Memories Ch. 06a

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Dear readers: The root of this story is in Lesbian Sex, Chapter 06. The following is copied from the last part of Ch. 06.

When I recovered, I felt an arm over me holding a breast and boobs pressed into my back. I blinked and was looking at Jill with a hand on her breast. I looked harder, there was Mike holding his head up on an elbow, smiling at me, and he was the one with his hands on Jill’s tit. Jill had here eyes closed.

I decided I’d better close my eyes and wait to see what happens.

It begins:

I had difficulty sleeping wondering how Mike’s presence was going to be explained and will they mentioned he fucked me.

I woke around 6 AM for a potty break and decided to have a cup of java, lay on the sofa and wait for the others.

About 7 AM, I heard someone using the bathroom. Jean appeared shortly, smiled at me and said, “Did you enjoy that last night?”

I grinned and said, “Yes, of course.” I sure was amazed with Jill doing me like a guy. Wow! Now I see why you girls play like this. It would have been neat to watch her leaning over me like a guy and her boobs hanging down near my mouth that maybe I could lick or suck a little.”

“What are you going to tell them that you told me about Mike being here?”

“Look! I will say that I told you that Mike dropped by knowing Jill was here and that he was hoping he could maybe get better acquainted with you after the Monday incident. I will tell them that I told you both of them are very much interested in playing with you. I am sure Jill will ask, ‘What did she say? Is she okay with it?'”

“I will then say she said, ‘I have come this far and might as well continue,’ but she is a little scared being it’s you and your boyfriend’ or something to that effect depending on her questions.”

“Wow Jean! Looks like you covered all the bases.”

“Thanks, let’s sit here and snuggle. When we hear them moving I will set my plan into motion.”

Jean decided to do more than snuggle. She crawled onto my lap, opened her robe and held a breast at my mouth. I inhaled it and licked the brown nip with my tongue. I heard, “Yes Amy, God yes.”

We then both heard, “God Mike already?”

We jumped. Jean made the “be quiet sign” and motioned for me to go with her to the bedroom with her finger.

When we arrived at the opening, Mike was thrusting his cock into Jill. Both had their eyes closed so it appeared. Mike’s hairless sack was swinging between his legs and his cock was glistening with Jill’s fluids.

Jean smiled at me and then said, “Save some of that for Amy here Mike!”

Mike collapsed on her. It got quite, they both opened there eyes and looked at us.

Then she said, “Look guys ataşehir escort I explained Mike’s presence here and that you both are very interested in playing with her. She told me that she might as well continue getting into this lifestyle since she has come this far but is nervous. She is afraid, Jill, of how you might feel seeing Mike doing her. I tried to explain that you would love it. Isn’t that right, Jill?”

I had to be beet red from the feel of my body temperature. Not so much from what Jean was saying but seeing close up a couple at it and Mike still was plugged in.

“Oh Amy, I’m so glad that Jean chatted with you. God I love to watch Mike do other women. He does me so much harder then as we talk about it. It does not upset me at all, to the contrary.”

“Why not try Mike now? He is hard and eager to go. I can leave if you want but would love to stay and watch.”

Jean said, “See I told you all is well. Go ahead, try Mike, we all love his cock, it fills us up so nice. I need to tell you the first time he slips it into you he will shoot because you are fresh meat so don’t expect him to last and get you off. On the other hand, Jill or I could play with your clit, get you close, and tell Mike to finish it then. Com’on let’s play. That is why we are here. Do you want us to leave or stay?”

“Why don’t you guys stay? I might just as well get into the swing of things. Jill since its your guy why don’t you play with my clit.”

Jean said, “Well Mike get your toy out of Jill and keep it up for Amy while she gets into position. Amy, let me hold your legs back as I did last night. It will feel so much better for you and I love to watch a cock disappear into a hot pussy. Jill loves watching too.”

As I was crawling up on the bed, I noticed Mike had a blue condom on where the other night it was pink and he was slowly stroking it. I did not want to look in his face because I probably would have smiled and tipped Jill off.

I took the spot where Jill was. Jean sat behind my head and said, “Mike lift her legs back to me.”

I closed my eyes as Mike did that. Jean grabbed my ankles this time and my knees were by my boobs. I heard Jill say, “Okay Amy I’m going to prime you. When you want a cock, give Mike a minute warning so he can shove it in.”

Well not only did a finger of Jill go to my clit; one of her hands went to a boob where she massaged, pinches and rolled the nipple. Every now and then, she would finger fuck me to get juices on her fingers to keep me well lubricated. Then something unexpected happened. Jill removed her hand from my boob and replaced it with her mouth. She was sucking on the nipple like a baby to get milk from it while continuing kadıköy escort the clit stimulation.

After a few minutes, I lost all embarrassment and began to hump my butt to her finger. She was strumming my clit like I do myself. I guess she is like me so why not, right. I was moaning my feelings and humping faster. “Get ready Mike she is getting close,” came from Jill.

After a few more minutes and shallow breathing, I opened my mouth and said, “Cock please, Mike.”

“Go for it Amy, enjoy his cock. It is so hard and thick wanting you so much,” was coming from Jean’s lips as Mike’s cock slid into me like a hot knife into butter.

God it felt so good and being this was the third time it was in me in a few hours, it heightened the pleasure. Jill did not really know how relaxed I was with Mike’s cock buried deep into my hot pussy and enjoying every thrust to the fullest.

“Oh Amy your pussy is so hot, tight and wet. I’m not going to last. Oh wow what a feeling.”

“God Mike you cock is filling me up so nicely. It feels awesome. I feel so filled up. Oh, God that feels so good. Yeah like that, Oh God Mike you got me there. I’m going to Ohoooooo!”

My pussy clamped down oh Mike’s steel pole. It sent both of us on our way. I could hear Mike growling as I was moaning. The awesome waves were rippling through my body, and my body was thrashing on his cock to get it deeper. With the expansion and contractions of his cock as he was firing, my orgasm would not let up. It rolled from one cum into another and then another. My pussy was trying to get more and wanted to feel more of him blasting his seed out of his sack. It flashed in my mind to do this bareback at least once with him to feel the full impact of his nut juice firing out and filling me up.

God, having people watch me added to the erotic scene. Now I knew why Erin and all these guys were into it.

Mike collapsed on me. Jean let my legs fall back. Jill said, “Okay Mike rest there and get recharged. I need your cock in me as soon as it is up. Jean and I will go for a drink.”

When they had left and out of eves dropping range, Mike lowered his lips to my ears and whispered, “Thanks for not giving me away after our Friday night fun.”

I just wrapped my arms around him tight. “Your welcome Mike and the offer stands for last delivery. I will take it anytime.”

“Thanks Amy you are hot. Thanks for being a friend.”

Next thing I heard was, “You got that thing of yours ready yet Mike. I am hotter than a pistol just fired.”

I said, “It feels like its ready to go Jill.”

“So did Amy get to you, Mike?”

“God did she ever Jill. She is tight like you and your friends. bostancı escort bayan You know that I can’t last in a tight pussy.”

“Well get yourself ready and in position. You know the routine when we have voyeurs.”

Mike lifted off of me and pulled out his now again hard cock.

I moved off the bed to make room for them.

He pulled off the condom, grabbed for a new one and it was black this time; rolled it down. I could not help but shutter seeing his cock as black. Other nasty thoughts hit me.

He then went onto his back. Jill straddled his body with her back to Mike’s face.

My jaw dropped wondering what she was going to do.

She knelt, lifted her butt and guided the black steel pole into her pussy.

Then I heard, “God Mike that feels so good. Ready?”

“Yeah babe lean back.”

I stood there, mouth open, as Mike used his hands to lower Jill onto his chest. Her boobs were staring at the ceiling.

I then heard, “Amy you can eat me if you want. If not Jean will and the one not eating me can straddle my face and let me eat them while Mike fucks me and plays with my boobs.”

I turned red never thinking this would be asked of me.

“Go for her pussy Amy and eat it and enjoy Mike’s cock rubbing your chin. If you want to use your tongue on his cock to get some of Jill’s juices as he pulls out, feel free too.”

She gave me a gentle shove and then said, “Jill can eat me.”

I went to the foot of the bed and lowered my mouth to Jill’s pussy. Her lips were so swollen and open I did not have to open them to get to the clit with my tongue.

The room went silent as we all were munching, except for the occasional but increasing in numbers moans of pleasure. As I had my face buried between Jill’s thighs, I used a finger on myself. I was not going to be left out even if it was self-induced cum.

I strained from time to time to get my eyes and tongue on the black object doing Jill. The contrast in color was hot looking. The glistening of her sex juices on Mike’s black condom was sparkling; like diamonds.

Soon from the sound of things, everyone was going to cum soon. I was taking glances at Mike’s sack as it raised to load his gun. When he fired it, I had my cum and moaned onto Jill’s clit. I assume everyone was cumming because of the moans, groans and bed shaking violently.

I lifted off her and we were all trying to get our breath back.

I crawled up next to Mike. I laid there wondering what else do they do? Should I even suggest this to Rob?

Then I heard, “Isn’t this fun Amy? Aren’t you glad Erin and I attacked you at the sleep over?” came from Jean who was on the other side of Mike.

“Yes Jean, I sure am thankful. God this has been awesome.”

Well readers, this ends my seduction into Bi sex. It continued like this for the last three years of college. It so turned out Rob found another girl. I found another guy. I introduced him to my lifestyle.

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