Saving on Auto Insurance

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***There are no underage (under 18 years old) sexual relationship in my story! ***

I went to pay my car insurance a month or so ago, and the office was jam packed full with only 3 office workers looked like I was in for a wait.

Then a office door opened and a stunning older woman approached the counter. I asked her if I just could leave the stub and the money with her.

She said, “I manage this company, I don’t take payments!”

I said, “oh excuse me for not knowing, my apologies.”

She looked then smiled at me and said, “Oh well, just give it to me, you will be my good deed of the day.”

Shocked I handed her the money and stub and looked deep into her eyes for the first real time. She had pretty but sad eyes that most would take for empty eyes. I took from her she was a good person who the others employees disliked because of her position as manager.

Looking at her as she leans over to post the payment, I noticed she had a great looking Butt 0n a woman over 55. She was in great shape.

She handed the receipt and I was on my way out.Looking at her name tag let me know her name was Julie.

“Thanks Julie,” I smiled.

A couple of weeks Later I’m driving down the road and the car in front on me looses power and coast to the side of the road without any warning so I pull over behind it and turn on my flashers.

Walking up to it the door swings opens and who steps out but the Insurance Lady Julie. She was saying, “I think it’s the battery it was getting lower and lower as I drove I was hoping to make it home.”

I popped the hood and got the spare battery out of back of my truck, set it in her car and connected it up. The car started and ran but it wasn’t charging the battery. I told her,”She could drive it till battery went dead again.”

She asked “If I would follow her home to make sure she got there and to get my battery back.”

I agreed and off we drove 15 min later it shuts off, coast to roadside again. I pulled next to her and she says “got almost there it’s dead again.”

I pull in front of her car get a tow strap from the toolbox and hook it up. She tells me “The next road go right and then the second driveway on right.” I pull her car to the garage and unhook it.

She ask, “can you fix my car?”

“I’m sure it needs a alternator, call the part store in the morning and if its available, will get it done tomorrow.”

“Oh, I need to be at work early in the morning.” “Will you stay and take me to work then come fix my car and I will pay you for all your help?”

I replied “I was dirty from work and had no clothes needed to go home to shower and change.”

She then told me “You could spend the nite here I have plenty of room and you can shower and I have some clothes you could use as my husband passed away several years ago.”

I agreed and we pushed her car into the garage, she went inside and I pulled the truck closer and removed the alternator. I also put her battery on a charger. Before heading into the house thru the garage door.

I told her,”part is off and in the truck.”

“It smells good in here.”

She says, “Well I don’t cook very often anymore but thought you may be hungry. Go get you a shower down the hall 2nd door on the left. Diner will be ready when your done.”

I enter the room the light is on and a few clothes are laying on the bed and the bathroom light is on. So I picked a pair of shorts off the bed and go into the bathroom to shower.

Turning on the water and adjusting it for temp.

I strip off my clothes and check the water. I climb in and start to soap up. I hear her call out, “I brought some shampoo and conditioner will set them on back of toilet.”

I peek out and notice she has changed clothes not dressed for work anymore. I watch her hips sway in the leggings she has on as she walks out the room. I notice she looks back before she closes the door.

I finish showering and put on the pair of shorts she had laid on the bed, a tight fit but will be ok for a nite.

“Diners ready,” was ringing thru the hallway.

So I walked out to see a set table with a nice meal served up for two . I sat across from her and as we ate I couldn’t help but stare at her tight shirt trying to restrain her ample breast.

When she looked at me I quickly shifted my eyes to hers and said “Wow what a great meal thanks so much.”

We finished eating and we took our plates and silverware to the kitchen. She started doing the dishes and I picked up a dish towel and dried them as she washed and pointed where they went when done.

After that I asked her, “Can I could go out into the garage and have a smoke out by my truck.” I walked thru the garage to my truck and got out a cigar and lit it as I puffed on it as I packed a bowl of 420.

I put it to my lips lit it and took a long drag, when the kitchen door opened. Soon she stood before me as I held my breath with the smoke till I couldn’t hold it any longer. So I blew it up into the air hoping she wouldn’t know the smell bostancı escort of it.

I picked up the cigar to throw her off track. She wispered, “the other smells better than the cigar.” “We used to smoke together, when we were younger but I haven’t since he has been gone.”

I held out my hand offering her the bowl, she took it and I watched as she lit it and took a long toke from it. Was hard not to stare as her breast heaved from the long toke.

Handing it back I also drew a long hit and felt her looking at my tight shorts. We smoked the bowl together and made small talk as I finished the cigar.

Returning to the house she asked, “If I was tired or wanted to watch a movie?”

I picked the movie and followed her into a living room and she switched on a flat screen and put in a dvd of a western. We fixed drinks and relaxed onto the couch for the movie.

Before long she had curled up on the couch with a pillow. I slid back into the couch enjoying the buzz and the movie.

Then she slid her pretty red painted toes behind my back saying, “Hope You don’t mind my feet are getting cold.”

About half way thru the movie she paused the movie got up and fixed a snack for us. Then got a blanket and pillow and asked, “can we snuggle up to enjoy the snacks and finish the movie.”

I mover over and we layed on the couch snuggling and munching on the snacks and finished the movie. She smelled great close in my arms I liked whatever sent she was wearing.

When the movie was over she got up and said, “I’m ready for bed. I got to get up early in the morning.” “I will wake you 30 min before we need to leave in the morning.”

“ok,” was my reply as I rose from the couch and headed to the room she had shown me. I layed there in the bed with thoughts of her on my mind. I found her very sexy after she had changed her clothes and let down her hair.

I had checked out her body in the leggings and t shirt and she was very attractive. I had to fight off getting a erection as we snuggled on the couch earlier but now I had one and it was keeping me awake.

I had a hard time falling asleep but finally I did. Then without any warning she opened the door and turned on the light. My Marine Corps training kicked in and I bounced up off the bed in a single motion. I wasn’t the only one standing at attention. I looked at her and saw her face as I realized what she was looking at, my hard cock standing at attention with morning wood.

I quickly turned away to grab the shorts and stepping into them saying, “Sorry.”

She said, “You got nothing to be sorry about from what I see.” she turned, “I will be waiting out here when your ready to go.”

I slid the tight shorts on and a t shirt and joined her in the kitchen. We ate english muffins and headed out to the truck and into town to her office.

We open the locked doors. Once inside she calls the auto parts place and located the alternator. I tell her, “I have some small jobs to do and will pick up her part and be back to her office about noon.”

She hands me the money for the part and then hands me a fifty, “for gas and my help getting her home last nite and back to work this morning.”

“I will pay you for the repairs after work.”

I run my errands and pick up her alternator and arrive back at Julies office about noon. When I walk in she tells the staff, “I’m off to lunch be back whenever bye,” waving as we left the building.

We walk to the truck and get in I ask,”where we going?”

She replies, “I don’t care just wanted out of there today.”

“They have been teasing me all morning. Seems they all want to know why you brought me to work this morning? Where my car is? and why I have a smile today at work? Asking if I finally found a man. They had me laughing so hard I just wanted to get away.”

I told them, “Your a neighbor just helping me because my car is broke. I don’t think they believe me though.”

“Well do they know where you live?”

“Yes, I have has company get togethers there so yes they know where I live. Why do you ask?”

“Well just maybe they looked up my adress and now know we don’t live near each other. Maybe they know your not telling the truth and are just messing with you?”

So we drive off in search of lunch we stop at a BBQ place and we walk in and are seated. We order and she asked “how long will it take to finish my car?”

“Well it should only be about a hour as have it removed and just need to install the new one.”

“I must confess, I looked you up in the system at work. I thought you were interesting and I wanted to know how old you were.”

Our Lunch finished, we made our way driving back to her office she hands me the keys to her place so I can go work on her car. I explained, “I have to pick up a few things and drop them off then will head to her place and put her car together.” I pull up in front of the office and she gets out with a big smile.

A hour or so later I pull in to her place open the garage and put it together. ümraniye escort bayan Start it up and test it working great. So shut it down and go inside to wash up. I grab a drink and head back out to the garage and my phone rings.

Its Julie and she tells me, “The girls don’t think your fixing my car they don’t believe me.”

I tell her, “I just finished it want me to bring it to you?”

“Ummm yeah, but do you think you would be alright with feeding their fantasies?Pretending there may be something going on between us?”

“Cool I can bring you your car and I get to flirt with you at your job in front of the employees? Sounds like my day is looking up!”

“Well when you get here come on in for a few min then we will leave so you can take me home.”

“Ok, then see you in a lil bit.” I move the truck and take her car out of garage close doors and head back into town. I park and walk inside ask for Julie and the girl buzzes her office and out she walks around the counter and up to me.

Asking, “Hows my car doing?”

“Great, ran good all the way from your place here.” I replied.

“So what we want for dinner?” She ask in a louder voice.

“Anything is good with me, baby.” I reply as I reach out and take her hand into mine. Looking into her eyes again, I see a much warmer spirit in them this time.

“OK, team I’m out of here for the rest of the day have a good weekend see you Monday.”

We turn and I walk her to the door with my arm around her back. It slips down a bit as I reach for the door to open. Hand in hand walking out to her car. I open the passengers door for her and watch as she gets in and close the door.

We drive toward her place when she said, “I need to go by the bank.”

So we divert our trip to the bank and she runs in as I wait for her.

She ask, “Would I like to stay for dinner again tonite?”

“Sure,” I reply “What are we having I ask?” Like it really mattered.

“We can have anything you want. We got to go to store and get it first on the way home.”

I pull into the grocery store and we walk thru the aisles picking out what we want and load a cart then to the cashier where she pays and we continue to her car and back to her house.

On the way she ask, “do you have any more of that smoke?”

“Yes I do.” I say as I reach over and put my hand on hers holding it as I drove.

We carry the groceries to the kitchen and she says, “I so want to change out of my work clothes and shower.”

I say, “go ahead I’ll put the stuff away and I could use a shower myself before diner.”

About the time I’m done with the groceries, I hear her calling to me, “Will you bring me the shampoo and conditioner from the spare bathroom?”

“Yes,” As I get them and knock on her door. “Come in,” she says from the shower.

I open the door to see she is in the shower and has a see thru curtain. My eyes are fixed on her wet soapy body. I cross the room and hand them to her.

She says, “You can join me if you want, we can share the shampoo.”

I remove my t shirt and shorts pull the curtain back and get in with her.

“Wash my back and I’ll wash yours.” Turning her back to me. I pick up the soapy loufa and start to wash her shoulders and her back. She is a very sexy woman and I was enjoying rubbing and inspecting her body.

Julie spins around and I still keep soaping her up. Now the front side, sliding my hands over her large breast and watching her nipples get erect.

I move on down to caress her belly and gauze into her eyes and lower my head to meet her lips with mine. Kissing her as my hand raised caressing first one than the other feeling her soft fleshy natural globes.

After exchanging a long kiss and she says, “my turn” taking the loufa from me.

Rubbing my back and shoulders and lower legs her soft hand to brush across my butt. Turnin me sideways and asked, “is that Thing always like that?”

“What I ask?”

“Are you always hard?”

“Well it seems if I think or look at you it will swell, it was very hard not to swell in your office when I picked you up after fixing your car today.”

“Well I liked seeing the outline of it in the shorts I gave you. They may be tight but the girls at work remarked about them after I came back from lunch.”

“My turn,” taking the luffa from her to soap it up again. I lower to my knees in the shower. Turning to soap her hips and spreading out to caress her sweet sexy toned butt. Pushing the soap down the curves of her hips to her thighs lower over her pretty knees and down the soft curves of her calves.

She turns for me to repeat on her front side. Slowly I soaped her hairy pussy mound watching the soapy bubbles run down over her shapely legs. Parting them for me sent my hand between her legs to soap her with the soft soapy bubbles. Working my way down the legs to her ankles. Then I took turns with her soft feet soaping them up and rinsing them off.

“My turn,” taking the luffa from me. She soaped my hard cock kartal escort and washed my balls very gently with her hands.

We finished up and toweled off stepping from the shower I said, “well I have no clothes to wear so we will have to eat diner naked”

Smiles and nods her head still looking at my hard cock. We walk thru the house nude together and fix some food. Eat quickly and once again we move to the living room.

Putting on a movie we snuggle up naked on the couch in each others arms. I pick up the freshly packed bowl from the coffee table and hand it to her to lite and smoke, handing it back to me we share it. Stoned and snuggled up close on the couch for the movie.

Her hand is massaging my thighs and my cock is once again swelling. “My you do swell up easily,” she says.

“Yes most of the time I try to keep it from swelling but now I’m not.”

So she Wrapped her hand around it saying how good it felt in her hand as she pumped it slowly. We stretched out relaxing from the bowl and a long day it felt good to have a woman in my arms.

We were touching each other lightly checking out each others bodies as we watched the movie. She sits up and turns around and leans over putting her head on my chest still playing with my cock and her hot breath can now be felt as she is inches from my cock with her mouth.

I watch as she strokes it. It is still swelling and she sticks out her tongue and licks the head of my cock. It swells again and she continues to lick and nibble on the head feeling it swell up against her lips.

Licking and kissing it makes it swell to a rigid throbbing erection. Taking the swollen head in her lips she flicked it back and forth with her tongue. She opened wide and slid down the shaft about two inches and quickly back up to the head.

“Dam your cock ever stop growing?”

“Its almost full thanks to you.”

“How about we skip this movie and you come to my bed tonight?”

“Anything you want.”

Once in the bedroom she let me know, “she hadn’t had sex in many years and never had one as big as mine.” She said “she wanted to go slow as was not into any pain.”

I took her hand and told her, “You may say a safe word if you ever feel like we need to stop.” We agreed on a word.

Kissing her full lips was the next thing I remember. Her hot mouth kissing and licking mine. We rolled onto the bed kissing and my hand cupping one of her breast.

The nipple grew hard by the touch, I switched to the other one making it swell like the first. Pulling my lips from hers moving lower to lick a erect nipple while hearing her soft moans.

Switching to the other one I lick and suck on it while she runs her hands across my back. Kissing my way from nipple to nipple before lowering my head and kissing a trail down her chest kissing my way to her belly and lower to find her sexy sweet pussy.

I lick between her lips next to cover her with kisses and moisen up her pussy. Pushing her velvety lips open to lick her from top to bottom. When I felt her twisting her hips I pushed into her tight spot and licked it like a ice cream cone.

Wetter now she has her pussy lips open and I curl my tongue to push against her tight closed pussy hole. Unable to force into it. I lick and play with her lips and tease her pretty little clit.

After sucking on it and taking it into my mouth. I release it so I can see it. Its swollen and red now.

Again trying to push into her tight pussy proves near impossible. So I just keep licking and sucking her pussy and flicking on her swollen clit.

Soon she was breathing faster and heavier and I licked her swollen clit at the same speed. She twist her hips to adjust then tightens up and shakes in a wild orgasam.

I feel her juices and move away from her red swollen throbbing clit. I lick the lips and again lick the pussy hole hoping it will open and let my tongue in.

“Please stop my legs are shaking and my heart is racing.” As her hand grabs my hair to pull me away.

I rise from her to stand and look at her. still breathing faster but slowing, her legs seem to tingle and shake in uncontrolled spasms. Her face was red and sweating. I went to her bathroom and wet two washcloths.

One cool the other warm. Returning to her bed I spread the cool one over her flush face and used the warm one to clean the sticky juices from her thighs and pussy.

“Better,” I asked?

“Wow I never shook like that before.” “Can we smoke another bowl?”

“Anything you want,” Walking to get the bowl.

“In that case can I have a vodka and OJ also?”

I picked up the bowl and reloaded it. Went to the kitchen and fixed her a strong drink. I delivered both just in time to watch her move to a sitting position. I handed her the drink and crawled in bed beside her to offer her the bowl.

We shared the bowl and relaxed. My gaze was broken from staring at her exposed bare breast when she moved to reach the drink on the nite stand. When she settled I layed my head in her lap with inches from my lips to the sexy tits.

I stretched my neck to be able to reach them with my tongue. I lapped at them and watched as they hardened.

“Woah,” she whispered “I thought it was whatever I wanted. I want you to lay back in my bed and let me do as I please”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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