Serenity’s Secret

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My wife is not the person most people think she is.

On the surface, Serenity is in many ways like any suburban professional woman her age. The image she presents to the world is highly conventional. Bland, even. To most people who know her, what’s notable is she’s a thirty-eight year old third grade teacher with a husband of six years. She tends to dress conservatively in lots of dark blue and grey. She’s at the center of every school event, helping with plays, bake sales, and other fundraisers. She has a lot of casual friends, mostly colleagues, but few close ones. She volunteers at an animal rescue when she can, enjoys wine, loves cheese, and has recently taken up embroidery. She’s sweet, caring, and remarkably pretty.

All that’s true, of course, but scratch the surface and there’s a lot more to Serenity. She’s got a dark sense of humor and a penetrating wit. She’s also mercurial in her impulsiveness, to the point where, when she’s in one of her moods, it’s exhausting to deal with. This is particularly true around matters of sex. Serenity, you see, is an insatiable slut, and I mean that as a sincere compliment.

My life with Serenity has been a wild ride, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. When we met, we were both dating a lot of people – both men and women, in Serenity’s case – but we clicked right away. We shared a lot of the same interests, grooved sexually, and, perhaps most important, were honest with each other.

Neither of us were suited for lifetime monogamy, so we made our own rules and it’s worked out for us. We’re the love of each other’s lives, but not the only ones we have sex with. I’ve got a lady friend I see now and then and Serenity has both a girlfriend and a boyfriend. We had a mutual girlfriend for a time, too, but that’s another story.

We’ve mixed in threesomes along the way. We’ve done the two girls and one guy variety plenty of times, and I’ve also enjoyed sharing her with other men on a few occasions. There’s a special pleasure I get from banging her from behind while she sucks another guy’s dick, or Serenity sucking my cock while the other dude fucks her.

Our latest adventure began on a night a few months ago, one like any other. It might’ve been a Wednesday. I came downstairs after showering. Serenity was in the kitchen on her laptop, nearly empty glass of wine on the table in front of her. She was still wearing the clothes she’d been in all day, a grey sweater over a white blouse and a navy blue shirt. Her high heels were kicked off and on the floor nearby. Her hair was in a ponytail, showing off the shape of her neck.

She’d gone from a full day of teaching to running a trunk-or-treat after school followed by a late dinner with a friend. How she looked so good after such a long day, I had no idea. Serenity has striking features, her diamond shaped face featuring prominent cheekbones and expressive lips. She’s also got wide, dark brown eyes under exquisitely shaped dark eyebrows. Her long hair is black and straight and contrasts well with her light skin.

I saw flashing images on her glasses and could tell she was watching a video. As I passed by, I saw what kind.

It was a conventional scene, especially for Serenity’s tastes. An attractive blonde was getting banged from behind while she panted and moaned for the camera.

“A little tepid compared to your usual porn habits,” I teased.

“Yeah,” Serenity agreed, pausing the video.

“I saw an article about this math teacher out in California somewhere.” She drank the last sip of her wine. “She’d done a bunch of porn a few years ago. Helped her pay for college. Some asshole recognized her and outed her and now she’s out of a job.”

Serenity extended her arm, holding up her empty glass. It was a game we played. Instead of asking me politely to pour her another glass since I was headed that way, she’d hold it up in silence as if commanding a servant one cannot deign to speak to. I took the glass and she shot me a playful smile.

“So you had to look her up and see her videos for herself,” I said.

“Yeah, duh. How could I not? Her scenes were all pretty vanilla, though. One guy at a time, a few lesbian scenes. Still, she’s got a hell of a body and good moves. I guess she could always go back to porn.”

I poured her a glass from the bottle on the island and handed it back to her. She took it, nodding absentmindedly. She was staring at the screen, the video still paused. The face of the woman on the screen was frozen in an expression of ecstasy. Serenity was silent, her index finger tapping her lower lip like she often does when lost in thought.

I poured my own glass of wine, taking a sip and waiting for Serenity to speak. When she gets like this, I know she’s hatching a plan of some kind. That’s how her mind works, silently working out the details of whatever it is she wishes to achieve in advance. When she finally speaks, it means she thinks she has figured out every detail. Usually, she’s missed half a dozen things ankara escort bayanlar and changes her mind two or three times afterwards. It’s par for the course with her.

“We can do this,” she said, turning towards me. “We could pull this off!”

“You want to star in a porno and get fired?”

“No. I want to star in a porno and definitely not get fired. That’s the thrill! I know it’s weird, but I’ve told you I would’ve loved to do porn for a couple of years. You know, make some money during college and get to try everything under the sun under safe, controlled conditions. Threeways galore, lesbian orgies, four or five guys banging me at once. It’s the damn subsequent societal consequences for being a pornstar I don’t like.”

“Yes, I know all about your pornstar fantasy. So we’ve discussed, many times. So, out with it, what’re you proposing?”

“We should make a video.”

“We’ve made videos.”

“No, I want to make one to post online. Only we have to do it in such a way so we can’t be recognized. Think of it! Think of all the people who would be watching us.” She stared at the screen. “But this scene here is too simple, too pedestrian.”

Serenity paused again, sipping her wine. I sat across from her. She got a far-away look in her eyes again, nodding slowly.

“Okay, I’ve got it,” she said, smiling widely. “Here’s the plan. I can put on a disguise. Whatever. I’ll figure it out later. Then we’ll film you and one of our gentleman friends banging the shit out of me. Yeah, that’s what I want on video. That’s what I want anyone to see and enjoy.”

Serenity put down her wine, smiling widely.

“So whaddya say?” she asked, leaning forward with a wide smile on her face.

“I’m open to the idea,” I said. “But we need to be smart. We have to be absolutely certain no one is gonna recognize you so twelve years of pension contributions don’t go up in smoke when you’re fired. It needs to be decent quality, too. I can’t stand those amatuer videos that are all dark and grainy.”

“Those are probably older videos but, yeah, we want this to look good. We also want it to be hot as fuck. I want thousands of guys to cum watching me get fucked from both ends. I’m sure a few girls will get off, too. Why didn’t I think of this earlier? Fuck, this is making me horny.”


In the days and weeks which followed, we worked out the details of Serenity’s plan. She was excited at the prospect, and so was I.

“The more depraved you are,” I told her, not for the first time. “The more it turns me on. The more I love you for it.”

It’s the truth. We’re both people who love sex and seek out novelty. We also love flouting sexual convention on a deeper level. We live conventional lives in so many ways, a teacher and an attorney in a fairly upscale suburban community. Call it an act of rebellion against the conformity of our public personas, maybe also against the stifling upbringing we both endured. Or perhaps it’s something hazier, something in the reptile part of my brain which makes me go crazy watching Serenity be a wild slut.

This was a whole other level, though. Serenity wanted to get publicly fucked, and in a threesome. She was going to post it online and who knows how many tens or hundreds of thousands of men would see her – would see us! – having sex.

We decided, too, that if we were going to do it, we were committed to doing it right. There was to be no half assing this. It would be done well, or not at all.

It all made us even hornier than usual. We lay in bed one evening after some particularly vigorous fucking, looking up at the ceiling discussing the project.

“It shouldn’t be too scripted,” she said. “Things should play out organically, for the most part. But, you know, there is a certain order one expects in a video like this. You know what I like in this particular combination, particularly for the grand finale.”

“I do indeed.”


Grant was the perfect choice for our third. He’d joined us before on two previous occasions, both times the three of us partaking in prolonged sex romps where he and I fucked the living shit out of Serenity. The last time, we made her cum half a dozen times and she couldn’t walk right for two days.

Grant is also photogenic, with a lean physique that would look good on film. He has a good-sized dick, too, which isn’t crucial to Serenity but it would look nice in the video. It helps that I’m also above average.

What we didn’t want is anything distracting from the main event. No loud music or local television playing in the background, like you see in some amatuer porn. A significantly smaller dick than people are used to seeing could also be a distraction.

Grant would be in town for a few days a month after we’d proposed the idea to him, and was happy to be part of our endeavor. He’s a professional musician and didn’t see himself incurring any stigma even if he were recognized.

For the next four weeks, our preparations ankara esmer escortlar were a frequent activity. We researched video production techniques and methods, learning about lighting and camera angles. We were going to keep it simple but wanted it to look correct. We would make sure everything was well lit and would employ a pair of DSLR cameras on tripods and could merge the footage from both afterwards during the editing process. Serenity already knew how to use video editing software even though there was a lot more she still needed to learn. She worked on it diligently, though.

We decided to have music, choosing carefully and experimenting until the sound level was right. We also did a lot of trial runs, fucking in front of our set-up in various positions until we got the lighting, sound, and angles right. We would film in our bedroom but removed everything potentially identifying from view. We even bought a dark blue comforter which would look good on film.

There was also Serenity’s disguise to consider. She put a lot of thought into the matter. All sorts of masks and hoods were available online and she briefly considered a cat mask which left the lower third of her face exposed. She decided it didn’t obscure enough and went with a black nylon hood with open eyes and mouth as well as an opening for a ponytail. It fit tight, showing the shape of her head and looking hot in its own peculiar way. It was odd how, even though it obscured her identity, you could still tell she had an attractive face.

Serenity decided the hood would be part of an ensemble, pairing it with a black corset which left her breasts exposed along with black boots.

Serenity went further in constructing her disguise. She bought several sheets of temporary tattoos and selected flowers for her left shoulder and a group of butterflies for her right. She added sunflowers on her right calf and roses on her left. The choices were conventional, but looked good on her. The idea was to provide another layer of denial should anyone accuse her of being the woman in the video. She could point to herself on screen and to her own lack of body art. How can that be me? Look at all those tattoos!

Maybe it was paranoid, but it was also part of the game. Serenity wasn’t only putting on a disguise, she was assuming a persona. She was embracing a secret self, as it were, the opposite of her demure public image. If the fake tattoos added to that while also further hiding her identity, so much the better.

I’d gotten out of the shower one night, pajama pants barely on and shirtless, when Serenity strode into the room in her ensemble. She loved to strike at such moments when I was freshly scrubbed and half naked.

“Well,” she asked. “What do you think?”

I turned and took her in. I would’ve loved to see the look on my face. It made Serenity laugh.

“Based on that smile I’d say you like my outfit,” she said.


I sat on the edge of our bed, looking Serenity over carefully, absorbing the image of her like a connoisseur in front of a work of art. The black of her high heels, corset, and hood contrasted nicely with her fair skin. I smiled, scanning her carefully as she swayed gently, her dark eyes flashing and evil smirk on her face.

Above her stiletto heels were her fake tattoos, followed by her firm, toned thighs. Serenity is a long legged beauty, the heels and tattoos both accentuating that feature. She’d shaved her pussy, liking the hairless look on occasion. I nodded, noting the feminine curve of her hips and the way the corset enhanced it. Her tits – full C cups which look perfect on her long, slender frame – were in full view and hung down below the top of the corset. They couldn’t have been more alluring, topped as they were by bright pink areola and erect nipples. The fake shoulder tattoos looked great, as well.

“Damn,” I said. “You look so fucking hot.”

“Do I now?” she said.


“Well, I’m glad you think so. Imagine how hot I’ll look when I’m sucking your dick.”

I smiled, my cock swelling in anticipation, and she met my gaze. She’d done her make-up differently than normal, her dark eyes darker than usual and her lipstick a garish shade of bright red which would stand out on film.

“Let’s record this for posterity, shall we?” she said.

Serenity strutted over to one of the tripods which were perpetually set up of late. I noticed she’d moved them recently, my spirit thrilling as I wondered what she might have planned for the evening. She turned one of the cameras on, then tapped it a few times activating the recording function. She sauntered towards the other one, pausing to wiggle her ass at me. She repeated the process with the second camera and stood before me.

Serenity thrust out one of her hips, hand placed provocatively upon it. The sides of her mouth turned upwards, her trademark impish smile. Slowly, the tip of her tongue emerged and she licked her lips slowly, her sincan grup yapan escortlar eyes locked onto mine.

“Stand, boy,” she said.

I did so, waiting in silence. She stepped close to me, kissing my mouth roughly.

“I’m going to suck your dick,” she said. “This is all about you tonight, babe. Enjoy yourself.”

Serenity stepped back, eyes meeting mine as she kept grinning. She made me wait, not too long but enough, before dropping slowly to her knees in front of me. She pulled down my pajama pants, taking the boxers underneath along with them.

My cock was half hard already. Serenity took it in hand and stroked me up to full hardness. She studied it, feigning surprise at its size even though she knew well every contour and vein along its length.

Serenity began by extending her tongue outward, licking the tip of my cock before twirling her tongue around the head. She went slowly, only partly performing for the camera. She knew how to get me excited, starting with agonizing slowness until I was a mass of pent-up horniness. Then Serenity would pounce.

It was no different that evening, her tongue running over the tip of my cock and her hand holding the shaft gently. She kissed it several times, also flicking it with her tongue, teasing me.

Serenity knew the time had arrived and she plunged into it. Damn, when that woman puts her focus into sucking a dick there’s nothing else like it. She took me into her mouth, lips clamped around my cock. She managed to get most of its length into her mouth, her hand grasping the base.

She backed off, all the way to the tip, sucking me at a steady rhythm. It was odd seeing the top of her black hood moving forwards and backwards on my cock as I stood there, her ponytail swaying in tandem to her head’s motion. The anonymity of her disguise was part of the performance, on one level an illusion but the physicality of her warm, wet lips on my cock reminded me this was no mirage.

Serenity increased her pace, her mouth moving back and forth with increasing rapidity as she did so. I was thrusting forward gently in time to her sucking, groaning regularly. She continued with eager determination. I could feel her teeth scraping the top of my cock as she did so. It didn’t hurt, but it was something she did sometimes when she got excited sucking a cock.

We were both enjoying ourselves immensely by this point, Serenity revelling in the sheer debauchery of being costumed as she was recording herself on her knees sucking my dick. We kept at it that way for some happy minutes. I didn’t know how long, and didn’t care. Serenity was in no rush, and neither was I.

Serenity withdrew her mouth from my cock, jerking me off before pointing it upwards and licking the underside from my balls to the tip. She ran her tongue back down and up again to the tip, repeating the process a few times followed by more jerking.

Serenity took me back into her mouth, sucking furiously now. I was ready to cum and she knew it, her hooded head going back and forth over my cock with renewed intensity. She angled her head and stared up at me, dark eyes meeting my gaze as she sucked my dick. She knew that move always did it for me, and this time was no exception. I smiled at her and she winked.

She kept sucking, her hand still jerking the base in tune to her mouth working its magic. I could feel my orgasm approaching. She knew my inclinations well, and could tell by the tone of my groaning she had me close to the goal. She kept sucking hard, listening until she knew I was close.

“Goddamn,” I moaned. “I’m gonna cum.”

Serenity kept her mouth on my cock for a few more moments. Normally, she would swallow my cum. In fact, she almost always did so. Tonight she had something different in mind, however, withdrawing and jerking me off hard as I felt the orgasmic tide rising to the point of imminent arrival.

I grunted loudly, Serenity taking that as her cue. Pausing in her jerking, she felt my cock throbbing in her hand and a jet of warm cum shot forth and hit her on her chest right below her collarbone. Giving my cock another jerk, more cum hit landed on her tits as I sighed. Each pulse of my cock was another wave of pleasure, Serenity stroking me slowly as the orgasm slowly subsided.

Serenity looked up at me, laughing in the joy of the moment. She turned and looked at the camera. She scooped up some of my cum with her finger and licked it off, smiling again as she stared into the lens.


Serenity stayed up later than usual the next night, glued to her laptop splicing and editing footage from the night before into a coherent whole. We sat in bed when it was finished and watched it together.

The end product was ten minutes long, and looked well-produced even with only two angles. I found myself swiftly aroused as we watched it together. We’d made videos together before and always enjoyed watching them, but this was something else entirely.

“Wow,” I said when the video was finished.

“I know,” Serenity said. She turned to me. “I think we should go ahead and post this one, too. I mean, why not? It looks good and we can’t be identified.”

“I thought you didn’t want to post anything too vanilla?” I said. “That you wanted it to be the threesome.”

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