ought to get the surgery but I just couldn’t imagine doing anything that embarrassing. So I just kept my old man like he was. She was the only one complained, or maybe she was the only one who had enough nerve to tell me I don’t know. As it is I’m doubting my dick.

Jesus. In all my ramblings I forgot to introduce my self. I’m Jay Mathews, I own a couple of burger joints in Minnesota and I am fourth generation Scot. Like I said I am average height at five ten. I work out and I can honestly say that I look one of those white guys that play in those cologne or razor commercials. Yeah, I know a lot of things spring up in you mind. One, is he sounds like he is trying to sell him self on a dating service but what can I say? I’m not really a story telling kind a of guy, I sort of give people the facts and not details so kinda of like, bear with me here.

Somehow on the plane I managed to fall asleep on the plane. I blocked out Carla’s complaints about the seating, the food and life and general and fell asleep. Six hours later I woke and we were landing.

I stretched and hoped that she was done. Carla could gripe for hours if given the proper incentive. “So mom, where are we going first?”

“To your great Uncle Lincoln’s; he’s been asking about you for years you know.” “Really,” I said reaching the overhead to grab the carry on, “I never knew that I had an Uncle Linc.”

“Lincoln, dear. Yes, you have one on your father’s side.”

“Fine whatever, were a local Hertz dealer? God, do they even have one in this country?” The stewardess/ flight attendant, which ever one was PC, walked by and said that there was one in the airport. I smiled at her and she went on her merry way.

By the time I rented the car and gathered the luggage every one had been suffering from jet lag and all piled in the manliest vehicle of them all; the mini-van.

My Aunt Leda picked up the cell phone and called Uncle Linc. “Okay Jay, he says his house is only forty-five minutes from the airport. Drive down this street for twenty minutes make a left and one right then go straight and bam, you are there,”

As I drove down the last unpaved street in civilization, I looked out the window and saw the most incredible looking woman in the world walking up it. She sort of looked like a cross between Halle Berry and another beautiful black woman. The first thing that crossed my mind was; I liked to fuck her. The second thing that crossed my mind is that I really want to fuck her. Then lastly, why the hell is she walking? It’s been my experience that beautiful women can get a ride by just breathing. So why chance it? This is Scotland and even in the twentieth century everything is pretty much spaced out. I looked at her hard and long. I was really looking so hard that my eyes where off the road, we could have ran into a house or in Scotland’s case a cow or something. I turned away from her but not before she smiled suggestively at a guy in a minivan full of people. Hmm, no woman I knew, in the good old US of A that is, would smile at a guy in a minivan. Must be the climate.

We had finally made it to Uncle Lincoln’s uhm, home? Lincoln’s modest abode as my mother called, it was actually a castle; turns out that it had been in the family for years. We were all momentarily stunned at the grandeur of the old thing. During the thirties one member of my family had married a very rich lady and had the castle renovated. The outside looked formidable. It made us all feel as if we were going pendik escort to our death; or to be more precise Mel Gibson’s death. The real working drawbridge and moat sometimes does that.

Still we entered and Uncle Lincoln met us half way. He was a big guy and looked as if at one point in time he was a boxer or the old guy in Brave Heart. He smiled and showed us all a rather worn pair of dentures. Mom smiled back and asked where our rooms were. There were twenty bedrooms and he simply commissioned us to pick the one we fancied. “Are you serious?” Carla asked

“Aye that I am. However, I mun tell ye that the privy is no’ workin’ in many. So be wise in your choice. I ha’ some people comin’ on the morrow to check aboot it.” My relatives all scrambled up the stairs to pick a room. I lagged behind in the foyer. “So what’s got you so glum? Is it that bonny lass that took off upstairs?” “No.” The urge to admit that I had Brave Heart on DVD back home was overpowering with this man.

“Well lad since ye don’ feel compelled ta tell me ye story, I suggest ye take a walk. Behind the castle is a glade. Its verra rejuvenating.”

I nodded. Maybe I did need to clear my mind and the land here was beautiful. I took my time in doing every thing from getting my luggage upstairs, to taking a shower and changing clothes. I’d say about forty-five minutes later I was walking down a winding path.

I had walked for quite a while before I came upon a lake with a small waterfall. Linc most have loved this place, there was a very sturdy metal table and chair. I sat down and let my mind wander.

Maybe that’s why I didn’t see the naked woman bathing, that or the bush that barely shrouded her. I looked at her. I don’t care what anyone says watching a woman bath is a very erotic thing, especially in an erotic setting. I ran my hand over my face to see if I was hallucinating but she was still there. I leaned forward to get a better look.

Geez, this looks like the girl that I saw walking. Impossible. We were fifty miles away from town. There was no way she could walk fifty miles in two hours. Yet, here she was bathing and I was pretty much awe struck. She was standing in about knee deep water. Her black hair was pinned to the top of her head but it was coming down. One fat curl was on her shoulder and a couple were falling down her back. I watched her long hands rub soap over her body. God made this body for ever position imaginable, I thought. Her breasts stood up and were pointed because of the coldness of the lack. Her stomach was flat and lightly toned, and her hips were round as was her ass and her legs were the longest I had ever seen on a woman.

I watched as she rubbed soap all over that body, as she swam under to rinse the soap. I was growing so hard that it hurt. I looked down I hadn’t had this experience since I was fourteen. I looked at her as she repeated the process. I couldn’t help it, I took my Johnson out of my shorts and stroked it, and it was pulsing, ready to be pile-driven into any thing at the moment. I wanted to nail her more then I wanted to breathe.

I looked up and saw her coming in my direction. I didn’t want to be caught fondling myself in front of her so I tried to stuff myself back in my shorts. As I fumbled with my old man I noticed a giant bright green towel on the table. How had I managed to miss that when I sat down?

I had constrained my self some what, when she finally walked up to me nude. I didn’t think it was possible but more blood rushed to my dick. I watched her hands reach out and take the towel and snap the cloth. It billowed to the ground and landed in a perfect rectangle on the ground.

She walked closer to me, actually stepped between my outstretched legs and smiled. I smiled back. She was in perfect understanding with me. I shifted closer and smelled her body. It smelled great, like the most expensive perfume on earth. I encircled her hips with my hand and looked up at her as if to say: Is this okay? She nodded and I kissed her stomach, licked the center of it. I crave a woman’s moanings, and hers empowered me. I ran my hands down her hips pausing to lap at the water in the hollow of her navel.

She stopped me and pulled me up. I shed my shirt and cargo pants and boxers pretty quickly, all of me standing up right and ready for her. I went into her outstretched hand and sighed at the contact of her cold wet body on my hot one.

I kissed her full lips, surprised that they could be so soft. Carla’s was usually drawn in a thin little line that looked hard and almost cruel. Hers were soft and her breath was sweet. I angled her head and glided my tongue in her mouth. She sucked the tender morsel deep into her recesses and I guided it for better penetration. My hand curled around her breast, squeezing and massaging the plump globe for my mouth.

My tongue slithered around hers, trying to devour her mouth. I pulled her tongue out to play in my mouth. Hers found its’ own expedition in tasting me, exploring everything maltepe escort from roof to basin. She nipped at my bottom lip and pulled it in to be sucked at. She groaned as we fornicated.

I pulled back and looked at her half lidded eyes. Yeah, this was right. I took my mouth to her neck lavishing the column of her throat and the curve of her shoulder. I caressed her breast, making the nipple so hard where it burned for my mouth.

I teased her, lightly biting the under side and licking where she bruised. I took her nipple in my mouth, sucked on the demanding little bud.

Her hands went to my back, creating little half moons with her nails. I liked the way she was acting in complete abandonment. I relished the same attention to the other peak, taxing a different response from her. She arched her back and pushed her body forward into mine, making it impossible for me to think straight. I sucked the nipple hard, letting the bud roll over my tongue. I ground myself against her, treated her far more roughly then I intended to but it felt good, so damn good.

I picked her up and laid her on the towel. I settled between her legs and rested my head on her chest. “What is your name?” I knew I should have asked that earlier, that along with a truck load of other stuff but that one seemed the most important.

“Gali.” She said a bit distractedly as my hand sought out her most secret hiding place.

“That’s pretty.” I responded. I prepared her with my fingers, rubbing her clit. Pressing the swollen flower until she was ready to bloom for me. Her body gave an involuntary spasm, if I didn’t know any better I would say that her pussy was trying to reach for my finger for completion. I pushed one finger into her engorged vagina lips. She was so tight. Only one finger and she was still so tight around that digit. She whimpered.

“Are you okay?” “Mmm-hmm,” she hummed. I took her word for it. She was about to come and I wanted to feel her convulse around me. I moved so my cock was pressed against her intimately. I was harder then titanium. I pressed into her. My head barely got in.

I looked at her, sweat and water had mixed together. Her lips were parted and full; her long black mane had come undone, thanks to my hands and hung sensuously around her. She had a beard burn on her chin. I had forgotten to shave and my five o’clock had done this. She looked at me, her unusual green eyes asking me to go deeper. I pulled my head out looked at her, open and vulnerable. “I don’t think I got you ready enough Gali.” My voice was husky. She was so beautiful and touching her made me feel so good. I kissed her softly she hummed her compliance and I smiled at her. I scooted down and touched her clit. She jerked. She was unnaturally sensitive here. I leaned down and ran my tongue over it just to be sure. Her scream was all the assurance I needed. I hoisted her legs over my head and bent to feast on her. My tongue delved and rejoiced in the cool clean taste of her. I lapped at her like a dog laps water. My tongue going at her until I felt her legs tighten and felt her body jerk as I buried my tongue deeper into her body. I heard her chant, “Oh God, oh God!” Over and over again and I gentled my ministrations taking her to the peak again and letting her fall as she wanted.

I removed her legs from my shoulders and once again settled between her legs. I moved a little into her but I still went no where. I pushed harder and broke into a haven of the tightest most exquisite piece of human flesh ever created.

Her legs tangled around my waist. Trying to make my movements hurried and clumsy. It almost worked. She was almost virgin in her tightness and I was almost tempted to come after my first thrust. I knew that she was like a fine wine, to be enjoyed and tasted not guzzled down and forgotten. I moved in and out of her slowly at first. I dove deep and pulled almost all the way out and sank back in to the recesses.

Her hands ran through my hair, her hips bucked under mine, making me breaking my teasing thrusts and I slammed into her again and again. Her hips moved in conjuncture to mine. I moved faster and faster. Sweat dripped off of my face and body to land on her. Our bodies meshed together as the last thrust sent us both over the edge. I shot load after load into her body. My dick jerking as her body drained it. That was the hardest I had ever come with a woman. As soon as it was over, I pulled her closer and fell into a light doze. I would bathe later in the lake with her.

Ten minutes later I sat up bolt straight. You fucking idiot, I thought. How come I didn’t think to use protection? I’m thirty four, a reasonably smart man. I at least should know better. All types of questions raced through my mind. What if I caught an STD? What if tomorrow I catch gangrene and my dick falls off? Worst yet what if she’s pregnant? The scenarios that where hitting me were driving me crazy.

I looked down at the sleeping woman next to me how could she fall asleep so kartal escort easily? She turned in my arms, her hands resting lightly on my abs. “I can’t get pregnant, nor is it possible for me to give or receive an STD; I am the safest being on earth for you to be unprotected with.” That scared the living crap out of me. Can she read minds? “Yes.”

I guess she could. I was really nervous now. I looked at her closely. “What are you?”

“I am a leprechaun.”

I scoffed at that. Maybe I shouldn’t have. “Okay so why are you so tall, where is your pot of gold? Better yet where is your accent?” I didn’t ask her about the green because that was the only part that was right. She looked at me and gave me a get real look. I guess even magically creatures have their on stereotypes. “I can emulate any accent in the world. There are only a few short leprechauns, just like there are very few little people in your world. They are not the norm. They reside with us and we treat them as we would treat any other.”

I couldn’t buy that so I asked instead.” What about the pot of gold?”

“Bah, that was just a game that we played as children, the humans took that way to far.” “What about the wishes?”

“Now that I do. I don’t do certain ones dealing with more wishes and being the most or the best. That is simply not in my power.”

“Jesus, man none of this stuff is remotely believable.”

“Well believe it bub.”

“How many wishes do I get?”


“I thought it was three.”

“Yours is not the only world affected by a stock market and dirty dealings as a result we had to down size some things to. Wishes were one of them.”

I smiled and thought of Enron only on a leprechaun- like scale. “I still don’t believe you. Could you do something to prove you are magical? She lifted an eyebrow and stood. I placed my hands on my knees and waited. To say that I couldn’t describe it would be an understatement. It was like her clothes sprouted from her body and conformed to her body. The gauzy green material flowed from her body. She looked like something drawn from Japanese Anime. Her clothes where see-through only it was barely see through in certain places like her chest and snatch. I was disappointed but I didn’t say anything.

“Okay, Jay, what’s your first wish?”

“How did you know my name? Oh right that mind reading thing.”

She smiled. “No. when you were sleep and a lot cuter I might add. I went through your wallet.”

“My wallet’s at Lincoln’s house.”

“I know.” She clasped her hands together and continued on “So Jay, what’s your first wish.”

“I wish for a trillion dollars.”

She tsked at me as if I were a disobedient child. “I told you, I can’t make that wish. It simply is not feasible.” She was a lot sexier to when she didn’t talk. I narrowed my eyes and stood. I saw her look at me and smile, for some reason that infuriated me. It was like she was laughing at me. My dick to be more acute and suddenly she had became every woman who wanted me because I was semi rich but as soon as I got them in bed they could give a fuck about me. Hell I wasn’t even an average six inches. I spoke my wish through gritted teeth. “I want another five inches added to my cock.” She looked at me. “Are you sure? I kinda like your small cock.”

I nodded stiffly. Then suddenly all went black. When I woke up I was in my room with Carla. I looked at her. “When did I get here?”

She looked at me and scowled. She always seemed to be scowling when she was addressing me. “About six hours ago. Once you hit your Uncle Linc’s house you hit the bed.”

I dropped back down on the bed. So it was a wet dream. I’m not surprised. “Geez, do you always have to be so bitchy?”

“Do you always have to wonder why?”

That made me so mad that that me teeth itched. I grabbed her and forced her under me. I kissed her brutally and ripped her night gown down the center. I ran my hands under her panties. I tore those too before I realized two things. I wasn’t a rapist and I wasn’t in the mood wasn’t even semi-hard. I looked down at Carla, ready to apologize. I saw that she liked this, that she wanted a good rough fuckin’. I could do that but I didn’t want to. I rolled off her and went to the bathroom. “Why did you stop?” She called out. I ignored that. “Does this restroom work?” I said instead of responding.”

“Yeah, I checked it out.” I flipped the switch and lifted the toilet seat. I pulled out my John and pissed. I wasn’t looking at it just draining it, however Carla had followed me to the restroom. “Jesus Jay!”

“What?” I said “A man can’t piss in private any more?”

“Jesus Jay!,” she expelled again “Your dick. Can I touch it?”


I looked at her as if she had lost a major chunk of her mind, but she licked her lips and looked at my dick. She rushed over to me and grabbed my dick. I yelled. I wasn’t finish pissing and her mouth was on it sipping the piss taking it all in. I looked at her, my eyes wide in shock. I didn’t know people did this. She sucked my cock before but she never ever mentioned anything like this. She pulled it deeper into her mouth. I felt the suction, knew the piss was hitting the back of her throat and then I ran out of the golden stuff.

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