Poor Choices

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Thank you all so much for taking the time to peruse my first story. It’s a little shaky but I hope still serviceable. It’s also much less shaky thanks to the efforts of volunteer editor AlainDepaixe. Where this is a strong effort Alain helped me. Where it’s weak I failed alone.


He’s an asshole. I am well aware of this. I was even aware of it when we were kind-of-sort-of dating. My friends would point out (with varying degrees of subtlety) his assorted douchebag behaviors, and I would shrug them off uncomfortably. What can I say? I didn’t want to be alone.

So why oh why am I letting him put his arm around my shoulders while he reminisces about us? It’s a dumb move, but it feels good to have an arm around me, especially through the warm haze of alcohol. Besides, at this point it would be awkward to extricate myself. Alex said she wanted to leave the bar soon so that will be a good out.

He’s teasing his fingertips along my collarbone. Just wants to talk my ass. Still, he’s always had a way with his fingers and it brings back some very nice memories of lazy afternoons in his bed. Our conversation is very one sided; he talks, I make the appropriate noise. God his fingers feel good. I take another sip of my drink, trying to steady my nerves and ignore the tingling anticipation he’s making me feel. I know where his fingers want to go. Where the hell is Alex?

He’s pulled me against him and I have to admit, I forgot how nicely I fit up against him. It’s been a while since I had a boyfriend and it feels nice to snuggle up with a warm body. Alex is going to give me so much shit about this when she gets back, but it feels right just leaning against him feeling his fingers teasing through my hair.

I have to twist my neck a little to see him smiling down at me as he asks if I ever think about the old days. He’s got a great smile, kind of slanted and mischievous. I say I do. I don’t want to be rude and start a scene or anything. And I do think about them. I had some rebound sex after him, but it was never really the same. He knew my body like no one else, knew how to touch and tease me until I was begging for it.

As soon as I say yes his hand slips down the top of my dress, sneaking under the cup of my bra. SHIT! I look around, we’re in a dark corner but still… OH! He hasn’t lost his touch, he knows just how I like to have my nipple played with. Before I can really think how to respond his hand is on my cheek, turning my face to his.

He strokes my face as he kisses me. I forgot how soft his lips were, or his confident, deliberate rhythm. This is bad, really bad, but it feels so good to let myself get carried away by it. His hands run over my dress and I remember how good they felt on my bare skin. As the kiss breaks I look out at the crowd on the floor. We’re in a corner booth, pretty well hidden but anyone that cares to look can see us. ataşehir escort bayan I shift uncomfortably in the seat, torn between nervousness and the eager anticipation thrumming through my body.

“You want to get out of here?” he asks, sweet and gentle as can be. Everyone said I needed a clean break but here he is and it’s been so long. I say something affirmative and nod, reaching for my bag as he slips out and offers me his hand like the gentleman he isn’t.

He helps me up and I fumble for my cell. Thank God for cellphones, I don’t think I could stand explaining this to Alex outside a text that said “Gong hoe w sum1”. The room lurches and moves with every step, which is kind of fun but it means I really have to lean on him. Not that I don’t like leaning on him. He’s got a great body that I love feeling through his clothes. It’s firm and strong, but also warm and soft when I can rub my cheek against him.

He’s got his arm around me, holding me steady as I grope for words. Now that we’re moving and the room is moving I find myself talking, probably more than I should but saying less than I could. He never treated me right, he just liked the sex, just like tonight. He’s just going to take me home and fuck me. He laughs and gives me a little squeeze, kissing the top of my head like I was some kind of little girl under his care. THAT makes me a bit fussy but before I can muster up my rage he’s kissing my face and I’m falling into it and he’s groping my ass and I can feel his cock getting hard under his pants, a firm lump against my belly and I really want him to fuck me and he’s leading me out again.

As he hails a cab he keeps one arm around me holding me to him, and it’s always on the move, teasing me, keeping his touch fresh in my mind. Being outside in the cool air it occurs to me to be a little modest and I try to stand up straight, not to respond. Just a girl with her guy, not a girl that just caved on everything and is getting felt up in public. But I want it, right then and there.

The cab pulls up and we scramble inside, with him pretty much tugging me in. He tells the driver his address and then turns his attentions to me. I’m trying to save some face, brushing some hair away from my face when I feel his fingers stroking my hair, his lips finding the curve where my neck meets me shoulder and working it. I start to protest, but then I feel his hand on my knee and I melt, fumbling for the words again and not finding them.

It’s moving up my thigh, under my skirt. I can feel my breath coming shorter and faster as I try to read the face of the driver in the rear view mirror. He’s very professional, but I find myself trying to make eye contact so that he can see that I’m not like this, I’m actually very proper. But his fingers find their way to my panties and start their tease and it’s too much. I close my eyes, the shivers escort kadıköy of pleasure too much for me to focus on anything else right then. His other hand is over my shoulder, pawing my breast as his lips work under my jawline. I tilt my head back, feeling his teeth on my skin, back arching away from the seat.

By the time we get back to his place the sweet agony of temptation has me ravenous for sensuous pleasures. Getting to his apartment is a blur, one that ends with me down on my knees in front of his couch, my dress half unzipped but still very much on as I run my hands up his thighs. The button and fly take me a few seconds as I fumble with them, but then I just yank his pants and underwear down, his cock bobbing into view.

I want to bring him down to my level, where I know he wants it like me, so bad it hazes up all his thoughts and shrinks the world to blind lust. So I take it in my hand, feeling its heat and its pulse, and I lick it along the underside, from the bottom to the top, swirling my tongue around the tip as I come up off it. And again and again as I feel his fingers raking through my hair.

I’m clumsy as I get my lips around him and I know it. It’s been a while and I’m in no state for the finer points of sex, but soon I can feel him taking control, the hand in my hair guiding my head back and forth down his shaft.

“That’s it, that’s it girl… suck my cock,” he says again and again, as much to himself as me I think. He’s rocking his hips and making very satisfied sounds as he fucks my mouth, and I raise my eyes to him and see him half-smirking down at me. The other half of the time he closes his eyes and just enjoys the feeling of mouth around him.

My phone rings. It’s the tone I use for Alex, but apart from perking up for a moment I don’t respond. She’s got my text. He just chuckles at my reaction and pushes my head down so far I almost gag, then he picks up the pace a bit until the phone shuts up.

He starts to stand, keeping my head on his cock until the last possible second when he pushes me back off of it, then crouches down, slips his hands under my arms and pulls me up into a kiss with him, our tongues twining in my mouth in a clumsy drunken mash of a kiss. I can feel the straps of my dress being eased down my shoulders, past my strapless bra which his fingers stat to work on next.

As soon as the kiss lets up for a second he tosses my bra aside and looks down at me with an atavistic hunger. He likes to fuck girls, to own them even if it is just for a few minutes. Maybe that’s part of why he’s a jerk outside the bedroom but God help me if I didn’t want it now. He scoops me up in his arms so my breasts are level with his face, kissing through my cleavage as he pushes me back against the wall. I wrap my legs under his ribs, fingers laced behind his head, drawing his hungry mouth to my nipples. He knows bostancı escort better than to go straight there though. He holds back, teasing just along the edges and making me grunt some desperate, urgent sounds before he lays his tongue flat across the nub of my breast and licks. The sudden surge of pleasure feels like a violinist bowing a string, the note shooting through my whole body. I squeeze him with my legs as he flicks my nipple with his tongue.

He turns his attentions to my other breast as I crane my neck to kiss his head. Soon we’re off to the bedroom, with him still carrying me like an ogre hauling off the eager princess in a fairy tale. He throws me down on the bed and hikes up my skirt. I wriggle in the sheets until I can get up on my elbows, watching him pull my panties down then dive in. It starts with kisses on my thighs, and I whimper and wrap my legs behind his neck. He knows I’m well past foreplay, but he holds back for a second before he goes down on me.

Little quick licks on my clit as he runs a finger up my slit. He’s as good as I remember and I fall back to the bed wanting to ride each little jolt of pleasure. I grab my breasts, every touch and contact adding to the heap of pleasure that’s rumbling in my brain. I moan and a beg for it as he teases me close to orgasm, till I lift my hips up, trying to get over that final hump to release. He pulls back, then starts climbing up over me. I look at him rising above me, breath short and shallow, my whole world fogged by need as I feel him lining up down there.

He pushes into me, I don’t know if he put a condom on or not and right then I don’t care. He fills me up and I lose myself in that, his dick inside me and his pelvis against my clit. He pumps and pumps and I get closer and closer, feeling his cock surge into me, then recede, leaving my feeling empty and wanting, then right back in, pushing me back up to cloud nine. Our mouths wrestle clumsily for a few seconds, then the kiss breaks as we focus on what happens down there.

“Who needs a good fucking? Who’s a little slut?” he asks, euphoric in my need.

“I am, I am!”

My orgasm’s building and I need it so bad. My hands grab his ass, nails raking across it as I try to pull him even deeper into me. What started with some rhythm gets faster, more frantic. All I can think about right now is the ball of high pressure pleasure inside me and getting it to explode. I smack his ass and yell for him to fuck me. He laughs, the tightness of his throat showing his own desire, and then I feel it.

The ecstatic tension that’s been building in me explodes, and I let go, feeling it wash through my body, pushed on by his cock pistoning in and out of me. He finishes a little after and rolls off of me. I lay there, staring at the ceiling. I breath and breath, trying to remember what normal breathing feels like even as I try to cling to the afterglow.

He’s stroking my hair and kissing my cheek. That feels nice, even though I have no idea what I want to say to him. Then he turns my face to him, kissing me slowly, tenderly, even as his hand sneaks down to my quim. We’re far from done tonight.

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