Nadine’s Night Out Ch. 01

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Nadine, oh Nadine. A beautiful, sensual, Filipino woman. Fair skinned, almost perfect complexion. Standing at about 5 foot 6 on those great, shapely, legs. 34C bustline looking great on her slim frame and a rear end which juts out prominently but not large as to overwhelm. She has a bubbly and rather sexy personality, sometimes flirting, sometimes just playing and at times, keeping to herself, just enjoying the atmosphere she’s in. She has straight, silky, long black hair down to the middle of her back.

Nadine has the sweetest voice you would ever hear on anyone. Any normal guy would swoon if they speak to her. It is a combination of playfulness, eloquence and ultimate sweetness. She speaks with an American accent making it easy to understand her. Her pleasant face disarms anyone. Then, there is her smile.

What most people don’t know from first impression is the insatiable cunt she has, along with the rest of her perfect body which she uses as a sex machine and a secret, concealed weapon to make men do whatever she wants. Her body has amazing stamina and when she cums … you’ll know about it in the story which unfolds. Her only known equal is her secret lover, Gabriel. Together, they can paint the entire town red.

She’s dressed to kill tonight. Low cut mini-dress. White. Revealing sufficient cleavage to make any man drool. Contrasting black underwear. Matching white heels. The material of the dress is thick enough not to reveal too much of the contrasting undergarments, but flimsy and tight enough to reveal all her luscious curves. The dress reaches to just two inches below her sexy ass. She loves to flaunt and she knows she has the stuff to turn men on.

She’s out on the town tonight. No clear direction as she just drives her BMW around to places with the most popular nightspots. It is past dinner time. She already had a scrumptious meal with a close and intimate male friend. A couple of glasses of wine had led to something more exciting in the restroom. It was a classy restaurant with clean restrooms and space inside for more adventurous people as they do not segregate the genders. It is one big space for everyone with a small smoking area to the side, complete with chairs and a small table holding an ashtray. Playful couples would take advantage of this setting and yes, it was set up this way on purpose. After good food and a couple of drinks, sexual tendencies are strong.

Nadine had her first fuck that night in there. She had walked in, feeling a little higher than usual from the drinks. She could have sworn that all the drinks there are spiked with some sort of aphrodisiac. Going into a cubicle, she locked the door and raised her skirt to touch her already sensitive clit. Her pussy was already moist, yearning for release. She had been turned on by Gabriel. Her intimate male friend for now. Not so much a boyfriend yet but already a lover. Gabriel had done things with her many people would not even dare to contemplate. She’s been taken to massive highs and mind-shattering climaxes by him, many times before. Her thoughts drift back to the times she shared with him, causing her pussy to excrete even more love juice. She’s getting more and more turned on by the moment. Her fingers urgently rub, faster and faster on her already sensitive clit.

She moaned softly as her fingers play, doing their work knowingly, quickly bringing her to the edge. It was a soft yet satisfying climax. Her body relaxes and she readies herself to exit. When she opened the door, her date was standing just outside. She reached out to him and pulled him into the cubicle. Nobody else was in the restroom at that time … or so she thought.

Urgently now, Gabriel pulled her close. Their lips meet and their hips begin a slow grinding motion. She spread her legs a little and could feel his hardness as it rubs up against her puffy outer labia, still encased in her black silk panties. Her panties are getting wetter. Much wetter than when she had made herself cum. The anticipation of a hard, plunging cock is driving her out of her mind. Her brain is sending out messages “Fuck me”, “Fuck me”, “Take me completely” ataşehir escort bayan and her body is responding by drenching her own loins in love juice. Her lover’s hand lifts the dress slightly and slips into her panties, eliciting a moan from her sweet lips. Fingers roam her wet snatch, rubbing her from her clitoris to her ass and then plunging deeply into her cunt. Two fingers at first, and then three. Holding them inside her, he curls his fingers, rubbing up against her G-spot causing her to shake uncontrollably. Her hand reaches down, lifts her dress higher to expose her entire lower body to her lover. Her fingers frantically working on her clit again, occasionally plunging into her moist open pussy. Two fingers pump in and out while her thumb rubs urgently on her clit.

Gabriel took a deep breath, taking in her sex smells. The musky odour of her juices waft to his nostrils. He stands to her side, grabs her hands and puts them on her breasts. Then, he reaches down to cup one hand on her ass and the other goes to her throbbing clit. Nadine quickly reaches back to unbuckle her lacy bra and reach back front to pull her dress down, exposing her naked breasts to Gabriel. He brings his mouth to her nipple, teasing and worrying the tiny bud maddeningly. His hands continue rubbing her clit while the fingers on his other hand squirms into her tight ass. She freezes and then begin to experience spasms as the stimulation had driven her over the edge again. Gabriel expertly rubs her clit and finger-fucks her tight ass as she continues cumming, drenching his hand in love juice. Encouraged by her reaction, he plunges two fingers easily into her wet, open pussy. Her cuntal passage stretches to accommodate his fat fingers and her body buckles as pure ecstasy shoots through her entire being. She is close to cumming again but the two fingers just doesn’t seem to be enough. Reaching down, she slides her own finger into her cunt and curls it up to rub hard on her G-spot.

It is then Gabriel inserts another finger into her ass and cunt. She’s taking seven fingers in total. Three in her ass, four in her pussy. Spreading her, exploring her, pumping her relentlessly. She grabs tightly on to Gabriel as she feels the first wave of her orgasm hit her. The pleasure slams into her causing her knees to buckle as she is standing. She almost collapsed but Gabriel holds her up by her loins, and his fingers go ever deeper into her slick holes. Another wave hits her and she shudders uncontrollably, rocking her hips back and forth, fucking the fingers in her ass and pussy. Nadine almost screams out loud but Gabriel kissed her on her mouth to muffle her loud cries of intense pleasure. Her eyes closed, her tongue twirling with Gabriel’s in their mouths, going back and forth, twisting and turning.

Just before the last wave hits her, Gabriel rapidly pumps her pussy and ass. Fingers going in and out in a blur. This time, as the final orgasmic wave slams into her body, she can no longer stand. Gabriel pulls out his fingers and grabs on to her as she slowly sits, coming to rest on the restroom throne. Her body shaking and buckling out of control. Her legs flailing as her breasts bounces tightly on her chest. The food, the wine, the sexy company, the thoughts of times before, the short dress … everything has cumulated to this point. Everything had contributed to this wonderful orgasm she was experiencing. Unbridled, uncontained lust coursing through her as the orgasm subsides. In her mind, this night must go on until she collapses and completely passes out.

As she sits, she spread her legs wide apart. The pussy lips glisten with her juices, inviting Gabriel for another feast after dinner. He positions himself between her legs and flicks out his tongue, touching her sensitive clit. She rested her legs on the walls of the cubicle. As the cubicle is wide, her legs are spread wide too. She looks down and see Gabriel’s busy mouth working on her pussy. Such a sexy sight, she thought as she spreads a little wider, allowing him full access to her shaved pussy. He sucks her clit between his teeth. When the escort kadıköy little nub is in his mouth, he flicks it fast with his tongue. This rubs the clit against his teeth. He does all this while maintaining strong suction on her clit and pussy. These ministrations are driving Nadine our of her mind. Gabriel has talent for making her cum using only his tongue. She would cum quickly usually. Tonight, she is trying to enjoy the sensations longer and she takes a deep breath each time she feels her orgasm building. Gabriel knows her game well and slides a finger deep into her ass again. Curling the finger up in her ass, he has broken her defenses and her orgasm builds up quickly, rushing to the forefront now.

She closes her eyes, brings her own hand to her mouth and sucks on two fingers as she cums uncontrollably. The fingers muffle her moans. Her hips push up into Gabriel’s hungry mouth as he continues to lick fervently at her clit, prolonging her orgasm. She reaches her peak and it is slowly subsiding but the sensations continues to rush through her body from his vile ministrations of her lustful sex bud. “Oh fuck,” she thinks. She needs a hard cock in her now, to complete her journey. It can only be complete with the most intimate coupling.

She slowly adjusts herself and stands up. Her clothes are in the way and she quickly removes them. She turns around and presses her naked ass up against Gabriel’s throbbing cock. He takes off his pants and lets his cock stand free. Thick and fat, it looks menacing to Nadine at times. She bends over a little, inviting him to take her from the rear. Wiggling her sexy ass at his prick and reaching back to spread her ass cheeks apart, exposing herself completely to him. A drop of saliva from his lips lands directly on her rosebud anal opening. He eases a finger into her. Then, another finger from his other hand. He then spreads her asshole apart, slowly. More saliva. Moistening the tight opening. Nadine is going wild with the slow anal stimulation. She pushes her ass back, trying to swallow his fat prick with her cunt but to no avail. He’s not done yet and won’t fuck her until he’s ready and she is ultra horny.

Four fingers delve into her ass, causing her to squirm and push her ass back, wanting his fingers deeper inside her. He dismantles the toilet roll holder and using the cylindrical object as a sex toy, he shoves it into her gaping asshole. “What a sexy fuck,” he thought as the cylinder which holds the toilet roll disappears into Nadine’s sexy ass. The entire roller has gone in, all seven inches of it. He noticed her sphincter muscles grip hard on his fingers and know that she is trying to swallow more of anything which is fucking her ass. She is ready. Her cuntal passage is dripping, opening and closing on its own volition. Trying to seek out and suck any rod-like thing inside it. Her ass moving backwards again in the attempt to fuck. Not wanting to disappoint her any further, with one deft thrust, Gabriel buried his hard cock deep inside Nadine’s wet pulsating pussy. She screams out but his hand moves to cover her mouth. Her long satisfying scream now muffled. He begins to fuck her with long, slow strokes, making her feel every vein and sinew of his fat cock as it rubs the insides of her wet, pulsating vagina. She contracts her muscles in her cunt, almost sucking on his cock. Then, she feels four fingers spreading her ass apart again, allowing the cylinder to escape. Holding onto the cylinder, Gabriel then begins to fuck her in the ass with it, in the same rhythm as he’s taking her pussy.

The sensations building up in Nadine is just too much to bear. She fucks back at him, hard. She pushes her ass against his loins with all her might, taking the entire fat cock deep inside her, feeling his balls slapping against her throbbing clit. He pumps the tube into her asshole faster and faster as the erotic mixture of lust and pleasure wells up inside her, almost overflowing, almost overwhelming. She wants to be fucked. Fucked hard. Turning her head to look directly at his handsome face, Nadine whispers softly but with an urgency in her voice, bostancı escort “Fuck me Gabriel, oh, fuck me hard.” His cock glistens wetly as it withdraws from her cunt. Then, she pushes herself back and he pushes forward, hard. Slamming into her mercilessly, he begins to pile drive into her wet, quivering pussy relentlessly. A few hard strokes later, she stopped moving. Keeping still as she just focuses on the immense pleasure wave building up deep inside. He fucks her harder still, with deeper thrusts and faster strokes.

Her body is glistening with perspiration. Her hair a mess. Her ass and cunt feels like raw nerve endings being buffeted with pure pleasure. Lust overcomes her every thought. All she wants is to have the hard, fat cock fuck her mercilessly, continuously. She wants every stroke to be orgasmic. The blissful feeling of a hard cock is what her pussy hungers for every day. The moment her clit is touched, juices will flow, anticipating long, lusty fuck sessions with Gabriel. Tonight, she does not know whether Gabriel alone would be able to satisfy her. For now, she is relishing in the feeling of lust and pleasure coursing through her sweat covered nubile body. She fucks him back with fervour. Unbridled lust and sexual energy overcomes her time and again. Deep fucking, fast fucking. Pushing her ass back onto his throbbing prick again, she drowns herself in the pleasure this is affording her. Hard and fast now, fucking like machines.

The bubble bursts. Waves and waves of pleasure overcomes her, filling her entire being with ecstasy. Her climax is long and hard. Her knees buckle and shake as she struggles to keep standing, keep the fucking cock pumping in and out of her pussy. The cock erupts too, sending her reeling into another orgasmic state. Semen and pussy juices mingling in her vagina, squirting out the sides of the still buried fat prick and sliding down her thighs in wet cascading quakes. She groans out loud only to have Gabriel muffle her again. She sucks on his fingers and begins to frantically grab her own breasts. Another orgasm builds up as she tweaks her nipples hard, sending her again over the edge. That’s two in a row. Fuck, I want some more. Her body now a heaving mass of lust subjugated flesh, just yearning for more and more.

Gabriel does not disappoint. He continues his rhythmic fucking deep into her pussy angling himself just right so each stroke rubs hard against her G-spot. She buckles under the force of yet another shattering orgasm while he fucks her hard, punishing her wanton flesh with unending waves of pleasure. His lust for her flesh drives him to push harder, pummelling his manhood deep into her wet, cuntal passage with such force that his loins slams hard into her ass, as if spanking her. She is relishing every single sensation he is making her feel as she cums yet again, this time squirting her love juices all over him. Then, just as one orgasm subsides, she feels another coming on, starting with a distant rumble and then crashing into her hot young body. There were no words from her mouth, nothing but grunting and moaning with each and every hard plunge of Gabriel’s hard cock in her yearning pussy.

She had almost passed out when Gabriel stopped. He hasn’t cum yet and as she sat down on the seat, she took his hard prick into her mouth and sucked it for all she’s worth. Her expert manipulation of his cock quickly brought him to climax and he squirted all his hot seed deep into her hungry throat.

They then dressed up again and exited the water cubicle together causing smiles from those who are in there. As they walk out, they notice another couple, deeply Frenching and moving into one of the cubicles for more privacy. As they walk across the restaurant to the exit after paying the bill, they noticed that most of the patrons were smiling at them. Little did they realize that the entire session in the cubicle has been recorded and many had paid to have a copy of the “most exciting session” they have ever seen. Gabriel had only found out during the next visit but promised to put on an even better show when they return.

Once out from the restaurant, Nadine jumped into her BMW and sped off. Gabriel mounted his superbike and swiftly took off in the other direction. They are in communication though, as they scout around for the next exciting location. The night is still young.

-to be continued-

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