Mother, Daughter, a Boss’s Yacht

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


My father’s boss invited our family out on a cruise in his big yacht.

My name in Bonnie. I’m eighteen and in my last year of high school. My family is very religious and that meant no heavy dating with boys. Lots of boys tried to ask me out, but I couldn’t. I guess I kind of blossomed in the last year. My breasts are now a 34B and my hips have filled out. I’m active in sports and that keeps me fit. Let me confess to getting more and more sexual urges all the time. I can’t tell my mother the naughty things I think about and how my body reacts when I’m around boys at school. It’s natural according to our sex-ed teacher but gets me so aroused and it’s almost like older men seem to sense what’s going on inside of my head.

I was surprised when mom took me shopping with her for a new bathing suit, a bikini. Skimpy bathing suits had always been out of the question. My swimsuits and hers were always full length. But dad’s boss invited us out to his fancy yacht, and he was specific about women on board his yacht should be in bikinis. My dad is insecure and careful around his job nowadays. The company is soon going public with something called a SPAC and that could make us a huge amount of money. Dad is on pins and needles.

I blushed when I tried on a tiny yellow bikini and saw myself in the mirror. My breasts were spilling over the top. The cups were joined by a string between and this exposed a lot of the insides of my breasts. I looked like one of those bikini models. That made me proud. In the bottoms, I could see the outline of my sex and some pubic hairs sticking out the sides. When I turned around and looked back in the mirror at my bum, I saw my cheeks were almost completely exposed. Jeez, that was so naughty. I felt so naked and realized grown men will see almost all of me. I was shocked when my mom said to buy it. Oh well, mom got a bikini just as sexy so I will just have to be adult about it. After all, I’m not a kid anymore. For sure however, I would have to trim the long pubic hairs that stick out the sides.

As we walked towards the big yacht, my father said very firmly, “Bonnie, please be on your best behavior. I really want to impress my boss. Do you understand?” I nodded yes and we boarded the yacht. Dad introduced us to his boss Earl Whitney, his beautiful foxy-forty wife, Liz and their son, Greg, who was home over spring break from university. Gee, Greg is quite a hunk.

We changed into our bathing suits in one of the sleeping compartments below. Wow, the boat has bedrooms it is so big. Mom seemed at ease with her sexy bikini, but I was very self-conscious going up to the deck. Being almost naked in front of my dad’s boss and his good-looking son was a new thing. I could see Liz, Earl’s gorgeous wife, was in a very tiny bikini. She has a deep tan that showed she loved the sun. Dad and Earl had on boxer type trunks while Greg had on a Speedo with a big package proudly visible. That made me blush. Drinks were served as we pulled out to the ocean. I had a hard lemonade while the others had cold beers. When Earl served me, I could feel him staring at my breasts through his dark sunglasses. I could sense a sexual aura as he smiled confidently and made small talk with me as he steered the boat. My god, I felt like I was standing naked in front of him. I had a juvenile urge to cover my crotch and breasts with my hands.

Earl said, “Wow, the only family picture in your dad’s office must be pretty old because you were very young in it. You have blossomed into a very attractive young lady.”

I blurted out, “Gee, thanks.” And immediately cringed at how dorky and adolescent that sounded. I could then definitely tell he was checking out my body. He was boldly obvious about it. It made me proud that this powerful man found me sexually attractive. It surprised me when I lifted my chest up to display my breasts better.

He continued, “One of the great joys of having a yacht is seeing attractive women in sexy bikinis. I’m kind of an ass-man myself and let me say you have a very nice one.” I blushed and was at a loss for words. What should I have done? It was my dad’s bloody boss.

He saw my distress and said, “I hope you don’t mind me complimenting you?”

I gulped and said, “No, that’s okay.” I nervously downed the rest of my hard lemonade and Earl reached down into the cooler to give me another.

“Why don’t you lie on that towel over there and get some sun.”

The towel is lengthwise so when I laid on it my stomach, my feet and bum were towards him. I remembered he said he liked to look at women’s bums and he thought mine was nice. It made me a bit nervous but at the same time it was good to feel attractive. At first. I kept my knees modestly together but then thought that was so childish and spread them more naturally. After a while, I turned over and could see Earl stare at my upturned crotch and lick his lips. That gave me a thrill in my stomach. This must be how mature adults feel around each other.

Soon Greg, Earl’s son came back to talk with his dad. Earl said to him, “Greg, Bonnie needs some sunscreen or she’ll burn in this hot sun. erotik film izle The bottle is over there.”

In a panic of modesty, I said, “No, that’s okay.”

He continued, “Nonsense, it’s a real hazard with yachting, the hot, burning sun.”

What could I say? Dad told me to not make a fuss.

Greg said, “Sure dad, it’s my pleasure.” He got the lotion bottle and knelt beside me. “Turn, over. I want to do your back first.” I rolled over. It seemed to me that the father and son had done this before. Greg immediately surprised me by gripping my knees and spreading my legs wider. Oh my god, I thought. That exposes my crotch to their eyes. Geez, I hope none of my pubs are sticking out the sides of my bikini. I’d just die if the thin strip of cloth didn’t cover my private parts. I could feel a cool stream of lotion on my shoulders and my mind was soon lost in the pleasure of Greg’s hand massaging the oil into my shoulders and back.

He said, “How does that feel?”

I honestly said, “Really good.”

“Okay, now for your legs.”

A line of lotion went up my calves and Greg’s strong hands massaged it in. Next more lotion hit my thigh furthest from him and his hands spread it from my knee to very high near my bum cheek. My god, my skin is so sensitive there. No man had touched me in that place so close to my naughty bits. He massaged the muscle deeply and that felt so good. The lotion on my other thigh went even higher and the side of his hand bumped against my crotch, first like an accident and then it seemed deliberately. What should I do? I didn’t want to act like a child. Me saying nothing made him bolder. He pushed the cloth of my bikini bottom covering my bum cheeks higher.

He explained, “I don’t want to get lotion on your bathing suit.”

My mind was in a tizzy as lotion poured onto my bum and Greg’s two big hands spread over the cheeks. My pussy started throbbing uncomfortably as he worked the oil in deeply. Oh my god, I’ve never felt a man’s hands on my bare bottom. Hot damn, that was so naughty. To stifle a moan, I bit my knuckle.

“Okay. Time to turn over.”

When I was on my back, I looked up at Greg. He is such a great looking guy. The muscles on his chest are so ripped. His eyes were drilled into my breasts and that thrilled me. My body went limp, I closed my eyes and just let him do as he wished. Later, I squinted my eyes open a tiny bit and a surge of adrenaline hit me when I saw his hungry eyes drilled into my breasts as he laid his hands on me. It was too intense. I looked away.

Greg’s dad says loudly, “That’s right son. Get all the spots.”

I cringed like he’d seen me doing something naughty. But I thought that’s just likely me, thinking like a naïve schoolgirl. I’m here with adults and an adult myself now too. Greg goes to my legs. As he works the oil into my thighs my eyes are fixed on his handsome face. My heart seemed to reach out to him as I felt an instant crush. As innocently as I could, I shifted the edge of my hand on the towel to touch his bare knee. I closed my eyes with a smile on my face enjoying the simple, sensuous pleasure of his touch. As his hands neared my crotch, I could hardly breathe. He casually pushed my thighs wider and oiled high up the inside of my thighs. My pussy was on fire like nothing before. I could hear my heavy breathing through my nostrils.

In a deep masculine voice, he said, “You have strong leg muscles. You must play sports.’

The fog in my brain cleared and I squeaked out, “Yes, I play soccer and volleyball.”

A cool squirt of lotion hit my stomach and his hands swirled it around my abs and even bumping up against the bottom of my bikini covered breasts. He was so in control and I just let him. The next part is a blur. I remember the lotion applied to my upper chest but after that is so foggy as he felt where no man had gone before. All I can say is that afterwards I noticed the oil was on the inside of my breasts where the bikini exposed them and even a bit inside the cups where his fingers went in deeply.

Eventually, Greg said, “There we go. All finished. Now, you will get a safe tan on that beautiful body.”

I blushed at the comment and smiled up at him. “Thanks, Greg.”

“Hey, Bonnie, why don’t we go sit at the bow and chat. It’s the best view up there.”

“Sure, I’d love to.” We got up and I could see Greg had a big erection in his Speedos. He picked up the towel I had been on and held it in front to hide his arousal as we grabbed another alcohol beverage and walked past the adults on the upper deck to reach the bow. We sat on the railing at the V of the bow with the safety of a rope barrier behind us. We were so close our knees touched. I can remember looking up at him like a lovesick teenager as he talked about university and the law degree he was studying for. As he talked, he touched me often on the arms, my shoulder and my thigh. It felt good. I couldn’t believe my luck when he said he wanted to see me again without all the parents around. Looking back, I guess I responded very enthusiastically to that. Not that I wasn’t super pleased, but it would have been cooler to just say a simple yes.

Later, when I went below to the film izle head, that’s what they call the bathroom on a yacht, Greg met me in the corridor when I went out. He was so tall and masculine standing there, and I felt so petite looking up at him. Nothing was said as he embraced and kissed me. He squeezed my body to his and I responded in kind, hugging his. Our bodies touching was felt so right. His kiss was amazing, not like the boys my age.

He whispered in my ear, “You are so special.”

He kissed me again and both his hands cupped my bum and pulled my crotch to his stiff erection. My pussy was so aroused too as he massaged my bum. My mind swooned as our nearly naked bodies touched so intimately. Our embrace broke when we heard his mother coming down the stairs. I’m sure she saw the guilty look on my face and knew what we were up to something naughty. My faced burned in a hot, embarrassed blush.

She said cheerily, “Coming through, young ones. I have to get the sandwiches out of the fridge.”

Oh my god, I realize that she doesn’t have her bikini top on. I’ve heard of women going “European-style” but my goodness. This is so shocking. Then I think, Greg sees her bare breasts too. Wow. He and I go up the stairs to the deck and double shock, I see my mom, my conservative, church-going mom, with her breasts exposed too. She motions me over to talk.

When we are away from the men, she says, “Dad’s boss and his wife, sort of said without completely saying it, that they wanted me to go topless like her. They call it ‘Going European-style’ among the jet-setters. I could have died of embarrassment but didn’t think I had a lot of choice.”

“But mom, their son Greg will see you too.”

“I know and I’d like to crawl under a rock, but it seems this is all natural for this family. But there is no way I want you taking off your top. No way. Hear me.” I nod and walk back to Greg.

The rest of the afternoon is a blur as we sailed up the coast and back. I remember being so happy as the warm sun caressed my skin and my blonde hair blew in the wind. Greg stayed close and my heart gave a thrill every time he smiled down at me. When he casually touched me, it gave me an intense sensation. He must have enjoyed seeing my teen crush building. It was so obvious that I was smitten. It was amazing when he asked me for a dinner date the next night at the yacht club. That was such a grownup thing and I eagerly accepted. Later that night, my dad was so pleased that I was going on a date with his boss’s son. This was the first time he allowed me to go on a date and I was surprised at how eager and pleased he was.

I could hear my parent’s bed creaking loudly as they made love twice in the night. They must have been very turned on by our day sailing. Next morning, my mom was in a very good mood.

Greg’s Viewpoint on Date Night.

Bonnie is such a cutie. I was heading back to university next week and thought it would be great to be together with her until then. She has a sweet, innocence and a killer body, the kind I like best with full breasts and a tight ass. How could I not remember holding her sweet bum when we were down below on the yacht? She seemed to get an instant, big crush on me. I couldn’t resist asking her out. I chose the yacht club for our dinner date because if things go well, we could go down to our family yacht moored there and make out.

I got to the restaurant in the yacht club early. All day, I was getting more and more horny thinking of the previous day when I massaged the suntan lotion into Bonnie’s hot body. I got a chubby whenever I remembered her being so compliant to my touch.

It was amazing to see her as the waiter escorted her over to my table. She was wearing a cute shoulderless, yellow summer dress and white sandals. She looked like a teen model as she walked to the table shyly gripping her small, white purse, with both hands. I stood to greet her and gave her a New York air kiss as we said hellos.

The meal was great fun with lots of wine. She loved my stories of university life and had applied at a local college herself. She looked so delicious sitting across from me. The summer dress had some sexy cleavage. I remembered how firm and soft her breasts were when I worked the suntan lotion in. Her perfect skin had a rosy glow from a bit of sunburn from our boat trip the previous day. You could see a slight white line from her shoulder down her chest to her breast where the string held up her the cups of her bikini top. I had a fantasy in my mind of her snow-white breasts under the summer dress and the sexy tan lines that will be exposed when she’s naked. As my eyes were drilled into her breasts, she reached across and put her soft, small hand over mine on the table. I took that as a sign she was okay with my erotic thoughts. We were connecting at physical level. I smiled at her confidently and she smiled sweetly back at me. She was compliant and feminine in every way, not like my female, feminist university classmates. Bonnie seemed to hang on my every word. It made my testosterone surge to envision her agreeing to any of my sexual urges later.

My dick got so stiff it was hurting at a bad angle. I slipped a hand seks filmi izle under the table, secretly adjusted it and cupped my balls as we talked. My mind buzzed with anticipation of being alone with her. Her full lips had pink lipstick that was so girlish. I could envision those lips around my cock as we finished dessert. Fuck, was I horny.

I said, “Why don’t we walk down by the harbor? It’s very beautiful in the evening.” It is also where the family yacht will give us privacy.

A smile lit up her face and she replied, “Great. I’d love that.” I thought, “What a perfectly lovely young lady.” I was getting a big crush on her too. Maybe she will be my life’s love.

I signed the check to the family account. We went to the washroom where I was able to adjust my dick to a better angle. Then, we were out the door and down the staircase to the wooden walkway along the shore. I took her hand and we walked like lovers looking out over the moored yachts in the cool, star-filled evening air. There was nobody walking around but I could hear some party revellers on some boats. I stopped and took her in my arms. Looking down at her beautiful, sweet face made my heart leap. We kissed and then walked on silently with my mind in a lust cloud of anticipation. A bit further along, we stopped again and kissed more passionately this time. I cupped her ass-cheeks and she sighed in acceptance. My dick was painfully hard.

I whispered in her ear, “Let’s go to the yacht for some privacy.” She hesitated and I continued, “You are amazing Bonnie. It’s so lucky that we met when your family visited. My feelings for you are so strong.” That was very true, and she could be the one for me. Who knows? “How do you feel about me?”

“Greg, I think you are great and feel lucky that you like me.”

I kissed her forehead, hugged her tightly and said firmly, “Okay then, let’s go to the yacht.”

She replied nervously, “Yes, okay.”

What a thrill it was, walking to our love boat. We talked nervously about nothing as we strolled along the dock. My mind was filled with flashes of sexual fantasies, bare breasts, bums, pussy, my cock splitting her pussy, lips around my cock. Finally, we were there, and my heart was pounding. I needed to cool out to better enjoy the moment.

I asked, “Why don’t we sit on the deck and enjoy a drink? You like hard lemonade, right?” she nodded yes. “Okay, you sit by the bow like we did yesterday, and I’ll get the drinks.”

Seeing her sitting there when I returned took my breath away at her sweet, beautiful face and long blonde hair. She stood to greet me with a spontaneous kiss on my cheek. Her flowery perfume stirred my instincts. I put a hand around her waist, and we looked out over the harbor as we drank. Being so close to a willing, beautiful woman was causing my lust to urge me on. I put down my drink, took hers out of her hand, placed it down and pulled her into my embrace. She gave a sigh of surprise. Our lips met in a passionate kiss. I embraced her tightly. Her body felt so good against mine. My tongue searched for hers and found it. My hands went to her bum and her firm ass was amazing to massage deeply. Our kiss broke and she kissed my neck as I groped her perfect ass.

I said, “Bonnie, your ass is so amazing.”

In total submission, she put her hands behind my head and kissed me. That offered her body up to my probing hands. I bunched the skirt of the back of her summer dress and pulled it higher until her panty-covered bottom was available to my hands. The satin feel of her panties over her perfect ass sent my lust up a few more levels. I slipped my hand under the waistband to her nakedness and pulled her crotch to mine. My stiff cock bumped up against her stomach. I took Bonnie’s hand and placed it on my raging erection.

“Look at how you are turning me on.” She gave a tentative feel and then took her hand away. I said firmly, “No, feel me.” She obediently returned her hand to my junk. “That’s right, love.” I kissed her lips and cupped her breast. I could feel her hard nipples through the dress. Her palm rubbed my dick sending my lust into the red zone. We needed to go below to a stateroom to get naked and fuck. I took Bonnie’s hand and pulled her towards the entrance to the staterooms below deck. “Come with me.” She followed me down and we went into the first room. I turn on the overhead light to see everything.

I started unbuttoning my shirt and looked over at her just standing there. “Come on Bonnie, take off your dress.” She shyly reached slowly behind and I could hear the zipper of her dress being pulled slowly down. In my haste, I was down to my underwear and then enjoyed watching her strip. She pulled her dress off her shoulders and let it fall to her waist revealing her lacy pink bra. Then she wiggled her dress down over her hips and stepped out of it nervously looking over at me standing with a big tent in my underwear. Her pink, satin full panty showed a sexy camel-toe notch. That sent a surge of adrenaline through me. I wanted to be the one to pull them off. That’s one of my big turn-ons. I love it when the girl lifts her ass off the bed to help me pull her panties off. That’s when you know the fucking is a done deal. “Okay, love, on to the bed.” She crawls on hands and knees over to the other side. What a great ass. I stripped off my underwear and join her buck naked. I remember thinking, “This is going to be one great fuck.”

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