Marian and Ryan Ch. 03

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Marian Robinson woke up horny, as usual, on Saturday morning. The condition was normal for her, especially on Saturday, but this time she was horny in a different way. Every Saturday for the last month, Ryan, the neighbor’s son had come over and mowed her lawn. After he finished, they showered together, washing and fondling each other and ended the shower by drying each other off. Clean and naked, they headed for the bedroom, where she sucked him off and he ate her pussy until she climaxed, and they ended their time together by fucking. He was horny and virile and had a big dick and, most important, was willing to take instruction in pleasing her and pleasing himself. So far, everything had been great, but on this day she had a yen for something different. On this day, she wanted to end their session together by having him fuck her in the ass.

“Hello, Ryan? This is Marian Robinson next door. Can you come over and mow my lawn today. Sure. Right now would be fine.” She always used her full name when calling him, rather than just her first name so that if his parents happened to overhear them, they would think nothing of it. He was 18 years old, so no laws were being broken but she still preferred that they not know the real truth about the relationship. Ryan was having so much fun that he gladly went along with her ideas.

A few minutes later, she heard the sound of the neighbor’s power mower in the front lawn. Marian smiled at the eagerness of the young man, and prepared her bedroom and bathroom for what they would do after the chore was complete. She made the bed using nothing but a clean bottom sheet and made sure condoms and Aquaglide were available. Ryan might wonder about the lubricant, but demonstrating its use would be a part of teaching him. She also put two fluffy bath towels in the dryer and set the timer. Marian wanted them to be warm and cozy for when they finished their shower together. The last thing she did was to prepare herself, changing her clothing so she was barefoot and wearing shorts and a white T-shirt with no under garments at all. When Ryan saw her dark nipples and her breasts moving under the thin material, he would know for certain she still wanted sex, and the lack of panties was so she could undress more quickly.

Ryan knocked on the kitchen door when he was finished with the lawn. Marian let him in, smiled prettily while showing off her breasts, and securely locked the door behind him. She paid him the very small agreed-upon sum and, after a few minutes of chatting, suggested a shower together Ryan agreed with great alacrity. They headed for the bathroom to start doing what he had really come over for. The first time they showered together, Marian sneaked up on him, and joined him, ostensibly to wash his back, but actually to do much more than that. There was no longer any need for subterfuge; they both knew what they were going to do that day, or thought they knew.

Once the shower was running, and warming up, Marian stepped up behind Ryan and pulled his T-shirt off over his head. She turned her back on him, and he returned the favor, gently squeezing her large breasts in his hands after dropping the garment on the floor. His fingers went eagerly to the waistband of her shorts, to unfasten it, and let them drop to the floor. When Marian stepped out of them, she was naked, and she turned and knelt in front of Ryan to get him to the same desirable condition. After pulling his pants to the floor, she smiled at the way his cock was producing a big bulge inside his jockey shorts. Her smile was even wider and more lascivious after she worked the elastic waistband over his erection and set it free, letting it bounce inches in front of her face.

She was extremely eager to get it into her mouth and, later, into her ass, although she thought the latter might require some persuasiveness. Ryan regarded Marian’s mouth and her pussy as being the greatest places in the world to put his cock, and he couldn’t imagine any other place being even comparable. She hoped to convince him her ass was a good variation, but that would be later, Just then, she wanted them to wash each other, and to get his clean cock into her mouth for a few strokes.

In the shower, Marian washed Ryan’s back and ass first, fondling his cleft, as usual. He started to return the favor, but she reached back and spread her ass cheeks and bent over slightly. “Do an extra good job here,” she instructed him.

He reached in with the washcloth and washed the very sensitive place with the mild soap she always used. “Stick your finger in my ass,” she told him.

He had done that sometimes when they were fucking, and he knew Marian really enjoyed it. The soap made a good lubricant; his finger slipped in easily, and he fucked it in and out a few times. Marian continued holding her ass open, and her lower body writhed in pleasure as his finger plunged in and out. After she straightened back up, he pulled his finger free and bursa escort finished rinsing inside her ass cheeks and the finger that had been inside. After that, he washed her legs and feet.

Next, she turned to face him so he could wash her front and, as usual, spend quite a bit of time licking and sucking her nipples and breasts before washing them with the soap and washcloth and letting the running water rinse them off. Ryan considered Marian’s breasts to be the most beautiful he had ever seen but, to be honest, the only other ones he had ever seen naked had been in porno movies. He got tremendous enjoyment from licking and sucking them, and expected to do more of it later, after they had finished with their showers and were in her bed.

He washed her belly, and started down her legs, noticing gleefully that she had shaved her pussy, as she had just before their second session together. On that day, Marian had persuaded him to eat her pussy, and it had been such a delightful experience, that it was one of the things he looked forward to doing every time they got together. He fervently hoped she would let him do it that day. As he gently laved her there with the washcloth, he eagerly anticipated doing the same thing with his tongue.

It was Marian’s turn to wash the front of Ryan’s body next. She started with his broad shoulders and his chest, noticing that he was still working out, and getting even more fit. At one time, she had thought of him as being a fat pervert, but that had been a long time ago. After finishing with his legs and feet, Marian carefully washed Ryan’s crotch and his balls. She did this for two reasons. First, she enjoyed fondling him there with her hands and, more important, she expected to fondle the entire area later, with her lips and tongue, and she disliked the sour taste of stale sweat.

Her favorite part of his body was his cock and, as was her habit, she saved that until last. Kneeling in front of him with the water falling on her head, she carefully washed and rinsed his big hard shaft. When it was clean and thoroughly rinsed, she took it into her mouth for a few strokes. As Marian sucked the big shaft in and out between her lips, her blue eyes gazed up at his smiling face. She didn’t want to suck him off yet; she would do that while he was sitting on the bed. After just a few strokes, she took his cock out of her mouth, straightened up and turned off the water before getting ready to head for that very place.

The horny man and woman stepped out of the shower and dried each other off with the warm fluffy towels that Marian had removed from the dryer. Clean and naked, they hurried into her bedroom, eager for the sexual activity they both loved so much. Expecting to have his cock sucked, Ryan sat on the edge of the bed and Marian, who had no intention of disappointing the young man, knelt on the floor between his legs. He slid forward, and she reached out to gently hold his cock in one hand. Moving it aside, she leaned forward and started licking his crotch just in front of his asshole.

She loved the feel and the smell of the soft, clean skin, and Marian took her time, her tongue covering all the area up to and around his scrotum. When she licked upward on his ball sack she delighted in the feel of his erect cock brushing against her cheek, as if in a hurry for its turn. When she licked the other side of his scrotum, the other side of her face massaged his cock, and she lightly held it there with her fingers, rubbing its hardness against her cheek.

The next place to be caressed by her agile tongue was the under side of his balls and, as she licked upward, she playfully rubbed her nose against the underside of his cock. Each testicle was held gently in its turn between her lips and licked gently with Marian’s clever tongue. She truly reveled in making love to Ryan’s private parts with all of her face, but she was saving her favorite part for last.

After she finished licking his balls, Marian smiled at Ryan, while looking up at him again, and started slowly running her tongue up the underside of his rigid shaft. When she reached the head, she licked the slit and all around the ridge, before raising her face above his cock, and caressing the tip with her tongue. Marian truly relished the hard, velvety feel, and spent a long time licking it, before holding it between her soft lips. Her blue eyes once more looking up at Ryan, Marian slowly lowered her face, enveloping his cock in her mouth, and letting her tongue lave the hard shaft. She only took about half of it in with the first stroke, before raising her head and taking his cock out of her mouth. While licking the head and under the ridge again, Marian truly enjoyed the look of pleasure that suffused Ryan’s face.

But that wasn’t the best part about what was happening or would be happening that day. For Marian, a more pleasurable thing occurred when she slowly lowered her face again, feeling his thick, hard shaft bursa escort bayan pass between her lips and fill her mouth. Her skillful tongue licked Ryan’s cock again, and Marian relished the feel of the smooth skin stretched so tightly over the hardness. Adjusting her head slightly when she felt the tip press against the back of her mouth, she took it even farther, giving the young man the deep throat she loves to give. She only stopped when the entire length of his cock was in her mouth, and her lips were pressed against his pubic hair.

She left it there for a few seconds, enjoying Ryan’s sighs of pleasure and the way his cock was cramming her mouth so full. Slowly, Marian raised her head, her tongue laving the thick shaft, until just the end remained between her lips, and her tongue was caressing the head again. She let it stay there for a few seconds, before slowly lowering her face again, taking the entire cock between her lips, until she was kissing Ryan’s pubic hair again.

For Ryan, every adventure in his sexy neighbor’s bed seemed to be better than any that happened before it. She had been his first sex partner, and was still his only one, and he couldn’t imagine any other girl or woman ever being a better one. For one thing, she was beautiful, at least to him, with her long, dark hair and regular facial features. Her tits were the stuff of fantasy, to look at, to fondle and, best of all, to lick or suck. Some other great things about Marian Robinson were her total openness to sex with him, and her total lack of any kind of phony modesty. When they were in bed together, they were both naked, and not hiding anything, and all parts of her body was his to kiss and suck and fondle, anywhere he wanted.

Best of all, though, was actually having sex with her. He had always been told by his buddies that women didn’t really like sex, and they just put up with it to hold onto their boy friends. Marian, however, seemed to be having as good a time as he was, which was an incredibly good time. He writhed in pleasure from what her lips and her tongue and her whole face were doing for his hard cock. Waves of pleasure crashed through his body from where her mouth was slowly enveloping and squeezing and caressing and releasing his shaft. She was giving him a great visual treat as well. The sight of her head, with its long hair, slowly moving up and down over his lap, and of his cock going in and out of her pretty face, would be enough for him to fantasize over if he needed to jack off before their next time together.

The owner of that head and face didn’t know exactly what the young man was thinking, but she had a good idea, and hoped she was right. Besides the great physical pleasure he provided her, she enjoyed, and took pride in, being the one who was teaching him how to enjoy sex and how to give sexual pleasure to a woman. In a little while, after she had relished and swallowed a mouthful of his semen, he would eat her pussy, bringing her to a great orgasm, and she was the one who had taught him how. Later, if she had her way, he would fuck her ass, bringing her, as well as himself to another great orgasm. Before any of those other wonderful things happened, though, she would derive tremendous pleasure from sucking him off, and the best part, when he filled her mouth with his cum, was still ahead.

Over and over, Marian moved her head up and down, slowly sucking Ryan’s big cock in and out of her mouth. She was moving slowly, because she wanted to make it last, and she knew the more fun Ryan had, the more amenable he would be to the new activity she was going to ask for. With every stroke, she engulfed his entire shaft and took the head of his cock into her throat, with her tongue even licking the base of his balls.

Although her movements were slow and patient, and she sucked Ryan’s cock for a long time, it couldn’t last forever. Marian felt his erection starting to throb inside her mouth and, knowing what that meant, shortened her strokes and tightened her lips over his shaft. She started taking his cock into her mouth only to the point where it pressed against the back of her mouth, because she didn’t want Ryan cumming directly down her throat. Marian truly relishes the taste and texture of semen, and she wanted to catch it on her tongue to enjoy the flavor before swallowing it.

Ryan was moaning from the incredible pleasure he was getting from Marian, and he started fucking up into her mouth. She knows that when he reaches the point where he was then, he can’t help himself, and she allowed it. His cock started jerking, and Marian positioned her tongue to catch the semen that would momentarily be pumped into her mouth. The first big gob landed, and she savored the taste, but only too briefly, before allowing it to trickle down her throat. It was followed by another spurt of semen, and another. Marian left these on her tongue, fully enjoying their delicious flavor, before swallowing them, even enjoying escort bursa the way the viscous fluid felt when it flowed to the back of her mouth and down her throat.

Ryan was through cumming, but Marian knew there was still a lot of semen inside his cock and sticking to the outside, so she took it out of her mouth and started to lick. Her tongue sluiced all the creamy fluid from the entire shaft, and around the head. She was elated to feel how his cock was still as hard as if he had not just finished cumming, because it promised great things for later. After licking under the ridge, she caressed the slit and the velvety head again, to get everything there and because it felt so good. With Ryan’s cock as clean as it had been right after his shower, Marian put her thumb on the underside, and her fingers on the top, and brought her thumb forward, squeezing any leftover semen out onto her tongue. When she had everything, she rolled it around in her mouth, relishing the flavor and the scent and the way it felt in her mouth, before finally swallowing it, and licking her lips to get anything that might have leaked from her mouth.

Being a young, vigorous man, Ryan had completely regained his strength from his great climax by the time Marian was through draining his cock. She smiled at him, because they both knew what would be happening next. “My turn now,” she told him, and he grinned and moved to the foot of the bed to give her room to lie down on her back with a pillow under her head. The other pillow was near the foot of the bed, and would be available for use later.

Neither of them had any interest in any kissing that was not strictly sexual in nature, so Ryan lay next to Marian and leaned over her to start licking one of her nipples. She held both breasts cupped in her hands to present them to him and, for several minutes, he alternated between them as he licked, sometimes with short thrusts of his tongue and sometimes with broad strokes. Marian liked both sensations, and liked Ryan to use both techniques, and more.

“Suck on them, Ryan. Suck my titties,” she urged him.

He had no trouble taking directions from her, especially when everything she told him to do was something he enjoyed so very much. Ryan drew one of the delightful globes into his mouth and sucked on it, while continuing to lick the nipple and areola, as Marian had taught him. He didn’t need to be told to switch back and forth between them; this was something he had learned to do, and enjoyed doing. For almost ten minutes, the room was quiet, except for the sound of Marian writhing on the bed, while each of her luscious breasts had several turns in Ryan’s mouth.

“I love that, Ryan; I really love the way you do that. But, now it’s my pussy that needs to be licked and sucked.”

This was certainly no hardship either. Although he was thoroughly enjoying the feel of Marian’s breasts in his mouth, he could smell the juices flowing between her legs, and knew he would enjoy eating her pussy even more. With great alacrity, he slid off the bed and got back on at the foot, picking up the second pillow on his way. Ryan walked on his knees until he was between Marian’s legs, which were spread and waiting for him, and she raised her ass off the bed so he could slide the pillow into place.

With everything else ready, she raised her legs so Ryan could duck under them and let them come to rest draped over his shoulders. He wrapped his arms around Marian’s thighs, and leaned forward, ready to begin pleasuring himself and her. Over the last few weeks, she had instructed him in the art of eating pussy, and one of the things she had emphasized was taking his time to maximize everybody’s enjoyment. He liked that idea, especially the part about maximizing, and he started doing just that.

His face was no more than inches from Marian’s pussy, and he started by breathing in deeply of the delectable aroma. The first time he did that, it had been like nothing he had ever smelled before, and it seemed to get better every week. A few minutes earlier, when he had been sucking her breasts, he had detected the fragrance, but it was much stronger and better from in close. Some of the juices that provided part of the heavenly scent had spattered on her thighs, and he licked them off. Her pussy juices were delicious, one of the best things he had ever tasted. He licked them off her legs and his tongue sluiced up everything that was trickling down her crotch.

Besides the delectable aroma and flavor, Marian’s pussy was a thing of great beauty to Ryan, especially when it was clean-shaven as it was then. He really had no knowledge of other actual pussies to compare it to, and his admiration may have been colored by its other outstanding qualities, but it was beautiful to him. The skin of her outer lips was a soft ivory, and the inner lips that blossomed through the slit were a lovely dark pink. When he spread those lips, he gazed at the most beautiful part of all, the pink hole, which gleamed wetly, and he could even see more fragrant juices bubbling up. Not wanting to spend any more time looking, he leaned forward and prepared to start by caressing an outer lip with his tongue.

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