Purvey Old Guys Ch. 02

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Big Tits

All of the following characters are well over 18, this story and the stories to follow, if there is interest, that I will try to share are essentially true to the best that my well over 18 memory serves. There will be some Male to Male stuff in this chapter and in those to come so if that scares you move along please.


My name is Terry. As I write this, I’m a 65 year old retired guy, married but sexually starved at home. My wife proclaimed an end to our sex life nearly 20 years ago now, not due to dissatisfaction but rather the fact we were not going to have more children at that point and that it didn’t serve to control me. Until that day I had never strayed or explored beyond my wife. While I should have left her then, I didn’t. This is but one facet of my sexual journey since that fateful day. This series of stories began a few years ago, it involves some older folks, mostly retired, and mostly guys exploring and expanding their sexuality in some of our cases and, indulging long held but seldom enjoyed same sex interests in a few others. It was never my idea to explore this facet of my sexuality but having done so I’m glad it unfolded as it has.

I was a frequenter of one of the ‘Hotwife” or wife sharing sites on the good old internet and a theme came along that it was a lot of fun to get together with a guy who would share pics and videos of his wife or girlfriend while you and he masturbated. This stroking would be primarily self-administered but could often go beyond that. I thought that sounded great, so I immediately posted a call to horny hubbies to share their wives with me. Easier said than done. While I did get one guy to respond that he’d like to and he had tons of pics and videos of his wife, he couldn’t host, neither could I, and we were about 100 miles apart. Hmmm let’s figure something out. Along with his offer came the offer of a place mid-way between us to use his house. I had recently retired from my day job. Ike, who offered his home, was several years retired and lived in blissful solitude. Sadly though, hubby with the pics got cold feet with a now third party, still 50 miles away, etc. So that fell apart darn it, but Ike suggested I come down and we could just watch porn together and rub one out. Why not!? So, I ran down to his house one day shortly thereafter mid-morning, watched some porn, and Ike and I watched each other masturbate! A good time was had by all! Ike and I continued to expand our circle as described in Ch 1, this chapter will attempt to show our evolution.

We continued to enjoy our sessions with Dee, and I suspect Ike did even more than I did but that’s not my concern here. Through these sessions with Dee, though, I met a wide variety of other guys who Ike either had known or met and included in our sessions. One of these new guys, who has gone on to become a staple in the group was Simon. Simon is younger than I by 10 or 15 years, single, professional and not yet unshackled from the working grind. Poor Simon. Ike and Simon, and perhaps others, not sure, these are Ikes parties had begun experimenting with Edging. Coming close to orgasm but not quite cumming. I was invited to come down to Ike’s and help him edge Simon one day so off I went t expand my knowledge and experience.

When I got there and Ike and I were waiting on Simon, Ike explained that Simon would be nude, restrained to a straight chair and blindfolded. We would then tease and stimulate Simon as the porn played on the background. To help with that Ike revealed a new toy he had found, a small flat disk with a hole in the center and a short handle on one side of the disk. Id never seen suck a thing myself but when Ike turned it on I realized its genius. It’s a vibrator that you can push your cock though the flexible membrane and feel the vibrations through the entire circumference escort bayan of your cock, or balls, or??? Brilliant! I was eager to try it out, but first Simon’s edging! And, speak of the devil: in walked Simon!

Simon greeted us with what sounded like some nervousness in his voice, He asked Ike if he were ready and had the “stuff”. Ike grinned and said “Sure do!” and handed Simon the new vibrator and said “check this out”

“Ohhh that looks fun” Simon replied, “have you tried it yet?”

“Nope, youre going to be our first crash test dummy!” smirked Ike, “Now go grab your chair and get naked!”

Ike proceeded to restrain Simon’s ankles and wrists to the chair using handcuffs that appeared as if by magic, not severely but so he wasn’t going anywhere and such that he couldn’t reach his already hard cock. “Any last words?” he asked before fitting the blindfold on Simon and motioning to me to swap sides with him. Ike and I moved around a bit trying to confuse Simon as to exactly who was where. Ike reached down and slid a dollop of lube on Simon’s already straining cock and slid his well lubed hand down Simon’s shaft and over his hairless balls.

Simon moaned deeply and shuddered.

Ike turned on the new vibrator and laid up against Simon’s nipples, eliciting another moan before he slid it slowly down Simon’s hard cock, letting it rest against his balls before slowly sliding it back up and off. He then lay it on the table before us and left Simon alone as he removed his own clothes and motioned for me to do the same. We were all three now nude and hard, Ike and I watching porn and slowly stroking as Simon sat, his cock oozing and swaying with his pulse.

After a couple minutes of leaving poor Simon alone listening only to the porn playing and Ikes and mines soft moans as we slowly stroked ourselves Ike reached over and took a tight hold of Simon’s cock and just squeezed it before giving Simon a couple of quick full length strokes. This pattern of touching and ignoring repeated for about 15 or 20 minutes, sometimes Ikes hand, sometimes my hand, and sometimes the vibrator travelling down and back up Simon’s shaft. Sometimes we played with his balls and sometimes not. Then Ike upped the ante and rubbed his cock against Simon’s which drew and excited and frustrated whimper. Ike motioned me close and took my cock in one hand, his own in the other and rubbed them both against Simon’s overexcited manhood,

Suddenly Simon groaned deeply and tried to come out of the chair, Muttering and swearing Simon declared “No more! Ive got to cum now PLEASE make me cum you bastards”

Ike chuckled and asked, “are you sure?” “Why should we let you cum, we haven’t?”

“PLEASE Ike” moaned Simon just as Ike took Simon in his hand, slid the vibrator over his cock and used both hands and the vibrating ring to finish Simon off. In about two strokes Simon exploded with a deep animalistic groan and whole body convulsions. He was soon overly sensitive and begged Ike to back off, as Ike removed the vibrator from Simon’s spent and hyper sensitive cock he slumped in his chair and softly muttered “wow”

Ike and I resumed stroking slowly to the porn, sometimes stroking ourselves and sometimes each other, it was a relaxed and unhurried pace but both of us were clearly fired up by what we had seen with Simon who was quietly sitting, still restrained and blindfolded but whose breathing had almost returned to normal Simon quietly asked us “are you guys close?”

Ike said he was right there and I mumbled that I was almost there myself. Simon surprised me by asking Ike to cum on him when he came which had Ike up and next to him in an instant as his first rope shot from his cock across Simon’s chest with subsequent issue coating Simon’s belly and balls. Both of them moaned sincan bayan escort and cried out almost in unison ‘ohhh yesss!”

This was new ground for us, our jack off groups had thus far been confined to some simple mutual stroking but mostly each guy stroked himself and nobody had, to my knowledge, cum anywhere but in a cum rag. Imagine my surprise when Simon rather timidly spoke, asking me ‘Terry, will you cum in my mouth and on my face?” That did it for me.

I stood next to the still bound and blindfolded Simon, rubbed my nearly bursting cock head across his cheek and lips whereupon his mouth opened and his tongue snaked out searching for me as I frantically stroked. I vaguely heard Ike snapping pics and I rounded the bend to my own orgasm. “Take it Simon” I groaned as I pressed my cock past his lips and felt myself explode. Withdrawing slightly my own subsequent spurts coated his face, neck and shoulders as I fell away spent.

As big a departure as Ike’s cumming on Simon’s chest was, my cumming on and in his mouth was even bigger, we aren’t in Kansas anymore Toto!

With that and a couple minutes rest, Ike and I cleaned ourselves up and dressed and then took Simon’s restraints away and finally his blindfold. He looked rather sheepish before laughing and saying “Wow guys, that was incredible!! Who’s next?”

We all laughed and said we were done in for the day but we would gladly leave Simon tied and blindfolded if he wanted. He declined and with that I left Simon grabbing a quick shower and Ike stowing away his toys and lubes with a promise that I would be up for whatever happened next….

Two days later I received an excited email, seemed excited anyway, from Ike announcing that Dee had some news and wanted to party, could I get free Friday night? Free nights were very hard for me, I was married to a VERY vanilla wife who didn’t want anything to do with anything remotely sexual, I don’t typically go anywhere at night, and she was, and is, unaware of my expanding interests. A challenge! I told Ike I’d do my best to be there.

The night, mid week, in question arrived and unlike our previous sessions, Ike had taken a hotel suite for this one. He was playing it sort of cagey and I wasn’t sure quite what to expect, especially given the revelations from our previous session with Simon, I was assured though that Dee was coming and I knew that wherever she went a good time followed.

I arrived a couple minutes early and saw that Dee was already there, entering the room I found that while early, I was not the first to arrive by far as I was introduced to Dave, James (only 20! How did he get in here?), Miguel, and another Dave with the assurance that while Simon wasn’t able to make it Wally and Clint were enroute. Dee was having another bourbon and was dressed in a leather looking skin tight cat suit with a zipper down the front that crossed under her crotch and half way up her back. She had on a silvery wig to complete her attire. She greeted me warmly and whispering in my ear as we hugged, asked “When are we going to get together on our own?”

“Call me whenever you’re ready doll”, I whispered back as I kissed her cheek and nibbled her ear. And my hands roamed across her body.

A soft knock at the door and in walked Wally and Clint, a new round of introductions were made for those who didn’t know everyone and then Dee announced that she had some news to share. We all quieted and gave her our attention. “As a couple of you know, I like to tell jokes and fancy myself a bit of a stand up comedienne, well, drum roll please, I actually have a gig! Two actually but one is at the swing club next weekend to practice and try out some material, then a week after that the “Mad Hatter Comedy Club” for Friday and Saturday at a minimum!”

We all elvankent escort bayanlar cheered and someone said “Lets celebrate!”

“We will, we will” she laughed “but first I’m going to subject you all to a taste of my routine. That shouldn’t prevent yall from getting naked though as I try out some material! I want to see some cocks!” and with that she started with some rather raunchy jokes with all sorts of lewd implications and all of us started to shed our clothes as we listened.

Some of her jokes were really quite funny, some were groaners, and all were quite raunchy. She wouldn’t get booed off the stage to be sure. As she surveyed the audience of now nearly naked older guys, and James, she gave a little ‘MMMMM I do like seeing those cocks, would it help them all get nice and hard if I unzipped my suit a little?” she asked coyly. “Ike maybe you should help me with this pesky zipper, you and someone else…. Hmmm, maybe Dave? Dave number 2, come on up and give us a hand with this zipper please.”

A collective groan rose from the audience as Dee began to be revealed to us. Hands snuck to expanding cocks and gave them a furtive tug, each wanting to rise to the occasion for Dee.

“MMMMM” Dee purred, “I see some cocks growing out there, is that MY doing?” as she stood there proudly presenting us with her more than ample cleavage, and truth be told, more than cleavage! She had her tits out for us to all enjoy.

The party has started now with Ike and Dave # 2 each taking a tit in hand and mouth while the rest of us finished getting naked and resumed the slow stroke she wanted to see. In no time the cat suit was gone leaving Dee in a leather corset as the rest of the guys moved up to cop a feel and more. We all moved into the suite’s bedroom where Dee reclined on one of the beds and held court as we came to her stroking for her as she teased her pussy with the various toys that emerged from her purse. Remember this is a bunch of horny older guys, average guys, so there are no 10″ cocks or the like, but there were a bunch of appreciative horny guys happy to encourage our Unicorn and happy to be there enjoying the sights and sounds going on around us all.

Dee soon took charge and had one of the Daves eating her pussy while Ike and the kid enjoyed her tits, the rest of us continued to stroke and add our hands and fingers wherever there was an opening to join in. in less time than it takes to tell Dee was cumming for the first time that night, not an all powerful, loose control cum but a good hard shuddering cum that let us all know we were doing something right for our guest of honor.

There was a blur of guys stroking, eating, fingering and caressing Dee and some started stroking each other which further charged the sexual air of the situation.

The guys were starting to cum as Dee urged them on between her own peaks and slowly guys started to slip away. Until we were down to Dee, Ike and myself. I lay on the floor between the beds and pulled her to my face as she continued to work her cunt with her vibrator. Ike helped support her over me as he worked her tits. Dee was soon building to another orgasm and this would be a good one for her, for all of us.

Soon Dee was indeed cumming hard, very hard, it was all Ike could do to support her as she coated my face with her cum.

As Dee slowly settled to the floor and Ike and I helped her to a bed it was clear that she was spent, Ike was beaming and I was glazed with her cum. We all three sat on the bed and quietly talked, stroking Dee softly to help her come down from her body rocking orgasm and as she slid further away she quietly asked Ike if she could stay the night.

“Of course you can, relax and go on to sleep if you’re ready to Dee.” Ike replied softly, he looked at me and we both laughed softly and said, “too late, she’s gone.”

Ike and I eased from the room after covering her and turning down the lights. I got dressed and thanked Ike for the great time, asked him to thank Dee in the morning if he was going to stay and I slid out the door and headed home.

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