Sandy , I Ch. 3

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I looked at my watch to discover that it was Thursday at 10:00 am. I had really slept hard for the past six hours or so, but I awoke totally refreshed and ready for the day, until I turned over. I had expected to find Sandy in the birth with me, but she wasn’t there.

I quickly looked around the cabin and my eyes came to rest on the most erotic form I had ever seen. There, standing at the galley sink was the most beautifully built woman in the world wearing silver colored silk running shorts and t-shirt cut off just below the level of her breast. She obviously wasn’t wearing anything that would cause lines though her clothing. Her bottom was so firm that panties would have had difficulty making a line anyway. I could see the full, incredibly smooth, and full round of the bottoms of her breast under the t-shirt since I was laying lower that she was.

I watched her for a few moments. It was pleasing to see her stand on the teak deck with her left bare foot on the floor and her right foot on the inside of the left calf. I could see the muscle in the ass flex as she shifted slightly with the subtle roll of the boat. The position of her legs held the shorts open just enough that I thought I would get a good look at her vulva, but it didn’t open quite enough. I could feel the tightening in my groin as I thought about it.

I didn’t want to start this particular day off with a raging hard so I changed my thoughts and got up. I only had on my running shorts and no underwear so anything I did would be very obvious, in the way of an erection. I walked up behind her and she turned her head up and over her right shoulder to be kissed.

“I fixed your bathing suit.” She said as she handed the nylon shorts to me.

I liked the nylon because it would dry fast. I looked inside and found that the lining had been removed. It was done so cleanly that there wasn’t any evidence that it had ever been there. The shorts I had on were almost identical except the material. I looked back at her.

“You always have that monster of yours wadded up so tight it can’t be comfortable. I thought it was time for you to give it some freedom. Besides, when you get a hard-on it’s forced down and that’s not where it would like to be.” She said with a look of defiance.

“Alright, I’ll wear them. What the hell I don’t have anything to hide from you. Since you like it I don’t care what anyone else thinks. It’s amazing to me how many people think it’s wonderful to have a really big penis. They don’t realize the problems that come with it.” I said off handedly.

“What kind of problems?”

“Well, for one thing the head seems to be in the wrong position no matter where I put it. It rubs on the material of any pants I wear and causes it soreness and irritation that just gets worse and worse until something changes. Sometimes I can get rid of it by changing underwear. I always have it bent in some un-Godly manner that causes it to hurt like hell if is sit wrong or ride a bike for a long time or anything that can cause irritation makes the skin raw. Then it takes days and sometimes weeks to heal. The real problem is that I can’t solve the problem because what causes continues in another position. Then, there is always the pretty girl problem. Getting an erection with it bent is really painful.” I replied.

Sandy was laughing. “What’s so funny?” I asked feeling that she wasn’t taking me seriously.

“I should charge you a doctor’s fee. I fixed all of that with your new swim suit.” She replied with a chuckle. “I know what you mean about irritation. With the head of my clit outside the hood all of the time it rubs any material around it, whether it’s a bikini or a skirt. Then there is the problem of the ring. It causes so much sensitivity that when an irritation starts the sensation increases and walking becomes a chore.”

“The solution is simple.” I replied.

“What’s that?”

“No cloths. Maybe Sue has the same problem since she likes to be naked so much of the time.” I said.

“Pull your shorts down!” She ordered in a very hard and demanding voice.

I thought about it a moment and wondered if I had gotten into something I really didn’t want anything to do with. I had heard about dominant women who liked to punish men, and I wasn’t built that way. Any amorous thoughts I might have had immediately disappeared as I tried to get my rising anger under control. I didn’t like being ordered around. I had enough of that in the Navy.

“Please?” She asked in a tiny little voice. “Give me the benefit of the doubt and trust me.”

For whatever reason I did as I was told and pulled my shorts down. Sandy picked up a ruler from the counter top and held it alongside my penis.

“Ah, five inches flaccid. That means it should be about eight inches erect.” She said with a grin. “I’m sorry for the way I talked, but I had to get any thoughts of sex out of you mind, but just for the moment. I spent some time studying about men between the bad times and getting interested in you.”

“You did that. I was ready to fight. escort ataşehir Do you mind it I put my pants back on now?”

“Only it you feel you have to. I like you naked. You have a really good build. After last night I wouldn’t think you had any modesty left with me.” She teased.

I reached over and picked up my altered swim trunks and slipped into them. They were very comfortable and adequately covered my genitals. I had to admit she had a good idea as long as I didn’t let my mind get the best of me.

“Let’s spend the day exploring. How’s that sound to you?” She suggested.

“Sure. What do you want to explore first?”

“How long your cock is when it’s really hard. Lay down on your back and I’ll start the exploration.”

Not only did I lie down, partially, I took back off my swim trunks. Sandy sat on her heels beside me and slowly slid her hand up and down the under side of my cock. It didn’t take long for it to react. She then leaned over and licked the same area she had just rubbed with her hand. I was ready to cum and it wasn’t even erect all the way.

Sandy watched it fill up and removed her tongue and her hand. I wanted more, not less. She pulled it straight up and pulled the skin down tight against the head. It felt great. She squeezed the shaft between her thumb and fingers testing for hardness. Then let it lay back down on my stomach.

I reached out to touch her breast, but she drew back so I got the point that she didn’t want them touched right then. I was starting to feel tortured. I wanted to know what she was intending to do to me. All I was interest is was that she got me off. She leaned over me, and without touching me with her hand put her mouth over the head of me from under the head, just touching the head and not the skin on the shaft. That was enough to drive a man crazy. She tested it with her fingers again and seemed satisfied.

“How long do you think it is?” I asked her.

Without saying anything she slid the ruler under it down to the base so that it was lying on top of the scale. “Wow! It’s just over ten inches.” She informed with a big grin on her face.

Sandy held the ruler against her stomach and slid the end into her shorts. When she had it in the position she wanted she put her finger where the ten-inch mark came. It wasn’t that much under her diaphragm. I wondered how she could breath with all that in her while we were making love.

Sandy put the ruler down and leaned back over the head. She put her mouth on the head and sucked it in. It filled her just short of stretching her jaws uncomfortably wide. Holding the whole head in the mouth she pulled it up straight so I could see it entering her mouth. I was just about out of control. I started bucking my hips trying to insert more of me in her mouth, but she rode with it and didn’t let me have any friction at all. She just sucked the head. She reached down and cupped my balls, giving them a light squeeze. I was ready to shoot, and she knew it. She took her mouth off the head and let it fall back to my stomach with a smack. I felt some disappointment in not shooting off in her mouth. I could feel the cum ready to let go, but not quite.

“I read that if a man is brought just to the point of ejaculation, and not allowed to do it that he will have a great deal more ejaculate when he comes later. I seems that this can be done several times to build up to a really large quantity of sperm. I want to explore that.” She said as she stood up beside me.

I sat up and put on my swimming shorts. My erection was extending well past the leg, but it wasn’t being held down. Instead the smooth material slide up it and let it have freedom. I was pleased to find that it was comfortable that way.

With Sandy standing in front of me I reached around her very firm butt and pulled her closer to me. I kissed her on the stomach, which resulted in a sharp intake of breath and a gentle pushing back of my head. I slipped my thumb and forefinger into the legs of her shorts on either side of the groin material. I immediately grabbed her clit ring between my fingers and just held it. It was obvious that her clit was extremely ridged. She held herself very still. I didn’t know if she were in pain or enjoying the sensation. I could feel her quiver and thought I felt her abominable muscles spasm, but I wasn’t sure.

A look at Sandy’s face was interesting. She had the tip of her tongue showing on her bottom teeth and her mouth open as though she were trying to get more air without being obvious. Then it struck me. She had just had an orgasm without any effort at all.

“No fair! I didn’t get a turn and you came without me even having a chance to play.” I complained.

“Don’t worry, I can do it again anytime I want.” She said while still gasping for air and tying to get her respiration under control.

Sandy moved to sit in my lap in a very loving way rather than being sexy. She kiss my lightly on the lips and said, “I love you. If you had three inches instead of ten that would be all right kadıköy escort bayan so long as they were our three inches. I’m glad you have a big one and it’s exciting, but that’s not what its all about. It’s being with you. Lets get our snorkeling gear and go ashore. I want to push the cooler so we’ll have cold drinks ashore. I should probably put in towels and a blanket too. I’m going to change to a bikini before we go.”

The Coleman cooler was filed with foam so it could float a large amount of weight and stay sealed at the same time. We put lunch and several ice cold beer in the cooler, covered it with ice from the icebox and then put a plastic bag over it to keep it separate from the clothing and towels we pack on top.

Sandy dove into the water from the cabin top and I lowered her gear down to her. Once she was ready I lowered the cooler to her and it floated about half way out of the water. I put on my gear and jumped in feet first holding my mask as I did.

Once in the water and adjusted to the coolness of the tropical Pacific we were on our way to shore. The surf was up a little from the night before so we had to be careful to get between the waves to keep them from pulling the cooler away from us and spilling the contents across the west end of Molokai.

At the shoreline we backed up the beach with our flippers still on. She was holding one handle and I the other. When we were above the high water mark we took the flippers off and carried the cooler to the base of the closest palm tree.

“Remember when you were chasing me yesterday?”

“How could I forget that?”

“Well, I found what looked like it might be a cave entrance covered with sand. It looks natural and the ocean piled up the sand. You want to check it out?”

“Sure. Let’s leave the cooler here and if it turns out to be anything we can come back for it. How far do you think it is from here?”

“Less than half a mile.” Sandy answered.

I had forgotten about sex for at least ten minutes or so. Following Sandy down the beach and watching that fine ass of hers work as she plowed though the soft coral sand reminded me. I loved the look of her back muscles rippling under the skin as she swung her arms to keep from falling when she stepped on a piece of lava rock or something sharp. I really did love her too, and not just for the sex, thought I had no intention of giving that up.

In about a half mile, as she had said, we came to a small cliff, no more than twenty feet high. At the bottom of the cliff was a dark slit that looked as though it might well be the opening to a cave. We were at least twenty feet above the ocean so we didn’t feel threatened by water intrusion.

With much excitement we got on our hands and knees in front of the opening to look inside. There was a fresh breeze flowing out of the hole as we looked in. We both started pulling the sand out of the opening with our bare hands. The sand was soft and smooth with no rocks to jam our fingers on so it didn’t take very long to get an opening large enough to crawl into the cave.

I went in first and found a rather large opening. It dropped down from where we were digging for about four feet and at that point was large enough to stand up. I helped Sandy through the hold and she was delighted with our find. The cave tapered to the surface about twenty-five feet shoreward of where we were, and that was where the breeze was coming from.

“Let’s fix the front so no one will notice that we’re in here.” Sandy suggested.

We went back out and smoother the sand down where it had piled from our efforts. Then we put several fairly large rocks about three feet out form the opening, hoping the black of the cave would blend in with the rocks.

Once the entrance was secured Sandy kind of swept out the rocks on the floor and as she said, tidied up the place.

We drifted back to the shoreline on our way back to where we left the cooler. The tidal pools in the lava rocks immediately absorbed our attention. We just made our way along the shore from one tidal pool to another. We were close to each other and frequently made body contact just doing what we were without thoughts of much of anything other than the glory of the day.

We came to a pool that was slightly larger than the others. As usual, when we came near the pool all the fish ran for hiding. In the bottom of that pool was a lobster. We had a lot of fun making fun of the poor hapless creature who had gotten himself land locked in a tidal pool. We took time to wonder how he had gotten there and finally decided to catch him and put him back in the ocean. He was only about four inches long, not counting the antenna.

Deciding to catch the spiny creature and doing it proved to be two different things entirely. The bottom of the pool was covered with sea anemones and seaweed, which made it very slippery. We dodged and grabbed, but the creature really wanted to be left alone and shot itself out of our reach no matter what we did.

“I think he wants to live here.” escort bostancı Sandy said.

“Yea, at least it’s free from predators, except us, and it seems to be able to handle us with ease. Let’s go.” I replied.

We recovered the cooler and hauled it up the beach together. It was fun and we were acting like a couple of kids playing at picnicking. After getting the cooled in the cave we returned to the tidal pools, not yet willing to give up the adventure.

We continued down the beach looking pool after pool until we were about even with a larger and somewhat deeper pool. In that pool we saw a small octopus scurry under a rock in the center of the pool. We had to stop and watch.

The shoreward side of the pool was sand right up to the edge of the pool. We lay on our stomachs and waited. After ten or fifteen minutes we were rewarded by the appearance of a small tentacle from under the rock. First there was one, than there were two, then there was a bulb, which indicated that the animal was coming out. Sandy put her fingers in the water and wiggled them back and forth. Little by little the octopus came out from under his rock and moved across the bottom toward the wiggling fingers.

I put my hand in the small of her back to touch her while she was playing in the water. She was hot to the touch and moist from a light coat of perspiration. She was so smooth to touch that I couldn’t help running my hand down her back and over her bottom. She pretended not to notice.

I turned back to watch the octopus and found that it was only a couple of inches from touching Sandy’s fingers. It was wiggling a tentacle toward her finger and inching forward with the other seven legs at the same time. It finally touched Sandy. She jumped and the octopus ran back to his hole. We both broke out laughing. So much work and patience had been given for that one little touch. I removed my hand and started to rise on all fours to get up.

Sandy rolled partially over and then on impulse reached over and slid her hand inside of my shorts leg. She curled her fingers around my tentacle and gave it a light tug without saying a word. She looked me in the eye to see what my reaction would be then got up. Without a word she went back to the cave. By the time I arrives she had spread out the blanket with the towels as padding to make a comfortable spot to sit. She was beautiful sitting cross-legged Indian style on the blanket. I sat down in front of her in the same position. It didn’t take long for us to be giggling and joking about the love affair she had with an octopus. I told her that the tentacle it had touched her with was the one that contained its sex organ. She was giddy over the whole thing, especially being scared when it touched her.

I was sitting there watching her as her breast moved in the bikini top, all the time growing more and more curious about the nipple rings I could see making an impression on the thin shiny material. She noticed me looking and put her hands on the blanket behind her and leaned back. That made a beautiful pose and I told her so. Her breasts were standing out proud and firm with their hard nipples pressing against the material of her bikini top.

I scooted a little closer until our knees touched. I reached over, leaning forward and put my hands around her back. It was an easy matter to untie the bow that held the top on. Once released her breast shuttered like they had been touched with an ice cube. They stood full and proud with the nipples at full attention and the gold rings through each nipple lying on the smooth flesh below the areolas.

I reached toward her breasts as though I were going to touch the rings, but at the last minute didn’t. I had seen her take a deep breath in anticipation of the touching. I put my hands on her shoulders and pulled her closer so that we could lean in and kiss. She and I immediately began playing with each other’s tongue.

I moved back and eased my trunks down over my butt and started pulling them off. Her eyes were focused on the waistband as it slid down and started exposing part of my cock. As she could see the shaft appearing she licked her lips with her eyes never leaving my groin. She reached over and caught the waist of the shorts and pulled them down, but didn’t quite get them past the head of the monster. I pulled them the rest of the way off. My cock was very hard and very heavy. In the position I was in it lay on the blanket pointed straight at her.

Sandy put her knees together and pulled her bikini bottoms off in one motion. It was obvious how wet she was as she lifted off the blanket and her honey leaked out of her onto the blanket, filling the air with the sweetness of her arousal. I loved that aroma.

I put my legs on the inside of her knees and she didn’t resist when I spread her legs apart. I pulled her toward me until the head of my dick was pushing into her entrance. She lifted up just a little so that her pussy was sitting right over the head. It was a wonderful feeling.

I put my legs out straight so she cold slide toward me a little further. When she did I pulled up on the shaft of my cock near her and the head slid into her opening with a tight stretching feeling. It wasn’t the best angle to get deep penetration, but for a couple of inches she was in ecstasy.

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