Sarah’s Journey Ch. 010

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010 What the hell was that?

On the drive home from the gym I kept thinking about Jamie and the interaction we had. I wasn’t as fixated on her 32HH bra size, although it was erotic as hell to me, especially the way they stuck out on the sides of her chest and you could see them while she had her back to me. But it was more about the life changes that she mentioned. The exercise issues, running, swimming etc., the bumping into things with them, the struggles with bras, sports bras, clothing, and the attention or people asking to feel them.

I got home and took a real shower with soap, still trying to imagine the issues and how I’d really feel about having to deal with those changes. I really ruminated on our conversation and tried to thoroughly imagine and think through this list of challenges. All evening I thought about this even as I went to bed I was still mentally chewing on these. I drifted off to sleep still fixated on this part of deciding if I wanted very large breasts or not. My small C breasts looked good on me, I thought so and the not so well disguised glances at me in the gym along with the guys looking at each other and then both looking over in my direction were confirmation to me.

That night I dreamt about having breasts that were a double H cup, and how they would affect me and my daily life. The glimpses that I can remember, bumping things or people, bra shopping, people staring, and exercising. I woke up and laid there trying to replay my dreams as they were still fresh in my mind. The things about my dreams, when I have and remember them, is that they illicit an emotional response. I would wake up mad or scared from dreams my whole life.

But last night after these dreams, that were different than the other dreams that just were about having large breasts, these were more realistic. I remember that the instant that I woke up I felt, happy, fulfilled, complete, and turned on if I’m being totally honest. I felt my panties and they were moist. I continued to rub my clitoris furthering the excitement. I was so wet that bostancı escort I could feel my arousal fluid starting to run down my thighs and on to the sheets. I looked over for my small and only vibrator I owned. It was there on my night stand, and plugged in to charge! I grabbed it and turned it on, I immediately assaulted my clitoris that was engorged and had pushed the clitoral hood completely off it. I had never experienced this before and the vibrator for the first time actually was directly on my exposed clitoris. I almost hit the ceiling! I immediately stuck a finger in my vagina, not even bothering massaging either labia as I usually will do. I could feel my vagina swollen with blood and gripping at my finger. I was so turned on it was nothing like I had felt ever before. As or orgasmed my vagina relaxed a bit and I stuck a second finger inside me and furiously pistoned them in and out just grazing my G-Spot that I could barely reach. I orgasmed again feeling my abdominal muscles contract as my vagina spasmed wildly. I could feel the wet spot growing as the mattress got wetter and wetter, but I couldn’t care less. I orgasmed so hard I moaned out loud, I’d never done that before, even the most intense orgasms I’d had I never uttered more than a small grunt with my exhalation.

I still felt that I had another orgasm coming and building. I was in total ecstasy with my whole body twitching from the pleasure. As my 3rd orgasm was building, without thinking I inserted a 3rd finger in myself. I had never done that before. I felt my vaginal opening stretched tight around my fingers. I’d never felt anything like it before, being stretched open. I made a tight ring around my cluster of fingers that were now jammed in me as far as I could get them. My vagina hurt ever so slightly from how wide I was forced open with no mercy, from my own fingers. As I slowly felt myself stretching to accommodate my fingers I slowly got more vigorous with my jamming them in me as far as I could possibly reach. All the while wishing they were longer to reach ümraniye escort bayan further inside me and better rub my G-Spot. After a few more seconds I was practically clawing at my vagina and specifically the edge of my G-Spot, trying desperately to reach deeper in me.

It only took a few seconds of this to detonate the orgasm that was boiling up in me. My hips undulated trying to allow me to reach deeper and deeper. Then my hips started involuntarily bucking wildly. I was fucking my own hand for all I was worth. Then it happened, I EXPLODED violently with an orgasm like nothing I’d ever felt before. As my vaginal muscles spasmed and hungrily grabbed at my fingers buried inside me, I could also feel my abdominal muscles almost cramping. This was another gut crushing orgasm. A second later I felt a gush of liquid blast its way out of me. It forced its way out around my fingers further stretching my already abused vagina as it hit my hand and sprayed everywhere. It sprayed my entire torso, face, hair, and I think it got a bit on the head board of my bed.

It only lasted a second and was over.

I groaned in relief that my abdominal muscles finally relaxed and released their GI-Joe Kung-Fu grip on my organs. Laying there breathing like I’d just ran a 4 minute mile and sweating profusely I slowly regained my bearings. The entire world disappeared during that orgasm. I remember thinking that I could have had a group of my co-workers there watching and I wouldn’t have cared. Just as I had that thought I felt my vagina twitch and quiver, along with an almost uncontrollable seizure like jerking of my inner thighs. Was I more turned by the thought of people watching as I violently masturbated? That’s going to be lodged in the back of my mind now.

Removing my soaked hand and cramping fingers from me, I felt myself contract. It was like my vagina contracted from relief. Almost like you jerk a hand away from a flame, or scalding water. As I sat up, or rather tried to sit up it hurt. My abs were sore. I had to help push myself up with kartal escort my still wet hands. I finally managed to sit up and after 3-4 minutes actually stand. Wow I thought, is that what an orgasm was supposed to feel like? Can a penis actually do that to me? And the worst thought of all that firmly slammed me back to reality, “Is this what I’ve been missing for the 13 years I had been married?” As technically Brandon and I were still married just separated.

Surveying the mess I had made there was a wet spot on the mattress that had to be over a foot across. The sheets were wet and there were droplets arranged on the rest of the sheets that clearly defined where I was laying during that eruption. Wow I thought that was intense. As I stood there still recovering I noticed a buzzing sound, who was calling me this early, oh shit did something at the datacenter crater and I was going to have a smoking hole [figuratively] to unfuck when I got to work? But the buzzing was constant and not pulsing, that was definitely not my phone.

As I surveyed the room looking for what was buzzing, in the dim light of the sun slowly moving to the horizon. I followed the buzzing to the narrow space between the bed and nightstand. I saw a glowing blue light. Reaching down in curiosity I picked up what ever it was there in the darkness. As soon as I touched the thing I realized it was my vibrator. How in the hell did it end up there? Surely I didn’t orgasm so hard that it threw the thing the 3-4 feet to the nightstand. Turning it off I walked shakily to the bathroom. I cleaned off the vibrator and immediately put it back on the charger. I figured that I was definitely going to need it again today.

Looking at myself in the bathroom mirror I looked completely disheveled. I had to shower and that was going to make me run late. I got in the shower and started to lather up and noticed that I was still so sensitive that even the water flowing across my labia made my opening and vagina, shiver, that’s the only way I can describe it.

Hurriedly I got dressed, put my hair back in a ponytail as there was no time to spend drying it and trying to make it look presentable. I grabbed a protein bar and hurried out the door to hopefully still beat the morning traffic surge that turns the freeways into parking lots here in Los Angeles.

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