Mother’s Day

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For seven years until the age of eighteen, I went to grammar school. Seven years, five times a week, same bus ride to school. Well not always the same bus ride, there were several busses that went from the stop near my house to my school and I would take the first one that came.

Every few days I would see a group of girls of my age also going to their school – mine was a boys school, theirs a girls – and although we travelled together for part of the journey for years I never plucked up the courage to go and talk to them, even though some of them were quite pretty.

As we entered the last year of school and I turned eighteen in January, neither I nor the girls had much respect for our school uniforms, I had already discarded by blazer as it was too small, although I must admit that I was still a bit skinny and lanky, and with glasses I looked a bit of a nerd – and the girls insisted on wearing their skirts on the short side. One of the girls, Nora, also wore her blazer – which was a little bit tight – always buttoned up so as to accentuate her small waist and well made tits.

One morning during the last term I climbed up the stairs to the upper deck of the bus and found a seat, the girls were making a commotion which I discovered was because it was Nora’s 18th birthday. After a few stops she came unexpectedly and sat down next to me.

I was a little bit embarrassed but I wished her happy birthday and she asked me if I was doing anything after school.

I replied beylikdüzü anal yapan escort that I wasn’t and we agreed to meet on the bus and go back to her house. She said that it would be empty and we could “Have some fun”.

I don’t think I paid much attention to lessons that day and at ten to four I was out of class and down at the bus stop waiting for her to arrive.

She was sitting on the same seat that we had shared that morning and as I sat down next to her she put her hand behind my neck and pulled me to her, kissing me full on the lips.

I was a little inexperienced at this sort of thing but when I felt her tongue pushing at my mouth i opened it and our tongues entwined.

It was the sexiest thing that I had ever experienced and almost came on the spot.

We slowed down a bit and I put my arm around her shoulders, feeling a firm tit while she stroked my thigh, brushing her hand against my pumped up prick imprisoned in my trousers.

We managed to get off the bus and walked the few minutes to her house without being arrested and as soon as we were inside we began pulling off our clothes and feeling each others bodies in a frenzy.

She grasped my prick and pulled me into the lounge and pushed me into an armchair.Crouching down she enveloped my prick with her mouth and began sucking and licking it and my balls as if they were an ice-cream and it was midsummer.

I bent over and stroked beylikdüzü balıketli escort her back, moving my hands around to feel her nipples. As I rubbed and squeezed them she moaned, stood up and thrust them at me to suckle.

I was in heaven. Life couldn’t get any better, or so I thought!

She took my hands in hers and stood me up, then steered me to the carpet and had me lay on my back whereupon she squatted over me and impaled herself on my prick.

The sensation of her tight, juicy cunt enveloping my prick was indescribable.I had no way of comparing the feeling with anything that I had experienced before.

Somehow I managed not to come and just laid back and enjoyed having a naked girl slide up and down on me, her firm, full tits bouncing in front of me.

Every so odten she would bend forward so that I could lick her nipples, she would stroke herself and then get me to lick her fingers, the taste of which was exciting and well, different to anything I had ever tasted before.

We got into some sort of rythm and after a few minutes she got off me and pulled me to my feet.

“Come with me” she said, “let’s go somewhere more comfortable.”

She led me upstairs and I presumed that we were going to her bedroom but I was in for a suprise.

The bedroom door she opened was not hers but her parents. I knew this as soon as I entered and saw her mother laid out naked on the bed.

Her beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş mother was, I suppose, in her middle forties, her tits were a bit soft and flabby and her waist was full and she laid streched out with her arms behind her head and her legs, one straight, one bent at the knee, like a painting. Her cunt was in view and topped off with a light fuzz of hair.

Nora led me to the bedside and said “Mum, I’d like you to meet Tom.”

“Well Tom, it’s nice to make your acquaintence” she said, “Please make youself at home.”

I stepped forward and climbed onto the bed, kneeling between ger legs. I bent down and, for the first time in my life, kissed a cunt.

The taste was almost too much for me to bear, I kissed it again and again, licking and insinuating my tongue into her cunt, feeling her clit between my lips, running my hands over her smooth thighs and up to her soft tits.

She reached down and pulled me to her.

“Come inside me.” she instructed. Who was I to refuse?

Her cunt was softer that her daughters. She lifted her legs and I slid all the way in so that my balls were slapping on her ass as I pounded in and out of her.

Nora lay alongside us and stroked my balls between my legs and I came closed and closer to exploding.

Just before I came Nora’s mother pushed me out, rolled me over and took my prick in her mouth, sucking and rubbing me until I came in her mouth.

With her mouth full of my sperm, she bent over her daughter and dribbled it into Nora’s mouth.

They then swapped positions and Nora returned the sperm to her mother.

After four or five exchanges they both swallowed what they had and came to lie either side of me.

“Did you like that?” Noras mother asked me.

And without waiting for a reply said “Just rest up a little while and you can fuck Nora as well.”

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